Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4510, Strange White Flame


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Yang Kai could sense that these brightly lit Alchemy Flames had surrounded him as they jumped around him. Despite not knowing what was going on, he had a feeling that if he wanted, he could easily obtain any of the Alchemy Flames, be it a Mortal Flame or a Spirit Flame.


This discovery made him arch his brow.


He recalled that Wu Zheng Qi had said the greater a person’s aptitude, the better the Alchemy Flame they could get in the Divine Flame Cave. It then dawned on Yang Kai that even though he was just a Heaven-Grade Alchemist in the Divine Armament World, his attainments in the Alchemic Dao far exceeded the limits of this World. Regardless of whether these Alchemy Flames were sentient, they seemed to have instinctively realized his uniqueness, which was why they proactively approached him.


Almost all the Alchemy Flames in the Divine Flame Cave had gathered around Yang Kai except for one particular flame.


There was a flickering Alchemy Flame in a spot that was several hundred metres away from Yang Kai. He reckoned that it was a Heaven Flame by judging from its brightness, and it could be considered a better one among those in the Heaven Grade.


The Heaven Flames around Yang Kai were not comparable to it in terms of brightness or purity.


Yang Kai thought about Alchemist Wei, who had entered the place first, and had a feeling that the latter was just over there as the special Heaven Flame was restricted by him. That was the reason it was not drawn over.


Yang Kai wasn’t really concerned about what was going on over there. Since Alchemist Wei had prepared for it for two years, he must have a special technique to get the Heaven Flame he wanted. Moreover, Yang Kai wasn’t interested in Heaven Flames at all.


What attracted him were the small number of Spirit Flames.


Wu Zheng Qi had advised him against getting a Spirit Flame since he didn’t have the power to match, as that would cause him to be injured. However, that piece of advice was only applicable to the average person. Yang Kai had the confidence to subdue a Spirit Flame.


He could still use a Spirit Flame when he became a Spirit Grade Alchemist in the future, and he didn’t have to waste time upgrading or changing his Alchemy Flame. Since he had come to the Divine Flame Cave, Yang Kai naturally had to get the best one.


After making up his mind, he examined the lively Alchemy Flames around him and soon found his target.


It was an Alchemy Flame that was one of the brightest in this place. If he wasn’t mistaken, this was supposed to be a Spirit Flame. Moreover, this Alchemy Flame gave off a gentle feeling, which was unlike some of the restless flames, so it was suitable to be used for refining pills.


This orange Spirit Flame was originally in the outer ring, but after Yang Kai sent a signal over, it slowly came closer and soon reached a spot that was one metre away from him.


While the Spirit Flame was moving forward, the other Alchemy Flames proactively stepped aside as though they had realised how determined Yang Kai was.


The Spirit Flame continued moving forward, but just when it was about to reach Yang Kai, it abruptly stopped.


Yang Kai had no idea what was going on, but the next instant, all the Alchemy Flames around him seemed to become flustered, as though a ferocious beast was coming their way. In the blink of an eye, they dissipated and went into hiding. The countless lights that Yang Kai could sense instantly vanished.


The originally colourful world soon fell into complete darkness.


Yang Kai was shocked, not knowing what he had done that caused those Alchemy Flames to run away.


Looking around, he could see that the Alchemy Flame restricted by Alchemist Wei was pulsating; however, Alchemist Wei seemed to have a way to control it. Yang Kai couldn’t see clearly what the other party was doing, but the Alchemy Flame was unable to flee regardless of how hard it tried. It seemed to be bound to that exact spot. It seemed that it was just a matter of time before the flame was captured by Alchemist Wei.


Yang Kai came to his senses and thought back on what he had been doing since he came to this place, but he didn’t think he had done anything wrong. Nevertheless, the Alchemy Flames that had surrounded him disappeared just like that.


Just then, he caught a glimpse of a light that was slowly flying towards him from a distance. It was a white flame that wasn’t particularly bright. According to his observation, he reckoned that it was an Alchemy Flame in the Mortal Grade.


However, the light was astonishingly pure. Yang Kai hadn’t seen any other Alchemy Flame with such purity.


The Mortal Flame soon reached Yang Kai and landed in front of him, then became unmoving.


Yang Kai was startled for a moment as he was torn between tears and laughter.


[What’s going on?] All the Alchemy Flames were gone, leaving behind a Mortal Flame. He was now a Heaven-Grade Alchemist, so there was no way he would take a Mortal Flame, which wouldn’t meet his requirements for making pills.


After observing the Mortal Flame for a moment, Yang Kai concluded that besides the fact that the light was pure, there was nothing special about it. Therefore, he stopped paying attention to it.


Then, he emptied his mind and sensed his surroundings in an attempt to draw the Alchemy Flames back to him.


However, his action elicited a strange reaction from the small white Mortal Flame. Like a naughty kid, it jumped around in Yang Kai’s perception to draw his attention.


Seeing that Yang Kai ignored it, the flame started circling around him.


