Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4539, Divine Armament Bandit


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What the higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect were concerned about did not happen. The Sword Child of Vanishing Sword Mountain only stayed in Profound Pill City for two or three days before leaving.


When the news was relayed back, the Elders who had been extremely nervous all this while finally breathed a sigh of relief. They vaguely wondered if they had misunderstood Yang Kai. It seemed that the thief who stole the True Void Sword was not him. Nevertheless, who else in this world could achieve such a feat right under the noses of the Four Seasons Elders if it was not him?


Vanishing Sword Mountain went all out and pursued this matter for six whole years. They practically searched the entire Divine Armament World, but there was no sight of the True Void Sword. In the end, they could only give up on this endeavour. They withdrew most of their troops and left only a small group of people to continue the search. Be that as it may, they knew that too much time had passed since the initial disappearance. It was probably impossible to locate the True Void Sword after so long.


Therefore, theft of the True Void Sword became an unsolved mystery.


This incident supported the livelihoods of many storytellers in the teahouses and inns. A mysterious man had infiltrated Vanishing Sword Mountain during the night, challenged the Four Seasons Elders alone, and stole the True Void Sword. This story was retold countless times, the descriptions so detailed that it was almost as if they witnessed the incident with their own eyes.


Less than two years after the incident with Vanishing Sword Mountain finally subsided, another shocking news spread out across the world once more. The Azure Dragon Saber of the Tyrant Saber Sect had been stolen!


It was an eerily familiar tale; one of the Ten Great Sects was attacked and one of the Ten Great Divine Armaments stolen. Eight years later, theft of the Tyrant Saber Sect’s Azure Dragon Saber was practically identical to theft of Vanishing Sword Mountain’s True Void Sword.


Similarly, a mysterious person suddenly infiltrated the Tyrant Saber Sect Headquarters. His figure was ghostly and his methods were unpredictable. Ten of the Tyrant Saber Sect’s top Masters had joined forces to stop him, but they failed and the mysterious thief disappeared without a trace. In front of everybody’s eyes, both man and saber simply vanished out of sight!


The entire world was in an uproar again!


Due to the precedent of the True Void Sword being stolen, the Tyrant Saber Sect did not conceal any information about the incident. They immediately released the news about theft of the Azure Dragon Saber several days after it occurred, and at the same time, they asked the other Ten Great Sects in the Divine Armament World to help in the search.


The incident this time caused a bigger commotion than the last. The theft of the True Void Sword could be explained away by claiming that the mysterious man had deliberately retaliated against Vanishing Sword Mountain due to personal grievances; however, the Tyrant Saber Sect’s Azure Dragon Saber had also been stolen now. That was enough to arouse the vigilance of the other Ten Great Sects.


This sneaky thief seemed to be targeting the Divine Armaments. Thanks to precious experience, the other Ten Great Sects did not dare to take this matter lightly; after all, there was no saying whether the next one to suffer might be themselves.


For a time, the entire Divine Armament World became turbulent. Almost everybody was searching the whereabouts of the thief. Even Profound Pill Sect was no different.


Baili Yun Sang summoned the Elders for a secret meeting and strengthened the protection around the Medicine King Furnace. Intentionally or not, many of the Elders would repeatedly glance towards Yang Kai throughout their discussion, their actions annoying him greatly.


Despite several years of turmoil, the Azure Dragon Saber remained missing. Hence, the Tyrant Saber Sect had no choice but to give up on their search. Such a large-scale search required extreme amounts of manpower and resources that even the Tyrant Saber Sect could not afford forever. In the end, they had no choice but to accept the loss of the Azure Dragon Saber. It was the same decision that Vanishing Sword Mountain made last time.


A few years later, the Ru Yi Parasol of Flower Rain Palace was stolen…


After another nine years, the Ten Facets Demonic Shadow Spear of Cloud Moon Island was stolen…


Following another eight years, the Thunderbolt Staff of Azure Sea Pavilion was stolen…


For the entire Divine Armament World, these were turbulent and tumultuous times. The name ‘Divine Armament Bandit’ spread across the world. There was nobody who did not know the name. Moreover, the horrors associated with the name were so frightening that they were enough to make children cry at night.


