Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4542, It is a Blessing Not a Curse


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“Existed in that world in the first place?” Frowning slightly, Yang Kai vaguely understood Xu Ling Gong’s meaning.


When he first entered the Divine Armament World, he had become the Eldest Senior Brother of Void Spirit Sword Sect in the blink of an eye. He was around 17 or 18 years old at that point. It was naturally impossible for someone like him to come out of nowhere. He must have truly existed.


After all, the entire Void Spirit Sword Sect had memories relating to him.


“But even so, why does that man resemble me completely in appearance and name?” Yang Kai was a bit confused.


Xu Ling Gong explained, “He may have had a different name and appearance before this, but since you have entered the Divine Armament World for training, the Divine Armament World naturally adjusted itself to you and prepared all kinds of information belonging to you. It is a fundamental adjustment so that anyone who knew him would not find you unusual.”


Yang Kai pondered, “In that case, does that mean that I have been inside of this person’s body all these years in the Divine Armament World?”


Xu Ling Gong nodded, “That is one way to see it, but it is not exactly like that. In any case, Small Source Worlds are strange and unique places. You will get used to it when you come to train a few more times.”


Yang Kai nodded in understanding, then he turned his gaze to the scene in the vortex.


The Yang Kai over there was a pre-existing being, so he would naturally stay behind once he left. Thanks to him worrying over how Void Spirit Sword Sect would fare once he left the Divine Armament World, Yang Kai had prepared many fallback plans.


But now, it seems like his worries had all been unnecessary.


Time flowed differently in the Divine Armament World than in the outside world, and the difference was huge. Yang Kai had only been thinking for a moment, but much had happened in that time.


Profound Pill Sect’s higher-ups had poured into the Restricted Area, but there was no sign of any Divine Armaments. Not only the five Divine Armaments that Yang Kai brought in disappeared, but even the Medicine King Furnace that was originally placed there was gone.


Naturally, everyone was shocked.


But soon, the Grand Heavens Religion and several other Sects that possessed Divine Armaments sent news that the Divine Armaments in their control had all disappeared at almost the same time.


Half a day later, a Heavenly phenomenon appeared. Ten streams of light fell across the world, each one emitting the aura of a Divine Armament.


It was then that the inhabitants of the Divine Armament World realized that a new Divine Armament Tournament was about to begin.


This was something that had never happened before. The Divine Armament Tournament occurred once every hundred years, and it had only been around fifty years since the last one.


Despite not understanding why such changes would come about, every Divine Armament Tournament was a sweeping event that affected the course of the entire world. Every Sect that was strong enough to join the fight would come out to fight for the blessings of their Sect’s next 100 years of progression.


Naturally, the same was true for Profound Pill Sect. Yang Kai saw the group of Spirit Grade Alchemists and Spirit Realm Masters from Profound Pill Sect that he led fly out in the swirling image to compete with the other great Alchemy Sects. Uniting their power, they fought against the other great Sects and eventually took back the Medicine King Furnace!


After that, they fought to snatch up the Divine Armament Ten Facets Demonic Shadow Spear without even a pause in between.


They were not targeting this particular Divine Armament for any particular reason; rather, it was just in close proximity to them.


This move seemed to have stirred up the hornet’s nest. Profound Pill Sect had always been a Sect that was focused on Alchemy, so even if they fought in the Divine Armament Tournament, they were only there to compete for the Medicine King Furnace; after all, it contained the secrets of the Alchemic Dao, so it was not very useful for the other Sects even if they got their hands on it.


However, this time, Profound Pill Sect’s accomplishments in the Alchemic Dao had greatly improved, so the result of the fight for the Medicine King Furnace was decided early, leaving it with enough time to participate in the other ongoing battles.


The many other great forces who were fighting for the Ten Facets Demonic Shadow Spear could not tolerate such behaviour, so practically all of them joined hands to attack Profound Pill Sect in an effort to get them to back off.


However, Profound Pill Sect’s achievements in the Alchemic Dao were not all that had improved markedly under Yang Kai’s guidance. Their overall strength had risen by several levels, too.


Especially the two guards who had been by Yang Kai’s side all these years. Yang Huai and Hua Rong, who had strength on par with a hundred Masters all on their own, not to mention the fact that there was also ‘Yang Kai’ there to show his face personally.


A fierce battle went on until the sky turned murky and the earth turned dark, and until both the sun and moon had lost their light.


Finally, the Ten Facets Demonic Shadow Spear was seized by Profound Pill Sect!


Naturally, Profound Pill Sect were the greatest winners of this tournament. Not only did they regain the Medicine King Furnace, they were also able to take home the Ten Facets Demonic Shadow Spear. Throughout history, this was the first time that a single great force was able to make away with two different Divine Armaments.


The power of Profound Pill Sect shocked the world, even more so the powers of Yang Kai and his two subordinates.


They never imagined that a Sect that was supposedly only known for their Alchemy would be so strong, and Yang Kai himself was revered as the strongest under the Heavens!


“Just like leaving a Soul Clone behind in the Divine Armament World, it can exert as much power as you have cultivated in the Divine Armament World,” Xu Ling Gong explained while pointing to Yang Kai’s figure that was reflected in the vortex.


Yang Kai grinned, “In that case, I can rest assured.”


He did notice this fact when he was watching the fight earlier, as it was just like watching his Soul Clone exert the same powers he had cultivated in the Divine Armament World. Otherwise, it would be impossible for ‘him’ to be so invincible.


“The lifespan of the beings in the Divine Armament World is not great, and even the most outstanding ones live only a few hundred years. Naturally, as a native of the Divine Armament World, your Soul Clone is also not free from these shackles. In a few hundred years, no matter his cultivation, he will eventually die.” Xu Ling Gong sighed, seemingly filled with some emotion.


