Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4508, Generosity


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Fixed Moon Peak was a Spirit Peak where the Heaven Grade Alchemists of Profound Pill Sect gathered together. With that said, there were only three to five Heaven-Grade Alchemists of Profound Pill Sect who lived there.


Gao Xin Peng was one of the residents on this Spirit Peak. The palace on the left side of the peak was his territory. Although there were many Spirit Peaks in Profound Pill Sect, they couldn’t afford to assign a Spirit Peak to every Heaven Grade Alchemist. Only a Spirit Grade Alchemist had the right to own a Spirit Peak of their own.


There were about ten to twenty Spirit Peaks in Profound Pill Sect that were just like Fixed Moon Peak. In other words, there were about several dozen to a hundred Heaven Grade Alchemists.


That was a staggering figure.


Besides Gao Xin Peng, there were two other Heaven Grade Alchemists who lived on Fixed Moon Peak. They had previously selected their favourite spots. One of them built a cave mansion while the other built a palace just like what Gao Xin Peng had done.


There was also a ready-made cave mansion in that place. After asking Yang Kai about it, Gao Xin Peng decided to bring him here.


“This cave mansion originally belonged to a Senior Brother; however, he passed away more than ten years ago due to old age, so this cave mansion had remained unoccupied since then. Although it’s in the middle of the mountain, the World Energy and environment here are excellent. It’s also just half a mountain away from my place, so it’ll be convenient for you to look for me,” Gao Xin Peng led Yang Kai to walk around inside the cave mansion while giving him an explanation.


Since Yang Kai had passed the test, he was now considered the 34th generation disciple of Profound Pill Sect. Naturally, he had a right to own a cave mansion in the Sect.


Gao Xin Peng was the one who brought Yang Kai to Profound Pill Sect and he was also the only person Yang Kai was familiar with, so the Elders had asked him to help Yang Kai settle in.


He gladly accepted the job since Yang Kai’s aptitude was exceptional. He was more than willing to get closer to him.


The cave mansion still looked the same as the time when the original owner passed away, so it was obvious that the place was cleaned up frequently. Although the place had remained vacant for a long time, it was still neat and tidy.


Yang Kai was fine with this place, so after walking around alongside Gao Xin Peng and familiarising himself with his new residence, he cupped his fist, “Many thanks for your help, Senior Brother.”


Gao Xin Peng patted the other man’s shoulder with a smile, “We’re one family now, so stop being overly polite with me. It’s late now, so you should get some rest. I’ll bring you to get an Identity Token and make a registration tomorrow. Also, since you’re new to the Sect, there are many trivial matters you have to deal with… En, I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.”


“Good.” Yang Kai nodded.


After Gao Xin Peng left, Yang Kai took a stroll around the cave mansion again and found a place to take a rest; then, he closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing.


The reason he was able to pass the test from the Elders of Profound Pill Sect was because of the pill recipe he possessed. Just like what Gao Xin Peng had said, the pill recipe was the best proof of his identity, for there were no great forces in the world that would expose their own pill recipes, especially the pill recipe of the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill, which was extremely precious. Yang Kai’s refining process also proved that he had inherited skills from Profound Pill Sect.


Another reason was probably the aptitude he had showcased.


Even if the Elders of Profound Pill Sect were doubtful, Yang Kai’s aptitude was good enough to impress them. Those from Profound Pill Sect would want to make such a person stay even if he had nothing to do with their Sect.


Since Yang Kai had passed the test, there was nothing else he had to worry about.


Gao Xin Peng came over pretty early the next day and led Yang Kai to register himself. Yang Kai then obtained an Identity Token and some miscellaneous items.


It was already afternoon when everything was done.


They returned to Fixed Moon Peak together where Gao Xin Peng had already prepared a meal to welcome Yang Kai and congratulate him on becoming a disciple of Profound Pill Sect.


They had a jovial chat during the meal. A while later, Gao Xin Peng spoke up, “Junior Brother, since you’re new to the Sect and unfamiliar with everything, the Elders will give you one month to familiarize yourself. After one month, you have to start providing Alchemy services in Seeking Pill Pavilion just like other Heaven Grade Alchemists.”


Yang Kai turned solemn, “What do I need to prepare?”


Gao Xin Peng chuckled, “A lot. I was just about to talk to you about it.” After taking a sip of the wine, he put down the cup and continued, “Since you’re going to provide Alchemy services, you’ll need a medicine boy to be stationed at Seeking Pill Pavilion. You don’t have a medicine boy yet, right?”


Yang Kai shook his head.


“To Alchemists like us, medicine boys are very important. They’re our assistants who will help us deal with trivial matters as well as the disciples we personally train. Moreover, since the job has something to do with Alchemy, medicine boys must be familiar with both Spirit Herbs and pills. Not everyone can take on this job.” Gao Xin Peng wiped away the grease from his mouth, “Of course, it’s actually quite easy to settle this problem. There are new disciples joining the Sect every year, so you can go over to the Disciple Hall and select some medicine boys that meet your requirements. I’m sure those brats will be more than happy to follow a Heaven Grade Alchemist.”


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai asked, “Other than the disciples in the Sect, can I look for helpers from outside?”


Gao Xin Peng nodded, “There’s no problem with that and you’re free to do so; however, if you find medicine boys from outside, they’ll have to join Profound Pill Sect and become Outer Disciples. Do you have any candidates?”


