Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4531, Tacit Understanding


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Sword light flashed in all directions, and murderous intent permeated the air. Many of the Spirit Realm Masters who were originally in formation had already been separated and were now each fighting independently. From time to time, somebody would get injured and collapse in a pool of their own blood.


All of a sudden, somebody rushed onto the battlefield and shouted in a thunderous voice, “Unfilial Disciple, stop this madness at once!”


While speaking, he stood directly in front of Yang Kai with his robes flapping wildly around him. The True Void Sword abruptly halted in front of his forehead, and the fluctuating sword wave pierced his skin. Fresh blood flowed down the bridge of his nose.


Their gazes met, with Yang Kai’s crimson red eyes filled with brutal hostility and destruction, causing the other party’s eyes to contract involuntarily. Despite living for so many years, this man had never seen such wild eyes before.


[Old Man Qi is right, this brat is about to reach his limits, a limit where he can no longer maintain his sanity. Once he exceeds his limits, he will instantly transform into a killing machine that slaughters all living things. At that time, he will completely fall into a state of cultivation dissonance. Without his conscious mind, the entire Profound Pill Sect will surely fall along with him.]


The battlefield riddled with endless fighting suddenly fell into an eerie silence at this moment. Only the repressed groans of the fallen continuously rang out from all around them. Meanwhile, the remaining seven or eight Spirit Realm Masters breathed heavily and did not dare to act rashly.


Yang Kai blinked. The thick crimson red in his eyes resembled fresh blood. His gaze shifted downward and landed on that person’s left hand with six fingers. Then, a trace of confusion flashed through his eyes as though he could vaguely remember something.


That person shouted again, “What are you doing, Unfilial Disciple!? Are you planning to rebel!?”


That man’s expression did not change in the slightest even though Yang Kai was holding a Spirit Armament against his forehead. It went to show his courage and boldness was not ordinary.


The cogs in Yang Kai’s head slowly began to spin, the thick crimson red in his eyes faded slightly, and the Spirit Qi surging wildly around his body gradually subsided. He tilted his head to the side and stared at the person in front of him before muttering, “Honoured Master?”


Now that the fighting had stopped, the murderous intent that threatened to overwhelm his mind was beginning to dissipate and he regained the ability to think.


Naturally, Yang Kai had never seen this man in front of him before; however, the unique characteristic of having a six-fingered left hand was too conspicuous. Anybody capable of sight would notice such a unique feature. Besides, the only people who would appear in front of him at this time could only be part of the higher-ups in Profound Pill Sect.


After combining several facts together, that person’s identity quickly became apparent. It was his fabricated Master, Dan Cheng Zi!


During the years that Yang Kai spent in Profound Pill Sect, it was only natural for him to pay attention to any information regarding his so-called Master. Unfortunately, the Heaven Grade Alchemists in his generation did not know much and he was in no position to ask the Elders of the previous generation for more information.


Fortunately, there was Lan Yin. The two of them would occasionally encounter each other in the Restricted Area, and seeing as she had feelings for his fabricated Master, the two had various common topics to discuss. Intentionally or unintentionally, Yang Kai learned quite a lot about his fabricated Master over the years.


Yang Kai’s fabricated Master was named Dan Cheng Zi. Dan Cheng Zi was the most outstanding and talented Alchemist in Profound Pill Sect. What made him so special was that he was talented in both the Martial Dao and the Alchemic Dao. Not only were his Alchemy Skills superb, but his actual strength was also immense. Thanks to his aptitude that surpassed his peers, he became extremely arrogant.


When the Former Sect Master was approaching his predestined time of death, Dan Cheng Zi believed that he would definitely be the one to take over as the Sect Master of Profound Pill Sect. Who could have known that the Former Sect Master would transfer the position to Baili Yun Sang instead? In a fit of rage, he decided to leave Profound Pill Sect. Although the higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect had been searching for his whereabouts all these years, their efforts proved to be fruitless. Nobody knew where he went.


