Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4543, Zuo Quan Hui

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Qing Kui had specially come to congratulate him when he learned of Yang Kai’s return from the Divine Armament World, and even brought a lot of good wine with him.


The two of them chatted up a storm over drinks, having a good time.


Qing Kui was envious that Yang Kai was able to refine 30% of the Divine Armament World’s World Force. He had also entered the Divine Armament World a long time ago, so he naturally knew about the situation inside the Small Source World. However, like all the other Yin-Yang Cave Heaven disciples over the ages, he was only able to refine 10% of its Source Strength.


It was not that he did not wish to refine 30% of its power, but rather, he could not.


The Ten Great Divine Armaments were manifestations of the World’s Source. Once refined, one would be repelled from the world, and forcibly staying was a difficult task.


“While you were in the Divine Armament World, Honoured Master personally visited Thousand Cranes Paradise to talk about Zhao Xing’s matter. However, Thousand Cranes Paradise kept an ambiguous attitude, and it seems like they will not be letting the matter go so simply. You should be wary in the future,” Qing Kui warned Yang Kai lightly while draining the wine in his cup.


“I know. Martial Uncle Xu has already told me about this.”


Qing Kui sighed, “In fact, you shouldn’t be blamed for this matter. It was Zhao Xing who first picked a fight with you on the Prison Star. He intended to kill you for glory, so as far as I’m concerned, he inflicted this misfortune upon himself. Regardless, he’s dead, and Thousand Cranes Paradise will surely argue for an explanation. Fortunately, my Yin-Yang Cave Heaven is no pushover, so Thousand Cranes Paradise won’t be able to take any overt actions. Remember though, a spear in the light is easily avoided, but an arrow in the dark may not be so. Nothing so far has indicated they won’t use hidden means to attack you. These old foxes have lived for countless years, after all, so none of them are easy to deal with.”


“Many thanks, Senior Brother Qing, for worrying about me. I will definitely be careful in the future.” Yang Kai nodded.


A few days later, a great ship slowly sailed out from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. Two flags flew high, carrying the characters Yin and Yang, the signboard of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


Other than the cultivators atop the great ship, there were Yang Kai and Hui Gu, the Master and Servant duo.


At the bow of the ship, Yang Kai cupped his fist, “Martial Uncle Xu, I will be off now.”


Xu Ling Gong stood with his hands behind his back and nodded lightly, “Go. Cultivate well when you return to the Void Land, avoid going out without reason and do your best to advance into the Seventh-Order as soon as possible. If you encounter any troubles, then you can get someone to send a message over, and this Monarch will help you.”


“Many thanks, Martial Uncle Xu!”


Yang Kai also turned to Qing Kui and Su Ying Yue, “Senior Brother Qing, Senior Brother Su, I leave Senior Sister Qu under your care.”


Qing Kui grinned, “Rest assured, we will not let Qu’er suffer any grievances.”


“The green mountains will remain…”


“Hurry up and shut up. Shoo shoo!” Xu Ling Gong waved his hands impatiently.


Yang Kai coughed, “Farewell!”


The great ship set out slowly, but in a moment, it sped up, sailing as swiftly as the wind. It was so quick that in just several hours, they had already arrived at Yin-Yang Territory’s Territory Gate.


A dazzling layer of light enveloped the great ship, resisting the shock and vibrations from the warping of space as they passed through the gate. When Yang Kai regained his senses, the great ship had already left the Yin-Yang Territory.


Of course, there were other cultivators on the ship to operate it, so Yang Kai did not need to worry about anything. He just stood on the deck, silently cultivating. Entering his consciousness, he checked on the benefits he gained from the Divine Armament World.


In the Small Universe that existed within each Open Heaven Realm Master was one’s Dao Essence that had been accumulated throughout their lives. In the process of advancing into the Open Heaven Realm, a cultivator’s Dao Seal would disintegrate and dissolve into their Small Universe, and the Dao Seal was the condensed existence of a cultivator’s own Grand Dao.


