Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4546, Wolf in Front Tiger Behind


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Back then, a single Mo Sheng could stir up a huge mess in the Star Boundary, which almost led to the extinction of all life, so there was no need to mention what an even stronger Open Heaven Realm Master could do if they ran amok in the Three Brilliances World.


For the one behind this, all the living that exist within the Three Brilliances World were merely ants to them, easily slaughtering them without any resistance, which showed how heartless this person was.


Somewhere in Three Brilliances World, a violent energy fluctuation emerged. Yang Kai looked over in that direction. Across a distance of several tens of thousands of kilometers, his gaze pierced through the Void and could vaguely see a person wielding their power recklessly, leaving a reign of terror wherever they passed. A city, inhabited by tens of thousands, was flipped over in just a single blow, annihilating everyone in a mere instant.


“Courting death!” Yang Kai was seeing red and his murderous intent surged. Grabbing the air, the Azure Dragon Spear entered his hand. With a thrust of his spear, Space Principles warped, and he disappeared.


Above the rubble was a figure hovering with fluttering sleeves. There seemed to be wronged spirits lingering about his ears, but the man smiled as if he was enjoying the pleasure of his wanton slaughter. Under his Divine Sense’s perception, there was another city just 1,000 kilometres away where many living beings were gathered.


As he was about to make for the city, a powerful aura suddenly rushed over in his direction that sent a shiver up his spine.


Turning his head back, he saw a lightning flash in the clouds, then came a raging murderous intent, erupting out for all to feel!


Feeling the terror of the incoming blow, the man dared not be careless. With a great roar, soundwaves visible to the naked eye rippled towards Yang Kai through the air.


At the same time, the figure backed away speedily.


Yang Kai continued to give chase with his spear, his strikes flowing in an unrestrained manner, covering the sky in a flurry of spear shadows that rained down on his enemy.


That man, who was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, was obviously very confident in his own strength, and at first, he was able to block Yang Kai’s attacks, but as he continued to clash, both his body and Soul were repeatedly shocked. Eventually, he was forced to cry out for help, “Divine Monarch, save me!”


“Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch?” Yang Kai also finally had a look at this guy’s face. He originally thought that it was someone from Thousand Cranes Paradise who was attacking this place, and there was even the possibility that he might see Zuo Quan Hui himself. Unexpectedly, the one slaughtering the inhabitants of Three Brilliances World actually turned out to be Prison League’s League Master, Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch!


It was too late to wonder why Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch was here though as after he shouted, powerful auras hidden in all directions quickly emerged, one of which made Yang Kai’s heart jump.


Turning around, he saw Zuo Quan Hui appear with a grim look on his face, and the sword in his hand was pointed his way, quickly approaching. His thrust may have seemed simple, but it was able to break through Yang Kai’s spear shadow blockade perfectly and head straight for the spot between his brow.


A feeling of imminent death washed over Yang Kai as he drew in a breath of cold air and manipulated Space Principles, executing his Near Distant Horizon Secret Technique, infinitely stretching the space between him and Zuo Quan Hui.


“Break!” Zuo Quan Hui shouted, shattering the stretched space. Then, the cold glint of his sword tip quickly enlarged before Yang Kai’s eyes.


[Near Distant Horizon was broken!]


Yang Kai’s heart was shaken. Sure enough, the power of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was truly extraordinary, even being capable of breaking through his Space Secret Technique with ease, which was something that had never happened before.


Yang Kai was caught off guard and could only block the blow with his spear.


*Hong hong hong…*


Following a loud series of explosions, a tidal wave of energy spread out in all directions, instantly turning the destroyed city below to ashes, leaving no trace of it behind. Even the ground was cracked open with lines like that of a canyon appearing out of nowhere. Between those cracks, magma gushed out in a spectacular display.


In an instant, the two had exchanged dozens of blows.


Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of Golden Blood and could not stop himself from flying backwards. He crashed headlong into a mountain 100 kilometres away and disappeared from sight.


“Hm?” Zuo Quan Hui frowned, looking surprised.


He was stunned that he was unable to execute Yang Kai instantly despite personally making a move. Judging by the blows they exchanged just now, the heritage of Yang Kai’s Small Universe was extremely powerful, not inferior to a Master at the very peak of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


After a brief pause, Zuo Quan Hui came back to his senses, “Is this the might of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Small Source World? Even so, you will die here today!”


He did not hesitate to break away from Thousand Cranes Paradise and even took in someone like Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch, instructing him to cause carnage in Three Brilliances World, all so he could lure Yang Kai out. Now that Yang Kai was here, if he did not win this fight, then he might not have such a good opportunity again in the future.


With a flick of his sword, Zuo Quan Hui’s entire figure was wrapped in the sword light before he shot off like a flash of lightning!


But before Zuo Quan Hui could arrive, the mountain suddenly split apart and Yang Kai’s figure rose to the sky and headed straight for the void.


Even though he was now in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and his strength had improved greatly thanks to the many opportunities he encountered, the difference between the High-Rank and Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realms was like the difference between the Heavens and Earth. If it were any ordinary Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, then they would probably have been killed by Zuo Quan Hui in the first exchange of blows.


Yang Kai was able to escape from death thanks to all the hard work he put in back in the Small Source World. If not for his previous gains in the Divine Armament World, his situation now would be even worse.


Even so, Yang Kai was in a dizzy state at this moment, and his Small Universe was in turmoil.


