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Martial Peak – Chapter 4537, Borrow the Sword

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Several days later, Yang Kai looked at the hideous ring in his hand and sighed softly. There was no helping it given that he didn’t know much about the Dao of Artifact Refining. Although he originally planned to refine a Space Ring, what he actually produced after all that effort was a black and crude ring with no sense of aesthetics at all.


Fortunately, the practicality of the item was not bad even though the appearance was rather ugly. He had used Space Principles to open up a small space inside of the ore, taking advantage of its natural properties, which was enough to hold quite a number of things.


Afterward, he went to the storehouse. When he found some resources that might be useful to him, he stuffed them all into the Space Ring.


Dan Cheng Zi was right. Baili Yun Sang really intended to train Yang Kai to become the next Sect Master of Profound Pill Sect; after all, ten years of dull and lonely retreat combined with Yang Kai’s enormous contribution to the Sect was enough to prove his loyalty to Profound Pill Sect.


Following the Elder Promotion Ceremony, Profound Pill Sect secretly built up the momentum and fervently boosted his reputation. A 30 year old Spirit Grade Alchemist, the youngest Elder, the future hope of Profound Pill Sect… All kinds of praises were added to Yang Kai’s name. For a time, he was in the spotlight of the entire Divine Armament World and the entire Profound Pill Sect was incredibly proud of him!



Vanishing Sword Mountain was one of the Ten Great Sects in the Divine Armament World.


The so-called Ten Great Sects were not fixed, but changed with the Divine Armament Tournament that was held every 100 years. Only the Sects that managed to obtain a Divine Armament were eligible to be part of the Ten Great Sects. The title was an honorary title. It was also a symbol of strength to some extent, but that was not always the case.


There was one such Sect among the existing Ten Great Sects. The Sect’s overall strength was not particularly superior. It was only because they had a Heaven-defying person among their ranks who managed to obtain one of the Divine Armaments in the last Divine Armament Tournament that the Sect was also promoted to become one of the Ten Great Sects.


Having survived for over 1,000 years, Vanishing Sword Mountain had a long history. Moreover, they managed to obtain the Divine Armament True Void Sword on numerous occasions throughout the past 1,000 years. Accordingly, the Sect was also periodically listed as part of Ten Great Sects. It could be said that Vanishing Sword Mountain was one of the undisputed leading Sects in the Divine Armament World.


Even without the protection of a Divine Armament, nobody dared to underestimate the strength of this Sect. What more when the Divine Armament True Void Sword was currently in Vanishing Sword Mountain?


In the dark of the night, the full moon hung high in the sky and cold moonlight illuminated the world. A ghostly figure silently appeared out of nowhere on top of a tall building.


Yang Kai stood on the highest point of Vanishing Sword Mountain, looking down on the large Sect that boasted an inheritance lasting over 1,000 years. The True Void Sword around his waist was currently humming like crazy.


Looking down, he raised an eyebrow. The True Void Sword around his waist was something that the Ancestral Founder of Void Spirit Sword Sect spent a lot of resources to forge in the past. It was an imitation of the genuine Divine Armament, but the sword itself was just a Spirit Armament.


Regardless of the circumstances, there would always be a subtle connection between the replica and the genuine object. If not for that, Yang Kai would not have deliberately carried the True Void Sword with him. He could have just stored the sword in the Space Ring.


At this point, Yang Kai had almost finished refining the Medicine King Furnace. He was only one step away from completion. Once he took that last step, he would definitely obtain a portion of the Divine Armament World’s Source Strength. At the same time, this world would also produce a strong rejection force to expel him out of the Divine Armament World. At that time, he would be forced to leave even if he didn’t want to.


It was not easy for him to come here, so it was only natural for Yang Kai to want to acquire more benefits.


The Divine Armament World’s Source had been divided into ten pieces, and the Ten Great Divine Armaments were the physical embodiments of these pieces. If Yang Kai wanted to acquire more benefits, then he would need to refine more of the Divine Armaments!


For that reason, Vanishing Sword Mountain was his first target. That was because the Divine Armament True Void Sword was here!


Yang Kai was very curious as to what would happen if he refined all of the Ten Great Divine Armaments. Would he be able to devour the entire World Force of the Divine Armament World and expand his Small Universe enormously as a result? If that were the case, he figured he would immediately advance into the Seventh-Step Open Heaven Realm!


