Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4503, Unlucky Hua Rong


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“What’s your name? Where are you from?” Yang Kai asked.


The woman glared at him, “Do you think I’ll tell you?”


“You’re pretty hot-tempered.” Yang Kai grinned, then yelled, “Li Zheng Qing!”


“Yes!” Li Zheng Qing hurriedly stepped forward.


“Whip her 100 times before I interrogate her.”


Li Zheng Qing was startled for a moment, but he soon replied, “Yes.” Then, he moved towards the woman.


The woman was horrified. 100 whips were no big deal as since she was a Heaven Realm Master, the torture wouldn’t kill her; however, after 100 whips, her clothes would certainly be destroyed. How was she going to face anyone when her body was exposed by then?


She couldn’t believe that such a vicious man existed in this world.


“My name is Hua Rong! Hua Rong!” The woman hurriedly spoke up.


“So, it’s Sister Hua.” Yang Kai nodded gently, “What are you doing in Void Spirit Sword Sect?”


Hua Rong batted her alluring eyes, “Will you believe me if I say I’m having a stroll around here since this place is beautiful and serene?”


Yang Kai looked up and shouted, “Li Zheng Qing!”


“Wait! If you don’t believe me, I’ll come up with another excuse!” Hua Rong cried.


Yang Kai waved his hand, “Take her away and whip her 100 times.”


“True Void Sword!” Hua Rong exclaimed, “I’m here for the True Void Sword!”


“Oh?” Yang Kai arched his brow, then took the sword from his waist and waved it in front of her, “You’re here for this sword?”


Hua Rong nodded, “Yes.”


Yang Kai stared fixedly at her and realised that she didn’t seem to be lying. She really seemed to be here for the True Void Sword. It seemed that he and Li Zheng Qing had gotten it wrong.


The Black Jade lode in Void Spirit Sword Sect wasn’t the only thing that could arouse the interest of Heaven Realm Masters. There was also the True Void Sword.


Nevertheless, it wasn’t surprising at all. Although the True Void Sword was just a replica of a Divine Armament, it was still commissioned by the True Void Sword Lord using a lot of money and resources. Therefore, the True Void Sword was no ordinary weapon as it was a Spirit Armament, making it practically invaluable.


However, since this was the inheritance left behind by the True Void Sword Lord for his descendants, there were naturally some security measures in place. 


The sword had three distinct portions of Sword Qi sealed within it and could only be safely used by one who cultivated the Void Spirit Sword Art. If an unsuspecting person rashly activated the sword’s power, the True Void Sword Qi would kill the wielder instead of their enemies.


It wasn’t certain how Hua Rong found out that the True Void Sword had appeared, but that was apparently the reason she had come all the way here. Unfortunately, even if she managed to obtain the sword, she wouldn’t be able to use it unless she was able to remove the Sword Qi from within it.


“That’s the True Void Sword?” To the side, Gao Ming, who had always remained calm and collected, was shocked as he looked dazedly at the sword in Yang Kai’s hand.


As a Heaven Realm Master, he certainly had heard about True Void Sword before as it was one of the Ten Great Divine Armaments.


Yang Kai shook his head, “Of course, it’s not the real True Void Sword. An Ancestor from Void Spirit Sword Sect made this weapon by imitating the Divine Armament. It’s just a Spirit Armament.”


“A Spirit Armament…” Gao Ming took a deep breath. Although this True Void Sword was just a Spirit Armament, no ordinary person had the right to possess it. Such a treasure would bring misfortune to its owner if they weren’t strong enough. It was imaginable that if word got out, Void Spirit Sword Sect would never have any peaceful days again.


Forget about Heaven Realm Masters, even many Spirit Realm Masters would come over to snatch this weapon.


“You’re pretty good at gathering information,” Yang Kai flashed a smile at the woman.


Hua Rong remained curled up like a worm, but she was no longer squirming. The main reason was that all her Spirit Qi had been sealed, so it was pointless for her to struggle. As she gazed at Yang Kai with a tilted head, she suggested by saying, “Your Sect is unable to keep this weapon. Why don’t you give the sword to me to save yourselves some trouble? Your problems will all be solved then.”


“Even if I give it to you, do you think you can keep it?” Yang Kai burst into laughter.


Hua Rong shrugged, “That’s my problem.”


To the side, Gao Ming snorted, “A Spirit Armament is truly precious. However, if Alchemist Yang is unable to keep it, no one else in the world can do that.”


Hua Rong was startled for a moment, “How arrogant! How could Void Spirit Sword Sect…”


Gao Ming cut her off by saying, “Void Spirit Sword Sect naturally can’t hold onto a Spirit Armament, but what about Profound Pill Sect?”


“Profound Pill Sect?” Hua Rong was astonished as she gazed at Yang Kai in puzzlement, “You’re from Profound Pill Sect?”


Gao Ming stated, “Alchemist Yang is a disciple of the thirty-fourth generation from Profound Pill Sect, and he’s also a Heaven Grade Alchemist!”


“What!?” Hua Rong was flabbergasted as she got to her knees and looked up at Yang Kai. With widened eyes, she stuttered, “He… is a Heaven Grade Alchemist?”


“What’s so surprising about it?” Yang Kai looked smilingly at her.


Hua Rong examined him and tutted, “It’s said that one can’t judge a book by its cover. If I hadn’t heard it from a cultivator who’s at the peak of the Heaven Realm, I wouldn’t have believed it. By the way, who are you?” As she spoke, she turned to look at Gao Ming.


She was truly unlucky to have been captured by Gao Ming. Initially, given her cultivation, Void Spirit Sword Sect was basically defenceless against her. Unfortunately, she happened to come across a cultivator who was at the peak of the Heaven Realm.


