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Martial Peak – Chapter 4544, Lu Jing Visits

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Compared to other great forces, the ratio of Open Heaven Realm Masters present in each Order was quite abnormal.


A heritage of 10 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters was not considered weak even considering the entire 3,000 Worlds. In fact, excluding the Cave Heavens and Paradises, Void Land could be said to be a top great force now.


However, if a great force had 9 Sixth-Order Masters, then there would generally be at least 100 Fifth-Order Masters, or even more; however, Void Land only had around 20 or 30.


The root of all this is that all of the Open Heaven Realm members had entered Void Land halfway through and were not cultivated by Void Land itself, which threw the ratio out of balance.


However, this was not a big deal. The cultivators who could sit here, regardless of their origins and previous state of cultivation, were loyal to Void Land.


News of Yang Kai’s travel to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven to participate in the Dao Theory Assembly and subsequently becoming its champion had long spread to the 3,000 Worlds, so Void Land had naturally heard about it, too.


At the moment, Yang Kai had no idea whether to laugh or cry as he was surrounded by congratulations from all directions.


Before going to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, he never expected things to come to this either; however, what happened happened, and no matter what, he was now a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven son-in-law.


Yang Kai also introduced Hui Gu to everyone, and they all welcomed him warmly.


Hui Gu felt a little flattered as to be honest, he never thought that Void Land would have such a strong heritage before he arrived here. He was especially surprised by the number of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like him.


Without even mentioning the many Fifth-Order and Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters sitting in the Main Hall, Hui Gu could vaguely feel an aura coming from somewhere deep in Void Land that made his heart clench tight.


The aura was certainly hidden and obscure, but its occasional fluctuation made it impossible to ignore.


This Void Land had to be much more than what he could perceive! There may be more powerful forces hidden inside. However, now was not the time to be asking questions. Since he had already come to Void Land with Yang Kai, he could slowly figure it out in the future.


He suddenly felt as if he had found an amazing boss…


“This time, I won the Dao Theory Assembly, but I also got into a bit of trouble.” Yang Kai looked at the crowd below, “During the Dao Theory Assembly, I beat one of Thousand Cranes Paradise’s disciples to death.”


Everyone was shocked to hear that.


They had already known that Yang Kai was able to win the competition, but they did not learn much else besides that. It was only now that they realized what explosive things had happened during the events of the Dao Theory Assembly.


The corner of Old Bai’s eye twitched as he asked, “What Order was that man’s cultivation, and what was his position in Thousand Cranes Paradise?”


Yang Kai glanced at him and scratched his nose awkwardly, “Sixth-Order Open Heaven. In terms of position… similar to Qu Hua Shang from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.”


Old Bai sucked in a breath of cold air.


Yue He also frowned, “That sounds like big trouble.” 


Suddenly thinking of something, she looked up at Yang Kai, “Is it because of this reason that Yin-Yang Cave Heaven escorted Young Master home?”


Yang Kai nodded sincerely, “During my return, we bumped into a Thousand Cranes Paradise Elder. If not for Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s signboard, then I’m afraid he would have made his move right then and there.”


Yue He was thoughtful, “Since that man is an Elder of Thousand Cranes Paradise, then he would not dare to take the risk of offending Yin-Yang Cave Heaven openly, which was why he held back. However, according to this situation, that man will surely not give up there.”


Mo Mei chimed in, “Did Yin-Yang Cave Heaven not say anything? The Dao Theory Assembly was held by them after all. They would be held responsible if anything were to happen.”


“Senior Sister Qu’s Honoured Master, Xu Ling Gong, personally went to Thousand Cranes Paradise to negotiate, but the latter did not give their clear opinion on the matter.”


“In any case, it would be best if Thousand Cranes Paradise is willing to let the matter go; otherwise, there are troops for the enemy, and earth for floods!” Yang Kai waved his hand, “I’m merely telling you this so that you may all be more careful in the future. Don’t be taken advantage of by some unscrupulous people!”


With the current power of Void Land, there was little need for them to worry. They had two mature Divine Spirits to watch over them, and they were also protected by the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array. Unless Thousand Cranes Paradise was willing to mobilize several Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, it would be impossible for them to do anything to Void Land directly. Heavenly Sword Union that led the Hundred Sects Alliance was proof of that.


Everyone cupped their fists, “Yes!”


Yang Kai then turned his head to Old Bai, “How is Proprietress doing now? Have you heard anything?”


Old Bai shook his head, “She is still in retreat. Advancing to the Seventh-Order cannot be achieved overnight.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Pay close attention to any changes in her situation. If there is news, contact me immediately.”


Old Bai grinned, “Will do.”


“Good, everyone disperse. Go and attend to your own matters. Second Manager, arrange Hui Gu’s accommodations.”


Bian Yu Qing immediately stood up and answered, “Yes!”


Void Land was not small now, but Yang Kai still had little to manage as Bian Yu Qing was taking care of everything. However, this delayed her cultivation efforts a lot. Among those who came here from the Star Boundary, many of the peak Emperor Realm Masters had already condensed their Dao Seals and begun refining resources of the various Orders to make preparations for advancing to the Open Heaven Realm. However, Bian Yu Qing had not even been able to condense her Dao Seal yet.


She had sacrificed a lot for the sake of Void Land.


However, Yang Kai had his own arrangements for her, and he would naturally not neglect her. With the Divine Dao Water, ensuring her future of advancing directly into the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm would be no problem.


