Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4534, Ten Year Retreat


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An hour later, Dan Cheng Zi finally left.


A forty-sixty split was the final outcome of their negotiation after a long back-and-forth argument. Yang Kai was very satisfied with the results. Although Void Spirit Sword Sect would only receive 40% of the income, that was still an unimaginable amount of wealth. It was enough to benefit Void Spirit Sword Sect endlessly. In fact, he was originally prepared to accept the thirty-seventy suggestion as a last resort.


Thankfully, Dan Cheng Zi had no wish to disturb the peace that had finally managed to create. That was why he eventually backed down and agreed to the solution of a forty-sixty split after arguing with Yang Kai for a while. With his assurance and facilitation, this plan would most likely be implemented without a hitch. Naturally, Profound Pill Sect would not wish to offend Yang Kai over something like this either.


Not long after that, Yang Kai went down the mountain to where Su Chang Fa and the others were living to inform them about this matter.


When they heard the news, they were absolutely astonished and delighted. They never even dreamt that such a blessing would happen to them in this world. Having gone sightseeing in Profound Pill City for the last few days, how could they not know the prosperity of the city? It just never occurred to them that they would be managing this place one day.


In addition to their happiness, they also felt a certain level of worry about the current strength of Void Spirit Sword Sect. After all, a place like this was simply beyond what a small great force like Void Spirit Sword Sect could manage.


Fortunately, Yang Kai himself had mentioned that they would be relying on Profound Pill Sect to back Void Spirit Sword Sect in this matter. One of the reasons was that they would give Profound Pill Sect a reason to take control of Profound Pill City. The other reason was that Profound Pill Sect themselves did not have the time or the energy to manage this city.


Even so, Su Chang Fa was a worldly man, so how could he not know that the biggest reason for this outcome was thanks to Yang Kai’s mediation? In comparison, submitting to Profound Pill Sect was not that difficult to accept.


For the next half month, the entire Profound Pill City underwent a drastic change. A large number of Heaven Realm Masters and Spirit Realm Masters from Profound Pill Sect frequently went in and out of the city. 


A small Sect called Void Spirit Sword Sect also emerged out of nowhere.


With the cooperation of Profound Pill Sect’s higher-ups, Void Spirit Sword Sect quickly took control over the entire city. Needless to say, there were some obstacles along the way, but these obstacles seemed almost comical in the face of overwhelming power.


Yang Kai did not participate in this endeavour and simply watched from the shadows. Once all the dust had settled, he finally entered the Restricted Area to ‘reflect on his mistakes’.


From that day onward, nobody else saw him again aside from his two personal Blood Warriors and the higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect with the qualifications to enter the Restricted Area freely.


During the first two years in the Restricted Area, Yang Kai did absolutely nothing. He simply focused all his strength on removing the drawbacks and hidden dangers brought about by cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.


His advancement into the Spirit Realm had been too sudden, and he had not been fully prepared at the time. Consequently, the hidden dangers of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law erupted without warning after he devoured a large amount of Red Jade, negatively affecting his mental state. That was why he showed signs of cultivation dissonance during the battle in Profound Pill Sect.


Following the two years of meditative cultivation, his Dragon Vein became increasingly powerful and most of the drawbacks that emerged during his advancement into the Spirit Realm were resolved as a result. Although it had been an extremely dull two years, it was equally rewarding. Yang Kai’s gains were definitely worth the effort he put in.


On the other hand, the higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect were growing rather anxious. That was because Baili Yun Sang and the Elders would see Yang Kai in the same posture where he just sat there without moving whenever they went to the Restricted Area. For a whole two years, he just sat there without comprehending the mysteries of the Medicine King Furnace; therefore, Profound Pill Sect gained nothing at all.


Fortunately, the situation improved after two years. Hua Rong and Yang Huai constantly brought in large amounts of cultivation resources into the Restricted Area, and as Yang Kai’s cultivation increased at a steady and safe pace, several extraordinary and powerful pill recipes were also delivered to the higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect.


Baili Yun Sang and the Elders were absolutely jubilant. They ecstatically began researching the various pill recipes and Alchemy techniques, thanks to which the level of the Alchemic Dao in Profound Pill Sect soared.


