Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4514, Draw


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The spectators were initially not interested in the first round as a battle between Blood Warriors could be quite boring. Both of them were trained in the Blood Warrior Hall, so they were most familiar with each other’s moves and techniques.


Furthermore, there was a huge gap in powers between the two Blood Warriors on the stage.


It was supposed to be a battle without suspense; however, the reality surprised everyone as the Second-Step Heaven Realm Master was still not defeated following a series of attacks from a Sixth-Step Heaven Realm Master. Even though he was weak and covered in blood, he was still unwavering and resistant.


Many of the spectators were moved.


The battle on the Martial Methods Stage remained intense. Wei Cheng’s Blood Warrior was agile as he wandered around Yang Huai and made a move from time to time. Like a cat teasing a rat, he was able to easily mess with Yang Huai.


There was a subtle change behind Wu Zheng Qi’s gaze as he observed the fight, and then there came a moment when Yang Huai extended his hand and bellowed, “Got you!”


Following a loud boom, Spirit Qi surged as an air blast spread around. The sight on the Martial Methods Stage shocked everyone. At that moment, Yang Huai had miraculously caught the other Blood Warrior’s calf while fending off the latter’s violent attack.


The next moment, Yang Huai put on a hideous grin and lifted his opponent before smashing him to the ground as though the latter was a chicken. If his move was successful, the other party would be severely injured despite being a Sixth-Step Heaven Realm Master.


Wei Cheng exclaimed.


Instantaneously, the Sixth-Step Heaven Realm Master curled up his body in a strange way. Like a snake, he draped himself around Yang Huai’s muscular arm. Right before his back came into contact with the ground, he pushed out his fists in rapid succession at Yang Huai.




The entire the Martial Methods Stage shook violently as the intense battle abruptly stopped.


The spectators looked up and saw that Yang Huai had fallen on one knee with widened eyes. He remained in the posture of the last move he made. On the other hand, his opponent was lying on the ground, his face covered in blood, looking all battered.


Although he had tried his best to resolve the crisis at the most critical moment, he was still hurled onto the ground by Yang Huai. Presently, his back was all numb, which made him think that his spine might have broken.


[Is it over?] After a moment of silence, the people around the Martial Methods Stage started whispering among themselves. The fact that a Second-Step Heaven Realm Master had won the battle surprised them. Even Wei Cheng believed that to be the case as well. He appeared sluggish as he was unable to accept the outcome.


Just then, Wu Zheng Qi stepped forward and extended his hand towards Wei Cheng before announcing the result, “Alchemist Wei has won the first round.”


Wei Cheng was startled upon hearing that. After making sure that he wasn’t mistaken, he appeared puzzled. Although he was a Heaven Realm Master, an Alchemist’s cultivation was generally built up using a lot of elixirs; therefore, it was unlike the other cultivators who relied on tortuous hard work. Even though he had taken in every detail of the battle, he still couldn’t figure out what was going on, nor did he understand why he had won the fight.


However, since Wu Zheng Qi had said so, there shouldn’t be a mistake.


Wei Cheng then gazed at Yang Kai, who appeared calm and didn’t seem to have the intention of objecting to the decision. It was then he set his mind at ease.


Right then, some noises were heard coming from the stage as the Sixth-Step Heaven Realm Master got up with difficulty. Although he appeared battered, he could still move at the very least. On the other hand, Yang Huai remained unmoving in the same posture. The blood streaming from his mouth and nose dripped onto the ground and caused some light noises.


Seeing that, Wei Cheng finally realised that Yang Kai’s Blood Warrior had probably passed out. It was no wonder that he had won this round.


“Sir, I didn’t disappoint you!” The Sixth-Step Heaven Realm Master cupped his fist at Wei Cheng.


“You’ve done a great job. Get some rest now,” Wei Cheng nodded gently.


“Yes,” the Blood Warrior replied. When he leaped from the stage, he couldn’t help but turn to look at Yang Huai, still reeling from shock inside.


He had never come across a person as defiant as this Second-Step Heaven Realm Master before. In truth, he had won this battle only because of a stroke of luck. If the other party had been able to persevere just a moment longer, it was hard to tell who would have won in the end.


On the other hand, Yang Kai leaped onto the stage and checked on Yang Huai, who was actually fine. This guy was extremely sturdy, so although he appeared battered, he was only covered in flesh wounds. None of his five viscera and six organs were harmed. The reason he passed out was that he had consumed too much energy. Confirming Yang Huai’s status, Yang Kai circulated some of his own Spirit Qi into him to wake him up.


“Sir!” Yang Huai regained consciousness and realised that he was defeated. With an embarrassed expression, he cupped his fist, “I’m sorry for disappointing you.”


Yang Kai patted the other man’s shoulder, “It’s fine. You’re much weaker than him after all. You did well. Moreover, it’s only been a short time since you started cultivating…”


Yang Huai grunted in a muffled voice. It wasn’t until this battle that he realised how extraordinary the Supreme Tyrant Body Art taught to him by Yang Kai was.


He was fully aware of his power as a Second-Step Heaven Realm Master. In the past, he could never have gotten into a prolonged battle with a Sixth-Step Heaven Realm Master. He doubted that he could even last for twenty breaths of time before; however, after cultivating the Supreme Tyrant Body Art, he was almost able to defeat such an opponent, which was simply inconceivable. He had already gained so much after cultivating the Secret Art for a few days. If he cultivated it for a longer time, he would have a chance to defeat the other party.


