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If it was said that Baili Yun Sang had some doubts about Yang Kai’s explanation yesterday, then it could be said that his doubts immediately vanished after seeing the pill recipe for the Mortal Yuan Pill. How could Yang Kai have comprehended a pill recipe out of nowhere if not for the teachings of the Medicine King Furnace’s Grand Dao Divine Tone? Even if it was only a pill recipe for a Mortal Grade pill, it was not something that could be created on the spot. It would take a considerable amount of time and countless Alchemy experiments to create even the simplest of pill recipes.


Baili Yun Sang himself was one of the best Alchemists in the Divine Armament World, but even with his knowledge and experience, he had never seen or heard of the Mortal Yuan Pill before. It could only be said that the Divine Armament had shown its prestige and passed down its legacy to its disciples.


Seeing as Yang Kai received such a huge reward the moment he came here, his gains would only be greater if he could stay here for a longer period. That was extremely beneficial to Profound Pill Sect.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was secretly cursing in his heart, [Damn it! Where will I find cultivation resources if I get trapped in here for a long time!?]


Providing Alchemy services at the Seeking Pill Pavilion was his biggest means for gathering resources at the moment. If he could no longer guarantee even that, then his cultivation would surely progress very slowly. There was no saying when he would finally advance into the Spirit Realm at this rate. Besides, he had too many secrets and there was a huge risk of exposure if he stayed here for a long time.


Nevertheless, he could not deny having a great interest in the Medicine King Furnace. If he guessed correctly, then the Ten Great Divine Armaments were the manifestation of the Divine Armament World’s World Force. The reason he came here was to refine part of the Small Source World’s Source Strength, thereby enhancing the heritage of his Small Universe.


The moment that thought crossed his mind, he quickly said, “I can’t, Sect Master.”


Baili Yun Sang frowned and asked, “Why not? Do you feel that your freedom is being restricted in coming here? If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry too much. From today onward, you will have free access to this Restricted Area. This Old Master will also issue an order to inform the guards outside about this matter. You should know that this is a monumental opportunity for you.”


“This Disciple is grateful for your kindness, Sect Master.” Yang Kai cupped his fist solemnly, “Truthfully, Sect Master, even though this Disciple obtained the pill recipe for the Mortal Yuan Pill after that voice exploded in my head earlier, this Disciple feels as though my head is about to split apart right now. There are stars dancing in my vision and I have the feeling that something extremely bad will happen if I continue to stay here.”


Baili Yun Sang was stunned when he heard the words. Although he could hear the Medicine King Furnace’s voice, what he heard was like a vague whisper. As such, he could not determine whether Yang Kai was speaking the truth; however, looking at Yang Kai’s pale complexion and excessive sweating, those words did not seem to be fake. He contemplated for a short while before he nodded, “Perhaps this Old Master has been too eager for quick success. The Medicine King Furnace is a Divine Object, so with your cultivation, it is certainly not something you can come into contact with for extended periods of time.”


After pondering for some time, he finally added, “In that case, this Old Master will give you the right to freely access the Restricted Area. You can come and listen to the Medicine King Furnace’s Grand Dao Divine Tone whenever you think it is suitable. If you obtain any gains from your experience, organise your findings and hand them to this Old Master.”


“I will obey your orders, Sect Master!” Yang Kai hurriedly cupped his fist. This outcome was undoubtedly the best he could hope for. He could come and go as he pleased; thus, it would not prevent him from providing Alchemy services at the Seeking Pill Pavilion.


“Rest assured. Your contribution to the Main Sect will not go unrewarded. This Old Master will ask the Contribution Hall to evaluate every single harvest that you obtain in this place and reward you with the corresponding contribution points. Although you only joined the Sect recently, I’m sure you know that having more contribution points is a good thing. You can exchange for anything that you want with those contribution points.”


“This Disciple understands. Many thanks for your great benevolence, Sect Master,” Yang Kai looked calm on the surface, but he was dancing with joy in his heart. The problem regarding his contribution points had been solved. Having countless pill recipes in his head, he could just randomly pick one from his repertoire and earn massive amounts of contribution points.


“Let’s end things here today. If you feel unwell, you should go back and take a good rest. Also, don’t forget to organise and hand over the improved pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill as well as some of the Alchemy Techniques that you displayed yesterday.”




Not long after their return from the Restricted Area, the one-eyed old man came over once more. This time around, he handed a golden token to Yang Kai. There was a large ‘Profound’ character carved on the token! Yang Kai had seen this token yesterday as Great Elder Wu Feng Hua and Third Elder Yu Bo Yang both carried similar ones.


The old man had a strange expression on his face when he handed the token to Yang Kai. It was obviously his first time seeing a Heaven Grade Alchemist receiving an Elder’s token. Be that as it may, he had always been a taciturn man so he did not ask a single question despite his curiosity.


With this token, Yang Kai was free to come and go from the Restricted Area as he pleased. Although he wanted to examine the Medicine King Furnace as soon as possible, he felt that it was best not to act too eager so as not to reveal any mistakes.


In the following days, in addition to providing Alchemy services to cultivation resources, Yang Kai also sorted out the improved pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill and some of the Alchemy Techniques that he displayed previously. Then, he went to Profound Pill Sect’s Contribution Hall to turn these things over to the Sect.


It was obvious that the people at the Contribution Hall had received the news in advance. One of the Elders in charge of the Contribution Hall personally examined the things that Yang Kai brought, and not only was he full of praise, he also awarded Yang Kai with a large amount of contribution points.


The number of contribution points awarded was so large that even Yang Kai was pleasantly surprised. If this happened another two more times, he would have enough contribution points to exchange for the pill recipe for the Hundred Revolutions Clear Heart Pill.


