Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4519, Sect Master Summons


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Third Elder Yu Bo Yang rushed into Profound Pill Sect’s Elder Hall with a scroll in his hands.


Great Elder Wu Feng Hua asked, “What’s wrong, Elder Yu?”


“Greetings, Great Elder!” Yu Bo Yang gave a bow before he explained, “While checking the daily reports of the Sect today, I came across something interesting. Please take a look, Great Elder.”


Wu Feng Hua stroked his beard and smiled lightly, “If even you find it interesting, Elder Yu, then it won’t be a trivial matter. What happened?”


Yu Bo Yang did not elaborate. He simply handed the scroll in his hand to the other party; then, he sat down on a chair next to the Great Elder and poured himself a cup of tea.


Wu Feng Hua unfurled the scroll and murmured, “Oh? The records from the Seeking Pill Pavilion…” Following a quick glance through the records, it didn’t take long before his eyes involuntarily narrowed slightly, “This… Are you certain that the records are accurate, Elder Yu?”


Yu Bo Yang slowly nodded, “The Deacons in charge of recording the pill quality at the Seeking Pill Pavilion work in groups of two that rotate shifts every ten days. It’s impossible for every group to make a mistake. I have also questioned them myself. This is indeed the truth.”


“How can this be?” Wu Feng Hua stared at a certain part of the scroll, where the name ‘Yang Kai of Fixed Moon Peak’ was clearly written. Below the name were various dates followed by the words ‘Pill Formed’. Lastly came the words ‘High-Rank’ and ‘Mid-Rank’ that appeared in a cyclical manner behind the words ‘Pill Formed’. Moreover, the words ‘High-Rank’ occupied a terrifying 30% in this series!


Yu Bo Yang said, “It’s difficult to believe, but this is indeed the truth! Ever since Yang Kai began providing Alchemy services three months ago, he has never experienced a single failure when refining the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill. Moreover, the quality is always Mid-Rank or above.”


Wu Feng Hua was pensive, “It’s possible that he may have failed, but he used the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills he refined previously to make up for the losses!”


“Even so, this success rate is terrifying! He has practically surpassed even veterans like us! In all fairness, can you achieve such success for three consecutive months, Great Elder?”


Wu Feng Hua pondered the question seriously before he slowly shook his head, “It’s difficult!”


Yu Bo Yang asked, “Even veterans like us can’t accomplish this, so how did a young boy like him do it? Not to mention, the quality of the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills are all Mid-Rank or superior!”


Wu Feng Hua looked up at the other party, “Elder Yu, what do you mean…”


Yu Bo Yang explained, “This boy must have his own unique insights into refining the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill, which can increase his success rate and the quality of the pills!”


Wu Feng Hua fell silent for a while before he nodded lightly.


Yu Bo Yang continued, “Great Elder, please take another look at the number of times he has performed Alchemy over the past three months. You’ll discover something else after you make a comparison.”


After receiving the reminder from Yu Bo Yang, Wu Feng Hua checked the records once more. A moment later, he raised an eyebrow and exclaimed, “This boy is getting faster and faster!”


Yu Bo Yang nodded in affirmation, “That’s right. In the beginning, he could only refine enough Pills to fulfil the pill requests of 2 people each day. He probably refined a single furnace of pills per day, and each furnace produced 2 or 3 pills. Afterwards, he gradually began to satisfy the needs of 3 to 4 people each day, but over the last week or so, 7 or 8 people received a Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill each day. 7 or 8 people! This is truly unheard of!”


Even if refining one furnace of pills produced 3 pills, one would need to refine 3 furnaces of pills to supply enough pills for 7 to 8 people. How could a single Heaven-Grade Alchemist refine 3 furnaces of pills within a day though? Even veterans like themselves would be exhausted after refining 2 furnaces of such pills in a single day. Furthermore, this was not counting the time needed for rest and recovery.


Wu Feng Hua closed the scroll, “It looks like this boy does indeed have his own personal insight into refining the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill! Elder Yu, why did you come here to tell me about this matter? What are your thoughts?”


Yu Bo Yang’s eyes gleamed, “Great Elder, this is an important matter that can bring great fortune to Profound Pill Sect. If the boy can spread his Alchemy Techniques within Profound Pill Sect, then the Alchemists of Profound Pill Sect will experience a massive improvement in efficiency. What’s more, since his insights can be used for refining the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill, it might also work with other pills. If that is possible, then…”


Wu Feng Hua’s eyes narrowed slightly. How could he not realise the importance of the matter?


If Yang Kai could share his insights with the entire Sect, it would certainly be a huge boon and merit. At that time, the time taken for the Alchemists of the Sect to refine pills would be shortened considerably. They would have more time to do other things and in the long term, the benefits towards Profound Pill Sect would be immeasurable.


“Be that as it may, such insights belong to him…” Wu Feng Hua hesitated slightly.


Yu Bo Yang insisted, “He is a Profound Pill Sect disciple! If it is something that can benefit Profound Pill Sect, he should offer up his insights. Besides, it’s not like the Sect won’t compensate him for his contribution.”


Wu Feng Hua shook his head, “This boy is extremely talented and will definitely become a Spirit Grade Alchemist one day. There’s no need to create friction with him.”




He raised a hand to stop Yu Bo Yang, “This matter is very important, so I must inform the Sect Master. Sect Master can decide on what to do. Why don’t you come with me, Elder Yu?”


Yu Bo Yang nodded upon hearing those words, “Good!”


The two of them immediately set off to meet the Sect Master and report their various discoveries.




Inside a secluded home halfway up Fixed Moon Peak, Yang Kai was teaching Wan Ying Ying Alchemy with some common materials when Yang Huai suddenly walked inside and announced in a rumbling voice, “Sir, there’s an old man outside who claims to be the bodyguard of the Sect Master. He said that the Sect Master invites you over for a chat.”


