Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4518, An Endless Stream


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Ma Tai turned to look in that direction and saw a young girl dressed in turquoise robes with a sweet appearance walking towards them. She was probably the so-called Little Junior Sister.


Wan Ying Ying said, “Eldest Senior Brother didn’t give any instructions. I came here to deliver the pill.”


Before Jing An could react, a sudden thought occurred to Ma Tai and his eyes lit up and he shouted, “Deliver a pill!? Deliver what pill!?”


Wan Ying Ying was so startled that she jumped to the side and looked at Ma Tai in confusion, “This is…”


Jing An smiled and said, “Don’t panic, Little Junior Sister. This Sir is the one who made a pill request this morning.”


“Oh! So it is you!” She immediately understood and pursed her lips into a smile, “Since you are here, Sir, I’ll just hand the pill straight to you. You can also check to see if there’s anything wrong with it.”


While speaking, she handed a jade box to Ma Tai.


Ma Tai stared at the jade box in shock, “Pill… Is the pill I requested done?”


“En!” She tilted her head to the side and stared at him, unable to understand his reaction; then, she pushed the jade box towards him again and said, “Sir, why don’t you take a look first? Afterwards, please accompany Senior Brother Jing An to the front desk and report the results to the Deacon stationed here.”


“Oh! Good, good, good!” Ma Tai finally returned to his senses. He wiped his hands vigorously against his clothes as though he was afraid the dirt on his palms might contaminate the jade box and took it with great solemnity. Holding his breath, he opened the box lightly and a round pill entered his vision…


Wan Ying Ying proceeded to say, “Sir, your luck is pretty good. Eldest Senior Brother managed to produce one High-Rank pill.”


Ma Tai’s hands started to tremble uncontrollably, and his eyes stared fixedly on the pill inside the jade box like a leech. He had never felt so emotionally charged before and he exclaimed excitedly, “A High-Rank Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill!”


When his voice rang out, numerous pairs of eyes from all directions turned to stare at him in unison.


Wan Ying Ying leaned close to her two Senior Brothers and asked in a whisper, “Um… What’s wrong with this Sir? Why is he making such a huge fuss?”


Jing An replied with a laugh, “Maybe he’s just too happy.”


“Is… Is this really what Alchemist Yang refined for me?” Ma Tai was in disbelief.


Just moments ago, he had decided to ask for his compensation back despite the risk of offending a Heaven-Grade Alchemist. Who could have known that he would obtain a High-Rank Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill in the blink of an eye? His life was truly filled with ups and downs.


[It’s a High-Rank Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill! I never even dreamed that I would receive a High-Rank Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill!] When he came here, he felt that he would have been satisfied just to receive a Mid-Rank Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill… It had to be said that countless people came to the Seeking Pill Pavilion for pills every year; however, less than 10% of them were lucky enough to obtain High-Rank pills. Most of them would only receive Mid-Rank or even Low-Rank pills.


“That’s right! It was just refined earlier. In fact, it’s still warm from the furnace! If you don’t believe me, you can feel it for yourself,” Wan Ying Ying pointed out.


Ma Tai didn’t know which part of his brain was defective, but he listened to her words and actually reached out his hand to touch the pill; then, he immediately exclaimed in surprise, “It really is warm…”


Wan Ying Ying smiled even more brightly as she said, “Did you think I would lie to you? I personally watched as Eldest Senior Brother refined this pill, and then I quickly delivered the pill here without a moment’s delay.”


“Many thanks! Many, many thanks, Young Lady!” Ma Tai thanked her gratefully.


Jing An said, “Sir, there are many eyes here. I think you should put the pill away first.”


Upon hearing those words, Ma Tai finally realised that there were countless people around him; moreover, they were almost all staring at the pill in his hands with envious gazes. He quickly closed the jade box and cupped his fist at the three of them, “Please thank Alchemist Yang on my behalf. This Ma will definitely return this great kindness if the chance arises in the future!”


