Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4520, Fated


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Four months had passed since Yang Kai joined Profound Pill Sect. With the exception of the first month, he had spent the remaining three months refining Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills every single day. It could be said that he had perfected the skill of refining this Heaven Grade pill and could flawlessly do so even with his eyes closed at this point.


Therefore, he even had the excess energy to covertly pay attention to the reactions of the Sect Master and the two Elders. The Spirit Qi around them fluctuated slightly and it was obvious that the three of them were secretly communicating with each other.


Nevertheless, he had already mentally prepared himself to expose some of his secrets. That was why he had to put some effort into refining the pill this time.


The white Alchemy Flame danced as he formed one hand seal after another.


After several hours, Yang Kai used his Pill Condensing Technique before smacking the Alchemy Furnace with his palms. A soft sound immediately rang out from within the furnace. At the same time, the strong aroma of pills filled the air.


Taking a shallow breath, he took two steps backwards and cupped his fist, “Sect Master, Elders, this Disciple has finished the refining. Please inspect and verify the results!”


All three men seated above him stared at him blankly. Their expressions were filled with a sense of shock and disbelief that could not be concealed. As the Elders of Profound Pill Sect, they were considered wise and knowledgeable. Moreover, they were accustomed to various great changes in life. Even when battling the other Alchemy forces during the Divine Armament Tournament, their expressions would remain indifferent and unchanged.


However, they had no idea how they were supposed to feel about everything they just witnessed.


Everything that happened just now was beyond their comprehension. If they had not seen the entire process from start to finish, they would not have dared to believe that such a bizarre situation could exist in this world.


“How long?” Baili Yun Sang was the first to return to his senses and turned to look at the Great Elder, asking this short question.


Wu Feng Hua quietly counted for a moment before he solemnly said, “Less than 6 hours!”


Yu Bo Yang gasped. Even though he had expected such results, he couldn’t help feeling absolutely stunned to hear those words.


It took less than 6 hours to refine a furnace of Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills! Moreover, this furnace was refined by a Heaven Grade Alchemist! Even veterans like them would normally take 8 to 10 hours to refine a furnace of Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills. It had to be said that they were among the best Spirit Grade Alchemists in the entire world. If other Heaven Grade Alchemists were given this task, it would be good if they took only 12 hours to refine a furnace of Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pills!


Such results had surpassed the refining record of the entire Profound Pill Sect… No, the refining record of the entire Divine Armament World! 


Baili Yun Sang nodded lightly, “The time has been shortened by half, at the very least. Now, we have to check the pills that were formed.”


Having said so, he walked down from his seat. The Great Elder and Third Elder quickly followed behind him.


It only took a few steps for them to stand in front of the Alchemy Furnace. All three of them unanimously had expressions of anticipation and anxiety on their faces, as if there was something very important inside this furnace.


“Open it,” Baili Yun Sang instructed.


Wu Feng Hua responded and raised a hand to smack the Alchemy Furnace. The cover of the furnace flew into the air, and the situation inside the furnace immediately entered their eyes.


Yu Bo Yang exclaimed in astonishment, “He produced 5 pills!” Reaching out a hand, he grabbed the 5 pills and examined them carefully, his expression of shock deepening as he shouted, “2 High-Rank pills and 3 Mid-Rank pills!”


Wu Feng Hua hurriedly took the 5 pills from Yu Bo Yang upon hearing those words. Not only did he perform a similar examination of the pills, but he also used his fingernail to scrape off a bit of pill powder and place it in his mouth to taste. Only then did he exclaim, “There’s no problem with the medicinal efficacies.”


He turned to look at Yang Kai in shock. What he saw in front of him was simply astonishing! 


Baili Yun Sang suppressed the excitement in his heart, and doing his best to lower his voice, he looked at Yang Kai and asked, “How did you do it?”


Yang Kai cupped his fist, “This Disciple modified the pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill. I also used some different Alchemy Techniques at the same time.”


Wu Feng Hua nodded, “The pill recipe you used just now is certainly different from the one you used when you first joined the Sect. Many of the processes have been simplified and some of the techniques are new and unique. I’ve never seen such techniques before. With this improvement, you can indeed shorten the refinement time greatly, but that’s not all. You can even increase the number of pills formed and their quality! But… How did you come up with these improvements?”


The pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill that belonged to Profound Pill Sect had been modified and improved over countless generations. Furthermore, this was the pill recipe for a Heaven Grade pill, so only a Spirit Grade Alchemists had the qualifications to make improvements to it.


Baili Yun Sang himself had tried to make improvements to this pill recipe in the past. Unfortunately, his efforts proved to be unproductive and eventually he gave up after wasting 2 years for nothing.


Something that even Baili Yun Sang had failed to achieve had been accomplished by a Heaven Grade Alchemist who only joined the Sect 4 months ago. More importantly, the recipe was improved by a wide margin compared to the original!


That was simply not something that could be achieved by an ordinary man.


“This Disciple doesn’t know either!” Yang Kai cupped his fist and replied.


“You don’t know?” Yu Bo Yang glared at Yang Kai, “How can you not know? Aren’t you the one who improved this pill recipe?”


Yang Kai replied, “Reporting to, Third Elder, the pill recipe was indeed improved by this Disciple, but this Disciple does not know why the changes improved the pill recipe in this way. I just felt that making those changes during the Alchemy process would be better, so that’s what I did.”


Those words left Baili Yun Sang and the other two confused.


