Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4547, Void Land’s Background


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“Yang Kai, when you killed my Junior Brother, did you ever expect to face this day?” The man standing between Firm Gold Heavenly Monarch and Blue Flame Heavenly Monarch gritted his teeth and snarled at him.


From what he said, it was obvious this man was Zhao Xing’s Senior Brother.


Lu Jing had previously told Yang Kai that Zuo Quan Hui had rebelled from Thousand Cranes Paradise along with his lineage, which meant Zuo Quan Hui was not alone. He had brought all his subordinates and Disciples he could use with him, and this man was one of them. The unfamiliar faces he saw earlier must be the same, including the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm woman.


“You bastard, you will die here today!” The woman’s voice also sounded from behind.


Looking down, Yang Kai sneered, “You wish to kill me? That will depend on whether you have that ability or not!”


A huge lotus-like ship was rapidly approaching from the void, and before it even arrived, a dense stream of lights shot out from the ship.


The woman’s alarmed voice sounded through the air, “Senior Brother Zhou Ti, watch out!”


Zhou Ti, Jin Gang, and Cang Yan, who were obstructing Yang Kai’s way, had also realized that danger was approaching, and when they turned around, their vision was filled with a brilliant light. One by one, terrifying attacks rained down on them.


The three of them were so shocked that they did not even have time to think how many Masters there were. They just turned tail and fled like frightened birds and beasts.


The moment they made their move, Yang Kai also stabbed at Zhou Ti with his spear, ignoring the barriers of space, reaching the latter’s face as soon as he lifted his hand. A Dragon Roar erupted from the Azure Dragon Spear as if it had truly transformed into a giant Dragon brandishing its claws and baring its fangs, seemingly about to devour Zhou Ti up in one gulp.


Sensing imminent danger, Zhou Ti tried hard to circulate the strength of his Small Universe and formed hand seals to protect his front.




Blood spluttered out as Yang Kai and Zhou Ti passed each other. When their eyes met, Zhou Ti’s eyes were filled with great terror, while Yang Kai’s only showed mockery. Flipping the Azure Dragon Spear back around, he thrust out at Zhou Ti’s heart with an unstoppable momentum.


As the aura of death enveloped him, Zhou Ti’s face became ashen, but at the critical moment, Yang Kai frowned and pulled his spear back.




A sword stopped the Azure Dragon Spear, colliding with it with a terrifying World Force. Grunting, blood spilled from Yang Kai’s nose and mouth. Behind the longsword, Zuo Quan Hui faced him with a grim expression. With a shake of his sword, a wave of Sword Qi formed and flew straight in his direction.


Yang Kai was forced backwards while fresh blood constantly spilled from all over his body. Dense cuts covered his skin in a horrifying display.


“Young Master!” Yue He shouted and dashed over to him together with Profound Yang Mountain’s Three Mountain Lords, Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya.


When it came to loyalty, none could trump the three of them. The three Mountain Lords were also powerful, all of them being established Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Back in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, they had been forced to write their names down on the Loyalty List and submit to Yang Kai; however, since they had already put down their names, whether they earnestly wished to submit to Yang Kai or were simply forced to, all three of now rushed forward when they saw Yang Kai teeter around the edge of life or death.


If Yang Kai died here, then they would be buried with him, so as soon as they saw him in danger, they all rushed over as soon as possible.


With the combined power of these five, they were finally able to block Zuo Quan Hui’s strike.


Seeing that he would not be able to kill Yang Kai in a short amount of time, Zuo Quan Hui wisely chose to step back. He pressed forward earlier mainly to save Zhou Ti, but now that his goal had been achieved, there was no need for him to pursue Yang Kai further. The most important thing for him to do now was assess the current situation.


The fight that spanned hundreds of kilometres in the void suddenly subsided, but everyone knew that this peace was just an illusion, the calm before the storm.


“Young Master, are you all right?” Yue He looked nervously at Yang Kai, feeling heartbroken to see him in such a state.


Yang Kai looked miserable. His clothes were in rags and there were numerous wounds littered over his body, both big and small. It was rare for him to show such a vulnerable side.


“I’m fine!” Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood. Looking in the distance with a defiant face, he sneered, “Zuo Quan Hui, you want to lure the snake from his cave? Aren’t you worried you’ll lure a Dragon out instead?”


Hundreds of kilometres away, Zuo Quan Hui’s face was still grim. Eyes sweeping over the people by Yang Kai’s side, he spat, “This Monarch has underestimated your Void Land!”


He knew that Void Land’s heritage was not bad, and that they had two Divine Spirits watching over them. Even a Master in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm like him did not dare to act recklessly, which was why he devised a scheme to lure Yang Kai out.


He thought that it would be easy to kill him as long as he was able to lure Yang Kai out, but Yang Kai was much stronger than he initially thought. It was surprising that he was not able to kill him off instantly, but knowing Void Land’s heritage was even more surprising!


They had 9 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and more than 20 in the Fifth-Order!


This lineup was not in line with the information he had received previously. From the intelligence he gathered, Void Land only had 2 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters at most.


Compared to Void Land, his own side only had Zhou Ti, Huang Quan, Jin Gang, Cang Yan, and his female Disciple. There were only a total of 5 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in his service, but Zuo Quan Hui himself was in the Seventh-Order, so he more than made up for the gap in power.


Even so, Void Land was growing at a rate that shocked Zuo Quan Hui. How strong were they when Heavenly Sword Union formed the Hundred Sects Alliance to attack them? It had barely been 10 years since then, and they had already collected so many Masters! If they let this continue on, then Void Land will definitely become a big problem in the future!


