Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4550, Zhou Ti’s Death

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Golden Crow’s True Fire burned intensely. Even Zhou Ti could hardly resist the power of the flames, and the harsh screams had not stopped since they began. Despite his struggles, he could not free himself from Yang Kai’s grip.


Zuo Quan Hui’s face twitched violently, and World Force was quietly surging in the dark. Another piece of flesh fell from his cracked face at that moment, and with some hesitation, the surge of World Force finally slowed to a halt.


As Yang Kai said, it was not that Zuo Quan Hui did not want to save Zhou Ti, but that he could not! An extremely corrosive power was contained within Yang Kai’s Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, and it was still wreaking havoc within his body and even his Small Universe, causing him much pain and throwing his Small Universe into disarray.


That Divine Ability had actually immensely affected his Small Universe!


Zuo Quan Hui had to focus most of his attention on it to suppress its erosion; otherwise, his Small Universe would constantly be in chaos. At this moment, the strength he could exert was less than 30% of his peak!


He was not sure that he could snatch Zhou Ti back under everyone’s watch and return safely, and even if he could, he may only make his injuries worse.


“Honoured Master… Save me!” Zhou Ti’s miserable cries reverberated in Zuo Quan Hui’s ears. The Sixth-Order woman’s eyes were already filled with tears, and the pain she was feeling in her heart as she watched her Senior Brother suffer such inhumane torture in front of her was indescribable.


Everyone watched as Zhou Ti’s vitality rapidly dissipated and his body gradually burned to a crisp. The Sixth-Order woman could no longer hold back, and with a jerk of her body, she was about to rush over to save Zhou Ti back regardless of the consequences.


A sword light blocked her path though, and the Sixth-Order woman turned around to look at Zuo Quan Hui and asked, “Honoured Master?”


Zuo Quan Hui slowly shook his head.


The last vestiges of hope in Zhou Ti’s eyes quickly dimmed down. He could vaguely understand what was going on and a bitter smile appeared on his face as he no longer tried to plead for help.


A moment later, a surge of World Force burst out and disappeared into the void. Zhou Ti had finally died, and his Small Universe had collapsed.


Yang Kai extinguished his Golden Crow’s True Fire and with a shake of his hand shattered Zhou Ti’s corpse, which had been burned to ashes. Only then did he turn a cold gaze at Zuo Quan Hui, “In order to avenge your Disciple, you are even willing to slaughter the innocent. Did you not think that you might lose another Disciple? But that matters little. One by one, I will send you all to Hell so that you can be reunited there!”


His eyes swept over the five people in front of him, as if to memorize their faces and auras in the depths of his Soul!


Huang Quan and the other two were pale-faced. They thought that they could make a good living if they joined Zuo Quan Hui, but none of them would have expected to encounter such a cruel and ruthless man. If they had known this would be the situation, then why would they even choose to interfere in these muddy waters? Once they were freed from the Prison Star, with their Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm strength, it was completely possible for them to found a Sect somewhere and rule over it freely.


“You have killed two of this Monarch’s Disciples now. This Old Master will not be a man if he does not kill you!” Zuo Quan Hui bellowed through clenched teeth.


Yang Kai sneered, “You speak big words, but if you think yourself capable, then why don’t you try and fight me now? Let’s see whether it will be me who dies or you!”


Zuo Quan Hui fell silent, only glaring coldly at Yang Kai. Flying up, he carried the Sixth-Order woman and quickly retreated. Seeing this, Huang Quan and his two companions also rushed to follow.


Very quickly, they disappeared without a trace!


“Sir, do we give chase?” Hui Gu looked a little reluctant to see them leave without paying any further consequence. Huang Quan was right before his eyes, so he only hoped that he could avenge Bai Mo right here and now. Naturally, he did not wish to see the enemy leave just like that.


“We can’t chase them!” Yang Kai shook his head, “Zuo Quan Hui still has some fight in him; after all, he’s a Seventh-Order Master, he just cherishes himself too much and dares not start another battle now. If we pursue them, then it would only end in great losses for both sides.”


If Zuo Quan Hui had acted recklessly just now, he could have saved Zhou Ti. However, that would only worsen his situation further. At that point, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel’s after-effects may have damaged the foundation of his Small Universe, causing his strength to decline.


For his own safety, Zuo Quan Hui was even able to abandon his precious Disciple’s life. To put it nicely, Zuo Quan Hui was not someone who was afraid to make sacrifices, but realistically, he was just afraid of death.


Yue He was worried, “But, Young Master… What if they keep lurking around Void Territory?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “That’s not likely. They will not stay in Void Territory after their plan failed this time. They will need to find a place to rest and recuperate. Though, while they may not linger here for long, it’s still better to prepare for the worst and act cautiously… Let’s return to Void Land!”


After the battle, Yang Kai, too, was a lamp running out of oil. If Zuo Quan Hui really intended to continue the fight, then he would have little power to resist. Fortunately, there was the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel to deter Zuo Quan Hui and make him retreat this time.


Soon, the group returned to Void land and each went off to rest and recuperate.


On Dragon Sons’ Peak, Yue He helped Yang Kai over to make a visit to Bi Xi. When Old Man Bi Xi saw Yang Kai’s miserable appearance, he jumped in shock, “What happened to you? You look terrible! Hm? These injuries… This is the power of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Did you fight against one?”


Yang Kai put on an embarrassed grin, “Senior has a keen eye!”


Bi Xi quickly beckoned him over, “Sit down!”