“Who will go on stage for the second round, Alchemist Yang?” Wu Zheng Qi asked.


Yang Kai had only brought one Blood Warrior with him. The bodyguard was basically half-dead, so there was no way he could go on stage for the second round. Wu Zheng Qi had never come across such an incident before, so he had no idea what to do; therefore, he decided to ask Yang Kai.


Yang Huai got up with difficulty and cupped his fist, “Sir, I can go on stage again!”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Look at you. You’re even struggling to stand stably. If you go on stage again, you’ll be killed.”


“I’m willing to die for you!” Yang Huai appeared solemn.


“I didn’t bring you out of the Blood Warrior Hall just to watch you die. Go down. I’ll take part in the fight this time!” Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai gently pushed Yang Huai away. Engulfed in a soft force, Yang Huai was directly sent away from the stage.


Both Wu Zheng Qi and Wei Cheng were stunned.


With a frown, Wu Zheng Qi asked, “Alchemist Yang, the second round is still a physical fight. Are you sure you want to take part in it?”


Yang Kai nodded, “What’s wrong with that? Can Alchemists not fight for themselves?”


“There’s no such rule, but…” Wu Zheng Qi appeared to be in a dilemma, “No Alchemist has taken part in a physical battle on this stage before. What’s your cultivation now, Alchemist Yang?”


“Third-Step Heaven Realm,” Yang Kai replied honestly.


At that instant, Wu Zheng Qi wasn’t sure what to do. He then took a look at Yang Huai and reckoned that the latter really was unable to fight again. If the Blood Warrior were asked to go on stage, he would certainly lose. Since Yang Kai had no one else with him, it was understandable that he wanted to fight himself.


At the thought of this, Wu Zheng Qi nodded, “In that case, please be careful, Alchemist Yang.”


He then glanced at Wei Cheng, “Please tell someone to come forward, Alchemist Wei.”


Wei Cheng nodded and ordered the other Blood Warrior to go on stage. At the same time, he said in a small voice, “Don’t kill him. Just throw him off the stage. He’s a Heaven-Grade Alchemist after all. If anything happens to him, I won’t be able to save you.”


The Blood Warrior nodded, “Don’t worry, Sir. I know what to do.”


Then, he jumped onto the stage and cupped his fist at Yang Kai, “I’m ready, Alchemist Yang.”


Wu Zheng Qi dropped him a reminder, “Alchemist Yang, this bodyguard is in the Seventh-Step Heaven Realm. If you don’t think you’re a match for him, you’d better admit defeat now.”


“Many thanks, Vice Hall Master Wu.” Yang Kai put on a smile, “But… I don’t think I’ll be the one who will admit defeat.”


Right after he finished his words, he abruptly appeared in front of the bodyguard and lightly pushed out a palm surging with Spirit Qi.


The bodyguard was initially calm and collected, but when he saw Yang Kai’s palm, his expression changed drastically as he was engulfed in a sense of danger. He hurriedly pushed all his Spirit Qi and met the attack.


At the most critical moment, he recalled that the other party was a prestigious Heaven Grade Alchemist instead of a bodyguard, so he quickly restricted his force a little lest Yang Kai was harmed.




Spirit Qi erupted as a figure was sent flying away like a sack. The person then crashed into the crowd and caused them to collapse to the ground.


Wu Zheng Qi, who had secretly circulated his Spirit Qi and readied himself to interfere, was dumbfounded by what he just witnessed.


On the other hand, Wei Cheng, who was ready to watch a good show, was rooted to the spot. The other cultivators and Alchemists couldn’t believe their eyes either.


At that instant, the entire place fell into silence. 


It wasn’t until a moment later that these people came to their senses and turned to look at the source of the commotion. Over there, a person got to his feet as a myriad of expressions came over his face. His eyes were filled with disbelief. He was none other than Wei Cheng’s bodyguard, who was in the Seventh-Step Heaven Realm.


A Seventh-Step Heaven Realm Master was sent flying away from the Martial Methods Stage by a Third-Step Heaven Realm Master with only one move. If they hadn’t seen it with their bare eyes, no one would have believed it.


An incensed Wei Cheng glared at his bodyguard, “What on Earth are you doing?”


The Seventh-Step Heaven Realm Master was embarrassed as he cupped his fist, “Please forgive me, Sir. I just wasn’t careful enough.” There was a doubt in his mind. Even though he had restricted his power at the last moment lest Yang Kai be harmed, his attack still should have been enough to suppress a mere Third-Step Heaven Realm Master.


He initially had the confidence to push Yang Kai out of the stage in that clash, but he was the one who was sent flying away instead.


As he recalled the moment their moves met just now, he felt as though he was faced with a Peak Heaven Realm Master instead of a Third-Step Heaven Realm Master. However, it wasn’t like he could explain that to anyone, so he just dismissed it as his own hallucination.


Wei Cheng was infuriated. He initially thought that he could easily get a Spirit Armament to make up for his losses in the Divine Flame Cave, but it never crossed his mind that there would be a turn of events.


Since he was unable to change the outcome, it was pointless to say anything else. He glowered at the bodyguard and snapped, “Waste!”


The bodyguard hung his head low in silence, his face all red.


“Vice Hall Master Wu, I suppose I’ve won this round,” Yang Kai gazed at the dumbstruck Wu Zheng Qi.


Wu Zheng Qi came to his senses and nodded with an awkward expression, “Alchemist Yang has won the second round!”




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