Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4536, Worldwide Celebration


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The sky was slowly brightening on the horizon. Dan Cheng Zi’s sleeves fluttered as he landed halfway up the mountain of Fixed Moon Peak and looked in the direction of Yang Kai’s cave mansion with a strange expression. He had been so shocked by Yang Kai’s Alchemy Skills yesterday that he failed to notice an issue based on seniority.


The brat was one whole generation lower than the Elders, so how could he be so arrogant as to invite everybody over to his secluded home to listen to him preach the Dao about these new Pill Veins!? Logically speaking, he should have reported this matter to the Elders instead! Although it was said that the one who discovered the truth of the Grand Dao first was supreme, proper etiquette should not have been neglected.


For that reason, Dan Cheng Zi had rushed over early in the morning. He wanted to advise Yang Kai to head towards the Spirit Peak where the Sect Master was staying instead. Going by Yang Kai’s behaviour yesterday, he seemed to recognise the Master-Disciple relationship between them. Since he considered Dan Cheng Zi as his Honoured Master, then Dan Cheng Zi was the best person to step forward and speak to him about this breach of etiquette.


Outside the cave mansion, Yang Huai and Hua Rong stood on both sides of the door and cupped their fists in greeting when they saw Dan Cheng Zi approaching them.


Dan Cheng Zi looked lightly at them before walking into the cave mansion under Hua Rong’s guidance. When he looked up though, he couldn’t help being terrified for a moment.


It turned out that Baili Yun Sang and the others had arrived before him. Not only were all the Elders of the Sect gathered in this place, but they were also sitting upright with thin cushions beneath them.


Dan Cheng Zi’s face twitched slightly. The scene in front of him looked very familiar… Upon a closer look, he couldn’t help recalling a scene from when he was still a young boy. It was a scene from the past where he had listened to the teachings of his Honoured Master with many of his Fellow Brothers! So many years had passed that this old memory had almost been forgotten; however, thoughts of those times came surging back today.


The young men from back then had now become world-famous Spirit-Grade Alchemists; even so, the scene in front of him was almost identical to that memory from the past. The only difference was that those handsome young men were now old men with grey beards.


He couldn’t help feeling a little emotional.


“You’re here, Little Junior Brother?” Baili Yun Sang turned back and nodded at Dan Cheng Zi in greeting.


Dan Cheng Zi was taken aback, “Sect Master, why is your appearance so haggard!?”


At this moment, Baili Yun Sang’s eyes were completely bloodshot. He looked like he had not rested for weeks on end. Even his hair, which was usually kept neat and tidy, was completely dishevelled, as though he had run his hands through it countless times.


“Why are you all… so haggard!?” Dan Cheng Zi swept his gaze over the others only to discover that the condition of every single person in the room was no different from Baili Yun Sang.


It was just that their bloodshot eyes were shining with excitement even though they looked a little tired. That was the natural reaction they got after seeing something that was extremely stimulating to them.


Baili Yun Sang gave a wry smile, “The Pill Veins that Martial Nephew showed us yesterday are truly profound and mysterious. We couldn’t learn anything at all after studying the pill for the entire night. Since you’re here, Little Junior Brother, you should hurry up and take a seat. Martial Nephew will probably wake up soon.”


Dan Cheng Zi no longer knew how to bring up what he wanted to say earlier. The initial reason he arrived so early was to advise Yang Kai to head to the Spirit Peak where the Sect Master lived so as to prevent any discourtesy. Who could have known that the Sect Master himself was already here? Judging from how everybody else was also waiting in this place, there seemed to be no complaint at all.


In this world, who could make so many Spirit-Grade Alchemists wait with such patience? In terms of status, there was nobody in the Divine Armament World who had this qualification. Only their yearning for the Alchemic Dao could make these arrogant Spirit Grade Alchemists put aside their dignity.


Therefore, Dan Cheng Zi said nothing else and sat down cross-legged with the rest of them.