Unable to understand what Ma Tai was feeling at the moment, Wan Ying Ying was at a loss for what to do and quickly waved her hands, “You’re being too polite, Sir. You came here to make a pill request. Not to mention that you’ve already paid for it. It’s only right that we refine the pill for you.”


Jing An chimed in, “Sir, please follow me to meet the Deacon stationed here and report the handover in person.”


This was a necessary procedure. Every Alchemist who provided Alchemy services at the Seeking Pill Pavilion had to make a record regarding the success or failure of their pill refining and the quality of the pills they produced. These were related to their evaluation and how many contribution points they would receive as a result.


Ma Tai was clearly aware of this procedure so he immediately nodded and said, “Of course. It’s as it should be. Sir, please lead the way!”


Jing An immediately led Ma Tai to the Deacon stationed at the front desk. Ma Tai took out the High-Rank Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill and left after obtaining the Deacon’s verification. Meanwhile, the Deacon wrote down Yang Kai’s Alchemy evaluation in his records.


At the same time, a large crowd of people suddenly rushed over to the originally quiet and deserted table. They surrounded Wan Ying Ying and the other Junior Brother, clamouring with questions. When they heard that there was no extended wait required for Yang Kai to refine the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill, especially after witnessing the High-Rank pill that Yang Kai refined for Ma Tai, many people immediately expressed their desire to request Alchemy services from him.


For a time, the scene was so chaotic that they attracted the attention of the Seeking Pill Pavilion’s guards. Only then did the chaotic situation return to order.


A short while later, Wan Ying Ying hurried back to Fixed Moon Peak where Yang Kai’s secluded home was located. She also brought with her an entire carriage worth of precious treasures!


When she rushed into the secluded home while yelling excitedly, Hua Rong and Yang Huai naturally came out after hearing the commotion. After listening to Wan Ying Ying’s explanation and seeing the carriage that was filled with treasures, Hua Rong’s eyes shone with a green light. She kept circling around the carriage and cheering, “We’re rich! We’re rich! We’re rich!”


On the other hand, Yang Kai was very calm. This situation was well within his expectations. He instructed Hua Rong and Yang Huai to put away the items in the carriage. He told them to keep the useful items and then bring the rest down the mountain to sell at Profound Pill City for Red Jades. As for Yang Kai himself, he entered his secluded home with Wan Ying Ying to continue performing Alchemy.


There was an unwritten rule among the Alchemists of Profound Pill Sect when it came to performing Alchemy, no matter how many pills were refined, they only needed to give one to the person who made the request. They could keep the remaining pills for themselves. It was up to them whether they wanted to hand these pills to the Sect or sell them themselves.


Nevertheless, even an Alchemist like Gao Xin Peng could only refine 4 Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills back when Yang Kai first met him. Moreover, 3 of them were Mid-Rank pills while the last was a Low-Rank pill. Gao Xin Peng was considered one of the best among all the Heaven Grade Alchemists in Profound Pill Sect, but even he could only obtain such results, so what more need be said about the other Heaven Grade Alchemists?


Producing 2 or 3 pills per furnace was basically the norm. In many cases, they might produce only 1 pill or worse, fail at their Alchemy attempt altogether.


Therefore, most Heaven Grade Alchemists did not have many Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills in their possession despite this unwritten rule. Refining a furnace of Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills would take at least half a day or up to two days. Furthermore, they needed to rest and recover their strength afterwards, so their efficiency was not very high.


Yang Kai, however, was very different from the others. With his Alchemy Skills, he could produce at least 5 or 6 pills at a time. If he was lucky, he might even produce 7 or 8 pills.


When he refined the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill for Ma Tai, he had produced 6 pills from that furnace, 2 of them were High-Rank while the others were Mid-Rank. With just one furnace of pills, Yang Kai had enough to satisfy the pill requests of six people.


In addition, the time he took to refine one furnace of pills was much shorter compared to other Alchemists. It was only because he was teaching Wan Ying Ying along the way that Yang Kai deliberately slowed down his movements. If he focused solely on the refinement process, he would only need an hour or so to finish a furnace of Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills.


