Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4535, One Step Away


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Yang Kai displayed all sorts of peculiar Alchemy Skills and exquisite control over the temperature of the flame. Even the Spirit Grade Alchemists who had immersed themselves in the Alchemic Dao throughout their entire lives had to admit that they could not match up to him. Every single movement seemed to contain the secrets of the Alchemic Dao. It was almost as though the person standing in front of the Medicine King Furnace was personally interpreting the truth of the Alchemic Dao.


Not long afterwards, traces of aura appeared in their minds. Even the Grand Dao Divine Tone that usually sounded extremely vague suddenly became clear at this moment. The mysterious Grand Dao Divine Tone echoed in their heads and cleansed their Souls, causing the ambiguity and the chaos to become clear and recognisable in an instant.


Therefore, they became incredibly excited. All of them were Spirit Grade Alchemists. In other words, they had basically reached their respective peaks in the Alchemic Dao of the Divine Armament World. There was no means for them to progress any further. Be that as it may, their encounter today had given them a glimpse of further possibilities, and they couldn’t wait to return to their secluded homes to enter retreat.


A loud rumbling sound pulled them out of that mysterious state. They returned to their senses. Whilst bemoaning the loss, they suddenly saw something even more shocking. Yang Kai was rhythmically slapping the sides of the Medicine King Furnace with both hands. Every blow caused a ripple that was visible to the naked eye to spread out from the Medicine King Furnace. Following the rhythmic patting, the medicinal fragrance in the Restricted Area became stronger and stronger. 


The pills were about to form!


The Spirit Grade Alchemists stared at Yang Kai’s movements without blinking, overflowing with curiosity. Nobody had ever used the Medicine King Furnace to refine pills before, so just what would a pill produced by the Divine Armament be like?


Every single person in the Restricted Area held their breath in anticipation, lest the air they exhaled disturbed Yang Kai’s Alchemy processes. After the last blow was struck, Yang Kai used his Pill Condensing Technique. A string of seven-coloured lights suddenly flew out from within the Medicine King Furnace.


Everybody took a closer look in that direction, and only then did they notice that what flew out of the Medicine King Furnace were not lights but Spirit Grade pills glowing with a seven-coloured light! These Spirit Grade pills had rapidly shot out of the furnace in quick succession to form a straight line, thereby creating the illusion that they were a string of lights.


“Nine pills!” Baili Yun Sang exclaimed, staring blankly at something in mid-air. In his field of vision, there were a total of nine Spirit Grade pills, each one perfectly round, flawless, and overflowing with spirituality.


The Elders were shaken to the core.


Nine was the limit. In theory, each furnace of pills could produce nine pills; therefore, producing nine pills in one furnace was a sign of perfection!


In reality, even the most skilled Alchemist rarely managed to produce nine pills. That was because the process would require an Alchemist to fully utilise every bit of the medical efficacy of the herbs during the Alchemy process. Moreover, not even the slightest mistake could be made throughout the refinement. There was no doubt that these requirements were extremely difficult to achieve and only when one’s luck was extremely good could they occasionally produce such a result.


Ever since Baili Yun Sang started cultivating Alchemy until now, he had only produced two furnaces of nine pills. Not to mention, those were Heaven-Grade pills. As for Spirit-Grade pills, even an experienced Spirit-Grade Alchemist like himself was unable to produce nine pills in one go.


If even he was unable to do that, what more needed to be said about other Spirit Grade Alchemists?


Looking at the pills that Yang Kai had refined just now, it was obvious that they were Spirit Grade. Even so, he managed to produce nine at once! The Medicine King Furnace might have contributed to the situation; nevertheless, the ability to perform to this extent undoubtedly showed that Yang Kai’s Alchemy Skills had surpassed everybody here!


Baili Yun Sang couldn’t help feeling old. All of a sudden, he realized something odd. He observed strange patterns on the surface of these pills. Those patterns resembled the meridians in the human body. It was a mysterious sight to see. More so since he had never seen such patterns before.


