Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4516, Famous After A Single Battle


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Wei Cheng nodded, “In that case, Alchemist Yang and I will examine the medicinal liquid ourselves.”


Then, he circulated his Spirit Qi and pushed his drop of medicinal liquid towards Yang Kai. Seeing that, Yang Kai also sent his medicinal liquid that was extracted from Starry Sky Flower over.


While they examined each other’s medicinal liquid, the Alchemists around the Martial Methods Stage watched attentively. They were eager to find out who the winner would be; however, before the results were announced, they had no way to tell.


A moment later, Yang Kai put on a smile and gazed at Wei Cheng, whose expression kept changing as though he had just seen something shocking.


The spectators could see that while Yang Kai was calm and collected, Wei Cheng appeared conflicted. They were shocked as they thought that Wei Cheng might have lost the competition.


But, how was that possible? Both of them on the stage were Heaven Grade Alchemists, but one of them used a Mortal Flame while the other used a Heaven Flame. There was no way Wei Cheng would lose.


While they were lost in their doubts though, Wei Cheng suddenly let out a sigh and became dejected. The medicinal liquid hovering above his palm fell apart, then he cupped his fist, “Alchemist Yang is truly skilful. This Wei is no match for him. I’ve lost the competition.”


“You have my respect,” Yang Kai nodded gently. He wasn’t surprised by the outcome, but Wei Cheng had earned his respect at the last moment by being straightforward. That guy was foul-tempered, but he could still be considered a righteous man. At the very least, he wouldn’t refuse to admit defeat.


The crowd broke into a riot as the Alchemists looked at Yang Kai in shock. They could not figure out how he used a Mortal Flame to refine such pure medicine liquid and even defeated Wei Cheng. In the past, they would never have imagined such a thing was possible, but it now happened right in front of them on this day.


“I’ll tell someone to send the 300,000 Red Jades to you later. Goodbye!” Wei Cheng’s face was crimson as he hurriedly left the stage. He soon disappeared into the distance alongside his Blood Warriors.


“Congratulations, Alchemist Yang.” Wu Zheng Qi stepped forward and passed the True Void Sword back to him, “You’ve surprised all of us with your capabilities today. I’m sure your name will be known to everyone in Profound Pill Sect soon.”


Yang Kai took the sword and replied with a nod, “Many thanks for your kind words, Vice Hall Master Wu, but fame doesn’t really matter to me. Since this matter has been settled, I’ll take my leave now. I’m sorry for bothering you today.”


“It’s fine. I had fun watching the competition as well.” Wu Zheng Qi chuckled.


Yang Kai nodded and walked down the Martial Methods Stage, followed by Yang Huai.


Wei Cheng was a pretty efficient man as, barely one hour after Yang Kai returned to his cave mansion, he received the 300,000 Red Jades as promised. It took Yang Huai quite some time to carry all the Red Jades into the cave mansion, and once he was done, the entire place appeared quite luxurious.


Yang Kai had previously obtained 100,000 Red Jades from Heavenly Martial City, which allowed him to go from the Peak Earth Realm to the Third-Step Heaven Realm in just one month. With three times as many resources than what he previously possessed, Yang Kai reckoned that the Red Jades could last him for quite some time.


However, he was uncertain about how much his strength would increase. As one’s cultivation improved, he would consume increasingly more resources. Yang Kai even doubted that these Red Jades could allow him to achieve an ascension of two Steps.


With that said, things were easier now with these Red Jades. At the very least, he could buy the ingredients for the Body Tempering medicinal liquid that Yang Huai needed. He then fished out some Red Jades and jotted down a prescription before telling Yang Huai to head to Profound Pill City to buy a large number of herbs.


Profound Pill City relied on Profound Pill Sect to thrive, but the reverse was also true in some sense. As a result, there were a lot of herbs for sale in the city. It could even be said that any Spirit Herb could be found there as long as it wasn’t too rare.


It took Yang Huai four hours before he returned with bags of herbs in hand. Yang Kai selected some herbs that could help him with cultivating the Supreme Tyrant Body Art and told him to cultivate on his own. Then, he sat down with his legs crossed in the middle of the Red Jades that had been piled up like mounds and activated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.


It could be said that Yang Kai instantly became famous after the competition on the Martial Methods Stage.


He already drew some attention when he joined Profound Pill Sect as a Heaven Grade Alchemist back then, but with that said, there were many Heaven Grade Alchemists in the Sect, and they had their own things to do; therefore, they were only slightly curious about him.


Now, however, after Yang Kai defeated Wei Cheng, his name became known to everyone in the Sect just like Wu Zheng Qi had predicted.


Not only was Yang Kai a Heaven Grade Alchemist at the astonishingly young age of 18, but he had also defeated a veteran Heaven Grade Alchemist when it came to refining medicinal liquid. Furthermore, he only used a white Mortal Flame at that time to do so.


All the things he had achieved piqued the interest of many. Even those from the Elder Council soon heard about it.


After the competition, Yang Kai started receiving invitations from various Heaven Grade Alchemists from time to time. They mostly ask him to their cave mansions to attend gatherings of sorts.


The Heaven Grade Alchemists would frequently come together and discuss the Alchemic Dao. This was the norm in Profound Pill Sect as by doing so, they could realise their own weaknesses and learn from others through exchanging pointers.


This was a great practice that had been passed down over the generations.


However, due to various different circumstances and personalities, the Heaven Grade Alchemists all had their own circles of friends, and it was difficult for others to mingle into such established groups.