“The Sect Master?” Yang Kai raised an eyebrow at those words. [Is it finally here? I’m glad that my continuous attempts recently were not a waste of time.] He nodded and added, “Got it. I’ll head there now.”


After instructing Wan Ying Ying to practice on her own, Yang Kai changed his clothes and walked out of the cave mansion, where he immediately noticed the stooped old man.


The old man was standing there with his hands behind his back, looking rather ordinary and inconspicuous. There did not seem to be anything special about him other than the fact that one of his eyes was blind. There was no saying what he experienced in the past to become like this.


Upon seeing Yang Kai approaching him, the old man simply looked up at him without much reaction.


“Greetings, Senior,” Yang Kai stepped forward and bowed. Although he was a Heaven Grade Alchemist, this old man was the bodyguard of the Sect Master. The old man was bound to be in the Spirit Realm, and likely a Master at the peak of the Spirit Realm at that.


The old man gently nodded, “The Sect Master has summoned you. Follow me!”


Saying so, he turned around. 


In the next moment, Yang Kai felt a gentle force wrapping around him. He then flew forward behind the old man, the scenery passing by him as swiftly as the wind. 10 breaths later, his figure came to a sudden halt and he found himself standing in front of a Grand Hall before he could react.


The old man turned back and said, “Go on in. The Sect Master and several Elders are inside.”


“Many thanks, Senior!” Yang Kai cupped his fist as thanks and strode towards the hall.


[Speaking of which, I have never met the Elders of Profound Pill Sect before.] There was a test when he first joined Profound Pill Sect, but nobody had revealed themselves at the time, so Yang Kai had never met them before.


Being summoned here today was within his expectations though.


Ever since he began providing Alchemy services, Yang Kai had no choice but to improve and increase his refinement speed as the number of pills he produced had to keep up with his demand for cultivation resources. Only then could he grow stronger, faster.


Unfortunately, such outstanding performance would surely attract the attention of Profound Pill Sect’s Elders one day.


Yang Kai originally felt a little hesitant about his actions; after all, his current strength was not that high, so it might be dangerous to expose too much of his real ability.


However, after careful consideration, he decided that there was no danger to his life since he was part of Profound Pill Sect now. In addition, he might even be able to resolve his concern over the contribution points along the way.


Nevertheless, his explanation for certain things had to be carefully considered!


Upon entering the Main Hall, Yang Kai immediately felt three pairs of eyes turning towards him, and when he looked up, he saw three people sitting up ahead.


The one in the middle was an old man dressed in all white. He also had white hair and a white beard. Despite his clearly advanced age, he was in high spirits. His expression was dignified and calm, as though he was used to being in a high position.


Two other old men were sitting on his left and right. One was dressed in green and the other was dressed in red robes. The three of them were extremely imposing and while the power in their bodies was withdrawn, they were definitely in the Spirit Realm.


Yang Kai took two steps forward and cupped his fist, “Disciple Yang Kai, greets Sect Master and two Elders!”


The old man in the middle smiled, “How do you know that this Old Master is the Sect Master? We’ve never met before, right? Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you addressed the wrong person?”


Yang Kai calmly replied, “If I’ve addressed Senior wrongly, then I’ll ask to make sure before I greet you again.”


The Great Elder and Third Elder exchanged a glance with each other with the latter commenting, “He’s quite bold!”


Baili Yun Sang raised a hand to calm the chatter before continuing, “I called you here today because of your excellent performance at the Seeking Pill Pavilion. Be it in terms of quality or quantity, the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills you refined are far superior to your peers. It’s just that the Great Elder and the Third Elder have some doubts about certain matters. That’s why I called you here to refine a furnace of Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill in front of us!”


Yu Bo Yang said, “Both the herbs and the Alchemy Furnace have been prepared for you. The Sect Master himself used this Alchemy Furnace when he was younger, so it is definitely better than your own Alchemy Furnace. Feel free to use it as you please.”


Those words made Yang Kai raise a brow. Looking up, he saw a small and delicate Alchemy Furnace in front of him. He had noticed this object when he first entered the Grand Hall, but he had not paid much attention to it at the time. Looking at it now, he realised that the Alchemy Furnace was indeed quite old. He could tell that it was extraordinary at first glance.


The Great Elder also spoke up, “Do your best at this refining! Don’t feel stressed or pressured about anything!”


Yang Kai thought to himself, [If I did my best at refining, wouldn’t I frighten you guys to death…] Even so, he cupped his fist and said, “This Disciple will not disappoint Sect Master and two Elders.”


“Do you need time to rest or prepare?” Wu Feng Hua asked.


Yang Kai replied, “This disciple is full of vigour. There’s no need for that.”


Wu Feng Hua nodded, “In that case, please begin.”


Yang Kai bowed and finally walked over to the Alchemy Furnace. Activating his Spirit Qi to stimulate his Alchemy Flame, he shot the little white flame into the Alchemy Furnace.


As soon as the white-coloured Alchemy Flame appeared, Baili Yun Sang and the two Elders were stunned. That was because the white flame seemed to be nothing more than a Mortal Flame to them.


[This brat is going to use a Mortal Flame to refine a Heaven Grade pill!?] Great Elder Wu Feng Hua was about to question Yang Kai when Baili Yun Sang raised a hand to stop him.


He glanced at Baili Yun Sang in astonishment, only to see the latter staring at the white flame with a solemn expression. Moreover, Baili Yun Sang’s eyes were flashing with excitement.


[Why would a trivial Mortal Flame make the Sect Master so excited?] Wu Feng Hua wondered before a sudden thought struck him. He suddenly recalled a certain legend written in one of the Sect’s oldest records…




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