As for whether he would be discovered, Yang Kai was not worried. His strength had reached a point where he was now unrivalled in the Divine Armament World. There was no need for him to continue living if he was discovered despite moving about so sneakily. What’s more, the Divine Armament was not owned by anybody. Even if he stole the True Void Sword, Vanishing Sword Mountain would have no way of determining the culprit.


The fact that the Divine Armaments had no owners was something he deliberately inquired about from Dan Cheng Zi. That was because he had found the situation very strange when he previously refined the Medicine King Furnace.


Logically speaking, the Medicine King Furnace should have an owner when it was already in Profound Pill Sect. In reality though, Yang Kai had not felt anybody’s aura in the Medicine King Furnace.


Lan Yin also mentioned in the past that there was nobody in Profound Pill Sect who could refine the Medicine King Furnace. If that was the case for the Medicine King Furnace, then it would surely be the same for the rest of the Divine Armaments!


The so-called Armament Masters were simply people who had obtained the Divine Armaments; however, the Divine Armaments were nothing more than weapons that were slightly sharper than Spirit Armaments in their hands. They were completely incapable of bringing out the true power of the Divine Armaments.


Throughout the ages, many heroes had tried to become the true Masters of the Divine Armaments; unfortunately, nobody had ever succeeded. There was even a precedent of being killed by the backlash from trying to refine a Divine Armament.


From the standpoint of an outsider, the Divine Armaments were the manifestations of this world’s Source Strength. If people in this world wanted to refine the Source Strength, they would need to have the vision and the strength to escape the shackles of this world; otherwise, their attempts would only lead to their destruction.


It was just that each Divine Armament also represented various Grand Dao’s of this World, so the benefits that these Divine Armaments could bring were immeasurable even if they were just placed in a hall and studied. Take the Vanishing Sword Mountain’s True Void Sword for example. If a person could comprehend the mysteries of the True Void Sword, they could significantly improve their attainments in the Sword Dao.


Everybody in Vanishing Sword Mountain was trained in the sword. Not to mention, they had obtained the True Void Sword multiple times over the past 1,000 or so years. That was why there were countless Sword Masters in Vanishing Sword Mountain.


The True Void Sword on Yang Kai’s waist continued to hum. The sound was soft, but the hearing of the Masters in Vanishing Sword Mountain was sharp and keen. Nobody noticed his arrival, but they definitely noticed his presence now.


A shout rang out from the shadows, “Who is sneaking around!?”


Numerous sword waves blasted out towards Yang Kai from all directions as soon as those words rang out. In an instant, the place where he had been standing was covered in an inescapable barrage of attacks. When the sword lights subsided, more than a dozen silhouettes had already leapt onto the building’s roof. They searched the surrounding area, but there was nothing there.


“Where is he?” One of them was puzzled and bewildered.


“Could it be that we were mistaken?”


“Impossible. I saw it clearly. There was definitely somebody standing here just now.”


“A person who can escape from beneath our noses must be a High-Rank Spirit Realm Master. Who knows why he is sneaking around. Hurry up and inform the Mountain Lord about this.”


With a few simple words, somebody quickly rushed off to make a report. The remaining people summoned more of their comrades to search their surroundings for anything suspicious.


The entire Vanishing Sword Mountain was thrown into turmoil in a short time. Figures weaved about in the dark of the night and each one surged with Spirit Qi. This display highlighted the immense heritage of this Sect.


At the same time, Yang Kai suddenly appeared in a quiet place.


The True Void Sword at his waist had already been stuffed into his Space Ring. The momentary connection formed from the resonance between the replica and the genuine object was enough for him to confirm the location of the actual Divine Armament, so at this point, leaving his True Void Sword out in the open would only invite more trouble.


Yang Kai stood at the entrance to a certain mountain valley. He turned to look around and saw a stone monument by the side of the stone valley. The characters ‘Sword Pedestal’ were carved on the stone monument.


He raised his brow slightly at the sight. The Sword Pedestal of Vanishing Sword Mountain was famous all over the world. It was also the Restricted Area located in the deepest parts of Vanishing Sword Mountain. It was reasonable for the True Void Sword to be placed here.