Certainly, these circles wanted Yang Kai to join them, and he never turned them down. It had only been a short time since he joined Profound Pill Sect, so he was more than happy to become friendly with the other Heaven Grade Alchemists. Furthermore, he could also find out more about the level of Alchemy in this Divine Armament World by talking with others about it.


In just one month, Yang Kai had attended 7 gatherings. His experience and knowledge in the Alchemic Dao were far superior to these Heaven Grade Alchemists; however, due to his young age, he didn’t want to reveal too much. Having said that, he would occasionally let out some of his insight in a tactful manner and allow others to benefit from it.


He had made friends with many people in the past month, and he was well-received in all circles. If he claimed to be the most popular Heaven Grade Alchemist in Profound Pill Sect now, no one would object to it.


After all, given his young age and exceptional aptitude, any Heaven-Grade Alchemist was willing to become his friend.


The one-month deadline imposed by the Sect was fast approaching, but Hua Rong still hadn’t returned. However, considering the distance between Profound Pill Sect and Void Spirit Sword Sect, Hua Rong should be back soon.


As Yang Kai expected, Hua Rong returned barely three days before the deadline. With the temporary Identity Token given to her, she was able to enter Profound Pill Sect without difficulty.


When Yang Kai rushed over upon hearing the news, Hua Rong was already waiting in the Reception Palace.


Upon seeing him, Hua Rong cupped her fist, “Sir, fortunately, I’ve not disappointed you. They’re here.” She seemed exhausted and it was obvious that she hadn’t had proper rest in a while.


“Well done,” Yang Kai nodded and turned his head.


Wan Ying Ying and the other two Junior Brothers from Void Spirit Sword Sect came over with excited expressions and cupped their fists, “Eldest Senior Brother!”


Yang Kai raised his hand and stroked Wan Ying Ying’s head, “You must be tired. Did anything happen on the road?”


Despite being jovial, Wan Ying Ying still muttered, “Stop stroking my head, Eldest Senior Brother, I’m not a child… Nothing happened as Big Sister Hua was there to protect us.”


“That’s good. I’m sure you already know why I’ve asked you to come here. I need a few assistants, and since you have some heritage in Alchemy now, you can stay here to help me while continuing to study the Alchemic Dao.”


“Yes, Eldest Senior Brother. We won’t disappoint you!” The two Junior Brothers cupped their fists.


“Get some rest tonight and I’ll bring you to register your identities tomorrow. You’ll first have to join Profound Pill Sect and become Outer Disciples before you will be allowed to become my assistants.”


He then led Wan Ying Ying and the others to head to his cave mansion. Hua Rong approached the next moment and poked his waist before asking in a small voice, “Sir, who’s that ugly and ferocious-looking bear behind us?”


“Show some respect!” Yang Kai looked down at her hand and chided her, “I brought Yang Huai out of the Blood Warrior Hall to work as my guard. Since you will work with him, you should get to know him.”


“So, he’s a Blood Warrior from the Blood Warrior Hall.” Hua Rong seemed to have expected this. When she took one more glance at Yang Huai, she shuddered and asked dejectedly, “Sir, am I not good enough for you? Why did you get one more person to be your bodyguard? I’m saddened by what you’ve done! I went to Void Spirit Sword Sect and back in the past month for you. Is this how you’re supposed to treat me?”


She seemed ready to sob as though Yang Kai had thoughtlessly abandoned her after having his way with her.


Yang Kai glared at her, “If you dare to spout nonsense again, I’ll kick you out of Profound Pill Sect!”


Hua Rong instantly pressed her lips together, “Why do you sound like an old fart when you’re only a young man? Hmph!” Then, she exclaimed, “Wow! This is what the inner circle of Profound Pill Sect looks like. This place is magnificent, and the World Energy is so rich!”


Yang Kai shook his head and ignored her.


After returning to his cave mansion, Yang Kai told Hua Rong and the others to choose their own rooms and settle in. Then, he had a servant prepare a meal for them.


As they gathered together, they started wolfing down the food. Yang Kai asked about Void Spirit Sword Sect, and upon learning that all was well, he finally set his mind at ease.


After giving it a thought, he realised that it wasn’t so surprising. He was now a disciple of Profound Pill Sect after all. Additionally, Li Zheng Qing and Zhuang Ju He would never betray him. The other Earth Realm Masters were also still relying on him to refine Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills for them, so they would never do anything to harm Void Spirit Sword Sect.


Also, the Sect now possessed a Black Jade mine, so they wouldn’t have to worry about getting cultivation resources. They also had the support of the businesses owned by Tian Luo Hall and Roaring Tiger Sect. Before Wan Ying Ying and the others departed, Su Chang Fa, Gu Kang Ning, and Hong Xiu already had a discussion on whether they should open their gates and take in more disciples.


There were not many disciples in Void Spirit Sword Sect because they were previously not powerful enough or wealthy enough to protect and support too many people. However, things were different now. Even Tian Luo Hall and Roaring Tiger Sect had been subdued by them, so naturally, Su Chang Fa wanted to restore the glory of Void Spirit Sword Sect.


Before Wan Ying Ying left, Su Chang Fa had told her to ask Yang Kai for his permission; after all, Yang Kai was technically the Sect Master of Void Spirit Sword Sect.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t object to this. When there was a chance, he would head to Profound Pill City and get someone to send a letter back to Void Spirit Sword Sect.




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