According to the rumours, this person was ten metres tall. Not only was he a brutal and vicious man who employed extremely cruel methods, but his strength was also absolutely horrifying. Moreover, he only stole Divine Armaments. He came and went without a trace. No matter how many Masters were there or where the Divine Armaments were hidden, he would be able to locate the items and effortlessly steal them.


Vanishing Sword Mountain’s True Void Sword was the first to be pilfered. The Tyrant Saber Sect’s Azure Dragon Saber was the second. After those incidents, the other eight Sects with Divine Armaments became on guard.


When the Thunderbolt Staff of Azure Sea Pavilion was stolen, almost all the Spirit Realm Masters in Azure Sea Pavilion had gathered in their Restricted Area. It could be said they could not stop the Divine Armament Bandit despite giving their best efforts. In front of everybody’s eyes, the Thunderbolt Staff was stolen just like that. Not to mention, many people had been injured in the battle. The incident was regarded as a great humiliation for Azure Sea Pavilion.


Before the Ten Facets Demonic Shadow Spear was stolen, Cloud Moon Island had forged replicas of the Divine Armament. They spent enormous resources to forge three Spirit Armaments that were placed in three different Restricted Areas on Cloud Moon Island. Meanwhile, the Divine Armament Ten Facets Demonic Shadow Spear was secretly stored in a safe area and guarded by the three strongest Masters of the Sect.


However, the end result was that the three fake Spirit Armaments had been ignored. On the other hand, the genuine Divine Armament was stolen without anyone being wiser.


In a short span of several decades, five out of ten Divine Armaments had gone missing. The five Great Sects with the remaining five Divine Armaments were now in great danger. Seeing as nobody knew who the Divine Armament Bandit was going to target next, each of the five Great Sects couldn’t help feeling anxious.


Be that as it may, there was something that anybody with a discerning eye would have noticed over the years. The Divine Armament Bandit might have extraordinary means, but he had never killed before. All the Masters guarding the Divine Armaments had only been injured at most. Based on this alone, it could be seen that the Divine Armament Bandit was not as cruel as the rumours claimed.


In addition, there was a fixed pattern to the timing of this person’s appearance. He would appear once every seven to nine years, and the intervals never stretched for more than ten years. Nobody knew the reason behind this peculiarity. Nevertheless, this pattern could be confirmed by looking at the timing when the five Divine Armaments were previously stolen.


At present, seven years have passed since the Thunderbolt Staff was stolen. A quick calculation indicated that it was almost time for the Divine Armament Bandit to appear again; thus, the five Great Sects still in possession of their Divine Armaments immediately entered a state of anxiety. 


Even the five Great Sects that had their Divine Armaments stolen also dispatched their elites. Their troops were divided and sent to the other five Sects. The first reason was that they were asked by the five Sects to help protect the Divine Armaments. The other reason was that they wanted to use this chance to capture the elusive bastard who had stolen from them.


Be that as it may, those who had seen the strength of the thief knew that his means were far too mysterious. It was basically impossible for them to capture him. Their only wish was to figure out his identity. At the very least, they wanted to catch a glimpse of his true appearance.




Inside the secret room on Profound Pill Sect’s Limitless Peak, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged with his palms facing upward. He was holding a long staff with intricate patterns that was as tall as a person in his hands. The staff would flash with lightning from time to time. This was one of the Ten Great Divine Armaments, the Thunderbolt Staff, which he obtained from Azure Sea Pavilion seven years ago.


It had taken many years, but he finally refined the Thunderbolt Staff. There was only one step left to completion. Breathing out lightly, Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked around him.


This was a secret room that he created himself. There were more than a dozen layers of barriers and seals inside. Moreover, he was the only person allowed to enter this place. Even Yang Huai and Hua Rong who had served him for so many years or his Little Junior Sister Wan Ying Ying had no idea what was inside the secret room. If any outsider were to enter this place, they would surely scream in shock.