A few more days later, Yang Kai finally felt that the time was right and rushed towards the Restricted Area once more. After hanging the golden Profound Token on his waist, he had a smooth journey with no obstacles. There were many layers of protection in the Restricted Area, but nobody blocked his path.


He soon arrived at the deepest part of the Restricted Area and came face-to-face with the Medicine King Furnace placed on the altar again. Just like last time, the Medicine King Furnace was overflowing with a white fog that was so dense it was almost solid. That white fog filled the entire space with a wonderful power of serenity and peace.


Looking left and right, Yang Kai was overjoyed to see that there was nobody around him. The last time Baili Yun Sang brought him here, he had not been in the position to investigate this place. Now that he was the only person here today, it was only natural that he took the time to study the truth of the Medicine King Furnace.


Striding to the top of the altar, Yang Kai circled around the Medicine King Furnace several times and discovered that there was nothing special about this object from the outside. [Is this really worthy of the reputation of the Ten Great Divine Armaments? Are the other nine Divine Armaments as bland in appearance?]


Be that as it may, what Baili Yun Sang said was true. The Divine Armaments might not have a gorgeous appearance, but they were the most precious objects in the world as each one of them represented a Grand Dao.


The Medicine King Furnace was covered in intricate patterns, and as Yang Kai examined the patterns, he suddenly had a realization. The patterns did not seem to be static but instead changed constantly like living beings when he was concentrating. Moreover, he vaguely discovered a mystery amidst the changing patterns.


It looked like Baili Yun Sang’s statement was correct. The Medicine King Furnace certainly contained the mysteries of the Alchemic Dao in the Divine Armament World. If a person could understand the mysteries hidden within the ever-changing and flowing patterns, there would surely be an immeasurable effect on the improvement of their Alchemic Dao.


Yang Kai could not be bothered to investigate these patterns though, as no matter how amazing the Medicine King Furnace was, it only represented the Alchemic Dao of the Small Source World which was not beneficial to him. What he cared about was the Medicine King Furnace itself.


Taking a deep breath, he stretched out his hand and placed it on the Medicine King Furnace.


In the next moment, a rumbling sound rang out in his mind like the tolling of a morning bell. Yang Kai immediately felt his Soul shaking uncontrollably, threatening to split his head apart from the pain. Unable to stop himself, he howled in pain. His entire body twitched uncontrollably and even his hand that was pressed on top of the Medicine King Furnace clenched tightly.


It took quite a while before he slowly calmed down once more. Even so, the buzzing sound in his head continued endlessly. His entire Soul shook so strongly that he was unable to concentrate as a result.


This experience gave him the feeling that the Medicine King Furnace was resisting his touch and instinctively rejecting him.


After pondering for some time, Yang Kai had a vague feeling that this phenomenon was related to his origins. He was a veritable outsider to this world; meanwhile, the Medicine King Furnace represented one of the Grand Daos of this world. It was only natural that it would reject and resist him.


Nevertheless, this brief contact allowed him to confirm that the Medicine King Furnace did indeed contain an aura of Source Strength. It would seem that his initial speculation when he first entered this world was not wrong. In order to refine the Source Strength of the Divine Armament World, he would have to begin with the Ten Great Divine Armaments, as they were the physical manifestations of the Divine Armament World’s World Force.


Yang Kai originally thought that he would have to wait 100 years until the next Divine Armament Tournament to come into contact with the Ten Great Divine Armaments. Who could have known that the opportunity would come so suddenly?


Under these circumstances, Yang Kai’s first instinct was to surge his Spirit Qi in an attempt to refine the Medicine King Furnace. As long as he could refine the Medicine King Furnace, it would be equivalent to obtaining 10% of the Divine Armament World’s Source Strength. The World Force would then become the capital to enhance and strengthen his own Small Universe once he exited the Divine Armament World.


More importantly, he would not suffer any hidden dangers thanks to his existence and efforts in the Divine Armament World. The World Force was extremely compatible with him.


This was one of the cultivation shortcuts for Open Heaven Realm Masters that Xu Ling Gong mentioned at the beginning!


Yang Kai’s Spirit Qi surged, pouring into the Medicine King Furnace at a steady rate; however, the effects were minimal at best. He could sense that the Medicine King Furnace was absorbing his Spirit Qi, but the consumption rate was absurdly high. Clearly, refining this Divine Armament was not something that could be done overnight.


In less than half an incense stick’s worth of time, Yang Kai’s Spirit Qi was nearly exhausted. It had to be said that he had spent countless resources on his cultivation; as such, the Spirit Qi stored in his body was extremely terrifying compared to others in the same Realm. Nobody in the Fifth-Step Heaven Realm Master could compare to him, while even those at the peak of the Heaven Realm were not on the same level. Be that as it may, Yang Kai was practically a lamp running out of oil after such a short period of time.


[It looks like I will have to slowly figure out another method to refine the Medicine King Furnace! Fortunately, I can freely access this place now. The future is still far ahead.] When that thought crossed his mind, a sharp voice entered his ears, “What are you doing?”


Yang Kai turned to look in the direction the voice came from where he saw a woman dressed in an imperial dress glaring at him coldly. This woman had quite a beautiful appearance. She looked like she was only in her early thirties and her body had enticing curves. Her beautiful hair was pulled up behind her head in a dignified bun.


Despite never meeting this person before, Yang Kai keenly caught sight of the golden token hanging by her waist. Thus, he quickly withdrew his hands and took several deep breaths before he cupped his fist in greeting, “Fixed Moon Peak’s Yang Kai greets Martial Aunt!”




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