Under the guidance of his Spirit Qi, the nine Spirit Grade pills were collected by Yang Kai. Even though he had clearly refined a furnace of extraordinary Spirit Grade pills, he scowled fiercely and stood there lost in thought.


Nobody dared to recklessly disturb him, so they simply waited there quietly.


Ten years was not a short time for Yang Kai. He had spent the first two years resolving the hidden dangers of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Afterwards, he spent the remaining eight years cultivating while refining the Medicine King Furnace. At present, he was in the Eighth-Step Spirit Realm! That was not the most important thing though. The critical point was that he had nearly finished refining the Medicine King Furnace. All that was left were the finishing touches!


It was not due to a lack of time that he hadn’t finished, however, nor was it due to some difficulties in refining the Divine Armament. Rather, Yang Kai was certain that he could finish refining the Medicine King Furnace in the next moment if he so wished, it was just that he had a vague feeling that he would immediately be rejected by this world as soon as he took that step. At that time, he would be forced to leave this place.


Thinking about it, that was only to be expected. The reason he came to the Divine Armament World was to refine part of the Source Strength of this world. Once he achieved his goal, he would no longer be allowed to remain here. That was also part of the rules in this world.


However, Yang Kai was not willing to leave just like this. It could even be said that he never imagined that such a situation would occur in the first place.


When he first entered the Divine Armament World, he had assumed that he would need to wait 100 years until the next Divine Armament Tournament to snatch the Divine Armaments. It could now be seen that his assumption had been wrong. Joining Profound Pill Sect and coming into contact with the Medicine King Furnace had given him the chance to refine it in advance.


It was not easy for Yang Kai to enter this Small Source World though, so how could he return without getting as many benefits as possible?


A vague plan suddenly formed in his mind. It was just that he would need careful planning to determine how he could implement it. Gathering his thoughts, Yang Kai suddenly noticed that everybody was staring at him eagerly, so he gently nodded and cupped his fist, “Greetings, Sect Master, Honoured Master, and Elders!”


Baili Yun Sang couldn’t care for pleasantries, so with a mixture of agitation and anxiety, he asked, “Martial Nephew, what kind of Spirit Grade pills did you refine earlier? Can you let me see them?”


“They are Spirit Yuan Pills, which have the effect of aiding Spirit Realm Masters in their cultivation. Didn’t I already hand the pill recipe to the Sect?” While speaking, Yang Kai took out one of the Spirit Yuan Pills and handed it to Baili Yun Sang.


Everybody immediately crowded around Baili Yun Sang as they couldn’t wait to lay their eyes on the pill to take a good look.


Dan Cheng Zi observed and emulated for a while before he frowned and said, “We are familiar with the pill recipe of the Spirit Yuan Pill, but why does your refining process seem a little different?”


Yang Kai explained, “It’s an Alchemy Technique that I created myself. I will prepare a copy for the Contribution Hall later!”


Dan Cheng Zi was satisfied, “Good Disciple!”


Baili Yun Sang held the Spirit Yuan Pill between his fingers and looked at Yang Kai in puzzlement, “Martial Nephew, what are these patterns on the pill? Why do I get the feeling that these patterns contain something extremely mysterious?”


“These are Pill Veins!” Yang Kai took the Spirit Grade pill from Baili Yun Sang’s hands and tossed the pill into his mouth. Crunching noisily on the pill, he finally swallowed and added, “With these Pill Veins, the medicinal efficacies of this Spirit Yuan Pill is double that of a normal Spirit Yuan Pill.”


“What!?” Yu Bo Yang exclaimed in astonishment.


“Double!?” Even Wu Feng Hua was shocked.


Baili Yun Sang was heartbroken, “How can you… How can you eat such a precious thing!?”


Looking at his expression, Baili Yun Sang seemed like he was tempted to rush over to Yang Kai and dig it out from his mouth with his bare hands.


Yang Kai laughed, “Pills are meant to be eaten. But, only I can eat these. Nobody else can eat them. This is the reason…”


While speaking, a humming sound suddenly came from within his body. Immediately after that, Yang Kai’s entire body abruptly swelled. Following the expansion of his body, it seemed to transform into a bottomless pit. An enormous wave of World Energy rushed towards his body, kicking up a gust of wind along the way. Even the Red Jades piled beside the Medicine King Furnace turned into dust in an instant.