Approximately an incense stick later, Yang Kai walked out from the inner room and bowed in greeting, “Greetings, Sect Master, Honoured Master, Elders!”


To his surprise, everybody stood up and returned the bow. Taken aback for a moment, Yang Kai raised his hand and said, “You are all my Seniors. Please take a seat!”


After ordering somebody to serve tea, Yang Kai wasted no time and immediately began explaining Pill Veins. The Alchemic Dao that he mastered far exceeded the scope of what the Alchemists in the Divine Armament World could understand, so he only taught them about certain aspects that they could accept and comprehend.


The higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect listened fascinatedly. From time to time, somebody would ask a question and Yang Kai would answer them one by one. The lecture went on for three whole days.


The group of old men sitting below were not young anymore, and although they had strong cultivation, it was very exhausting for them to remain in such an excited state over such a long period. That was especially true when Yang Kai noticed that their spirits were incredibly high even though they were obviously very tired. He was worried that something bad might happen to them, so he ended the lesson abruptly.


Naturally, none of these eager Alchemists was willing to let this opportunity end, but they knew that what they learned over the past three days was enough for them to take another step further in the Alchemic Dao.


Before leaving, Baili Yun Sang suddenly asked, “Martial Nephew, do the Pill Clouds you mentioned at the end really exist?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Of course, they exist. Pill Clouds are another level above Pill Veins. It’s just that Pill Veins can be forged through hard work and effort, but Pill Clouds can only occur serendipitously.”


Baili Yun Sang frowned, “Even with your talents, Martial Nephew, do you have no confidence in refining the Pill Clouds?”


Yang Kai shook his head in response.


Baili Yun Sang sighed softly, “I really want to see how a pill with Pill Clouds looks! If I could see that, I would be able to die without regrets.”


Yang Kai smiled, “I’m sure you’ll get the chance. Who knows? Maybe you or the Elders will be favoured by the Heavens one day and successfully refine the Pill Clouds as a result.”


Baili Yun Sang waved his hand dismissively, “This Old Master knows the abilities of himself and these old fogeys well. We may not even be able to fully comprehend the mysteries of Pill Veins, let alone Pill Clouds. On the other hand, your Alchemy Skills are superb, Martial Nephew. If you manage to refine a pill that forms Pill Clouds one day, you must show it to this Old Master.”


“Of course, Sect Master!” Yang Kai nodded respectfully.


“In addition, you are now a Spirit-Grade Alchemist. Not only do your Alchemy Skills far exceed old folks like us, but you also contributed greatly to Profound Pill Sect. You are more than qualified to become one of the Elders in Profound Pill Sect. What do you think, Martial Nephew?”


Yang Kai was stunned. He never imagined that Baili Yun Sang would propose something like that. It didn’t matter to him whether he became an Elder or not, so he simply nodded, “I will leave the arrangements to you, Sect Master!”


“Good. After so many years, Profound Pill Sect will finally have another Elder among our ranks! The whole world will celebrate with us!” Smiling, Baili Yun Sang stroked his beard and left.


Dan Cheng Zi looked in the direction that Baili Yun Sang left and patted Yang Kai on the shoulder, “It looks like the Sect Master has high hopes for you. He probably plans to let you take over as the next Sect Master.”


Yang Kai was shocked, “Does Sect Master have such intentions?”


Dan Cheng Zi smiled, “Why else would he be so anxious for you to become an Elder? We are old and might not have many years left to live. Be it in Alchemy or the Martial Dao, your aptitude is the highest in Profound Pill Sect. Handing the Sect over to you is the best choice.”


Yang Kai didn’t know what to say. Ten years ago, he had caused a huge commotion in Profound Pill Sect and nearly burned all his bridges with them. It was difficult to imagine that he was now being trained as its successor.




When Baili Yun Sang said ‘The whole world will celebrate with us’, Yang Kai thought that he had only said those words out of happiness. In reality, news of his Elder Promotion Ceremony was actually spread across the world.


