Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4545, Lure the Snake From its Hole


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Since Gathering Yuan Union mainly focused on trade, they were indeed open to all in terms of business; however, Yang Kai had killed Zhao Xing in the Dao Theory Assembly, which was an insult to Thousand Cranes Paradise. Thus, Gathering Yuan Union was not willing to draw heat onto itself.


When Lu Jing came here, it was likely that his Father had warned him about this beforehand; otherwise, it was unlikely for these Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm guards to overstep their boundaries.


“There is no place for you to interfere when I’m speaking to Senior Brother Yang. Get out!” Lu Jing scolded.


Yang Kai raised his hand, “Since Brother Lu’s Father is thinking of arranging Brother Lu’s betrothal, then I will not keep you here; however, I will be troubling Brother Lu to pass on a message to your Father when you return.”


Lu Jing responded earnestly, “Please speak, Senior Brother Yang.”


“Please report to your Father that my Void Land would like to make developments in the dealing of our Heavenly Yuan Stabilizing Pill. If he is willing, then I will allow the Gathering Yuan Union to represent us in auctioning them!”


Lu Jing could not help but feel moved by the offer and even the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm guard who spoke earlier had a surprised look on his face.


The Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was famous across the 3,000 Worlds. There was no one who had not heard of it. Many people had their eyes on this Spirit Pill, but Void Land was the only producer of it. Others were simply unable to refine it.


Void Land’s Star City was able to reach such a scale solely because of the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill. It can be said that this Spirit Pill was practically the foundation of Void Land’s development.


If they were able to get a share in this business, then that would be a big deal for Gathering Yuan Union. They may be able to rise to even greater heights with help from this arrangement.


If Void Land was willing to be generous, then what they want must not be small either, Lu Jing understood that, so he asked, “May I know what Senior Brother Yang wishes to gain from my Gathering Yuan Union?”


Yang Kai smiled, “Gathering Yuan Union’s merchant ships are spread across the 3,000 Worlds. With such a wide range of trade routes and so many eyes and ears available, finding Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element treasures should be no problem, right?”


Lu Jing laughed bitterly at that, “Senior Brother Yang has given me a difficult task. Such resources are very scarce, and that is true no matter where you look.” After a pause, he added, “How many is Senior Brother Yang looking for?”


Yang Kai answered, “Naturally, as many as you can find.”


Lu Jing laughed and pondered for a moment, “This is a big deal, so I am unable to make the decision. Indeed, this matter has to be referred to my Father. So as to not delay matters, I will take my leave now so that I may return to Senior Brother Yang with news as soon as possible.”


Yang Kai did not keep him any longer and stood up, “Let me see you off.”


The two left the hall side by side, and having suddenly thought of something, Lu Jing suddenly went into a whisper, “Has Senior Brother Yang heard something recently?”


Yang Kai glanced at him, “What does Brother Lu mean?”


“About Thousand Cranes Paradise!”


“Thousand Cranes Paradise?” Yang Kai raised a brow and shook his head, “Nothing. What do you know, Brother Lu?”


Lu Jing told him, “Thousand Cranes Paradise’s Elder, Zuo Quan Hui, has rebelled from the Sect alongside those from his lineage!”


Yang Kai stopped in his tracks and stared straight at him.


Lu Jing shrugged, “I’m not joking. When it happened, one of Gathering Yuan Union’s Vice Union Masters just happened to be doing some work at Thousand Cranes Paradise. That is when he came upon that situation. When he returned and reported the matter to my Father, I happened to hear a thing or two.”


“When did this happen?” Yang Kai frowned.


Lu Jing responded, “Counting back, it should have happened around two or three months ago.”


Two or three months, that was around the same time as when he returned to Void Land.


“Why was there no news in the outside world about such a huge event?” Yang Kai was confused.