“Several hundred is enough.” Yang Kai nodded his head. If he could protect Void Spirit Sword Sect and Profound Pill Sect for several centuries, then his efforts would not have been in vain. There were no Sects that remained prosperous forever, and there was no need for him to think about how Profound Pill Sect and Void Spirit Sword Sect would fare in a few hundred or thousand years.


“Let’s go,” Xu Ling Gong called out to him, “you will eventually come upon the opportunity to enter another Small Source World, so you can take this as a learning experience.”


After bidding the Supreme Elder goodbye, the pair sped off on their way.


Yang Kai followed by Xu Ling Gong’s side and asked, “Martial Uncle Xu, didn’t you say before that there were three Small Source Worlds in Yin-Yang Heaven…”


“Don’t even think about it!” Xu Ling Gong glared at him, “You took away 30% of the Divine Armament World’s World Force after entering it once, are those benefits still not enough for you!? Do you want to ruin the other two as well!?”


Yang Kai scratched his nose embarrassedly, “I was just asking. Martial Uncle Xu need not be so angry.”


Xu Ling Gong coldly snorted and remembered that Yang Kai was still Yin-Yang Heaven’s Son-in-law and the future husband of his treasured Disciple, so he could not help but say, “It is not that this King does not wish to let you enter the other two Small Source Worlds, but they are not as high-level as the Divine Armament World. Small Source Worlds are also separated into different ranks. You can get a lot of benefits by entering and training in the Divine Armament World, but the other Small Source Worlds won’t give you much no matter how hard you train; instead, you will be taking up the places of other Yin-Yang Heaven disciples. For Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, the losses are not worth the gains.”


Yang Kai nodded in understanding, “Are the Small Source World also separated into High, Mid, and Low ranks, just like World Fruits?”


“Yes, you can say that, so you better know how to be grateful.” Xu Ling Gong nodded.


Yang Kai cupped his fist, “No matter what, I must give my thanks to Martial Uncle Xu for granting me this opportunity.”


If not for Xu Ling Gong, then he might not have been able to enter the Divine Armament World and gain such great benefits. He was also a little apologetic to have severely damaged the foundation of the Divine Armament World.


“You are Qu’er’s future Husband, so it is only natural that I would treat you well; otherwise, Qu’er will become condemned to the life of a widow if you were to be killed off outside.” Xu Ling Gong waved his hand generously.


“How is Senior Sister Qu doing now?”


Xu Ling Gong coldly snorted, “She has only been confined so that she may cultivate in a quiet environment, so what do you think? It is for her benefit too. Her foundation is not stable since she has just advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Even if she were not punished in this way, she would still need time to stabilize her foundation. In any case, it is only 100 years. For Open Heaven Realm cultivators like us, it is no more than the snap of one’s fingers, so don’t worry about it. What’s more, her Senior Brother Qing and Senior Sister Su will take good care of her.”


“Then I can rest assured.” Yang Kai nodded, “Now that this is over, I should also be returning. I will come again to visit Senior Sister in a century.”


“Why are you in such a hurry to leave?” Xu Ling Gong stopped him, “Have you forgotten what mess you caused on the Prison Star? You will surely die if you leave like this.”


Yang Kai blinked. Even though it had only been just a short month in the outside world, he had spent many decades training in the Divine Armament World. Many of the memories he had were just like those of a past life. Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai finally recalled, “Thousand Cranes Paradise?”


Xu Ling Gong grunted, “Do you really think that Thousand Cranes Paradise will let you go after you beat Zhao Xing to death on the Prison Star?”


Yang Kai sighed, “Naturally I do not. But it is a blessing, not a curse, and even if it were a curse, it cannot be avoided.”


“It is for the best that you understand that; after all, Zhao Xing was a Core Disciple of Thousand Cranes Paradise. He was expected to advance into the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the future, and he had only broken through to the Sixth-Order less than 100 years before dying at your hands. One could say that Thousand Cranes Paradise has become incensed after this situation. You must know that anyone who can advance into the Sixth-Order directly is a rare talent, even for the Cave Heavens and Paradises. Only one appears maybe every 1,000 years or so.”


“Yes, I am aware.”


“If it were any ordinary Disciple, then it would not have mattered for them. The rules of my Yin-Yang Heaven’s Dao Theory Assembly were public knowledge, and Thousand Cranes Paradise is more or less still concerned about their face. Right now, the reason that Thousand Cranes Paradise is enduring this grudge is because they do not wish to sour relations with my Yin-Yang Cave Heaven; however, if you leave by yourself, Thousand Cranes Paradise will definitely make a move. With their abilities, it will not be a difficult matter for them to get rid of you without anyone knowing. When that happens, there is nothing our Yin-Yang Cave Heaven can say, either.”


“But this Junior cannot hide in Yin-Yang Heaven forever.”


“Wait a few days. I will arrange for someone to send you out.”


Yang Kai pondered about it but did not refuse his good intentions and just cupped his fist, “Then I shall trouble you, Martial Uncle Xu.”


After Yang Kai returned to his temporary residence, Hui Gu immediately came up to greet him, “Sir!”


Yang Kai was slightly taken aback. Only then did he remember how he had subordinated Hui Gu using the Loyalty List during the Dao Theory Assembly on the Prison Star, and also used his power to kill many prisoners.


The several dozen years of training that he went through in the Divine Armament World felt as though he had lived another lifetime, leaving him disoriented about events that took place only days ago in the outside world. So much had happened that everything now seemed a bit surreal.




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