Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4541, Aren’t You Worried Your Stomach Might Explode


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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The Medicine King Furnace was completely refined!


Before Yang Kai could even begin to rejoice, a powerful rejection force suddenly came at him from all directions. The force was so strong that the space around him rumbled loudly. At the same time, his figure abruptly became hazy and indistinct. It was almost as though his very existence was now incompatible with the world.


This situation was within Yang Kai’s expectations, however, as he had noticed this phenomenon back when he first reached the final stages of refining the Medicine King Furnace. If not for that, he would not have stopped at such a critical moment to target the other Divine Armaments instead. Now that he had stolen the world’s Source Strength, the world could no longer accommodate his existence.


If this were to happen to a living creature of this world, they would definitely be punished by the world. They would either be extinguished on the spot or survive the catastrophe and escape this world; however, Yang Kai was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. The Divine Armament World could not do anything to him except kick him out of this world using its World Principles.


The higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect were stunned by the sight before them. Although nobody knew what Yang Kai had done, as what they saw had long exceeded the scope of their understanding, they could vaguely feel an enormous and overpowering Will descending and staring down on this small Restricted Area. The phenomenon left them trembling in fear, incapable of speech.


A shout reverberated across the room. Yang Kai desperately drew upon his Spirit Qi. His flesh wriggled when the power of his Dragon Vein was activated.


Over the years, his Dragon Vein had been stimulated greatly. It was mainly used to remove the drawbacks brought by cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Activating the Dragon Transformation Secret Art might not transform him into a 4,500 metres long behemoth now, but the Dragon Pressure permeated the air and lingered around his body to resist the rejection force of the world at this moment.


His slightly ethereal figure became more solid immediately after. Not daring to delay, Yang Kai hurriedly grabbed the True Void Sword and continued the refining process. In the blink of an eye, the True Void Sword was also completely refined by him.


Now that two Divine Armaments had been refined, the rejection force increased by several times. The force caused the skin all over his body to crack open. Drenched in blood, Yang Kai looked extremely terrifying. His figure that had solidified considerably became hazy once more, a sign that he was about to be kicked out of the world.


[I’m running out of time!] Gritting his teeth, Yang Kai grabbed the Ten Facets Demonic Shadow Spear and repeated the process! The World’s Will seemed to be enraged by his insatiable greed and lightning appeared out of nowhere, striking his body without warning.


A series of explosions rang out as Yang Kai’s skin split open and his flesh was torn apart. Soon, a strong smell of burnt flesh filled the air. When these strange occurrences took place, the higher-ups of Profound Pill Sect perceived that the situation was not looking good; thus, they quickly left the Restricted Area and monitored the situation with apprehensive concern.


Lightning flashed and thunder boomed inside the Restricted Area. The rage of the world made millions of living creatures frightened and uneasy. The situation in the sky was constantly changing as heavy dark clouds filled the air like a thick quilt, making the people feel suffocated.


The Ten Facets Demonic Shadow Spear was completely refined!


When Yang Kai tried to reach out and grab another Divine Armament however, his hand came up empty. His palm had become ethereal and disordered, almost as though he had no substance. The rejection force coming from all sides was so strong that he could no longer resist!


[I’m at my limit!] Yang Kai sighed in his heart. It had taken so many years for him to steal the five Divine Armaments and slowly refine them. Including the Medicine King Furnace, there were a total of six Divine Armaments. He never imagined that he could only refine three of them in the end, powerless to refine the other three.


In this way, he had wasted some 20 to 30 years’ worth of effort. Nevertheless, this was not a big deal. The flow of time in the Small Source World was different from the outside world. For his actual body, the time he wasted was not much.


He turned around to look at the world one last time, then his vision went hazy. The dizzying feeling of the world turning upside down washed over him and a series of unpredictable lights flashed across his vision. His consciousness was pulled out of the Small Source World at that moment.


By the time he recovered, Yang Kai found himself standing in the void with a strange vortex spinning slowly in front of him. He couldn’t help shaking his head. The memories of living in the Divine Armament World for several decades surged in his head, giving him a wonderful sense of reincarnation. At the same time, the memories of the past slowly emerged.


After some time, he finally recalled that this place was a Restricted Area in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven while the vortex in front of him was the entrance to the Divine Armament World. Back then, he had entered the Divine Armament World through this portal.


There was no time for Yang Kai to think about anything else as his expression suddenly became serious and he quickly sat down cross-legged. A powerful force poured into his Small Universe, one that enriched its heritage and foundation, allowing his Small Universe to expand and improve upon itself.


This force had no source and was seemingly born out of nothing. Nevertheless, Yang Kai knew that the force came from the Divine Armament World. He had refined three Divine Armaments, which was equivalent to obtaining 30% of the Divine Armament World’s Source. In other words, up to 30% of the Divine Armament World’s World Force had been injected into his Small Universe.


As this was a training experience, it was as if Yang Kai had obtained this force through diligent cultivation. There were no dangers or discomfort, and the force could perfectly integrate with his own Small Universe. The influx of the mighty force made his Small Universe tremble uncontrollably and even his Soul was shaken as a result.


A short while later, the situation gradually stabilised. An examination of his body revealed that his cultivation in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm had increased by a large margin. Although he had yet to reach the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, the improvement was more than what he would obtain through many years of intense cultivation.


Xu Ling Gong once mentioned that there were several shortcuts when cultivating in the Open Heaven Realm. Undergoing a training experience in a Small Source World was one of them. It would now seem that those claims were true. Entering the Divine Armament World had given Yang Kai such rewarding results. If he could enter several more times, it would be easy for him to advance into the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm.


