Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4507, A Test


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Yang Kai walked around inside Seeking Pill Pavilion for a while before leaving. Hua Rong followed him as though she was close to him.


Initially, Yang Kai intended to go down the mountain and take a stroll around Profound Pill City, but he was no longer in the mood to do so. That was because Hua Rong was so garrulous that he was unable to take it anymore, so he decided to return to his resting place.


Hua Rong watched longingly as the man shuffled towards the Reception Peak of Profound Pill Sect. She stopped in the middle of the mountain as she wouldn’t dare to keep going further. Waving her hand, she shouted, “Look for me when you change your mind, Alchemist Yang! I’ll be waiting for you!”


Yang Kai pretended to not hear her.


Upon returning to his room in the Reception Palace, he told the maidservant to inform him immediately when there was any news. He then went on to stay in his room for the next few days.


It wasn’t until three days later when darkness was about to descend upon the world that Gao Xin Peng came over in a hurry. After some small talk with Yang Kai, he took a seat and said, “You have to get prepared tonight, Junior Brother. Those from the Elder Council will give you a test tomorrow.”


“En,” Yang Kai replied. Although he already knew that there would be a test, he still became apprehensive when the time finally came. What if his lie was exposed then?


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai reckoned that it didn’t matter even if his lie was exposed. He could just fight his way out of this place as he was fairly strong now. Even if he was faced with Spirit Realm Masters, he would still stand a chance to flee; however, those from Void Spirit Sword Sect would be dragged into this mess if that happened.


The only reason Gao Xin Peng was here was to inform Yang Kai about the upcoming test, so after chatting with him for a bit longer, he left. Before that, he told Yang Kai to be at ease as someone would lead him to the venue the next day.


The night passed in silence. Yang Kai got up early the next day and washed up before waiting patiently.


When the sun was up above the sky, a voice was suddenly heard speaking from outside, “Is Yang Kai here?”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai stepped out and saw a middle-aged man standing quietly outside his room. The man’s bright eyes looked like those of an eagle.


[Spirit Realm Master!] Yang Kai was surprised. Although the man never revealed his aura, Yang Kai could still sense that the man before him was in the Spirit Realm. Nevertheless, he couldn’t be certain about his exact Step.


“I’m Yang Kai. You are…” Yang Kai asked politely.


The man nodded gently, “I’m the Blood Warrior of the Sect Master. I was told to come over to fetch you. Come with me.” He never mentioned his name.


“Many thanks,” Yang Kai replied politely, then thought to himself that those from Profound Pill Sect indeed took the matter seriously. Even a Blood Warrior of the Sect Master was sent here to personally escort him.


Without speaking further, the man suddenly dashed towards Yang Kai. The next instant, he activated his Spirit Qi and engulfed Yang Kai in it before shooting into the distance.


It was the first time Yang Kai flew in the Divine Armament World, even though he was technically being carried by someone. Nevertheless, he was no stranger to flying, so he wasn’t flustered at all. On the other hand, the man glanced at Yang Kai with surprise as he wondered why the latter was so calm.


Soon, they saw a Spirit Peak where there were a lot of palaces. The man landed in front of a particular palace alongside Yang Kai and extended his hand, “Just go in.”


“Yes,” Yang Kai cupped his fist and took a glance at the palace. After adjusting his clothes, he strode inside.


Since the door was open already, Yang Kai directly stepped into the palace. He initially thought that he would instantly see the higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect and go through their test; however, he was surprised that there wasn’t anyone or anything in the hall.


Before he could figure out what was going on, the door was shut with a loud bang.


A shocked Yang Kai instantly put up his guard and scanned his surroundings.


Although he couldn’t see anyone, he could sense that there were some curious gazes in the darkness. All of a sudden, lights lit up and illuminated the hall.


Yang Kai soon saw that there was an Alchemy Furnace in the middle of the room, and a rack to the side that was filled with different kinds of herbs.


A voice abruptly sounded and reverberated around the hall, “We’ve prepared an Alchemy Furnace for you, and you can draw on the Earth Flame in this place. There are different kinds of herbs on the rack. Choose what you need and refine a furnace of Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai became slightly at ease. It seemed that just like what Gao Xin Peng had explained, the pill recipe Yang Kai possessed was the best proof of his identity. As expected, he was asked to refine a batch of Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills.


Settling his nerves, Yang Kai replied respectfully, “Yes.”


Then, he turned around and walked over to the rack to look for the herbs he needed. There were many herbs that were not needed to refine the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill here, which was obviously part of the test.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai had already memorised the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill recipe, so he could easily find the herbs he needed.


Gathering everything he needed, Yang Kai walked towards the Alchemy Furnace.


In a side hall just off from the room Yang Kai was in, five old men with grey hair and beards stood. They were Elders of Profound Pill Sect. One of them was the Sect Master, Baili Yun Sang, who was one of the most outstanding Spirit Grade Alchemists in the Divine Armament World. The other Elders were also Spirit Grade Alchemists.