Yang Kai stepped inside, his figure flitting about with no fixed pattern. Under the night sky, he looked like a ghost. Muffled groans and the thudding sounds of something heavy dropping to the ground would come from the shadows from time to time. These were the sounds of the secret guards stationed outside the Restricted Area being knocked unconscious.


It didn’t take long before Yang Kai arrived in the deepest part of the Restricted Area.


There was a sword inserted straight into the middle of a stone cistern on top of a round platform. In terms of shape and appearance, the sword was identical to Void Spirit Sword Sect’s True Void Sword, and under the moonlight, the blade of the sword reflected the moonlight with a cold brilliance.


Yang Kai stared at the sword calmly, seeming to hear a vague and mysterious voice in his ear. However, the voice was indistinct and incomprehensible.


The Medicine King Furnace had a Grand Dao Divine Tone. Naturally, so did the True Void Sword. While the Medicine King Furnace contained the Truth of the Alchemic Dao, the True Void Sword contained the Truth of the Sword Dao! If one could comprehend the Grand Dao Divine Tone in this place, one would surely reach the greatest heights of the Sword Dao possible in the Divine Armament World.


There were four men with white hair and white beards sitting at four points around the round platform where the True Void Sword was located. The four of them looked extremely old. The beard of the one with the longest beard was so long that it actually dragged on the ground. One of them wore green robes, another red, another yellow, and the last one wore white. Their respective colours were very distinct.


Yang Kai might have travelled soundlessly when he walked in from the outside, but his movements had not escaped the eyes and ears of these four people. That was why all four of them opened their eyes at the same time and stared at him fixedly as soon as he arrived here.


It was just that Yang Kai had surged his Space Principles, so the space surrounding him fluctuated constantly. Even though the strength of these four old men was horrifying, they were unable to discern his true appearance. All they could see was a humanoid shadow which they couldn’t even tell was male or female.


The four Elders had neither seen nor heard of such strange methods before, so their expressions instantly became solemn.


The green-robed old man asked, “Who are you?”


Yang Kai shifted his gaze from the True Void Sword and swept a glance over them. Then, he gently nodded and said, “I’ve long heard that Vanishing Sword Mountain had four Elders of the Four Seasons. Each one has strength that has reached the peak of the World. Now that I see you today, you truly are worthy of your reputation!”


Although none of them had made a move, Yang Kai could feel the mighty aura of the Spirit Qi coming from the bodies of these four old men. Their Spirit Qi was practically at the limits of this world.


The red-robed Summer Elder quickly said, “We old men have not involved ourselves in the world for a long time, so we were unaware that people like you exist in this world. It seems that great talents are born in every generation!”


The yellow-robed Autumn Elder asked, “Why did you come here?”


Yang Kai grinned, “I came to borrow the True Void Sword!”


The four Elders exchanged glances with each other, but there was no anger in their eyes. The white-robed Winter Elder said, “We have been instructed to guard this place and watch over the True Void Sword. If you wish to take the True Void Sword, you will have to kill us first; otherwise, you will never take the True Void Sword away.”


Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Respecting the elderly and cherishing the young are the virtues of my generation. You are not young anymore, so you really shouldn’t be acting so violent. I will leave after taking the True Void Sword.”


While saying so, he boldly strode forward.


The expressions of the four Elders changed drastically. Although they did not seem to have moved, a sword suddenly appeared in each of their hands; then, flashing sword lights attacked Yang Kai from all directions.


None of them had used any fancy moves when attacking him. On the contrary, each move they made was only the simplest of forms. It was just that the terrifying Spirit Qi in their bodies was controlled so that every attack contained immense power.


All four of them were among the strongest Masters of this world, so it could be said that their combined strength was invincible; however, a scene that shocked them to the core appeared before them today. The hazy figure was completely unaffected by their attacks. Step by step, he slowly approached the True Void Sword. The space around him became distorted and warped. At the same time, all the attacks aimed at him were inexplicably extinguished.



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  1. “Since this Alchemy Flame could be used for Alchemy, it was only natural that it could also be used for Artifact Refining”

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      Yang Boy have been refining crude space artifacts for a century now (beacons and storage star beads), so making an ugly but functional storage ring that refiners have been making at Saint level is not strange.
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