Xiao Hong and Xiao Hei, the two little ones, were also looking nervously in Yang Kai’s direction. When they heard Bi Xi’s words, they rushed over to help Yang Kai to a seat.


After catching his breath, Yang Kai explained, “I must ask for Senior’s help to heal my injuries this time. The Sword Intent of that Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master is extremely difficult to dispel, and I don’t know how long it will take if I have to resolve it on my own.”


On the way back, Yang Kai tried to disperse the Sword Intent which invaded his body, but his efforts only produced minimal effects. The Sword Intent was latching onto him like maggots on rotting bones, and the more he tried to dispel it, the more troublesome it became. So, he went straight to Bi Xi as soon as he returned.


In all of Void Land, the only one who could help him, other than Zhu Jiu Yin, was Bi Xi, and the latter was much, much easier to talk to.


Bi Xi nodded, “Naturally, this is no problem. Tend to your injuries, I will help you from the side.”


“Many thanks, Senior!” Yang Kai nodded his head in thanks and shut his eyes to activate his Towering Evergreen Divine Manifestation.


A green light instantly spread out in all directions, and a Divine Tree, shrunken countless times, emerged behind Yang Kai. Its branches hung down, exuding seemingly endless vitality.


Old Man Bi Xi raised his brow at the sight. Even with his knowledge and experience, he had never seen such rich vitality before, causing him to marvel in his mind. The Wood Element that Yang Kai had condensed was definitely something amazing.


With the help of this Divine Manifestation, his injuries could recover in the blink of an eye. As long as the Sword Intent was dispelled, Yang Kai would be back to his old self in no time.


Putting his thoughts away, Bi Xi formed hand seals with both hands and suddenly slapped a palm on Yang Kai’s body. His palm looked soft and weak, but when it hit Yang Kai’s body, it sent a shocking force through it.




Upon the emergence of a piercing sound, a Sword Qi that was visible to the naked eye came out of Yang Kai’s wound and came straight for Bi Xi’s face.


Bi Xi opened his mouth and caught the Sword Qi between his teeth like a sewing needle.


The needle-like Sword Qi was still twitching restlessly, but with some force, it cracked with a click.


As palm after palm continued to slap down, Sword Qi was constantly forced out of the dense cuts littered all over Yang Kai’s body.


Only after half a day’s work did Bi Xi let out a long sigh and slowly withdraw his power.


Without the Sword Qi to bother Yang Kai, recovering from his injuries was hardly a problem. Even the hole through his abdomen could be restored in short order under the power of his Towering Evergreen Divine Manifestation and Dragon Vein.


Another half a day later, Yang Kai opened his eyes and thanked Bi Xi with a tired voice, “Many thanks, Senior!”


Bi Xi waved his hand, “It was nothing. You, on the other hand… How did you end up fighting a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master?”


Yang Kai laughed bitterly and explained the events that transpired.


When Bi Xi heard everything and frowned, “These Cave Heaven and Paradise people are far too unscrupulous. How could they lure you out by ravaging the lives of a lower Universe’s beings? That’s simply despicable! However, though the Sixth Order and the Seventh Order are merely one Order apart, the true difference in strength is vast.”


Yang Kai sighed, “Indeed! The might of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master is truly hard to resist. This Junior almost did not make it out.” Eyes turning in thought, he continued, “Senior, though Zuo Quan Hui was forced to retreat, he will not leave peacefully. Sooner or later, he will be back. Even though Void Land’s strength is not low, and we have as many Masters as there are clouds in the sky, we have no High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Nobody can take on Zuo Quan Hui. This time, I was able to injure him by surprise, but it will not be as easy when he comes prepared next time. What should we do if he comes back?”


Bi Xi pointed a finger at him, “Don’t you dare have any funny thoughts about me! Even though I wish to help you with this, I have no good ideas either. My true body is too large and right now, your Void Land still rests on my back, which only makes it more difficult to move around. I can only move freely by returning to my true body and taking on Human Form. Doing that, however, will destroy your Void land entirely.”


Thinking about it that way, it made sense. The entire Void Land sat atop Bi Xi’s body, so it was really inconvenient for him to act.


Bi Xi said, “Rather than seek out his Old Man’s help, you might as well look for someone else.”


Saying so, he silently nudged his chin in a certain direction and whispered, “If she is willing to help, then taking down a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would be as simple as waving a hand, would it not?”


Yang Kai felt a headache coming on from these words, “I’m afraid I’m not able to persuade her…” [If she was so easy to talk to, then I would not have come to you in the first place.]


Bi Xi commented, “If you don’t try, how will you know?”


Yang Kai pondered for a moment and nodded, “Senior is right.”


Saying so, Yang Kai stood up and nodded, “I will take my leave now. I will come back to visit again when I’m free.”


Together with Yue He, Yang Kai left Dragon Sons’ Peak. Yue He then asked with concern, “How are your injuries now, Young Master?”


“Not too serious. Senior helped force out the Sword Qi inside my body, so the rest are just flesh wounds which won’t take long to heal. You also consumed a lot of energy in that fight, so you should hurry back to recuperate. The future is still uncertain, so we must all maintain our peak state at all times.”


Earlier, during the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm battle, Yue He and the Sixth-Order woman faced each other. The two of them were equally matched, so there were no injuries; even so, Yue He had used up a lot of her strength in the fight.


Yue He nodded, “Then, be careful, Young Master. That one is difficult to speak to.”


Yang Kai smiled, “What’s she going to do, eat me? Relax.”


Only then did Yue He leave.


A moment later, Yang Kai stood in front of Heavenly Moon Palace with a glum look.



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