*Hong hong hong…* 


Following several consecutive rumblings, Yang Kai’s body expanded and contracted several times before he suddenly went back to normal.


Everybody was dumbfounded by the sight!


Baili Yun Sang stared at something by the side with a lifeless gaze. In just ten breaths of time, at least 300,000 Red Jades had been drained of energy and turned into dust. Those Red Jades had been consumed and devoured by Yang Kai in that time! That speed was simply appalling!


But, in this way, the Elders finally understood why Yang Kai claimed that only he could eat these pills. Ever since Yang Kai contributed the pill recipe for the Spirit Yuan Pills, Profound Pill Sect had refined many of these pills for the Spirit Realm Masters in the Sect to consume as an auxiliary to their cultivation. The effects were remarkable and all those who ate these pills claimed that the effects were amazing.


A normal Spirit Yuan Pill already had such powerful effects. On the other hand, a Spirit Yuan Pill with Pill Veins had double the effects. It was certainly not something normal Spirit Realm Masters could bear.


“These Pill Veins… How do you refine them?” Dan Cheng Zi stared at Yang Kai excitedly, his eyes gleaming brightly.


Although it was his first time hearing about Pill Veins, he had witnessed their terrifying strength with his own eyes. If this knowledge could be promoted in Profound Pill Sect, then no other Alchemy Sects would have a future in the world!


“It is not easy to form Pill Veins. It is one part talent and one part effort. Of course, the most important factor is… luck!” Yang Kai pondered for a moment and continued, “En. I’m sure everybody is tired today. Why don’t you all come to Fixed Moon Peak tomorrow? I will teach you about Pill Veins in detail then.”


Dan Cheng Zi nodded lightly, “Good!”


Baili Yun Sang looked at Yang Kai eagerly, “Martial Nephew, can I have another Spirit Yuan Pill? This Old Master wishes to go back and study it.”


“I want one too!” Wu Feng Hua immediately chimed in.


“Cough… This Old Master would like one too,” Yu Bo Yang stepped forward.


Seeing that the other Elders were about to speak, Yang Kai hurriedly raised his hand to stop them, “I don’t have many in the first place. Why don’t you all go to the Sect Master’s place to discuss and research the pill together?”


They exchanged glances with each other. Then, Baili Yun Sang nodded, “Good.”


Yang Kai immediately handed another Spirit Yuan Pill to Baili Yun Sang.


Baili Yun Sang took the pill as though he was accepting a great treasure. Taking out a jade bottle, he stored the pill carefully. After obtaining the Spirit Yuan Pill, he eagerly said, “Martial Nephew, your ten-year retreat ends today. You should go back and get some rest!”


After saying that, he hurried away while the rest of the Elders followed closely behind him.


Yang Kai called out to Dan Cheng Zi, “Please wait, Honoured Master! This Disciple has a question!”


Dan Cheng Zi glanced in the direction where the others were leaving and said impatiently, “What is it? Hurry up.”


Yang Kai secretly stuffed a jade bottle into Dan Cheng Zi’s hand and smilingly replied, “It’s nothing important. Maybe it’s because it’s been so long since I’ve seen you, Honoured Master, I missed you very much!”


Dan Cheng Zi lowered his head to look at the object in his hands and smiled, “It’s good that you are filial!” He looked up again. Glancing at the Medicine King Furnace, he asked, “You used the Medicine King Furnace for Alchemy… Will there be any issues?”


Yang Kai laughed, “The Medicine King Furnace is a Divine Armament, how can there be any issues? Besides, it was born for the sake of Alchemy. It is only because the Medicine King Furnace is too precious that nobody dared to do something like this before.”


Dan Cheng Zi nodded, “That’s good then. You should go back and rest now. You still have much to do tomorrow.”


“I will see you off, Honoured Master!” Yang Kai said.




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