Before coming here, he had a hunch that Zuo Quan Hui would be waiting in ambush. Just as Pang Shao Yuan said, however, saving lives was like putting out a fire. If Three Brilliances World was in danger, then he did not dare to delay things, so he had no choice but to come over and stop the carnage immediately.


But now, after their exchange, Yang Kai was certain that he was no match for Zuo Quan Hui, so how could he stay here any longer? What was more, if he continued to fight in this place, then Three Brilliances World would really be done for.


After all, there were still countless living beings inhabiting this place, and if Three Brilliances World was shattered from their fight, all the living beings in this world would die without a burial.


“Where are you trying to run!” A figure rushed over from the side; a woman in imperial robes. The woman’s face was scrunched up with murderous intent and her aura flared madly. She was also a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and with a wave of her hand, a colourful belt stretched out across the void, releasing an endless river of stars.


Crashing straight into this river, it was as if Yang Kai had entered a starry sky. In an instant, north, south, east, and west had become indistinguishable.


He knew that this artifact had a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking effect, almost like a Self-Contained World. If he did not break out of this trap quickly, then things will not be good once Zuo Quan Hui caught up to him.


Not daring to hesitate, Yang Kai let out a fierce roar, “Golden Crow Casts the Sun!”


A loud and clear caw broke through the air and a Great Sun rose up. Within the Great Sun, a three-legged exotic bird could be seen frolicking about.


Yang Kai raised his spear to the Great Sun before, stabbing fiercely towards the void.


The Great Sun exploded, and in an instant, the starry sky around him grew dim.


Terrifying Golden Crow’s True Fire swept out in all directions as Yang Kai’s body flew up. When he recovered, he found himself outside of the endless river of stars and not far ahead was a woman’s figure.


With her artifact broken, the woman’s face was slightly pale, and there was a trail of blood trickling down the corner of her mouth.


With fierce determination, Yang Kai raised his spear, preparing to impale the woman with its tip, but it was then that a heavy murderous intent emerged from behind him. Zuo Quan Hui had caught up, forcing him to have to fight back.


World Force collided as Yang Kai’s figure tumbled through the air and endless Sword Qi cut his clothes into pieces. No matter how strong his body was, it was instantly covered in blood from fresh wounds. The terrifying Sword Intent even lingered in his wounds like maggots, burrowing into his flesh and his meridians.


With a shout, Yang Kai forcefully suppressed his wounds, but when he saw Zuo Quan Hui approaching again, he had no choice but to borrow the force of the recoil, turning around and running away!


“Even if you escape to the ends of the Universe, you will surely still die today!” Zuo Quan Hui’s voice came from behind him as he continued to give chase.


Yang Kai wanted to escape using Space Principles, but the might of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was so great that each time he had that thought, the strange Sword Qi haunting his wounds would suddenly erupt, causing him unbearable pain and making it difficult for him to concentrate, which made it even more impossible for him to escape successfully.


Zuo Quan Hui was obviously on guard against his mastery over the Dao of Space. He knew that if he did not contain this ability of Yang Kai’s, then he would not be able to kill him.


“Honoured Master, he’s fleeing towards Void Land!” The woman followed closely behind Zuo Quan Hui, looking in the direction in which Yang Kai was running.


Zuo Quan Hui coldly snorted, “I knew this would happen, but he won’t be able to escape.”


As he spoke, three figures suddenly appeared before Yang Kai. From a distance, one of the men shouted, “You shall not pass!”


Then, the three of them combined their strength to deliver an attack in his direction.


Squinting his eyes, only two of the three men were recognizable to Yang Kai. One of them was Firm Gold Heavenly Monarch, another was Blue Flame Heavenly Monarch, as for the last one, he was someone Yang Kai had never met before, so he had no idea who he was or where he came from.


All the same, Yang Kai cursed in his heart. He knew that these two guys would be here.


In fact, Yang Kai had been on alert for them ever since he saw Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch.


Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch founded Prison League on the Prison Star, and Firm Gold Heavenly Monarch and Blue Flame Heavenly Monarch were his Vice League Masters. During the Dao Theory Assembly, Prison League captured Yin Xin Zhao and Pei Wen Xuan. Later, they also captured a Core Disciple from Azure Nether Paradise as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Yin-Yang Cave Heaven after everything ended.


The end result of that was that the three leaders of Prison League were freed, and they let Yin Xin Zhao and Pei Wen Xuan go while Yin Xin Zhao and the great force behind him had to pay Yin-Yang Cave Heaven a large sum of money.


Now, it seemed like the three from Prison League who were freed were Huang Quan, Jin Gang, and Cang Yan.


It was only natural for that to be so as the three of them occupied the three highest spots in Prison League. If they could obtain freedom, then they would not leave this opportunity for anyone else.


Only, Yang Kai could not understand how the three of them got mixed up with Zuo Quan Hui.


Whether it be Huang Quan, Jin Gang, or Cang Yan, all three men were veterans in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, no worse than Mao Zhe. In a one-on-one fight, they would definitely be no match for Yang Kai, even if it was two against one, Yang Kai might still come out on top. However, there were currently three Masters joining hands now. What’s more, Yang Kai had already been hurt from the fight with Zuo Quan Hui earlier, so he could only dodge when it came to a fight against a combined force like this.


However, this delay only allowed Zuo Quan Hui to close the gap between them.


With a wolf in front and tiger behind, Yang Kai was in a precarious situation!




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