Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4540, Catastrophe


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Having obtained the Divine Armament Sun Chasing Bow in the Divine Armament Tournament several decades ago, Grand Heavens Religion became one of the Ten Great Sects. The Sect had many talents and as many Masters as there were clouds in the sky; however, there were Spirit Realm Masters from the Sect and helpers from the other five Great Sects stationed both inside and outside the Restricted Area of Grand Heavens Religion at this moment. The defences were so tight that nothing could get past them.


Seven years had passed since the theft of the Thunderbolt Staff. A quick count of the years indicated that it would not be long before the elusive Divine Armament Bandit struck again. That was why none of the Spirit Realm Masters guarding the Restricted Area dared to slack off in the slightest. Every one of them had their vigilance raised to the maximum. In addition, they kept their eyes open wide to monitor the surroundings for any suspicious movement.


In the deepest part of the Restricted Area, the Religion Master of Grand Heavens Religion, Cao Kong, patrolled the area with the Left and Right Protectors. His gaze would land on the Divine Armament Sun Chasing Bow placed here from time to time. There was a faint anxiety burning away deep in his heart, as if he could sense that something big was about to occur.




The sharp sound of something slicing through the air suddenly came from the periphery of the Restricted Area. Cao Kong abruptly turned and looked in that direction. When he recognised the sound as a warning arrow released by the Masters in the Sect, his expression couldn’t help changing, “What is happening outside!?”


“I’ll go and take a look!” The Left Protector shouted before speeding off in that direction with a flicker of his body. A short while later, he reported back with a mixture of horror and excitement, “Religion Master, that person has appeared!”


Cao Kong’s eyes narrowed at those words, “The Divine Armament Bandit?”


“Yes!” Left Protector nodded heavily.


“He came after all!” Cao Kong drew in a sharp breath. Although he had expected this outcome, he couldn’t help feeling resentful. [There are five Sects that still have their Divine Armaments, why did the Divine Armament Bandit have to target Grand Heavens Religion? Does he think Grand Heavens Religion is easy prey!?] Pushing aside the distracting thoughts in his head, he anxiously asked, “How is the situation?”


The Left Protector revealed a hint of fear in his expression, “This person is very strong. His reputation is well deserved. Our Sect members are currently joining forces with the Masters from the other Sects to besiege him, but he has already incapacitated many of them.”


Cao Kong gasped. The only ones who could be stationed outside the Restricted Area were Spirit Realm Masters. The forces sent by the other five Sects were also outstanding Masters. Despite facing such a powerful line-up, the Divine Armament Bandit had taken out many of them in such a short time. It would seem that the strength of the Divine Armament Bandit was truly unfathomable.


The Left Protector added, “Sect Master, I’m afraid the forces outside will not be able to stop this person. He will slip past them sooner or later. Should we provide assistance?”


Cao Kong pondered for a while before he muttered to himself a little suspiciously, “It is rumoured that this person has ghostly Movement Skills. He can come and go without a trace. When he stole the Divine Armaments in the past, he never fought an extensive battle with the others. He basically left as soon as he obtained the Divine Armament. Why is he engaging in a big fight this time?”


In the middle of his monologue to himself, the realization hit him all of a sudden and he shouted, “A trap to lure the tiger from the mountain! He is trying to lure us away from this place to steal the Divine Armament! Relay the order! Nobody is allowed to move recklessly inside the Restricted Area! Guard the place strictly! Don’t even let a fly in!”


The Left Protector cupped his fists, “Yes!”


“Right Protector!” Cao Kong glanced at another person.


“This subordinate is here!”


“Hurry up and inform the other Sects! Inform them of the situation here and tell them that this is their only chance to capture the Divine Armament Bandit. If they fail to grasp this chance, it will be difficult for them to get another.”


The Right Protector immediately understood the Religion Master’s intentions and quickly replied, “This subordinate obeys!”


Turning around, he pushed his Spirit Qi and soared into the air.


Profound Pill Sect was not far from Grand Heavens Religion, only about an hour away if a Spirit Realm Master flew at full speed.


