Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4533, Bargaining


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“What… How can anybody in this world be so talented in the Alchemic Dao!?” Wu Feng Hua was so shocked that he was a little incoherent.


Dan Cheng Zi had used a pill recipe he created himself to test Yang Kai. In other words, the pill recipe was not known to anybody except for Dan Cheng Zi himself, but even so, Yang Kai had managed to replicate the pill recipe in its entirety on the spot. Something like that… was too scary to even imagine.


Dan Cheng Zi sighed, “Without such aptitude, he would never have heard the Grand Dao Divine Tone or comprehended the mysteries of the Medicine King Furnace so easily. Don’t even get me started on the pill recipes that he contributed to the Sect over the years.”


Baili Yun Sang was stunned, “If that’s the case, then it was Little Gao who misunderstood the situation back then.”


Dan Cheng Zi nodded, “The brat was in the Ninth-Step Earth Realm at the time, so he was in urgent need of a Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill to advance into the Heaven Realm. Unfortunately, his outstanding talents in Alchemy were wasted without a pill recipe. He coincidentally heard that Little Gao would be heading to Heavenly Martial City, so he tried various means to approach Little Gao. On the grounds of competing in Alchemy, he successfully learned the pill recipe for the Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill. You know what happened next. He was young and weak at the time, so when Little Gao asked questions and pushed for answers, he simply went with the flow and things somehow ended with him being recognised as my Disciple through a series of twists and coincidences!”


Baili Yun Sang and the Elders looked at each other with speechless expressions on their faces.


Under those circumstances, who could have imagined that the pill recipe Yang Kai mastered had been learned on the spot? The only reasonable explanation was that a Senior Expert from Profound Pill Sect had secretly taught the pill recipe to him in the past. And, this Senior Expert could only be Dan Cheng Zi, who was wandering outside the Sect at the time.


Baili Yun Sang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “No wonder he claimed that entering the Sect had been an accident. It turned out to be true.”


Yu Bo Yang pondered in silence for a moment, “If that’s the case, then it’s a good thing for the Sect. We were simply worried that he might be a spy sent here by another Sect to gather intelligence on the secrets of the Medicine King Furnace. Judging from the current situation, he is unrelated to any other Sects. On the contrary, his identity as a Profound Pill Sect Disciple can no longer be denied.”


Wu Feng Hua nodded, “What Third Elder said is correct. Besides, he has never displayed his martial strength in all the years that he joined the Sect. If not for the circumstances forcing his hand, nobody would have known how strong he was. It can be seen that he is equally talented in both the Martial and Alchemic Dao.”


Dan Cheng Zi said, “That’s why the Medicine King Furnace is so attractive to him, and why he made such a request yesterday.” Turning to look at Baili Yun Sang, he cupped his fist, “Sect Master, I think it will be fine to agree with his request. But, he has to promise us something.”


Baili Yun Sang looked up at Dan Cheng Zi, “What are you thinking, Little Junior Brother?”


Dan Cheng Zi said, “Over the years, he has comprehended more than a dozen pill recipes from the Grand Dao Divine Tone of the Medicine King Furnace. If he is willing to continue contributing to the Sect, then it is a good thing for Profound Pill Sect. We can let him stay in the Restricted Area for ten years, but if he learns something new again, he must share all his findings with Profound Pill Sect! Since ancient times, the Divine Armament Tournament has been held once every 100 years, but how many people have actually comprehended the mysteries of the Divine Armaments throughout history? How is this not a huge opportunity for Profound Pill Sect? After all, nobody else has been able to comprehend anything of significance from the Medicine King Furnace aside from him.”


Baili Yun Sang did not answer. He was silent for a long time before he said solemnly, “This is an important matter that needs to be further discussed carefully.”


Dan Cheng Zi did not rush Baili Yun Sang when he heard the other party’s answer. That was because he knew that Profound Pill Sect had no other choice aside from this option, unless they could overcome Yang Kai through force and suppress him.


While the meeting was ongoing, Yang Kai went to visit the people of Void Spirit Sword Sect in Profound Pill City.


