Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4548, Sun and Moon Rise in the Sky


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Within the Open Heaven Realm, the gap between each Order was immense, and the higher the Order, the more obvious the gap became.


A Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could easily deal with the forces of 10 Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters combined, and they even had the strength to fight back. Under normal circumstances, what Void Land’s 20 or so Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters could do was quite limited.


However, at this moment, their existence had become the key to victory or defeat.


In the battle of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, Zhou Ya was outmatched against Cang Yan, Yue He was evenly matched with the Sixth-Order woman, and even Hui Gu was able to suppress Huang Quan for a short amount of time.


Zhou Ti and Jin Gang were both at an absolute disadvantage.


The addition of the many Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters added pressure to the enemy. They may not be able to face any one of these Sixth-order Open Heaven Realm Masters by themselves, but they could take to the sidelines and launch sneak attacks at the right moments. In a life-or-death fight, the pesky Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were extremely troubling and even deadly for the enemy.


Old Bai even had time to check on Yang Kai’s situation.


He knew that the key to winning or losing today’s battle would depend on Yang Kai’s side. If Yang Kai could stand up to Zuo Quan Hui, then this would be Void Land’s win; otherwise, any advantage on their side would be meaningless.


Loud roars filled the void as spear shadows erupted repeatedly. World Force was constantly reverberating as Yang Kai felt like he was constantly treading the line between life and death.


This was not his first time fighting someone in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. Back then, when he returned from Shadowless Cave Heaven, he led his men to destroy the headquarters of Boundless Altar and Golden Rainbow Province in order to relieve the Proprietress of her heart demon oath.


They did not encounter much resistance at Boundless Altar with their Old Ancestor making the wise choice of giving up their headquarters to save his disciples, leaving the Spirit Province for Yang Kai to do with as he pleased.


However, Yang Kai had to face off against the Old Ancestor of Golden Rainbow Province, Li Luo Shui, who was in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. The two of them fought, and Yang Kai forced his enemy back, finally razing Golden Rainbow Province to the ground and successfully relieving the Proprietress of her heart demon oath so that she could enter retreat in the following days in order to break through to the Seventh-Order.


Luo Li Shui had hastily broken through at the time, and her foundation was not stable, so it was hard to say how much strength she was actually able to exert during that fight.


In comparison, Zuo Quan Hui was one of Thousand Cranes Paradise’s Inner Elders who had advanced into the Seventh-Order who knows how long ago. He had deep roots in that realm and possessed a sturdy foundation, so the power that he could bring forth was far greater than that of Li Luo Shui.


At the very least, Yang Kai had grown tremendously recently. His experience in the Divine Armament World had also greatly enhanced the heritage of his Small Universe, so he was definitely much stronger than he was before. If he were to bump into Li Luo Shui again, then Yang Kai might be able to deal with her without suffering nearly as much.


However, the one he was facing right now was Zuo Quan Hui. An indelible sense of crisis was enveloping him at all times like a sharp blade hanging over his head, about to fall on him at any moment.


Each time he clashed with Zuo Quan Hui, Yang Kai could feel his organs turning inside out and his Soul shaking. The World Force within a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master’s Small Universe was so powerful that Yang Kai felt as if he was clashing against the entire world each time their blows met.


Even with Mao Zhe and Geng Qing to share in the pressure from the sidelines, Yang Kai still suffered greatly during this fight. Even with the combined strength of the 3 of them, they could not gain any advantage at all.


The fight had only lasted a half cup of tea’s time, but Mao Zhe and Geng Qing were already bloody and showing expressions of fear.


If it were not for the deaths of the 4 Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters acting as a short distraction, then Yang Kai would not even have had the chance to catch his breath.


The only thing that Yang Kai could be thankful for was the fact that Zuo Quan Hui did not possess a Divine Manifestation! Even though his moves were all extremely powerful, as were his Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques, he had not shown any signs of having a Divine Manifestation.


[If he still has not cast it, that means he isn’t hiding it. He must be unable to use it!]


It seemed that this Zuo Quan Hui was still slightly worse than Ti Zheng of Myriad Demons Heaven. At least, Ti Zheng was able to use a Divine Manifestation.


The rain of swords fell on them like a waterfall with each sword light containing the might of the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. Yang Kai, Mao Zhe, and Geng Qing combined their efforts to resist, but the sounds of flesh being penetrated still rang out. Both Mao Zhe and Geng Qing spat blood and were forced back with faces filled with terror.


They had never fought with an established Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master before, so it was only now that they realized how great the disparity between the Sixth and Seventh-Order truly was.


On the surface, it seemed like the three of them were joining forces to fight Zuo Quan Hui, but Mao Zhe and Geng Qing knew full well that Yang Kai alone had already blocked 80% of Zuo Quan Hui’s assault. The rest of the attacks that they each withstood represented only 10%.


Even this 10%, however, was extremely difficult for them to withstand, and they felt as if they could die at any moment.


They were shocked by just how strong a Master in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm could be, but were even more shocked at Yang Kai’s terrifying heritage, though they were no strangers to Yang Kai’s strength. Back then, at Shadowless Cave Heaven’s Profound Yang Mountain, they were able to experience it deeply, but they did not expect Yang Kai to be this powerful!


Though also being in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, Mao Zhe had already reached the peak of this realm and with enough resources and opportunity, he could definitely try to make a breakthrough to the Seventh-Order.


However, his so-called peak seemed ridiculous when compared to Yang Kai.