[Becoming a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Son-In-Law sure is beneficial!] Yang Kai joyfully opened his eyes only to see a topless old man covered in scars standing in front of him, staring fixedly at him. Yang Kai did not know whether it was his imagination, but he sensed that the old man seemed to be slightly displeased with him and his expression was rather gloomy.


“Greetings, Ancestor!” He quickly bowed.


The person in front of him was an Eight-Order Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Master and the Ancestor who watched over the entrance of the Divine Armament World. Even Xu Ling Gong had to behave respectfully in front of this man. Yang Kai was no more than a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so naturally he did not dare to act arrogantly in front of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


“Quite a big harvest you got, brat!” The Supreme Elder spoke without emotion.


Not understanding the reason for the old man’s displeasure, Yang Kai simply answered truthfully, “It’s all thanks to you and Martial Uncle Xu, Ancestor.”


During their conversation, a stream of light rushed over from not far away and arrived nearby in the blink of an eye. It turned out to be Xu Ling Gong, who probably received a message from the Ancestor.


“You’re out?” Xu Ling Gong observed Yang Kai with a measuring gaze, “How was your harvest?”


“Many thanks for your concern, Martial Uncle Xu. My harvest was not bad,” Yang Kai replied with a smile.


The Supreme Elder coldly snorted, “It’s far better than ‘not bad’. The Divine Armament World lost 30% of its World Force in one go! I’ve never seen something like this before!”


Xu Ling Gong was absolutely shocked by the news, “30%!? Are you mistaken, Ancestor!?”


The Supreme Elder’s expression was so dark that he was practically dripping with gloom, “This Old Master has managed and watched over the Divine Armament World for millennia. How can I be mistaken about something like this? If you don’t believe me, you can check for yourself!”


Cold sweat oozed out of Xu Ling Gong’s forehead, and he gave a flattering smile, “Please calm yourself, Ancestor. This Junior simply spoke without thinking. There is no way you can be mistaken.” 


Then, he turned to glare at Yang Kai, “Smelly brat, did you refine three Divine Armaments!?”


Yang Kai immediately became guilty, “Uh… maybe?”


Although he did not understand the situation, he could sense that stealing 30% of the Divine Armament World’s World Force had displeased the Supreme Elder to a certain extent.


Xu Ling Gong slapped his forehead, “What… How bold and reckless! Are you not worried that your stomach might explode!?”


Yang Kai sniffed, “I’ve already refined them. You didn’t say I couldn’t refine three of them, Martial Uncle Xu.”


He did not dare to mention that he initially planned to refine six of the Divine Armaments as he was afraid that he would be killed on the spot!


Xu Ling Gong was a little speechless, “I never imagined that you would refine three of them! Most people would be sent back after refining one of the Divine Armaments. How did you do it?”


Yang Kai replied, “I obtained one of the Divine Armaments and refined it until only the very last step. Then, I collected a few more Divine Armaments and repeated the process. Lastly, I refined them all at the same time.”


“That’s possible?” Xu Ling Gong was dumbfounded.


The Supreme Elder snorted softly, “Not just anybody can do something like that. Do you know how strong the rejection force of the world is? Even if your method works, you won’t be able to refine many if you fail to resist the rejection force. To be able to refine three Divine Armaments is a testimony to your capabilities.”


“Many thanks for your praise, Ancestor!” Yang Kai humbly responded.


Xu Ling Gong asked with a frown, “Ancestor, does that mean that nobody can enter the Divine Armament World in the near future?”


The Supreme Elder shook his head, “I’m afraid not. Losing 30% of the World Force in one go is unprecedented. The Divine Armament World has suffered a heavy blow, so it will take at least 100 years for it to recover.”


Xu Ling Gong’s expression was stern, “100 years in the outside world is the same as 10,000 years inside the Divine Armament World.” He smacked his hand against the back of Yang Kai’s head, nearly sending him flying as he angrily scolded, “Look at the good deed you’ve done, brat!”


Yang Kai was silent, but he thought to himself, [How is it my fault? I didn’t know anything about the Divine Armament World before I entered. Only after entering the Divine Armament World did I slowly figure out what to do.]


In any case, it was true that he had enjoyed a huge harvest, so he could not refute anything, lest Xu Ling Gong became angry out of shame.


“Ancestor, this Disciple has a question!” Yang Kai cupped his fist.


Although the Supreme Elder was sullen, he knew that it was not Yang Kai’s fault; after all, nobody told Yang Kai that he could not refine several Divine Armaments. Upon hearing those words though, the Supreme Elder asked back, “Are you curious about what is happening inside the Divine Armament World after your departure?”


Yang Kai was astonished, “How did you know, Ancestor?”


The Supreme Elder snorted, “Every single person asks this question when they come out. It’s only natural to form some attachment to the world after living there for decades and even centuries. It is Human nature!” Pausing for a moment, he finally continued, “Instead of hearing it from this Old Master, you should witness the situation yourself.”


While saying so, he waved his arm lightly and the vortex in front of him suddenly displayed an image.


Yang Kai looked closely and saw that the image was of the scene of Profound Pill Sect’s Restricted Area. A figure was sitting down cross-legged inside the Restricted Area with a solemn expression. Upon a closer look, Yang Kai became shocked and exclaimed, “Isn’t… Isn’t that me!?”


The person in the Restricted Area was identical to him in terms of body shape, appearance, and temperament. There was no difference whatsoever.


“Why am I still there?” Yang Kai was filled with doubts.


Xu Ling Gong explained, “That’s because he is someone that existed in that world in the first place!”




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