Su Chang Fa had not changed in the slightest. He was still in the Third-Step Earth Realm, though after such a long time, he seemed to have gotten older. On the other hand, Hong Xiu and Gu Kang Ning’s cultivation had increased substantially. They were now in the Sixth-Step and Seventh-Step Earth Realm respectively.


They had not known what was going on when Profound Pill Sect brought them to Profound Pill City, but they could vaguely sense that something was wrong. Unfortunately, Profound Pill Sect was much stronger than them, so they were powerless to resist in any way. Now that they met Yang Kai again, it was only natural for them to get to the bottom of the matter.


Yang Kai did not explain in great detail. He simply claimed that he asked the Sect to bring them here. Seeing as Profound Pill City was a city born from Profound Pill Sect, it was naturally a much better environment than the backwater mountains Void Spirit Sword Sect used to occupy. 


Su Chang Fa and the others were naturally sceptical of his explanation. 


Over the next few days, Yang Kai accompanied Su Chang Fa and the others sightseeing in Profound Pill City. The hustle and bustle of the large city was very dazzling to the group of people who came from the rural countryside, so everything was new and interesting to them.


Five days after the battle inside Profound Pill Sect, Dan Cheng Zi personally came to Yang Kai’s cave mansion on Fixed Moon Peak.


“Disciple greets Honoured Master!” Yang Kai came out to greet Dan Cheng Zi, bowing politely.


Both of them knew that this Master-Disciple relationship was a farce; even so, Yang Kai did not neglect to maintain the necessary etiquette. His actions made Dan Cheng Zi very satisfied. Nodding lightly, Dan Cheng Zi said, “Let’s go inside and talk.”


“This way please, Honoured Master!” Yang Kai gestured with his hand, welcoming Dan Cheng Zi into his secluded home. Then, he instructed Wan Ying Ying to brew a pot of tea.


He had sent a messenger to Heavenly Martial City three days earlier to fetch Hua Rong, Yang Huai, and Wan Ying Ying who had remained behind previously.


Everybody took their seats and savoured the fragrance of the tea. Then, Yang Kai asked, “Honoured Master, did you come because the Sect has decided on that matter?”


Dan Cheng Zi raised his eyes to look at Yang Kai and put his teacup down, “A few days ago, you caused a huge commotion and injured countless Sect members. Although your contributions have been significant, exempting you from punishment will not quell the public outrage. On account of your remorse and your sincerity to ask for punishment after the fact, the Sect has decided to accept your previous suggestion. Your punishment is to reflect on your mistakes in the Restricted Area for the next ten years. Are you satisfied?”


Yang Kai hurriedly poured the tea for Dan Cheng Zi with a chuckle, “I’m very satisfied!” Putting down his teacup, he cupped his fist in the direction of the mountain peak where Baili Yun Sang lived, “The Sect Master is wise indeed!”


The corners of Dan Cheng Zi’s mouth couldn’t help twitching at the sight of Yang Kai’s excitement. [In this world, he is probably the only person to be so happy to be punished to reflect on his mistakes for ten years.]


“Cough…” Dan Cheng Zi lightly coughed, “But, there is one more thing you need to guarantee!”


Yang Kai said, “Honoured Master, please speak.”


“If you learn anything from the Medicine King Furnace, you need to report your findings to the Sect immediately.”


“Of course. This Disciple has always done that,” Yang Kai readily agreed.


Having said that, it was true that one could indeed comprehend some Alchemy-related knowledge from the Medicine King Furnace. However, Yang Kai had no interest in such knowledge. Besides, the findings he turned over to Profound Pill Sect were knowledge that he had already mastered long ago.


During his time in the Restricted Area, Yang Kai would only need to provide a pill recipe or Alchemic Dao teaching that did not exist in this world to the Sect every now and then. That would be enough to keep them happy.




Yang Kai poured tea for Dan Cheng Zi again, “Honoured Master, this Disciple has one other thing that I need your help with.”


Dan Cheng Zi immediately looked at Yang Kai vigilantly, “What is this matter?”


It was not strange for Dan Cheng Zi to be so wary. Even having lived for so many years, he had never met a freak like Yang Kai. How could he possibly resolve a matter that even this Small Monster could not? That was why he asked that question so cautiously.