“There is no way that Thousand Cranes Paradise would want to make a loud announcement of such an embarrassing situation. Zuo Quan Hui is a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and an Inner Elder of Thousand Cranes Paradise. If he rebels from his Sect, then it would mean the loss of face for Thousand Cranes Paradise. However, such a matter obviously cannot be hidden for long. Just watch, everyone will know about it within half a year.”


While chatting, they had already arrived at where Gathering Yuan Union’s ship was docked.


Lu Jing cupped his fist, “Senior Brother Yang, please wait. I will report to my Father about your proposal, and I will come again if there is any news.”


“Many thanks, Brother Lu.” Yang Kai nodded.


After watching Gathering Yuan Union’s ship depart, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he could vaguely sense an impending storm.


Zuo Quan Hui was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and an Inner Elder of Thousand Cranes Paradise, so how could he have turned against his Sect so simply? He was not the only Seventh-Order Master in Thousand Cranes Paradise, and as one of the 72 Paradises, they would surely have some Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters keeping watch.


If Zuo Quan Hui really did turn against his Sect, then he would have been apprehended almost immediately.


From that fact alone, Yang Kai could guess that Zuo Quan Hui’s rebellion was just a show they had put on for the outside world.


Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Dao Theory Assembly was presided over by Xu Ling Gong, who said before it began that this was not a children’s game. It was a competition to choose a suitor for Qu Hua Shang, and no reprisals were to be pursued regardless of the lives lost during its course.


Even though these words were spoken by Xu Ling Gong, he was representing Yin-Yang Cave Heaven! If someone really did try and get revenge afterwards, that would be slapping Xu Ling Gong in the face and smashing Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s signboard. Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would not let the matter rest after such an insult, and even without anyone else to stand up to the matter, Yin-Yang Cave Heaven themselves would put an end to it.


Thousand Cranes Paradise did not wish to make the situation too stiff either and provoke Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s reputation for the sake of a lost disciple. However, Zhao Xing was still a Core Disciple, and he could not die in vain. Thousand Cranes Paradise’s reputation was still important to them.


Zuo Quan Hui’s rebellion from Thousand Cranes Paradise meant he had cut off his relationship with them, and as the deceased’s Honoured Master, he could rightfully avenge his dead Disciple. This matter would have nothing to do with Thousand Cranes Paradise in that case. If Yin-Yang Cave Heaven wished to blame anyone, then the only one they could blame was the rebel, Zuo Quan Hui.


Furthermore, Yin-Yang Cave Heaven may not necessarily come out to say anything about the matter. One was a Cave Heaven and the other was a Paradise. Surpassing Thousand Cranes Paradise to the point where they made such a choice was already Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s limit, and Thousand Cranes Paradise had already taken a step back on the matter. Naturally, Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would take a step back as well.


And this step was most likely their refusal to interfere in the feud between Yang Kai and Zuo Quan Hui.


After some thought, Yang Kai quickly worked out the relationships in this matter, and he could not help but sneer. Zuo Quan Hui was blinded by hatred, and he was most likely not going to be letting him go.


Yang Kai was just about to contact Bian Yu Qing when he saw two streams of light coming from the distance as soon as he looked up, and one of them happened to be her.


“Sect Master!” Bian Yu Qing saluted after landing, a troubled look on her face.


However, the person next to her fell to their knees and wailed, “Heavenly Monarch, please do something!”


Yang Kai frowned at them, quickly recognizing their identity, “You are Three Brilliances World’s World Lord, Pang Shao Yuan?”


Void Land was not the only great force in Void Territory. There existed seven Third Class great forces, and a dozen or so Universe Worlds, all of them with history’s far longer than Yang Kai’s reign in this place.


Back then, when Yang Kai established Void Land, these Third Class great forces and Universe Worlds sent their representatives over to congratulate him and even helped a lot to rebuild Void Land.


So, the seven Third Class great forces can all be considered subordinate forces of Void Land, and they were considered allies. The dozen Universe Worlds were essentially considered subjects of Void Land who were able to send over some talents to join Void Land once in a while.