Needless to say, an incident of this nature could not be publicised. That was why only the Elders of the older generation knew about it while the rest of the disciples were clueless about what happened to Dan Cheng Zi. Most people only knew that there was an extremely talented Spirit Grade Alchemist wandering outside the Sect with no news from him.


This information was what Yang Kai slowly coaxed out of Lan Yin through their continuous interactions over the years.


“It has been more than 10 years since we last met. This Old Master thought you didn’t recognise me anymore. It turns out you didn’t forget about him after all!” Dan Cheng Zi’s expression was cold and calm, but a drop of cold sweat slid down his forehead. Nobody could remain completely nonchalant when there was a Spirit Armament pressed against their head with pure murderous intent radiating from it. Therefore, a clear look of relief flashed through his eyes when he heard Yang Kai calling him ‘Honoured Master’.


The crimson in Yang Kai’s eyes faded bit by bit as he spoke, “Disciple is heavily indebted to your kindness, Honoured Master. How could I dare to forget you?”


With just a few simple words, the tense situation eased in an instant. Both of them understood each other’s intentions.


The so-called Honoured Master and Unfilial Disciple relationship between them was nothing but a fabricated reality. Dan Cheng Zi had never taught Yang Kai, and Yang Kai had never studied under Dan Cheng Zi. This was a fact known to all parties involved.


Be that as it may, the current situation required a breakthrough point in order to be resolved. The reason Dan Cheng Zi volunteered to come here was due to this consideration. Since Yang Kai claimed that Dan Cheng Zi was his Master, then Dan Cheng Zi might as well acknowledge the statement. Now that Dan Cheng Zi had paved the way forward, it was only natural for Yang Kai to go along with the story!


There was no need for any prior discussion. In the face of this difficult situation, both the young and the old quickly formed a tacit understanding between them.


“If you didn’t forget, why aren’t you putting away your weapon? Are you planning to kill me!?” Dan Cheng Zi shouted.


Yang Kai was taken aback for a moment before he remembered to sheath the True Void Sword, “Please forgive me, Honoured Master! This Disciple had no such intentions!”


Nevertheless, he was puzzled. He had caused a huge commotion in Profound Pill Sect, and even if he did not kill anybody, he had injured many. Moreover, these people were the Masters of the Sect, so if any great enemy were to attack at this time, Profound Pill Sect would be powerless to resist. There was no saying how Profound Pill Sect planned to deal with him after he caused so much trouble.


Still, there was a high likelihood that Profound Pill Sect was willing to reconcile with him since Dan Cheng Zi went so far as to take the initiative to come here; otherwise, there was no need for such measures.


Dan Cheng Zi looked sorrowful, “This Old Master knows that your actions were not intentional. Your aptitude is far too outstanding and as a result, your cultivation improved too quickly. Not knowing restraint and not having a stable enough mental state caused you to suffer from cultivation dissonance, which in turn resulted in a drastic change in your temperament. You nearly caused an irrevocable disaster. Fortunately, the Sect did not give up on you. The Sect used all its power to help you restore order from chaos. Thank goodness their efforts were not in vain!”


Yang Kai stared at Dan Cheng Zi and the admiration he felt for this old fox was almost beyond words. [This old man is undeniably cunning! Not only did he resolve the tense situation in Profound Pill Sect with a few choice words, he also made it seem as though I am now heavily indebted to Profound Pill Sect.]


It was obvious that Yang Kai had come charging into Profound Pill Sect all on his own; however, the story had been changed to one where Profound Pill Sect had pulled out all the stops to help him recover from his state of cultivation dissonance.


Yang Kai was so grateful that he almost felt like crying. He had caused such a large commotion today, and the Sect needed an explanation. This story provided the best outcome for both parties. It would also stabilize the people’s hearts. More importantly, Yang Kai deciphered the hidden meaning in Dan Cheng Zi’s words. Even now, Profound Pill Sect considered him one of their disciples! They had no plans of abandoning him!