Not only could Yang Kai condense many more pills at once than average, but he also took far less time to do so. In this way, providing Alchemy services did not affect his cultivation time at all.


As the days passed, a long queue formed in front of a certain desk at the Seeking Pill Pavilion every single day. There was an endless stream of people who came to make pill requests. As long as they were there for the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill, they would choose to queue in front of Yang Kai’s desk.


This couldn’t be helped though as the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill that Yang Kai refined would be Mid-Rank at worst. With a little luck, they might even receive a High-Rank pill. More importantly, there was no precedent of failure. This gave the people who came to ask for pills a great sense of security and reassurance. For that reason, they were willing to spend however much needed for their requests.


The number of people who came to ask Yang Kai for pills already created a wait list a year long. Be that as it may, a year was not that long compared to the other Alchemists.


The 300,000 pieces of Red Jade that Wei Cheng lost to Yang Kai back then had been finished a long time ago. Most of the resources brought by the people who came to ask for pills were also sold for Red Jades by Yang Huai and Hua Rong, who then constantly sent these Red Jades back to the secluded home for Yang Kai to cultivate with. Meanwhile, the remaining Spirit Herbs were refined into various pills by Yang Kai.


With the help of massive amounts of resources and pills, Yang Kai and the others experienced a rapid growth in their respective cultivations!


Hua Rong who was previously in the Sixth-Step Heaven Realm had advanced into the Seventh-Step Heaven Realm after serving by Yang Kai’s side for a mere three months. Wan Ying Ying and Jing An advanced into the Seventh-Step Mortal Realm and Eighth-Step Mortal Realm, respectively.


Even Yang Huai advanced from the Second-Step Heaven Realm to the Fifth-Step Heaven Realm in one go! His growth rate was simply sensational. The Supreme Tyrant Body Art was indeed perfectly suited to this brawny man who resembled an iron tower. Supplemented by the large amounts of resources and elixirs given to him by Yang Kai, it was not strange for Yang Huai to experience such remarkable growth.


As for Yang Kai, he was now in the Fifth-Step Heaven Realm. With the growth of his strength, his demand for cultivation resources also grew larger in turn. The Heaven Devouring Battle Law was certainly Heaven-defying. When cultivating this Secret Art, devouring resources was like drinking water or eating rice. Combined with the continuous stimulation of his Dragon Vein, there was no amount of resources in the world that Yang Kai could not swallow clean in a short period of time.


Fortunately, resources would flow in continuously as long as he continued to provide Alchemy services at the Seeking Pill Pavilion. 


At present, Yang Kai was more worried about his contribution points than Red Jades. Although he received a set amount of contribution points for every Alchemy service he performed, it was not much. He had investigated the number of contribution points required to exchange for the Hundred Revolutions Clear Heart Pill already, and the number was so high that Yang Kai felt a little speechless.


Based on his current rate of accumulation, he would need to perform Alchemy at the Seeking Pill Pavilion for at least 20 years to save up enough contribution points to exchange for the pill recipe of the Hundred Revolutions Clear Heart Pill.


It was not surprising when he thought about it though. Generally speaking, it would take at least several dozen years for a Heaven Grade Alchemist to become a Spirit Grade Alchemist. As such, a Heaven-Grade Alchemist had more than enough time to accumulate the necessary contribution points. It was just that the speed of Yang Kai’s growth and advancement was too fast.


In just three months, he had advanced from the Second-Step Heaven Realm to the Fifth-Step Heaven Realm. Yang Kai estimated it would take only a year or 2 before he reached the Ninth-Step Heaven Realm. At that time, he would need the pill recipe for the Hundred Revolutions Clear Heart Pill in order to refine one for himself!


One or two years was not enough time for him to accumulate enough contribution points, no matter how many furnaces of pills he refined. He even took the time to teach the Earth Grade and Mortal Grade Alchemists in the Sect to earn more contribution points, but unfortunately, these contribution points were but a drop in the bucket compared to what he needed.




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