When the Grand Heavens Religion’s Right Protector personally entered Profound Pill Sect’s Restricted Area to report on the situation, the expressions of the Masters from the five Great Sects guarding the Medicine King Furnace stiffened in shock at the news.


Sect Master Ba Dao’s gaze burned brightly, “That thief has appeared at Grand Heavens Religion!?”


The Right Protector nodded, “Yes. The elites of each Sect are besieging him right now. The Religion Master ordered me to come and inform you of the situation.”


Sect Master Ba Dao shouted through gritted teeth, “Good! Very good! This Old Master has finally caught you by the tail!” Turning around, he shouted at the top of his voice, “Tyrant Saber Sect, hear my command! Come with me to aid Grand Heavens Religion! We’re going to capture that little thief who stole our Divine Armament!”


The other four Sects also rolled up their sleeves, wishing they could fly over to Grand Heavens Religion to teach that elusive bastard a lesson right this very moment.


The higher-ups at Profound Pill Sect glanced at each other before Baili Yun Sang declared, “Profound Pill Sect is also willing to help.”


Sect Master Ba Dao raised a hand to interrupt, “It’s best if Profound Pill Sect’s forces remain here. That thief has strange Movement Skills, so he might wheel around and come here when he sees that the situation at Grand Heavens Religion is disadvantageous for him. It’s best for this place to remain on guard. Fortunately, Grand Heavens Religion is not far from here. If anything happens, we will bring reinforcements as soon as possible.”


Baili Yun Sang nodded when he heard those words, “That’s true. In that case, I wish you all success and victory!”


Sect Master Ba Dao shouted, “We can’t afford to delay. We set off immediately!”


As soon as the words left his mouth, a large group of people soared into the sky and vanished out of sight in the blink of an eye.


Hua Rong stood on top of Limitless Peak and gazed in the direction where a large group of people was currently leaving. After they departed, she turned around and entered the hall. Bowing, she reported, “They left, Sir.”


Yang Kai was sitting in the main seat, and when he heard those words, he gently nodded and stood up, “Got it!”


As he strolled out of the hall, he turned to look in the direction of Profound Pill City.


Void Spirit Sword Sect had been developing steadily under the protection of Profound Pill Sect over the past few decades. Not only were there many Spirit Realm Masters in the Sect, but the Sect could also be considered a fairly powerful one in the Divine Armament World nowadays.


He had already made preparations for Void Spirit Sword Sect’s future before he sent Yang Huai into action. Void Spirit Sword Sect would continue to survive in this world even without his presence. With nothing to worry about, he moved swiftly.


“Eldest Senior Brother!” Wan Ying Ying was waiting outside. For some reason, she had the feeling that she would never meet Yang Kai again after today. Although he was clearly so close at hand, he felt so distant for some reason.


Yang Kai raised a hand to rub her head and smiled, “Cultivate well, and take good care of Honoured Master and the others.”


She opened her mouth, “Are you going somewhere, Eldest Senior Brother?”


He nodded, “I’m going on a long journey.”


“When will you return, Eldest Senior Brother?”


“I haven’t decided!” He shook his head and continued with a smile, “Perhaps, you’ll see me again as soon as you wake up.”


“Wake…” Before she could finish her sentence, her vision went dark and she limply fell unconscious.


Yang Kai handed her over to Hua Rong, “Take good care of her.”


Hua Rong took Wan Ying Ying and turned around to enter the hall.


The wind howled, causing Yang Kai’s clothes to flap around him. He looked in the direction of Profound Pill Sect’s Restricted Area and sighed softly to himself, “It’s time to end this!”


He pushed his Spirit Qi, and a humming sound suddenly came from somewhere on Limitless Peak. Immediately after that, five streams of light swept through the air and came to float behind him. These five objects that came in different shapes and sizes were a sword, a knife, an umbrella, a spear, and a staff. The Divine Armaments were crude and simple in terms of appearance. Their brilliance was not obvious. Without knowing the truth, nobody would have believed that these five plain objects were Divine Armaments.