In addition to cultivating, Yang Kai was also refining the Medicine King Furnace. This object was the manifestation of the Divine Armament World’s Source Strength, so refining it was extremely difficult. Despite having entered the Spirit Realm now, there was no way for Yang Kai to refine the Medicine King Furnace completely in a short period of time.


Time flew by. A period of ten years was neither too long nor too short. Ten years was just the blink of an eye to the Divine Armament World, while in the eyes of Profound Pill Sect, this past decade was a period of vigorous development for the Sect.


Originally, there were several Sects known for their achievements in the Alchemic Dao in the Divine Armament World that could compete with Profound Pill Sect. During the previous Divine Armament Tournament, Profound Pill Sect had fought against these Sects for the Medicine King Furnace, and even though Profound Pill Sect came out the winner in the end, the advantage they held was not very obvious.


Now, however, the level of the Alchemic Dao in Profound Pill Sect was far more advanced than those Sects.


All the greatest Alchemy Sects had jointly organised an Alchemic Dao conference one year ago; however, Profound Pill Sect came out on top in both the competitions between the Earth-Grade Alchemists and the Heaven-Grade Alchemists. In particular, seven out of the top ten contestants among the Heaven-Grade Alchemists were Profound Pill Sect disciples. Moreover, all top five spots had been monopolised by Profound Pill Sect. Something like this had never happened before.


The whole world was shaken when this news spread out. The other Alchemy Sects were reluctant to admit their loss, but they could only be resigned to their fate. Meanwhile, Profound Pill Sect cheered when this news reached it. Everyone, from the Sect Master to the common workers, every one of them was filled with great pride.


In terms of the Alchemic Dao, this was the era of Profound Pill Sect!


When drinking, one should never forget the one who dug the well and provided the water. Needless to say, Profound Pill Sect did not forget about the biggest contributor behind the scenes.


The Sect Master and the Elders gathered outside the Restricted Area to wait quietly. Likewise, Yang Huai and Hua Rong stood nearby with expectant looks on their faces.


During the past decade, Hua Rong had advanced from the First-Step Spirit Realm to the Fourth Step. Her cultivation was not slow. In fact, it could even be said that she progressed extremely rapidly.


Yang Huai’s progress was even more astonishing. He had gone from the Ninth-Step Heaven Realm to the Fifth-Step Spirit Realm in this period. His cultivation speed was even faster than Hua Rong; after all, he was only in the Heaven Realm back when she first advanced into the Spirit Realm.


The extreme compatibility of the Secret Art, his long-standing accumulation, and the endless supply of resources were the main reasons for Yang Huai’s success.


Of course, the primary reason for their success today was all thanks to Yang Kai. Leaving aside everything else, it would have been impossible for them to obtain so many cultivation resources without him.


Void Spirit Sword Sect was presently in charge of Profound Pill City, so they took in a large income every month. Even though they only received 40% of the total, that wealth was enough for a small Sect to grow and develop rapidly. Aware of Hua Rong and Yang Huai’s identities, Void Spirit Sword Sect was generous towards these two and would share whatever good things they came across with them.


Furthermore, Yang Kai had accumulated countless contribution points which Hua Rong and Yang Huai could use to exchange for large amounts of resources from Profound Pill Sect. Not to mention, they also had the pills that Yang Kai personally refined for them!


With such an immense supply of resources, even those with the worst aptitudes in the world could shine. What more Hua Rong and Yang Huai, whose aptitudes were fairly outstanding in the first place?


Everybody waited for over an hour outside the Restricted Area, but there was no noticeable movement from the inside.


“Little Junior Brother, is Martial Nephew aware that his punishment ends today and he is allowed to leave?” Baili Yun Sang turned to glance at Dan Cheng Zi.


Dan Cheng Zi frowned, “I mentioned this to him when I visited him several days ago. Logically speaking, he should be aware of this matter. Judging by the time, he should be emerging soon.”


Yu Bo Yang asked, “Could he be comprehending something again? I seem to hear the Grand Dao Divine Tone, but it is too mysterious for me to understand!”


Wu Feng Hua stroked his beard, “He might also be performing Alchemy. Didn’t he ask for many precious herbs to be delivered a few days ago?”