“It’s like this…” Yang Kai hurriedly brought out the explanation he prepared in advance, “This Disciple was fortunate enough to join Profound Pill Sect. When I first registered to refine the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill, I used the original pill recipe. Then, this Disciple faintly heard a strange voice inside a waking dream one night. The voice was intelligible and impossible to comprehend. This Disciple could not understand what the voice was saying at all, but when I woke up and refined the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill again, I instinctively made some changes to the recipe. Afterwards, the voice would appear in my dreams again every now and then. Every time the voice appeared, this Disciple gained something. As a result, this Disciple improved the pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill over the past few months until it became what it currently is. I also somehow comprehended a few extraordinary Alchemy Techniques!”


This was the explanation Yang Kai prepared in advance. His current performance was rather bizarre, so he needed a valid reason to explain it.


Contrary to his expectations though, the 3 Elders looked shocked by his explanation.


Baili Yun Sang asked, “Did you say you faintly heard a strange voice?”


“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded, “This Disciple suspected that this knowledge was imparted to me by Honoured Master when he taught me Alchemy in the past. It’s just that I was too young and could not remember much from that time, so I didn’t understand Honoured Master’s kind intentions. Maybe performing Alchemy again has jolted certain memories, leading to my recollection of various things from the past. That voice is probably the sound of Honoured Master earnestly teaching me.”


In any case, his fabricated Master was not in Profound Pill Sect, so Yang Kai decided to push all the responsibility unto him.


Baili Yun Sang slowly shook his head, “Your Honoured Master might be a talented genius, but even he cannot succeed to this extent. This matter is probably unrelated to him!”


Yang Kai was astonished, “How are you so sure, Sect Master?”


[If this matter is unrelated to my fabricated Master, then I really don’t have a suitable reason anymore…]


On the other hand, Baili Yun Sang seemed to no longer wish to dwell on this topic. He waved his hand dismissively and said, “You don’t need to ask too much. In any case, I’m certain this has nothing to do with him. The strange voice you heard… This Sect Master knows what it is.”


Yang Kai was a little flabbergasted as he thought, [How can you know? Even I don’t know what it is!]


Yu Bo Yang quickly asked, “Sect Master, do you suspect…”


Baili Yun Sang nodded solemnly, “There’s no other possibility aside from this explanation.”


Great Elder Wu Feng Hua stroked his beard and nodded lightly, “If that’s the case, then everything makes sense now. But, why would that happen?”


“It is the Will of the Heavens.” Baili Yun Sang sighed softly and turned to look at Yang Kai again, “Do you want to see the true body of this voice?”


“Sect Master!” Both Wu Feng Hua and Yu Bo Yang gave a start of surprise.


Baili Yun Sang, however, just waved his hand and declared, “He can even hear its voice, which can only mean that he has fate with it. Allowing him to come into contact with it might lead to further discoveries.”


Wu Feng Hua pondered for a while before he nodded, “You’re right, Sect Master.”


Yu Bo Yang looked at Yang Kai with a complicated expression, “Kid, you sure are lucky. This is a blessing that many people never encounter in their lives.”


Yang Kai was completely bewildered and asked, “Sect Master, that voice… actually exists?”


Baili Yun Sang burst out laughing, “You heard the voice yourself. Why are you asking me?”


Yang Kai didn’t know what else to say. He originally wanted to push everything onto his fabricated Master, but who could have known that he would create a connection with something else through a series of coincidences? Now that things had come to this point, Yang Kai felt he was riding a tiger and could not get off anymore. Thus, he could only nod in response, “I will follow your arrangements, Sect Master!”


Baili Yun Sang nodded in delight, “There’s no need to rush. Go back and rest for tonight. I will send somebody to get you tomorrow. On another note, there’s another thing that I want to ask you.”


“Please ask, Sect Master.”


And so he inquired, “Where did you obtain the Alchemy Flame you used just now?”


Yang Kai replied, “This Disciple obtained this Alchemy Flame from the Divine Flame Cave a few months ago, but this Disciple does not know what kind of Alchemy Flame it is. Could it be that you know, Sect Master?”


Baili Yun Sang revealed a look of affirmation. He had a guess when he first saw the white flame and this was simply confirming his initial conjecture. After sorting out his thoughts, he said, “It might be an Alchemy Flame that I know. But, whether it is or not will need to be verified.” While saying so, he instructed Yang Kai, “Bring out that Alchemy Flame of yours.”


Yang Kai immediately pushed his Spirit Qi to manifest his Alchemy Flame. In the next instant, the white flame danced in the palm of his hands, looking extremely gentle.


Baili Yun Sang stared at the white flame and slowly reached out his hand towards Yang Kai. At the same time, a golden flame suddenly appeared in his palm.


The golden flame that danced wildly was extremely pure and scorching hot. One could tell that it was a Spirit Grade Alchemy Flame at a glance, one that was of a much higher grade compared to the white flame in Yang Kai’s hands.


However, as Baili Yun Sang moved his hand closer, the golden Alchemy Flame began to flicker. On the other hand, the white flame in Yang Kai’s hand remained steady. This phenomenon became increasingly obvious as the distance between them shortened.


At a certain point, the golden flame abruptly shrank into a ball on its own and retreated to Baili Yun Sang’s wrist. It was as though the golden Alchemy Flame had spirituality and could sense a great danger ahead.


Baili Yun Sang withdrew his Alchemy Flame and breathed out softly, “It really is that Alchemy Flame!”


Both Wu Feng Hua and Yu Bo Yang were staring at Yang Kai with a complicated expressions. It was obvious that they understood what just happened.


“Put it away!” Baili Yun Sang ordered.


Only then did Yang Kai put away the Alchemy Flame and humbly asked, “Sect Master, what exactly is this white flame? This Disciple searched through the Records Hall but could not find any relevant entries regarding it at all.”




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