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Martial Peak – Chapter 4517, Providing Alchemy Services


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Three days later, a Profound Pill Sect Deacon came to get a Wooden Token engraved with Yang Kai’s name to hang in front of a vacant desk at the Seeking Pill Pavilion.


The two Junior Brothers who came from Void Spirit Sword Sect also went to assist. One was tasked with running errands while the other was tasked with receiving the cultivators who came to ask for pills.


On the other hand, Wan Ying Ying remained by Yang Kai’s side to help him personally. Compared to the two other Junior Brothers, her aptitude in Alchemy was better. Besides, Yang Kai intended to nurture her talents.


Although Yang Kai mastered countless pill recipes, none of them belonged to the Divine Armament World. Many of the pills in the outside world did not exist in the Divine Armament World. Similarly, some of the pills in the Divine Armament World did not exist in the outside world.


That was why he only listed one type of pill, which was the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill, when the Deacon came to collect the Wooden Token for registration.


In other words, Yang Kai would only be refining the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill at the Seeking Pill Pavilion. Fortunately, this pill was also the most in-demand pill among all Earth Realm cultivators.


Even though he started providing Alchemy services today, Yang Kai was not too concerned. Refining the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill was not a difficult matter for him after all. It would take some time at most; therefore, he continued to cultivate even after the Deacon took his Wooden Token.


On the other hand, Wan Ying Ying waited outside his secluded home with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation. From time to time, she would raise her head and look down the mountain frantically.


After waiting for more than two hours, a figure suddenly came speeding in this direction from the foot of the mountain. She let out a cheer and quickly went to greet the visitor.


A short while later, she came hurrying into the secluded home with a bag clutched tightly in her hands. She exclaimed excitedly, “Eldest Senior Brother! Eldest Senior Brother! Somebody came to request a pill!”


Wrapped in a burst of fragrant wind, she rushed over to Yang Kai. She was completely out of breath, and her bosom that was just beginning to take shape heaved up and down violently.


Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked at her; then, he spoke with some amusement, “If somebody is here to make a pill request, then they are here to make a pill request. Why don’t you catch your breath first?”


She quickly took several deep breaths and calmed her excitement. After that, she placed the bag beside him and looked at him eagerly.


“Open the bag and take a look inside,” he motioned to her.


She responded and cheerfully opened the bag. When she saw the dazzling array of items inside the bag, she couldn’t help exclaiming in astonishment, “What are all these!? These must be worth quite a lot!”


Yang Kai swept a glance over the items and nodded, “The pill recipe of the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill is a secret that only the Alchemists of each Sect are allowed to know. That’s why the people who come to request the pill do not know what kind of herbs to prepare. They either prepare enough Black Jades and Red Jades or precious treasures with enough value as compensation. Of course, how much they prepare will depend entirely on their means and generosity. The more generous they are, the further up on the waiting list they will be placed, and the faster they can obtain the pill they want.”


This was a piece of information Yang Kai learned after spending time with other Alchemists over the past month. Due to the number of cultivators in the Divine Armament World, there was an overwhelming demand for the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill. The speed at which Alchemists could refine pills could not keep up with the demands of the cultivators.


It had to be said that not every cultivator only required one Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill to advance to the Heaven Realm. Some might even need to undergo many attempts before they succeed, and each attempt required one or more Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills. 


Compared to other Heaven Grade pills, the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill was much harder to refine. Among hundreds of Heaven Grade Alchemists in Profound Pill Sect, less than half were listed to refine the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill. The other half either did not have enough contribution points to exchange for the pill recipe or their success rate in refining the pill was so low that Profound Pill Sect forbade them from refining it.


Therefore, all the Heaven Realm Alchemists listed to refine the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills had accumulated large amounts of resources brought by the cultivators who came here to make pill requests.


It was just that performing Alchemy required time. That was why not all the cultivators who came to make a pill request could obtain the pill they wanted quickly. Some people who came to make a pill request might be placed on the waiting list and told it would be several years before it was their turn.


That was what happened to Tian Luo Hall’s Palace Master, Shu Wan Cheng, back then. He once came to Profound Pill Sect to request a Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill and offered up a substantial remuneration; even so, he was told to wait for several years…


It was not as though one’s priority on the waiting list was immutable. If they offered a gift valuable enough to tempt the Alchemist performing Alchemy for them, then their request would be brought forward on the waiting list. For that reason, most cultivators who came to make a pill request would prepare as much compensation as they could afford in order to obtain the pill they wanted as soon as possible.


This was not a secret, and when Yang Kai heard this from his Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, he finally understood why most Alchemists were such wealthy people in the Divine Armament World.


With the ability to perform Alchemy, it was difficult not to make a fortune. And, Yang Kai was now one of them. There was basically no need to worry about his cultivation resources from now onward. As long as he continued to provide Alchemy services at the Seeking Pill Pavilion, the riches would continue to flow without pause.


“Ying Ying, have you prepared the things I asked you to?” Yang Kai placed the bag of items to the side and asked.


“I’ve prepared them, Eldest Senior Brother!” Wan Ying Ying quickly nodded in response.


“In that case, let’s begin. You may stand to the side to observe my actions. If there’s anything you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask.”


“Yes!” She nodded seriously.


She knew that her Eldest Senior Brother wanted to nurture her talents, and that an opportunity to observe a Heaven Grade Alchemist performing Alchemy was very rare. Even the medicine boys serving beside the other Alchemists in Profound Pill Sect did not enjoy such generous treatment.