Baili Yun Sang nodded, “If that’s the case, then we cannot disturb him. It doesn’t matter. Let us wait here a little longer. Sooner or later, he will…”


Before he could finish his sentence, he abruptly raised his head and stared blankly at the sky above the Restricted Area.


For some reason, an unpredictable and ever-changing seven-coloured light had appeared in the sky. The light had appeared too suddenly; moreover, it was extremely obvious. Seeing as none of them were blind, it was only natural for them to notice it immediately.


Like Baili Yun Sang, the others all stared up into the sky blankly. Nobody knew what that light was.


Lan Yin shouted, “This light is coming from the Restricted Area.”


Everybody was slightly shaken by her words.


Baili Yun Sang hesitated for a short while before he spoke through gritted teeth, “Let’s go in and have a look.”


Originally, he had decided not to disturb Yang Kai out of consideration that the latter might be comprehending the mysteries of the Medicine King Furnace or performing Alchemy; however, he could not help but investigate the situation now that the strange light had emerged from the Restricted Area all of a sudden. The Medicine King Furnace was far too important after all!


As soon as the Sect Master spoke up, the rest no longer hesitated and single-mindedly rushed into the Restricted Area. Upon stepping into the Restricted Area, they looked up only for every one of them to stare forward in complete shock.


The entire Restricted Area was completely enshrouded in that seven-coloured light. The source of the light was none other than the Medicine King Furnace located in the centre of the Restricted Area!


Meanwhile, Yang Kai stood in front of the Medicine King Furnace, facing the crowd. The white Alchemy Flame danced inside the Medicine King Furnace as he was throwing extremely precious herbs into the Medicine King Furnace in an orderly manner, causing a faint medicinal fragrance to permeate the air.


“This…” Yu Bo Yang was dumbstruck.


“Is he using the Medicine King Furnace to perform Alchemy!?” Dan Cheng Zi nearly bit off his own tongue in shock.


The Medicine King Furnace was the Divine Armament of the Alchemic Dao. It contained the Truth of the Alchemic Dao and the ultimate mysteries of Alchemy. Since ancient times, regardless of their identity, all the people who obtained the Divine Armament would treat it like a precious treasure and take meticulous care of it, for fear of breaking it by accident.


The same went for Profound Pill Sect. The Medicine King Furnace had been placed inside the Restricted Area to keep it safe after they obtained it. Aside from the Sect Master and several Elders, nobody else was even allowed to approach the Medicine King Furnace. Trespassers would be killed without hesitation!


Such a precious object… How could there come a day when somebody would use this Divine Armament to perform Alchemy!? Everybody was dumbfounded. The sight in front of them was something they never even dared to imagine in their dreams.


There was no denying that the Medicine King Furnace was indeed a furnace, but be that as it may, who would think to ever actually use it for Alchemy!? That was something nobody ever dared to consider, and yet, that very scene was happening right in front of their eyes now!


[That’s… just crazy!]


Dan Cheng Zi was about to stop Yang Kai when a wave of great curiosity stopped him in his tracks. [What will happen… if he performed Alchemy using the Medicine King Furnace? What will the pill he refined be like?]


As soon as the thought appeared in his mind, he couldn’t help looking forward to the results instead.


Everybody else seemed to have had the same idea. After overcoming their initial shock, they simply stood there silently and paid close attention to Yang Kai’s movements and the reaction of the Medicine King Furnace.


A short while later, they revealed awed expressions on their faces. They had always known that Yang Kai’s aptitude in the Alchemic Dao was outstanding and several Elders had even seen him refining pills in the past. Nevertheless, comparing his skills back then and his skills now was like comparing clouds and mud. The difference was simply enormous.




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  1. Assuming the other Divine Armaments are being used in actual battle, like the Void Sword, it seems a bit silly that they would treat the furnace as something so fragile it couldn’t possibly be used for what it was made to be xD

  2. In this setting pill refinement failure can lead to plenty of problems, including furnace explosion.
    Adding upon that the notion that this thing can psionically improve cultivation of people in the vicinity, the notion of burning stuff in it to make pills would naturally equate to hammering nails with a microscope in some eyes.

  3. If the sword armament can be used to fight, why can’t this be used to refine. It’s Divine class. Supposedly no force in this world should be capable of destroying it.

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