It could be said that a cultivator’s Grand Dao had completely merged into their Small Universe through this process.


The most fundamental part of Yang Kai’s Small Universe was the Dao of Space. Other than that, there was the Alchemic Dao, Spear Dao, Sword Dao, and so on.


Right now, he was very conscious of the fact that something extra had appeared in his Small Universe. The Dao Essence of the Alchemic Dao and the Spear Dao was much more condensed, but the most significant change was to his Sword Dao Essence.


This was obviously a result he gained from his time in the Divine Armament World. He was able to refine the Medicine King Furnace, the Ten Facets Demonic Shadow Spear, and the True Void Sword, three great Divine Armaments which represented separate Grand Dao had naturally been integrated into his Small Universe.


Not only had the heritage of his Small Universe been strengthened, but even his Dao Essence had been condensed.


If there were living beings existing within his Small Universe, then they would have the opportunity to explore the mysteries of the Grand Dao through the perception and study of these Dao Essences, which would allow them to gain speedy developments in the Alchemic Dao, Sword Dao, and Spear Dao.


However, though Yang Kai’s Small Universe had been brought from ethereal to corporeal, no different from a true High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master’s, he did not intend to place any living beings inside. Even though his cultivation was not bad, there were still differences between him and a true High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. If he encountered a strong enemy, his Small Universe could be shaken.


If disturbed to a certain extent, the beings living inside of that Small Universe would definitely be affected as well, and in that situation, it would be no less than a natural disaster for them.


And it was because of this consideration that even true High-Rank Open Heaven Realm cultivators seldom placed living beings in their Small Universes, even though they knew that the existence of such living beings inside of their Small Universe would help to strengthen its heritage and enhance the World Force.


Only those High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who had great confidence in their own strength, or those who do not care about the lives of ordinary beings, would recklessly choose to raise beings in their Small Universes.


While investigating, Yang Kai suddenly frowned and raised his eyes in a certain direction.


What he saw was a ship floating silently in the void. On the deck were two figures, one behind the other, looking in his direction with sharp, piercing gazes.


Even from a great distance, Yang Kai could feel the deep-seated hatred engraved in their eyes!


Yang Kai’s pupils shrank slightly.


“Sir!” Hui Gu had also noticed the unusual situation and quickly moved over, “We have no idea who they are, but they seem to be very hostile towards us.”


Yang Kai was indifferent, “That man is an Inner Elder of Thousand Cranes Paradise, Zuo Quan Hui!”


Hui Gu was shocked, “An Inner Elder of Thousand Cranes Paradise!?”


Any Inner Elder from a Paradise or Cave Heaven was a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. Coming to his senses, Hui Gu asked, “Sir, is this the same man who brought Zhao Xing, the one whom Sir killed on the Prison Star?”


“En.” Yang Kai nodded.


Because of Yang Kai’s interference, each Cave Heaven and Paradise was forced to send their Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm disciples into the Dao Theory Assembly, and Zhao Xing was the representative from Thousand Cranes Paradise. In the end, he was killed on the Prison Star by Yang Kai.


Zuo Quan Hui was Zhao Xing’s Honoured Master, so how could he rest easy knowing that his Disciple died a miserable death at the hands of another? Once the Dao Theory Assembly ended, he wanted to attack Yang Kai to take revenge for his Disciple’s death but was stopped by Xu Ling Gong. Helpless, he had no choice but simply to leave with Zhao Xing’s corpse.


According to Qing Kui, Xu Ling Gong had specially taken a trip to Thousand Cranes Paradise for that matter, but Thousand Cranes Paradise showed an ambiguous stance.


However, Yang Kai did not expect Zuo Quan Hui to actually be waiting here!


As a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, Zuo Quan Hui was not an opponent Yang Kai could defeat, though escaping should be no problem. As such, he did not panic even after seeing Zuo Quan Hui.


What’s more, this great ship flew Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s banner, so if Zuo Quan Hui dared to attack him, it would be the same as smashing Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s signboard, which would trigger Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s people to try to settle accounts with him.