“It is a trivial matter for the Sect.” Yang Kai smiled, “As you know, I was born in Void Spirit Sword Sect, Honoured Master. It is a small and declining Sect that is not worth mentioning in front of a behemoth like Profound Pill Sect. Due to some misunderstandings previously, the people of Void Spirit Sword Sect were brought to Profound Pill City and have now settled down there.”


Dan Cheng Zi nodded, “I know about this. Do you wish for the Sect to escort them back?”


Yang Kai grinned, “It is such a long journey. Don’t you think that running back and forth is very troublesome? Besides, there’s nothing to miss about those backwater mountains. This Disciple was thinking… Since they are already here, they might as well remain. Profound Pill City is so large, so taking care of the entire Void Spirit Sword Sect should not be a problem. Right?”


Dan Cheng Zi glanced sideways at Yang Kai, a deep sense of vigilance in his eyes.


Yang Kai continued, “Several years have passed since this Disciple joined the Sect. I’ve noticed that there is no unified planning in Profound Pill City. There is no City Lord’s Mansion either, much less somebody to manage its day-to-day affairs. Why don’t you assign Void Spirit Sword Sect to manage the city?”


Dan Cheng Zi immediately fumed angrily, “What a large appetite you have! Aren’t you afraid that you might not be able to digest what you eat!?”


Yang Kai smilingly replied, “One won’t know until they actually try, but regardless, it’s still better than to starve.”


Dan Cheng Zi was about to speak again, but Yang Kai raised a hand to interrupt, “A fifty-fifty split. Void Spirit Sword Sect will submit to Profound Pill Sect and help Profound Pill Sect manage Profound Pill City. The profits will be split equally between both parties!”


The words that Dan Cheng Zi wanted to speak were forced back into his mouth. He was silent for a long time before he spoke again, “Profound Pill City is a large city that can generate profits every single day. It is not as if the Sect is unaware of that fact. But, do you know why the Sect never bothered to assign somebody to manage the city?”


“Please enlighten me, Honoured Master.”


Dan Cheng Zi replied, “Profound Pill City started out as a gathering place for the people who came to request pills. Rather than a city, it was more like a temporary camp back then. Over the years, more and more people came to request pills, and with the increasing popularity, the foot of the mountain slowly developed into a village, then a town, then a city. Although Profound Pill Sect could be considered quite well-developed back then as well, it was far from what we have achieved today. Not to mention, most Alchemists are addicted to Alchemy and were consumed by it all day long. How could they have the heart to manage a city? By the time the Sect developed and prospered, the situation in Profound Pill City had already stabilised. It is a huge piece of fat just waiting to be eaten, and for that reason, various great forces from all sides have gathered here. The situation is very messy and not so simple to intervene in.”


After a short pause, he added, “Of course, the main reason is that the Sect is not lacking in wealth. Not only is there no desire to manage the city, but there is no good excuse either.”


Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “That’s exactly why it is best for Void Spirit Sword Sect to step into this position. Void Spirit Sword Sect has submitted to Profound Pill Sect; moreover, they left their hometown behind. They need the means to make a living. Otherwise, they would starve to death!”


Dan Cheng Zi stared at Yang Kai seriously, and a long while passed before he said, “Thirty-seventy! The Sect will take 70% and Void Spirit Sword Sect will take 30%!”


Yang Kai nearly jumped out of his seat when he heard those words, “What a large appetite, Honoured Master! Didn’t you say that the Sect is not lacking in wealth!? Why must you make things difficult for Void Spirit Sword Sect!?”


Dan Cheng Zi replied angrily, “Void Spirit Sword Sect doesn’t even have a single Spirit Realm Master, how will they manage the situation in the Profound Pill City? The Sect will have to step forward in this aspect. Isn’t it reasonable for us to take 70%? If we actually do this, the Sect will simply be borrowing Void Spirit Sword Sect’s name to take control of Profound Pill City. It can be Void Spirit Sword Sect, but it can also be any random great force! 30% is a lot already. Brat, don’t be too greedy. Don’t forget your place!”


Yang Kai responded solemnly, “This Disciple might be part of Profound Pill Sect, but I am also the Sect Master of Void Spirit Sword Sect. I am responsible for its interests!”




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