This was the first time Yang Kai performed Alchemy after he obtained the White Flame and the Five Dragons Furnace, and he soon discovered that the support provided by the White Flame when performing Alchemy was simply incredible. Be it in terms of condensing the medicinal liquid or other processes, the results were countless times better than when he used the Radiant Flame Stones.




At Seeking Pill Pavilion.


Ma Tai sat in a corner with a depressed look on his face, looking as though he had lost his soul. At this moment, he was staring lifelessly at the desk by the side. There were two young medicine boys sitting behind the desk; moreover, there was a Wooden Token hanging above the desk with the name ‘Yang Kai’ engraved on top.


Unlike the other desks where there were people constantly coming and going all day long, this desk could be said to be noticeably empty. It could even be said that nobody visited this table!


Of course, it was not completely without visitors. At the very least, Ma Tai had gone up to that desk to make a pill request when the Seeking Pill Pavilion opened its doors this morning. He also offered up all the wealth that he had been accumulating for many years.


He initially waited with great excitement and anticipation, but after making some inquiries, he was completely dumbfounded by what he learned instead.


It turned out that the Heaven Grade Alchemist named Yang Kai was providing Alchemy services at the Seeking Pill Pavilion for the first time today. As if that was not bad enough, it was rumoured that Alchemist Yang was only 18 years old…


[An 18-year-old Heaven Grade Alchemist!? How can there be such a person in this world!? When I was 18 years old, I was only in the Mortal Realm! Even if Alchemist Yang began learning Alchemy from inside his mother’s womb, it’s still impossible for him to be a Heaven-Grade Alchemist! Let’s just say that he is indeed a Heaven-Grade Alchemist, but he is so young! What is his success rate in refining the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill!?]


Ma Tai finally understood why nobody had been lining up at this desk when he arrived here this morning. He initially thought that he was incredibly lucky and hit the jackpot, but who could have known that this was the real situation?


[It’s over! It’s all over now! If my pill request fails, I will never get another chance to advance into the Heaven Realm again! If I don’t advance into the Heaven Realm, then how will I get my revenge on my enemies!?]


Thinking back to the person who died in his arms three years ago, he was tempted to kill himself by ramming his head into the table. He deeply regretted his foolishness. [There are so many Alchemists, why did I have to choose this fledgling Alchemist Yang!?]


“Another pitiful person whose pill request failed,” a passerby couldn’t help sighing when they walked by and saw him. Then, they casually tossed a Black Jade to him.


There were many people at the Seeking Pill Pavilion like Ma Tai, those who spent a great fortune just to come here only for their pill request to fail in the end generally had the same reaction as him. Some even went mad from the shock. It was just that there were Spirit Realm Masters guarding the Seeking Pill Pavilion all year round, so those who dared to act without restraint in this place tended to suffer tragic endings.


The clattering of the Black Jade startled Ma Tai back to his senses and he stood up abruptly. [Maybe I still have time to change my mind! I only just offered up my compensation this morning after all. Less than half a day has passed since then. Alchemist Yang might not have started refining yet. I might have the chance to get back what I offered earlier.]


As soon as the thought passed through his head, he hurried over to the desk.


The two young disciples from Void Spirit Sword Sect sat upright behind the desk. Looking at the lively scene in front of the other desks and comparing that to the quiet scene in front of them, they could not help feeling envious.


“Senior Brother Jing An, why won’t they come and make a pill request to Eldest Senior Brother? We don’t have anybody here. They don’t even need to queue!” The slightly younger Junior Brother asked.


Senior Brother Jing An replied, “It might be because Eldest Senior Brother is just starting to provide Alchemy services and his name is not well-known. The people who came here to make pill requests feel uneasy about Eldest Senior Brother’s skills. Even if there’s no need to queue here, they won’t dare to try asking us; after all, it was not easy for them to gather their wealth for compensation.”


The Junior Brother said, “But, isn’t Eldest Senior Brother amazing at refining the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill? I heard that the Former Sect Master has many Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills that Eldest Senior Brother refined before he left.”


Jing An laughed and explained, “You might know that, but others don’t. Don’t worry, Junior Brother. Fame is like fine wine, the older it gets, the more fragrant it becomes. Time will tell. Besides, didn’t we get a customer who came to make a pill request earlier? Oh, somebody’s coming! Stop looking so gloomy. Smile quickly! Things might be a little quiet here, and our business might be a little lacking, but we can’t lose to others when it comes to hospitality. Hmm? Why does this customer look so familiar?”


The Junior Brother muttered, “This person seems to be the one who came to make a pill request this morning…”


“So it is him!’”


Ma Tai walked straight up to the desk and cupped his fist with a slight bow, “Greetings, Sirs!”


Jing An smiled, “So it is the Sir who came to make a pill request this morning! How may I help you, Sir?”


Ma Tai opened his mouth. Despite rehearsing what he wanted to say earlier, he didn’t know how to bring up the topic at this moment, [Should I say that I want to take back what I offered up earlier? Should I say I’m regretting my decision and don’t want to go through with my request anymore? If I say these words, will they beat me up… But, this matter is related to my advancement into the Heaven Realm!]


Even though he was extremely anxious, he could only steel himself now. Just as Ma Tai was about to speak though, he heard the medicine boy call out while looking at something behind him, “Little Junior Sister, you’re here! Does Eldest Senior Brother have instructions for us?”




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