Obviously, as an Inner Elder of Thousand Cranes Paradise, this point was still clear to him.


Facts proved that Zuo Quan Hui was not a reckless man. Though he had been waiting here, even after seeing Yang Kai, he showed no intention to attack. Only, the murderous look in his eyes was exceptionally intense. He was staring so intently at Yang Kai that he almost seemed to want to stare him to death.


A few moments later, they each disappeared from each other’s view.


Hui Gu heaved a sigh of relief.


On Thousand Cranes Paradise’s ship, Zuo Quan Hui shut his eyes, and his face twisted into a somewhat grim look.


“Honoured Master, are we just letting him go?” The woman who had been standing behind him this whole time asked. This woman did not show up at the Dao Theory Assembly, but her aura, which she had unconsciously been releasing, indicated she was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


“If I do not let him go, do you expect me to force him to stay?” Zuo Quan Hui took a deep breath and barked through gritted teeth, “Xu Ling Gong, that old fart is too much! He must have suspected that this Monarch would be waiting here for that brat, so he sent him off on a damn Yin-Yang Cave Heaven ship. If I make a move here, then I will be waging war against Yin-Yang Cave Heaven!”


“Does that mean that we can never get vengeance for Junior Brother Zhao?” The woman was reluctant to accept this result.


Zuo Quan Hui coldly snorted, “This grudge is absolutely irreconcilable, so there is no way I will let it be just like that. Xu Ling Gong can protect him now, but he will not be able to do so forever. Come, let us return to the Sect.”


Turning around, he walked into the cabin.


The woman stood on the deck, looking in the direction where Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s ship left with hatred in her eyes. Only after a long time did she finally stomp away.


After ordering Hui Gu to stay and keep watch on deck, Yang Kai returned to his cabin to cultivate and refine some Open Heaven Pills.


Despite knowing that Zuo Quan Hui would not be so reckless as to dare make a move against Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s ship, Yang Kai couldn’t afford to be careless. Who knew whether that old man would become overwhelmed with hatred and do something rash?


Fortunately, as a Thousand Cranes Paradise Inner Elder, Zuo Quan Hui was also bound by all sorts of rules and would not take the risk to provoke an existence as great as Yin-Yang Cave Heaven alone. So, he did not take any action at all, and had long disappeared out of sight.


Cultivation in the Open Heaven Realm was a matter of perseverance. Even though Yang Kai had gained huge benefits in the Divine Armament World and increased his strength greatly, he did not simply rest on his laurels and continued to refine many Open Heaven Pills on the journey back.


After a short period of time, he finally returned to Void Territory.


When they received news of his return, everyone in Void Territory came to greet him.


Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s ship did not linger for long, leaving as soon as it sent Yang Kai safely back to Void Land. Even though Yang Kai tried to get them to stay, they were under orders from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven to not remain a moment longer than necessary.


Yang Kai had no choice but to prepare some gifts for them and then see them off.


Half a day later, in the Main Conference Hall, everyone was gathered.


Yang Kai sat boldly and uninhibitedly in the head position, looking out at the masses before him with a gratified look on his face.


When he thought back to the time when he first took over Void Land, there were only a handful of Open Heaven Realm Masters around him, but now, just Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were plentiful.


The Proprietress Lan You Ruo, Yue He, Mo Mei, the three Mountain Lords from Profound Yang Mountain that he recruited from Shadowless Cave Heaven, Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya. There were also the two Island Masters who submitted to him on Twin Spirit Island, the couple Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan, and now, there was the new Hui Gu.


There were a total of 9! And that was without counting Yang Kai himself. If he were counted among them, then there would be 10 of them!


There were some 20 cultivators in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm as well. Lu Xue, Pang Duo, Gong Yang Xi, Mu Qian Xuan, Jin Yuan Lang, Fan Wu Xin, as well as others who came from Abundance City and the Shadowless Cave Heaven.


The ones in the Fourth-Order were even more difficult to count.


Right now, the Void Land could be said to be full of talents!



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