How long had Yang Kai been in the Sixth-Order? If he were given time to reach the peak of the Sixth-Order, could it be possible that even an ordinary Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would be no match for him?


[How can there be such a monster in this world?!]


Zuo Quan Hui was also shocked that a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was able to last in a fight with him for so long without dying. If he had not seen it for himself, then he would never have believed that it was possible.


Any time that he thought he could kill off Yang Kai, the brat would always find a ray of hope during the critical moment to escape from death. This young boy’s battle sense was simply beyond words, and the heritage of his Small Universe was also abnormally powerful.


Even at the Peak Sixth-Order, it should be impossible for anyone to hold off against the bombardment of a Seventh-Order Master for such a long time, but Yang Kai was able to do just that. Not only was he able to hold him back, he could even occasionally strike back at him.


In shock, Zuo Quan Hui attacked with even more ferocity. Yang Kai, Mao Zhe, and Geng Qing could immediately feel the intensity of the attacks being vented out on them becoming even more violent than before.


In just a short 10 breaths of time, Mao Zhe and Geng Qing were both sent flying with blood covering their bodies.


After knocking back these two, Zuo Quan Hui did not try to take advantage of the momentum he gained to kill them. For him, Yang Kai was his only target, the rest were just extras. As long as he could kill Yang Kai, then it was simply impossible for the others to hold back against his attacks. All of them would eventually face death at his hands.


A myriad of sword lights suddenly gathered into a beam that was being launched straight in Yang Kai’s direction!


In the huge void, the only thing left behind was the light of his sword!


Yang Kai’s pupils shrank to a needlepoint. The crisis that he was facing now was even more intense than any he faced before. He stood in the space between life and death, but rather than retreat, he advanced with spear in hand.


Without a bang, the light exploded into a halo that practically encased half of the void.


From the light’s midst, Yang Kai’s figure emerged. A bloody hole was pierced through his abdomen, but he seemed oblivious of it. There was no sadness or joy on his face as he stabbed his spear out.


Zuo Quan Hui’s face was extremely grim. Gritting his teeth, he bellowed, “A foolish struggle! How futile!”


Blade turning, his sword buzzed. Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm World Force poured into the blade as he pointed it lightly in Yang Kai’s direction.


Yang Kai grinned, “Your Disciple is going to die!”


When he said this, a scream arose from the side. Zuo Quan Hui quickly turned his head towards the sound, only to see Zhou Ti stumble back while holding the stub of his right arm, which had disappeared. Fresh blood was gushing out of the wound like a fountain.


In front of Zhou Ti, Mo Mei’s hands were constantly changing into different seals. One by one, Divine Abilities blasted his way. Behind Zhou Ti, Old Bai also led the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters to cast their Secret Techniques to disorient him.


Zhou Ti was in critical danger!


He was seriously injured to begin with, so he was not Mo Mei’s opponent from the start. Then, the addition of Old Bai and the others into their battle further added to his woes. Among all those fighting on this battlefield, Zhou Ti was in the worst situation. He was barely able to resist for a while before one of his arms had been blown away.


Obviously, Mo Mei was not going to allow him even a moment of respite. World Force pouring out, Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques blossomed ceaselessly.


Zhou Ti shouted miserably, “Honoured Master, save me!”


This cry came at just the right moment as Zuo Quan Hui happened to be looking his way. When he saw that Zhou Ti was in danger, Zou Quan Hui could only grit his teeth and head in his direction.


In order to avenge his Disciple, Zhao Xing, Zuo Quan Hui had left Thousand Cranes Paradise without hesitation, bringing along his followers in the Fifth-Order and Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, even offering a handsome reward to Huang Quan, Cang Yan, and Jin Gang for their loyalty, but he never would have expected that not only would he fail to kill Yang Kai, his own Fifth-Order Disciples would be the first to die.


Even though those Disciples were not in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he had still been teaching them for many years, and it broke his heart to see them die such a miserable death.


However, if he could kill Yang Kai and destroy Void Land’s Open Heaven Realm Masters, then he could avenge their deaths and bring some justification to their misery.


However, if Zhou Ti died, then no amount of deaths here would be able to make up for the loss.


This was all about avenging the death of one Sixth-Order Disciple, so he could not lose another in the process or everything would be in vain.


So, when he heard Zhou Ti’s plea for help, Zou Quan Hui did not hesitate to turn around and rush to his aid.


It was at that moment that a Golden Crow cried out as a powerful force fluctuated behind Zou Quan Hui. A Great Sun rose up, lighting up the darkness of the void.


Cold moonlight also set in all of a sudden, complementing the glory of the Great Sun.


When Zuo Quan Hui turned back around to see what was happening, his eyes bulged.


He saw a bizarre scene.


In the void between the Heavens and the Earth, Yang Kai stood with his body covered in blood, hand forming into seals whilst a dazzling Great Sun and Cold Moon hung behind his back.


Both Sun and Moon were shining together!


Even with Zuo Quan Hui’s knowledge and experience, he could not tell what the root of this mysterious power was, but he could feel his mind and thoughts being affected by it even now.


[What Divine Ability is this!?] Zuo Quan Hui was dumbfounded.


He knew that Yang Kai was able to perform the Golden Crow Casts the Sun Divine Manifestation, which was the Great Sun hanging behind his back, but what was that Cold Moon? It did not look like a Divine Manifestation, just the projection of a Divine Ability. Still, under the combined light of both Sun and Moon, a mysterious power surged in the dark. This power was as mighty as it was incomprehensible, so much so that even a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like him could not underestimate it.




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