Yang Kai did not know whether it was Dan Cheng Zi’s own intention or Profound Pill Sect’s will. Nevertheless, those details no longer mattered. The chance to remain in Profound Pill Sect was exactly what he wished for. He would need to figure out another method to steal the Medicine King Furnace otherwise. At that time, it would be another endless battle.


“Cough…” Dan Cheng Zi lightly coughed into his fist, “Unfilial Disciple, have you not recovered? Why are you staring at me? Is there any untruth in this Old Master’s words?”


Yang Kai quickly shook his head and declared, “What you said is true, Honoured Master. This Disciple has failed and brought shame to you. This disciple will be more diligent in the future, so as to avoid another incident like today!”


Dan Cheng Zi breathed a sigh of relief and nodded in satisfaction, “It’s good that you can think that way. Come with me. We will meet the Sect Master and the Elders.”


“Yes!” Yang Kai responded respectfully, acting as though he was a meek and obedient Disciple.


In front of everybody’s eyes, Dan Cheng Zi flew over to Baili Yun Sang and the others with Yang Kai in tow as the higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect watched those two with complicated expressions.


Dan Cheng Zi and Yang Kai had not suppressed their voices during their conversation earlier. Furthermore, those standing in the vicinity were basically Spirit Realm Masters, so every one of them had heard the entire conversation clearly.


Baili Yun Sang and the Elders were all worldly Masters, so how could they not understand the current situation? It was just that the sudden turn of events was beyond their expectations, so they were uncertain about how to handle a Star of Calamity like Yang Kai.


As such, Dan Cheng Zi was the first to speak, “Sect Master, my Disciple has overcome his cultivation dissonance and regained his true nature.”


Baili Yun Sang subconsciously nodded upon hearing those words, “That’s good. That’s good.” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Since you’ve regained your senses, you should return and have a good rest now!”


Yang Kai cupped his fist, “This Disciple is grateful for your benevolence, Sect Master. It’s just that this Disciple has caused such a huge commotion in the Sect. This incident will haunt me forever, so I wish to request punishment. Please approve my request, Sect Master!”


Baili Yun Sang frowned and glanced at Dan Cheng Zi in puzzlement.


Dan Cheng Zi shook his head so slightly that his movements were practically imperceptible. His response indicated that he did not know what the brat was planning either.


Baili Yun Sang frowned, “It’s not like you meant to cause such a commotion. You were suffering from cultivation dissonance after all. This Old Master understands your situation. There’s no need for punishment. I hope you will be more careful in the future. That will be a blessing to the Sect!”


Those words came from the bottom of his heart. Following this battle, he had a profound insight into the true meaning behind the word ‘terrifying’. Despite gathering all the elites in Profound Pill Sect, they could not stop a single boy who had only just advanced into the Spirit Realm. 80% of Profound Pill Sect’s forces had been heavily injured in this battle, so who could possibly bear the brunt if another battle were to break out once more?


Yang Kai cupped his fist again, “Your magnanimity is boundless, Sect Master. This Junior is undeserving of your kindness. Unfortunately, the incident today started because of me, so if I don’t receive any form of punishment, the disciples in the Sect will surely have trouble accepting this decision. It will eventually lead to unrest within the Sect. For the future of the Sect, this Disciple is willing to receive punishment!”


Baili Yun Sang couldn’t help widening his eyes to stare at Yang Kai and thinking to himself, [What the Hell is this brat up to? Didn’t I say that I won’t pursue this matter any further? Couldn’t he just obediently go back and have a good sleep? Why is he bringing up such nonsense and speaking as though he is so righteous?]


A few of the Elders frowned, but they also knew Yang Kai was not wrong. The commotion today had gotten out of hand, so it would be difficult to appease the people’s hearts without a reasonable explanation.


Dan Cheng Zi frowned and asked, “What do you think is an appropriate punishment for you?”


Yang Kai bowed and quickly said, “This Disciple asks to be confined in the Restricted Area for 10 years to reflect on his mistakes. Honoured Master, Sect Master, please approve my request!”




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