Yang Kai nodded, “When I was in Void Spirit Sword Sect, I taught Alchemy to two Junior Brothers and one Junior Sister. They’ve shown talent in the Alchemic Dao.”


“Good. Just tell them to come over. However, that place is far away from here. You’d better get someone to fetch them so that they won’t fall into danger on the road. I suppose your Juniors are not very strong yet, right?”


“They’re not,” As Yang Kai spoke, he took a glance at Gao Ming, who was behind Gao Xin Peng.


Gao Xin Peng burst into laughter, “Well, please do not have your eyes on him. It’ll take one month to go back and forth; moreover, I’m leaving the Sect in a few days, so Gao Ming will have to come with me.”


A surprised Yang Kai replied, “I’ll come up with another way, then.”


At that instant, he regretted not bringing Wan Ying Ying with him when he came to this place. At that time, he was worried that he might fall into danger in Profound Pill Sect, dragging her into his mess if he brought her along.


However, it was no big deal as he could just ask someone to fetch her. A name sprang into Yang Kai’s mind as he thought he could use a particular woman’s help; after all, other than Gao Ming, she was familiar with the route.


After nibbling at his food, Gao Xin Peng went on to say, “Besides the matter regarding medicine boys, you’ll also have to settle the issue of an Alchemy Furnace and Alchemy Flame. I believe you still don’t have a personal Alchemy Furnace and Alchemy Flame, right?”


An embarrassed Yang Kai replied, “I do have an Alchemy Furnace, but it’s an old, generic one.” The Alchemy Furnaces in Void Spirit Sword Sect were all low quality. Even when he was still just an Earth-Grade Alchemist, Yang Kai found it difficult to use his current Alchemy Furnace. Now that he was a Heaven-Grade Alchemist, the furnace was basically useless to him; therefore, he didn’t even bother to bring it with him when he set off on his journey.


Gao Xin Peng put on a smile and suddenly clapped his hands.


Instantly, a maidservant came in with an Alchemy Furnace in her hands. It was a petite furnace only about a forearm length in height, but the surface was emblazoned with five Dragons, their mouths facing the lid.


“What’s this?” Yang Kai looked doubtfully at him.


Gao Xin Peng explained, “The Five Dragons Furnace. A Senior Brother gave it to me when I became a Heaven Grade Alchemist in the past, but I’ve never used it as I had my own. Since you don’t have a suitable Alchemy Furnace yet, why don’t you use it for now? Please don’t turn me down. This is a gift from someone after all. Although I’ve never used it, I wouldn’t have the nerve to give it away. I’m just lending it to you. When you have your own furnace, you can return it to me.”


Yang Kai parted his lips for a moment, then picked up his cup and drained it, “Many thanks for lending it to me then, Senior Brother.”


Gao Xin Peng waved his hand with a smile and told Gao Ming to send the Five Dragons Furnace to Yang Kai’s cave mansion before he went on to say, “Since you’ve settled the issue of an Alchemy Furnace, you can head to the Divine Flame Hall to get an Alchemy Flame. There are many Alchemy Flames available, but as for what kind of Alchemy Flame you’ll get, that will depend on your luck.”


An astonished Yang Kai asked, “The Sect will also provide us an Alchemy Flame?”


Gao Xin Peng put on a proud smile, “Profound Pill Sect has been in existence for a long time, so we do have a lot of Alchemy Flames. Those from the Divine Flame Hall are responsible for handling these affairs. After centuries of accumulation, even if there aren’t 1,000 Alchemy Flames over there, there are at least 800. There’s a rule, though. If you get an Alchemy Flame from the Divine Flame Hall, you’ll have to return it before your death; after all, it belongs to the Sect.”


Yang Kai nodded his head to indicate he understood. Still, he was shocked by the generosity of those in Profound Pill Sect. As long as an Alchemist reached a certain Grade, they could easily get a medicine boy, Alchemy Flame, and Blood Warriors.


Yang Kai believed that he could also get an Alchemy Furnace; however, since Gao Xin Peng had already lent one to him, it should be better than the one offered by the Sect.


“Get some rest tonight. I’ll bring you to the Divine Flame Hall tomorrow to get an Alchemy Flame. It’s the most important issue for you now because you’ll need some time to get used to the flame after obtaining one. It’ll probably take you a month to do so. You’ll also have to head to the Blood Warrior Hall. Since you’re now a Heaven-Grade Alchemist, you can get two Blood Warriors from the Blood Warrior Hall. I’m sure those from the Blood Warrior Hall will be quite excited.”


Two hours later, an intoxicated Yang Kai returned to his cave mansion.


When he left his residence the next day, he saw a blue-hat youth waiting for him outside the place.


“Greetings, Alchemist Yang!” The blue-hat youth saluted him.


“Are you… Senior Brother Gao’s medicine boy?” Yang Kai took a glance at him. He had come across this medicine boy in Gao Xin Peng’s place the day before, so he could faintly remember him.


“Yes, Alchemist Yang. I’m Senior Gao’s medicine boy.”


Yang Kai looked curiously at him, “What are you doing here? Where’s Senior Brother Gao?”


The medicine boy replied, “Senior Gao told me to wait here to pass on his word to you. Senior Gao had to leave the Sect this morning after receiving an order from the Elders; therefore, he can’t accompany Senior Yang to the Divine Flame Hall. However, he has informed those from the Divine Flame Hall about it. If Senior Yang wishes to obtain an Alchemy Flame, you can directly go over.”




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