“But how can you stop this Monarch with just the few of you? Boy, this Monarch must kill you today!” Zuo Quan Hui shouted as he raised his sword.


Yang Kai grinned, “What a coincidence, that was what I was thinking, too.”


He shouted, “Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, join me in this fight! I’ve never killed a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master before, so today, we will have a taste! The rest of you, corner the rest of our opponents. Don’t let a single one of them escape!”


All of them answered in unison, “Yes!”


Yang Kai raised his spear and pointed it at Zuo Quan Hui, bellowing, “Kill!”


A distance of hundreds of kilometres was merely a step away for Open Heaven Realm Masters, but in a step, in a shout, Yang Kai had already taken the lead and rushed forward.


Earlier, Yang Kai had practically nowhere to escape to as he was chased up and down by Zuo Quan Hui. Now, the elites of Void Land had all come out to face the enemy in battle. As Yang Kai said before, Zuo Quan Hui may have been trying to lure the snake out of its hole, but he had unwittingly lured out a Dragon instead.


Even if Zuo Quan Hui was not killed in this battle, his side would still be wounded, which should teach him that Void Territory was not a place for him to come and go as he pleased!


A battle even fiercer than the one before broke out instantly. Six or seven battlefields formed in the expansive void. World Forces collided with each other endlessly in a heated contest.


Mo Mei confronted Zhou Ti, who was instantly pinned down and only able to struggle passively. Under normal circumstances, Mo Mei would not be Zhou Ti’s opponent; after all, she had only advanced into the Sixth-Order a short while ago. Even if Void Land was there to support her with resources, she still needed time to build up her Small Universe’s heritage.


Zhou Ti had undoubtedly reached the Sixth-Order much earlier than Mo Mei, so his Small Universe’s heritage should be more powerful.


However, Zhou Ti was severely injured by Yang Kai’s spear when he tried to block his path just now. In fact, if not for Zuo Quan Hui rescuing him at the last moment, Zhou Ti might already be dead.


With his injuries, Zhou Ti was unable to exert his full strength to begin with, so it was only natural that he would be overpowered by Mo Mei.


Yue He, on the other hand, chose to fight the Sixth-Order woman. Both sides were on equal footing, so neither was able to do anything to their opponent.


Zhou Ya was slightly weaker when compared to Cang Yan, but her heritage as a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was still there, so killing her would still be as difficult as ascending to the Heavens, unless Zhou Ya herself courted death.


Hua Yong and Shu Mu Dan, the couple, had always advanced and retreated together, so with their combined skills, they were able to beat Jin Gang into a bitter state.


Finally, Hui Gu rushed up to Huang Quan at the first chance he got with overwhelming killing intent. He was practically fighting with his life on the line without any concern about whether or not he would be injured. His reckless ferocity caused Huang Quan to jump in fright.


Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch should have been slightly stronger than Hui Gu; otherwise, Huang Quan would not have been able to serve as Prison League’s Master. However, he was forced into a disadvantageous position by Hui Gu in this confrontation.


The reason that Hui Gu was like this was because of his deceased attendant, Bai Mo.


On the Prison Star, he and Bai Mo have been in each other’s company for hundreds of years. The Master and Servant had gone through many ups and downs together, and though Bai Mo’s cultivation was not high, only Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he was extremely loyal to Hui Gu and was even willing to offer his life for him.


It was just a pity that Bai Mo ended up in Prison League’s hands and was crushed before Hui Gu’s eyes by Huang Quan!


After the Dao Theory Assembly, Yang Kai got Hui Gu out of the Prison Star, and from then on, Hui Gu made a vow to kill Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch in order to avenge Bai Mo’s death.


The only issue was, Huang Quan had also escaped from the Prison Star and disappeared.


Who would have thought that Hui Gu would be able to find Huang Quan here? Naturally, he was seeing red when he saw his hated enemy. Despite knowing that he was not his opponent, Hui Gu still decided to confront Huang Quan.


This fight between the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters raged forth like an inferno, each side having both advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand, the fight between the Fifth-Order Masters was completely one-sided.


Among Zuo Quan Hui’s people, there were 4 Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. They had also appeared in Three Brilliances World, and had followed Zuo Quan Hui as his loyal Disciples.


None of them could have imagined that this would be their burial place!


The 20 plus Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land all descended on them at once, and the overwhelming gap in numbers was enough to form a lop-sided siege that suppressed them in a very short amount of time.


One by one, Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques were released as World Force flared. Even though the 4 Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters fought back desperately, they were still facing a miserable end.


In just several dozen breaths of time, Zuo Quan Hui’s 4 Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm followers fell into a dangerous position.


Naturally, this fact did not escape Zhou Ti and the Sixth-Order woman’s attention. Their Disciples and Juniors were being suppressed and sent into a life-threatening situation, so it was only natural that they would want to rescue them; however, how could Mo Mei and Yue He allow them to do so? In fact, their distraction allowed Mo Mei and Yue He to gain further advantage over them in their battles.


A few moments later, amidst a number of screams. The 4 Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were all killed. Their Small Universes shattered, and World Force poured out all at once.


When Zhou Ti and the Sixth-Order woman saw this, they were both heartbroken, but helpless.


After the many Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters finished off their opponents, they flew towards the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm battlefield under Old Bai’s lead without even a pause. Splitting up into four different groups, they offered support to Yue He, Mo Mei, and the others.




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