A moment later, it suddenly charged towards the Heaven Flame bound by Alchemist Wei. This turn of events finally attracted Yang Kai’s attention.


He could sense that the Heaven Flame bound by Alchemist Wei became even more flustered while the Alchemist exclaimed.


Alchemist Wei did not have long to ponder the issue, however, as the Mortal Flame dashed forward and instantly engulfed the Heaven Flame with its white light. After the dust settled, the light that belonged to the Heaven Flame was nowhere to be seen.


The white Alchemy Flame didn’t change one bit as it swaggered back towards Yang Kai. Upon reaching him, the flame gently whirled around as though it was trying to brag.


Yang Kai was flabbergasted.


Although it was the first time he came across this situation, it was obvious to him that the Heaven Flame was swallowed by this white Mortal Flame.


Wu Zheng Qi said that all the Alchemy Flames in the Divine Flame Cave were planted with seals, so there was no way they would devour each other. What was going on with this white light then?


Moreover, only Alchemy Flames of higher Grades could gobble up ones of lower Grades. How did a Mortal Flame wolf down a Heaven Flame?


“Who destroyed my flame!? Who?!” Alchemist Wei’s roar reverberated across the entire cave.


Getting no reply, Wei Cheng said through clenched teeth, “Good. Unless you stay in this cave forever, this Wei will find out who you are sooner or later! This matter is not settled!”


After Wei Cheng barked for a while more, Yang Kai could hear the footsteps fading into the distance.


There was a dark expression on Yang Kai’s face as he looked at the white light in front of him. He had practically done nothing, but it seemed that a grudge had been formed between Wei Cheng and him.


Yang Kai could only hope that he wasn’t the only person in the cave at this moment; otherwise, he would never be able to explain himself.


After witnessing how the white light swallowed the Heaven Flame, Yang Kai realised that this white flame was different somehow. The average Mortal Flame was not able to do that.


Furthermore, regardless of how hard he tried to sense his surroundings, the other Alchemy Flames in the cave didn’t respond to him. As he recalled the sight of those Alchemy Flames fleeing, Yang Kai let out a long sigh.


Now, it seemed that regardless of what he thought, he had to take this white flame.


Fortunately, nothing unexpected happened during the process. As soon as Yang Kai relayed his intent, the white flame flew towards him and directly disappeared into his body.


At the same time, Yang Kai could clearly feel that there was a new strange power in his body. The power wasn’t harmful to him, but he needed some time to refine and familiarise himself with it before he could really use it.


He had achieved his goal for coming to the Divine Flame Cave. Although he had only taken a Mortal Flame, Yang Kai reckoned that it wasn’t just any ordinary Mortal Flame judging from its strange behaviour.


It seemed that he had to head to Records Hall to find out what kind of Alchemy Flame he had accepted.


Standing up, he shuffled towards the light at the entrance and soon left the Divine Flame Cave. Then, he walked up the spiralling path.


One hour later, Yang Kai could finally see bright sunlight again, which suggested that he had finally left the cave. Before he could adjust to the brightness though, he heard someone speaking through gritted teeth, “It’s really you!”


Yang Kai turned his head and saw Wei Cheng glaring at him. The Blood Warriors behind him sported dark expressions as well. On the other hand, Wu Zheng Qi was standing with his hands behind his back as he looked curiously at Yang Kai.


A dejected Yang Kai knew that the trouble was inevitable, but he still pretended to know nothing, “Vice Hall Master Wu, this…”


Wu Zheng Qi explained, “Alchemist Wei came across an accident when he was trying to obtain an Alchemy Flame in the cave. It seems that he was unable to achieve his goal because he was disturbed; therefore, Alchemist Yang, he wants to know what you did down there.”


“Of course I was trying to get an Alchemy Flame in the cave. What else could I do?” Yang Kai frowned, “I didn’t act against anyone or anything. Why don’t you ask the other Alchemists who have entered the cave?”


Wei Cheng said through clenched teeth, “There were only the two of us in the cave. There were no other Alchemists! If you hadn’t done anything, this Wei couldn’t possibly have failed. I was about to succeed!”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Alchemist Wei. I was just trying to obtain an Alchemy Flame for myself. However, I was shocked to hear someone exclaiming just now. It seems that it was you who screamed.”


A relentless Wei Cheng snapped, “Stop playing dumb! Who else could it be if it weren’t you?”


Yang Kai gazed at him and replied, “It’s the first time we meet, Alchemist Wei, and there are no grudges between us. Both of us are the Heaven Grade Alchemists of Profound Pill Sect, so why would I act against you?”


Wu Zheng Qi nodded, “That’s true. What actually happened, Alchemist Wei?”


Wei Cheng still glowered at Yang Kai, but he realised that the latter was right. It was the first time they met, and there were no grudges between them. There was no reason for Yang Kai to derail his plans; however, as he recalled the two years he had spent getting prepared and the fact that he was so close to succeeding, he was unable to just let the issue drop.




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