After returning to Void Land, Yang Kai had been living a comfortable and peaceful life. Besides refining Open Heaven Pills and some other cultivation resources each day, he would either play chess with Bi Xi or walk around the Star City.


Void Territory’s Star City was now famous all over the 3,000 Worlds, and the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was always in high demand. After all, this pill could raise the success rate of a cultivator advancing into the Open Heaven Realm. Any cultivator with a bit of wealth would want to acquire such a pill; however, the only ones who could refine the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill in this world was Void Land.


The other great forces could not refine this pill even if they got the pill recipe, but this couldn’t be helped as its primary ingredient, World Source Liquid, was too rare. This was something that was created only at the birth of a new world, and in the 3,000 Worlds, which Universe World was newly formed?


The Star City brought great wealth to Void Land, which was enough to supply the cultivation needs of its many disciples. The only problem faced by Void Land was the difficulty in finding Yin and Yang Element treasures for advancing into the Sixth-Order.


These two items were rare resources even for the major Cave Heavens and Paradises, so finding them was extremely difficult. Even though Void Land was not short of money, it had not been able to buy many of these resources over the years.


However, the Great Emperors who came from the Star Boundary, as well as Yang Kai’s Wives, all needed these Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element treasures in order to advance into the Open Heaven Realm. Without these, they could not advance.


Currently, the Star City’s top priority was to acquire these Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element treasures in order to ensure a smooth advancement for the Great Emperors.


While Yang Kai was having a headache over this matter, thinking about where he was going to find these resources, he received a piece of good news.


Gathering Yuan Union’s Lu Jing had come to visit!


According to their deal, Lu Jing followed Yang Kai during the Dao Theory Assembly for protection, which allowed him to return safely from the Prison Star. Otherwise, with Lu Jing’s Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation, it was uncertain whether or not he would have survived in that harsh environment.


Before entering the Prison Star, Lu Jing had agreed to pay Yang Kai with a Sixth-Order Yang Element treasure as a reward for keeping him safe.


After the Dao Theory Assembly, Lu Jing returned alongside his Elders to Gathering Yuan Union’s Great Territory, and after much time had passed, he received no news from him. Yang Kai even thought that this guy was going to go back on his word.


Yang Kai never expected Lu Jing to visit in person on this day. It seemed like even though this guy’s cultivation was not very high, he was still a man of integrity.


But upon further thought, Yang Kai realized that this was not strange. Gathering Yuan Union was a mercantile alliance, with merchant ships that did business with many forces across the 3,000 Worlds. As merchants, trust was their greatest commodity, so they would never renege on their debts.


Lu Jing was flattered that Yang Kai received him personally.


In the reception hall, Lu Jing handed over a jade box, “Senior Brother Yang, here is the Purple Yang Jade, a Sixth-Order Yang Elements treasure. Please accept it as this Little Brother’s thanks to Senior Brother for the care he received on the Prison Star.”


Yang Kai did not stand on ceremony and reached out to accept it with a smile, “Brother Lu is too polite. What I did on the Prison Star was just a simple thing.”


Lu Jing responded, “To Senior Brother Yang it may just be a small effort, but to me, it is a life-saving grace. The Masters on the Prison Star were as plentiful as the clouds. A petty Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like me would hardly have survived without Senior Brother Yang’s care!”


Yang Kai laughed, “Brother Lu does not have to be so modest. Even though the Prison Star was dangerous, it was not so perilous that a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could not survive. Brother Lu is so generous, so obviously, Brother Lu has a high status in Gathering Yuan Union, right?”


Lu Jing smiled proudly, “Currently, the Union Master of Gathering Yuan Union is my Father!”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “I had guessed as much, but why has Brother Lu only achieved a trivial Fourth-Order with such a background?”


Lu Jing laughed bitterly, “Financial power is not everything. My aptitude was not high, so even reaching the Fourth-Order now has taken my Father a lot of energy and resources. Otherwise, with my aptitude, we would be thanking the Heavens even if I could reach the Third-Order.”


With some thought, it did seem to be so. The most important part that decided one’s initial Order in the Open Heaven Realm was aptitude. Without a strong enough Dao Seal, it was simply impossible for one to bear too strong of an impact, and with that, there was naturally no way of achieving a higher Order.


However, Lu Jing’s status was also not low. His Father was the Union Master of Gathering Yuan Union, which made him the Young Union Master, which was not far from what Yang Kai had guessed before.


“Brother Lu, I have a business deal I want to propose to Gathering Yuan Union; I wonder whether Gathering Yuan Union is interested?” Yang Kai looked eagerly at him with a smile.


Lu Jing laughed in response, “Our Gathering Yuan Union’s doors are always open to new opportunities. As long as there is business to do, we are naturally interested.”


“Young Union Master!” The two Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, who had been standing by Lu Jing’s side all this while suddenly called out to him before going down to a whisper, “Union Master has asked you to return immediately after delivering the item. He says he wishes to make arrangements for your betrothal.”


Lu Jing’s face turned dark, “I have my own plans for marriage, what is he concerned about?”


The man responded, “That is what the Union Master ordered. Young Union Master, please do not make things difficult for this humble one.”


Lu Jing now had an awkward look on his face.


Yang Kai glanced at the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who was speaking with interest. There was no way that he would not know that he was merely speaking like this because Gathering Yuan Union was unwilling to have too many entanglements with Void Land.



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