Among the dozen or so Universe Worlds, one of them was Three Brilliances World, and the strongest Master of that world was the man in front of Yang Kai now, Pang Shao Yuan. However, even though this man aspired to achieve the Fourth-Order, or even Fifth-Order, Open Heaven Realm, he was still merely in the Emperor Realm right now.


“Please, Heavenly Monarch, save the people of my Three Brilliances World!” Pang Shao Yuan kowtowed to him, bashing his forehead to the ground in loud thuds.


“Stand up and speak!” Yang Kai reached out to pick him up, confused, “What happened?”


Bian Yu Qing hurriedly explained, “Someone stormed into Three Brilliances World and began slaughtering people indiscriminately. Three Brilliances World has sustained heavy damage. When he realized that things were beyond his ability to handle, World Lord Peng decided to come and seek help.”


Yang Kai’s pupils shrank. Just earlier, Lu Jing had just warned him that Zuo Quan Hui had rebelled from Thousand Cranes Paradise, and now, Three Brilliances World had fallen into danger. He could not help but think of something.


“Luring a snake out of its hole!” Yang Kai’s face turned grim.


Void Land was guarded by two mature Divine Spirits, which was a well-known fact. There was also the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array. To break through such defensive power, several Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters would have to join hands.


Even if Zuo Quan Hui wanted to avenge his Disciple, he would not be foolish enough to come directly to Void Land. He would have to lure Yang Kai out instead.


Three Brilliances World was just caught in the crossfire!


Otherwise, how could Pang Shao Yuan, a trivial Emperor Realm Master, be able to escape? Since Zuo Quan Hui wished to lure the snake out of the hole, it was only natural that he needed someone to pass on the news.


However, Zuo Quan Hui was still a man from a Paradise, and also a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so how could he be so merciless as to lay his hands on a Universe World? It had to be known that Universe Worlds were the foundation of the entire 3,000 Worlds. Was he not afraid of damaging his reputation with such rash actions?


Bian Yu Qing had no idea what Yang Kai meant by that assessment, but she could vaguely tell that something was not right. Void Land possessed extraordinary strength these days, and Three Brilliances World was a subject of Void Land. How could anyone be so brave as to cause trouble under Void Land’s eyes? They were clearly doing this on purpose.


“Heavenly Monarch, we must hurry. Lives are at stake. If we delay any further, then it will be too late. These vile people are strong, and I have no idea what Order of the Open Heaven Realm they are in, but even a single move can cause devastating damage. I’m afraid it would not take too long for them to tear apart the entire Three Brilliances World!” Pang Shao Yan begged anxiously.


Yang Kai nodded, “I know. I will go immediately.”


With that said, he rushed to the sky while urgently telling Bian Yu Qing to pass on his orders.


After watching Yang Kai disappear into the distance, Pang Shao Yuan fell powerlessly to the ground.


Bian Yu Qing reassured him, “World Lord Peng need not worry. Sect Master will naturally deal with the enemy. You should go and rest. I still have things to attend to, so I will not be accompanying you.”


After calling over a Void Land disciple to bring Pang Shao Yuan to a guest room, Bian Yu Qing took out her Communication Bead and sent out a series of messages.


In the blink of an eye, the Sixth-Order and Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters scattered all over gathered together.


Three Brilliances World was an azure Universe World, which was slightly larger than the Star Boundary. Whether it be in World Energy or World Principles, it was slightly better than the Star Boundary, so cultivating in Three Brilliances World was much easier.


Yang Kai transformed into a ray of light and kept on pushing his Space Principles as he closed in on his destination in merely a cup of tea’s time.


When he looked down from the void, Yang Kai felt so furious that his eyes could pop. The Universe World which used to be azure was now covered in pits and wounds. Even from the void, he could see the large cracks that spanned across the land. Black smoke was rising in the air and hot magma was erupting. Even the seawater was rolling black. Clearly, the world’s vitality had been damaged greatly!




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