There were only a total of ten Great Divine Armaments in the Divine Armament World. Any Sect that could obtain one of them would receive great blessings from the Heavens; however, there were five Divine Armaments gathered around one person at this moment. Such a sight was bound to cause anybody’s eyes to pop out of their sockets in shock if they witnessed it.


That was also the case in reality.


When Yang Kai activated his Space Principles and appeared in the Restricted Area of Profound Pill Sect, Baili Yun Sang and the Elders guarding the depths of the Restricted Area were dumbstruck by the sight. Every one of them was staring fixedly at Yang Kai and the five Divine Armaments behind him in shock. They couldn’t help feeling as though they were inside a dream.


“Greetings, Sect Master, Honoured Master, Elders!” Yang Kai cupped his fist in greeting.


Baili Yun Sang murmured in shock, “Martial Nephew, these objects behind you…”


On the other hand, Dan Cheng Zi jumped to his feet and scolded through gritted teeth, “I knew it was you, you damned brat! How dare you feign ignorance all these years!?”


Yang Kai apologised, “I’m sorry, Honoured Master. It was an important matter, and I couldn’t tell you.”


Wu Feng Hua’s gaze slowly became horrified, and he swallowed nervously, “Elder Yang, are those objects behind you the Divine Armaments that went missing several years ago?”


“Why ask when you have guessed the truth, Great Elder?”


The colour immediately drained from his face at those words.


Meanwhile, Yu Bo Yang slumped to the ground, “Disaster! This is a complete disaster!”


After hiding for decades, the Divine Armament Bandit who stirred up the entire Divine Armament World turned out to be one of their Sect’s Elders. The consequences would be horrifying if this information was spread to the public. The entire Divine Armament World would rally together to retaliate against them. Even Profound Pill Sect’s status as the top Alchemy Sect would not save them from destruction. This was truly a catastrophe!


Baili Yun Sang suddenly frowned and asked, “That can’t be. If the Divine Armaments are here with you, then the person at Grand Heavens Religion…”


“It’s Yang Huai!” Yang Kai replied.


“Yang Huai…” The group of people were dumbfounded once more.


Dan Cheng Zi was horrified, “Yang Huai is that powerful!?”


When the Right Protector of Grand Heavens Religion came to explain the situation, they had all been listening attentively. The ‘Divine Armament Bandit’ at Grand Heavens Religion had appeared and fought off countless Spirit Realm Masters alone. Not only did he not succumb to a disadvantageous situation, but he also injured many people in the confrontation; otherwise, Grand Heavens Religion would not have come to ask for support. With such strength, everybody immediately assumed that he was the real Divine Armament Bandit. Who could have known that it was just Yang Huai?


“What are you trying to do?” Baili Yun Sang looked at Yang Kai suspiciously.


“You will know what I’m trying to do soon.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.


While speaking, he flashed over to stand in front of the Medicine King Furnace. None of them managed to see how he moved, and by the time they recovered from their shock, he was already standing there.


Six Divine Armaments had been gathered in one place; an unprecedented sight never seen before in history. Even though they were filled with doubts and questions, the scene in front of them had rendered them speechless with shock.


Yang Kai took a light breath. Pushing his Spirit Qi to the maximum, he reached out to grab the Medicine King Furnace with his hands and quickly poured his Spirit Qi into it.


The Medicine King Furnace was the first Divine Armament Yang Kai refined in the Divine Armament World; moreover, it was a Divine Armament that was related to the Alchemic Dao. It was just that he did not dare to take the last step to fully refine the Medicine King Furnace during his ten-year retreat back then. After so many decades, it was no time to finish what he started.


Following the influx of his Spirit Qi, the Medicine King Furnace began to hum and flash with inexplicable brilliance.


It only took a moment before the Medicine King Furnace was completely refined. An inexplicable and indescribable connection suddenly flooded Yang Kai’s mind, giving him the illusion that he was resonating with the world itself. Under this perception, it felt as though the entire world was laid out in front of him and his perception expanded infinitely in an instant.


The Medicine King Furnace was part of the Divine Armament World’s Source Strength, so it was only natural for such bizarre reactions to occur now that it had been refined.




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