It was said that curiosity killed the cat. When Gao Ming was going up the mountain, Hua Rong secretly took a peek at him, which was why her whereabouts were exposed. She was subsequently captured by him.


A proud Gao Ming declared, “I’m a Blood Warrior under Heaven Grade Alchemist Gao Xin Peng, Gao Ming!”


“A Blood Warrior from Profound Pill Sect?” Hua Rong’s pupils contracted, then she let out a sigh, “It’s no wonder you were able to capture me easily. I admit defeat.”


She no longer appeared high-spirited as she sat on her backside and looked away, “Just kill me. I’ve made a rash move and offended a Heaven Grade Alchemist, so I deserve to die despite being such a young woman.”


She seemed to be a resolute person, and if it weren’t because her eyes were darting around when she spoke, Yang Kai would’ve admired her audacity.


“Since you’ve barged into Void Spirit Sword Sect and wounded my subordinates, I can’t let you off easily; however, seeing as you didn’t have the intention to kill, I won’t sentence you to death. Why don’t you receive one attack move from me? I’ll release you after that.” Yang Kai looked condescendingly at her.


Hua Rong was surprised, “Are you serious?”


“Do I look like I’m pulling your leg?” Yang Kai dispassionately replied.


Hua Rong was startled for a moment, then nodded, “You’re a good man. I’m in the wrong as I shouldn’t have offended your Sect.”


Yang Kai turned to look at Gao Ming, “Please lift her seal.”


Gao Ming appeared hesitant, but he still stepped forward and sent his Spirit Qi into her to release the seal he had placed. Hua Rong immediately got up and began stretching her limbs.


Gao Ming said, “Please be careful, Alchemist Yang. Although this woman is weaker than me, she’s still pretty strong. It took me quite some effort to capture her just now.”


“En.” Yang Kai nodded and gazed at the woman, “Are you ready?”


“Of course I…” Before Hua Rong could finish her words, she saw something flashing through her eyes. When she came to her senses, she realised that Yang Kai was already right in front of her. From the corner of her eye, she could see something coming right at her head so she anxiously lifted her arms to block it.


“How could…” Before she could accuse Yang Kai of launching a sneak attack, she heard a loud bang. Instantly, she became dizzy, and after staggering for a bit, she collapsed to the ground.


Raising his True Void Sword, Yang Kai took a glance at the unmoving woman and frowned, “I guess I used too much force.”


The weapon was sheathed when Yang Kai struck Hua Rong’s head with the flat of his blade. Although she had passed out, her injury shouldn’t have been serious.


Gao Ming was dumbfounded. After lifting the woman’s seal, he secretly circulated his Spirit Qi and was ready to make a move to ensure nothing unexpected would happen, but the subsequent incident thoroughly shocked him.


He thought that Yang Kai was a pretty despicable man. How could Yang Kai launch a sneak attack on such an alluring woman? That wasn’t what a gentleman should do.


Nevertheless, he wouldn’t dare to say it out loud.


“Ying Ying, throw her off the mountain,” Yang Kai gave an order to Wan Ying Ying, who was still dumbstruck.


“En,” Wan Ying Ying replied and picked up Hua Rong before shuffling out.


A moment later, a speechless Wan Ying Ying returned.


Li Zheng Qing was stunned, “Did you get rid of her so soon?”


Wan Ying Ying replied, “No. That woman wasn’t really passed out. Not long after I left this place, she woke up and leapt off the mountain.”


Upon realising what had happened, Li Zheng Qing remarked, “She’s quite a clever woman.”


That Hua Rong obviously pretended to have passed out; otherwise, she couldn’t have regained consciousness so soon. Then, Li Zheng Qing looked worriedly at Yang Kai, “Sir, will there be a problem if we let her go?”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “Don’t mind her. She doesn’t have any ill intentions. I guess she’s just interested in the True Void Sword; otherwise, you and Zhuang Ju He would have been killed. Since she doesn’t have the intention to kill, a light punishment for her was enough.”


“You’re indeed a righteous man, Sir,” Li Zheng Qing bent his back.


Yang Kai recalled the sight of him striking the woman with his sword. Now, he had a better understanding of the power he had grasped. He then turned to look at Gao Ming and said, “Sorry for the farce, Brother Gao.”


Gao Ming hurriedly replied, “Please don’t call me that, Alchemist Yang. I don’t deserve it. Just call me Guardian Gao.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Why have you come to Void Spirit Sword Sect, Guardian Gao? Does Senior Brother Gao want you to pass on a message to me?”


Gao Ming cupped his fist, “Senior Gao wants me to bring you back to Profound Pill Sect. He said that since you’re also part of Profound Pill Sect, you should return to your roots and acknowledge your ancestry. Besides that, the Elders have some questions for you as well.”


“I see,” Yang Kai felt his heart skipping. Although he knew that the matter regarding Profound Pill Sect would be a problem, he hadn’t expected it to come so soon.


Previously, in Heavenly Martial City, Yang Kai randomly came up with an imaginary Master to explain his skills, and Gao Xin Peng someone concluded that person was a Senior from Profound Pill Sect. That was why Yang Kai suddenly became related to Profound Pill Sect.


Honestly speaking, Yang Kai never wanted to go to Profound Pill Sect. Although he was able to fool Gao Xin Peng previously, it would be terrible if his lie was exposed after he headed there. Yang Kai believed that there were many Spirit Realm Masters in Profound Pill Sect since it was one of the Ten Great Sects, and there was no way he could go up against such a force as he was currently.


Once his lie was exposed, he would be doomed.




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