Profound Pill Sect widely distributed invitations, inviting all the Sects in the Divine Armament World to witness the ceremony. As one of the Ten Great Sects, and a great force overseen by Alchemists, it was only natural for everybody to show their respect to Profound Pill Sect.


Two months later, the entire Profound Pill Sect was overflowing with festivities. They had countless guests in attendance, and almost all the Sects in the Divine Armament World with some influence had sent representatives. Profound Pill City was overcrowded at one point, so much so that even the outskirts of the city were not spared.


Throughout history, this was the first time an Elder Promotion Ceremony had ever become a grand event that practically involved the entire Divine Armament World!


Representatives of the various great forces became aware of how remarkable the new Elder of Profound Pill Sect was at this time. If Profound Pill Sect did not cherish this Elder, they would not have held such a grand event; therefore, Yang Kai’s name became known across the world in a single night!


Countless people were filled with curiosity about Yang Kai. Unfortunately, not much information could be inquired about him since he had been in retreat for the past ten years.


The rumours spreading among the people claimed that this new Elder was the reason for Profound Pill Sect’s rapid development over the years. Moreover, this Elder could arouse the resonance of the Medicine King Furnace and comprehend the mysteries of the Grand Dao Divine Tone. He alone had contributed dozens of pill recipes that never existed before to Profound Pill Sect. His contributions had elevated the Alchemic Dao of the entire Profound Pill Sect by a large margin.


Even the Sect Master of Profound Pill Sect, Baili Yun Sang, sighed at his incompetence when it came to his own attainments in the Alchemic Dao. Yang Kai was worthy of being known as the greatest Alchemist in the Divine Armament World!


Needless to say, the other Alchemy Sects refused to recognise this title. During the Elder Promotion Ceremony, they even went so far as to send out several Spirit Grade Alchemists to compete against Yang Kai in Alchemy on the grounds of ‘learning’. Nobody knew the outcome of the competition, but the Spirit Grade Alchemists of those great forces immediately entered retreat after returning to their respective Sects and there was no further news from them afterwards.


The biggest advantage of becoming an Elder of Profound Pill Sect was that Yang Kai could become the Master of a Spirit Peak, owning one all to himself.


He used to live on Fixed Moon Peak, but several other Heaven Grade Alchemists also lived on Fixed Moon Peak. Gao Xin Peng was one of them. Now that he was an Elder of Profound Pill Sect, Yang Kai moved to live on Limitless Peak instead.


After the ceremony, Limitless Peak remained very lively. Several storehouses on Limitless Peak were filled to the brim with gifts from countless Sects. There were so many precious treasures that the very sight would dazzle a person. It took Yang Huai and Hua Rong many days to organise and categorise the gifts with a group of servants.


Inside a quiet room, Yang Kai played with a stone the size of a melon. Both his Spirit Qi and the Space Principles surged as he refined the object in his hand.


Everything in the Divine Armament World was wonderful; however, the greatest inconvenience Yang Kai faced was that there were no storage tools like Universe Bags or Space Rings.


Whenever he cultivated nowadays, he would consume an extremely large number of resources, and it was very troublesome to move these resources around without something like a Space Ring. More importantly, he could not bring much with him if he were to travel outside. He could only carry some pills with him at most.


He had been searching for an opportunity to refine a Space Ring the entire time he had been here; unfortunately, even the cleverest woman could not cook a meal without rice. There were no Space Spirit Crystals in this world, so he was unable to refine a Space Ring. Unexpectedly, he found a strange ore among the gifts sent by one of the great forces. This strange ore had some similar properties to Space Spirit Crystal, which might allow him to use it to refine a Space Ring.


The white Alchemy Flame danced. Since this Alchemy Flame could be used for Alchemy, it was only natural that it could also be used for Artifact Refining. It was just that Yang Kai did not know much about Artifact Refining. That was why refining this object was very challenging. Fortunately, his attainments in the Dao of Space were quite profound, so refining a simple Space Ring should not be a problem.




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