Although both rooms were separated by a wall, they could easily see what Yang Kai was doing through a special one-way glass. On the other hand, Yang Kai was unable to see through the wall and look at the side hall.


Gao Xin Peng was standing respectfully behind the Elders and the Sect Master. Although he was a Heaven Spirit Grade Alchemist, he still felt pressured in such an environment as he brushed away the cold sweat from his forehead from time to time.


“Good, there’s nothing wrong with his selection of herbs. Those are the exact ones used in the pill recipe from our Sect.” Great Elder Wu Feng Hua nodded gently, “Let’s see if there’s any problem with his techniques and other details.”


Baili Yun Sang stroked his grey beard and said with a smile, “We’ll see.”


The Second Elder turned to look at Gao Xin Peng, “Little Gao, are you sure that this brat was an Earth Realm Master when he refined the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill in your competition?”


Upon hearing that, Gao Xin Peng hurriedly replied, “Yes, Second Elder. I saw it with my own eyes, so it’s definitely true. Junior Brother Yang was a peak Earth Realm Master when he made that Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill.”


Third Elder remarked, “I believe Little Gao. In that case, this boy is quite the talent.”


Wu Feng Hua asked, “Have you looked into his background?”


Gao Xin Peng replied, “Yes. Junior Brother Yang is an orphan who grew up in Void Spirit Sword Sect. He’s only 18 years old this year.”


“18 years old…” Baili Yun Sang took a deep breath, “An 18-year-old Heaven Grade Alchemist who is in the Heaven Realm. Such aptitude is really rare.”


Wu Feng Hua shook his head, “In fact, there has never been a person with such an aptitude in the past 10,000 years. He’s probably the first in at least that long. Although it’s rare, there have been a small number of 18-year-old Heaven Realm Masters in the past. The crux of the matter is that he’s also a Heaven-Grade Alchemist. I was already in my fifties when I became a Heaven Grade Alchemist.”


Baili Yun Sang suddenly stated, “Stop talking for now. That boy is about to start.”


Everyone looked in that direction and realised that Yang Kai had drawn on the Earth Flame as he was preparing to begin.


Under their observation, Yang Kai skillfully dropped the herbs one by one into the Alchemy Furnace and accurately controlled the Earth Flame below. His mastery of the temperature and timing was quite good and matched up with the pill recipe from Profound Pill Sect.


These experienced Alchemists couldn’t have done better even if they were to refine a furnace of Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills themselves.


However, some small mistakes were made here and there during the process, likely due a lack of experience or familiarity with this recipe, but that didn’t really matter.


The entire process lasted for half a day. The Elders of Profound Pill Sect talked among themselves while observing the process and eventually confirmed that the pill recipe Yang Kai possessed was from Profound Pill Sect.


“The way this boy condenses pills is a little peculiar.” Wu Feng Hua fell into his thoughts, “I’ve never seen such a technique before.”


Second Elder added with a smile, “You know that guy very well. He likes to study all sorts of strange things. Perhaps he invented this Pill Condensing Technique after he left the Sect.”


Wu Feng Hua nodded, “That’s the only explanation.”


Just then, Yang Kai’s voice was heard coming from the hall, “Three pills have been successfully refined. One Mid-Rank and two Low-Rank. Please have a look, Seniors.”


Baili Yun Sang arched his brow, then turned to look at Gao Xin Peng, “How many Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill did you say he had made previously? What were the Ranks?”


Gao Xin Peng replied, “When I competed against Junior Brother Yang, he only made one pill that was in the Low-Rank.”


Baili Yun Sang tutted, “His skills have improved so much in just two months. His aptitude is truly extraordinary.”


Second Elder followed up, “That old guy has a terrible temperament, but he does have sharp vision as he’s found such a talented Disciple.”


Wu Feng Hua spoke up, “We can basically confirm that he has inherited his skills from Profound Pill Sect.”


In the hall, no one replied to Yang Kai after he finished speaking. However, he could still sense that some people were watching him, so he could only wait patiently.


A moment later, the voice from earlier sounded again. This time, he asked many questions about the person who wasn’t really Yang Kai’s Master. Yang Kai told him what he knew and tried to beat around the bush when he had no answers to the questions. He just told him that he was a young kid at that time, so there were many things that he had forgotten. The other party didn’t really probe him further.


Then, Yang Kai was asked to make another kind of pill, and he directly told them that he couldn’t. He said that his Master only passed him the pill recipe of Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill and taught him nothing else. The other pill recipes he possessed were obtained from other places over the years.


He wasn’t sure if he could fool the Elders of Profound Pill Sect using this explanation, but no one replied to him after that.


He went on to wait for an hour inside the hall before the door opened again.


Turning his head, he saw Gao Xin Peng standing outside the place with a smile. In a passionate manner, Gao Xin Peng called out, “Junior Brother Yang!”


“Senior Brother Gao!” Yang Kai walked up to him, and upon making sure that no one was else was watching, he asked in a small voice, “The test…”


“Congratulations, Junior Brother. You’ve passed the test,” Gao Xin Peng didn’t intend to keep him in suspense.


It was only then that Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief.




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