That was because the five Divine Armaments that had been missing from the Divine Armament World for many years were stored in this room. They were the True Void Sword, the Azure Dragon Saber, the Ru Yi Parasol, the Ten Facets Demonic Shadow Spear, and the Thunderbolt Staff! 


Each of the five Divine Armaments was wrapped in layers of barriers. There was no helping it. The Divine Armament naturally radiated the Grand Dao Divine Tone. Anybody with the opportunity could hear and comprehend the mysteries of the Grand Dao from these Divine Armaments if they were close enough and had the appropriate aptitude.


Over the years, countless Masters from other Sects visited both Profound Pill City and Profound Pill Sect. Somebody would have noticed something a long time ago if Yang Kai had not taken any precautions. A good example would be the Sword Child who wandered around in Profound Pill City. 


With the protection of so many barriers, even if Yang Kai could not isolate the Grand Dao Divine Tone completely, he could dampen it significantly. There would be no problems as long as nobody came too close to the Divine Armaments.


Yang Kai was not afraid of these so-called Masters as his current strength had already exceeded the limits of this world. With the power of his Dragon Vein and his comprehension of the Dao of Space, he could come and go freely even if he was facing the strongest enemies in the world.


It was just that Profound Pill Sect would surely be in trouble if news were to spread. Even Void Spirit Sword Sect that was under Profound Pill Sect would be unable to survive safely.


For the sake of Profound Pill Sect and Void Spirit Sword Sect, certain precautions had to be taken.


More than fifty years had passed since Yang Kai first arrived in the Divine Armament World. During this period, he refined six different Divine Armaments, but he never completed the final step to finish the refinement. He originally planned to gather all Ten Great Divine Armaments. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to give up on his plan after refining the Thunderbolt Staff.


That was because he could clearly sense the rejection force of the world during the process of refining the Divine Armaments over the years. As the number of Divine Armaments that he refined increased, the rejection force grew stronger in turn. At this moment, he was about to hit the limit.


If he went out to search for another Divine Armament to refine, the rejection force would immediately repel him out of the Divine Armament World. That was why he could no longer refine another Divine Armament. It could even be said that he could no longer guarantee whether he could finish refining the six Divine Armaments he already had at this rate.


After spending so many years, it was time for him to harvest his gains and depart this world. At the time, how many benefits he could gain would depend solely on luck.


At that thought, Yang Kai immediately stood up and left the secret room. Summoning Hua Rong over, he asked her about Profound Pill Sect’s current situation.


Hua Rong spoke truthfully.


The deadline for the Divine Armament Bandit’s appearance was quickly approaching, so the five Sects that lost their Divine Armaments previously had dispatched their elite members to help guard the Divine Armaments of the remaining five Sects.


Not only were the Spirit Realm Masters of Profound Pill Sect inside the Restricted Area of Profound Pill Sect, but the people from Vanishing Sword Mountain, Tyrant Saber Sect, and several others were also present. It could be said that both inside and outside the Restricted Area were guarded so tightly that not a drop of water could pass through!


Yang Kai pondered quietly for a moment. Under the current circumstances, it was practically impossible to enter the Restricted Area without being noticed. After thinking for some time though, he waved his hand to dismiss Hua Rong. At the same time, he asked her to summon Yang Huai over.


A short while later, Yang Huai stood in front of Yang Kai, cupped his fist, and spoke in a rumbling voice, “Sir!”


Yang Kai looked Yang Huai up and down, “Big guy, how long have you served me?”


Yang Huai quickly said, “It has been fifty-two years since you took me out of the Blood Warrior Hall, Sir.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Fifty-two years… You’re already reached the Ninth-Step Spirit Realm in that time.”


“It’s all thanks to you, Sir.”


“I have a task for you. It might be dangerous, but it shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you are careful.”


Just like fifty-two years ago when Yang Kai took Yang Huai out of the Blood Warrior Hall, Yang Huai cupped his fist and shouted, “I’m willing to die for you, Sir!”




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  1. He’s not loyal only because of he’s a blood warrior, he’s loyal because if it weren’t for Yang Kai, he would’ve been a bodyguard or wandering 2nd Heaven realm master somewhere. The change of life YK gave him is big.

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