Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4552, Difference of Perspective


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“There’s no need to worry about the Universe Worlds. Zuo Quan Hui has been injured by my Divine Ability, and it will not be easy for him to recover from it. I estimate that he will need around three to five months on the shorter end, but on the longer end, it may take him a year and a half. However, once he recovers, then he is bound to come back for us. Our Void Land still lacks the power to face a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who is determined to seek revenge!” Yang Kai massaged his forehead lightly.


Void Land had two Divine Spirits to watch over them, protecting their Headquarters and Star City, where it was indeed safe and secure. However, it was impossible for Void Land’s many inhabitants to stay cooped up all the time and not go outside.


With a true body that was too large, it was more than enough for Bi Xi to play a defensive role, but not an offensive one in such a situation. On the other end, Zhu Jiu Yin’s anger had yet to subside, so she could not be counted on.


If Void Land had a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, the situation could be greatly improved.


The Proprietress was currently in retreat in order to break through to the Seventh Order, but no one could say for sure how long that would take. It may be a couple of years, but it can also be well over 100 years. The uncertainty was too great.


Yang Kai looked down at Mao Zhe, “Head Mountain Lord, provided with the resources, how confident are you in advancing into the Seventh Order in a short amount of time?”


There were quite a number of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters present here, but in terms of cultivation and heritage, it was Mao Zhe who was closest to advancing into the Seventh-Order besides the Proprietress.


Mao Zhe had a troubled look on his face and shook his head slowly, “Sir, the difference between the Sixth Order and the Seventh Order is the difference between the Mid-Rank and High-Rank Open Heaven Realm. This is not just about resources. This subordinate has not wanted for resources since following under Sir, but something still feels lacking when it comes to advancing into the Seventh Order. Even if this subordinate were to go into retreat and cultivate, it would not be very effective.”


Yang Kai nodded. Even Mao Zhe was in this situation, so there was no need to talk about everyone else who was further away from the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm.


“Without power equivalent to Zuo Quan Hui’s Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation, we will always remain on the passive side in a fight with him,” Yang Kai muttered. Then, he looked down at everyone, “Do any of you have any good solutions to this matter?”


Everyone looked at each other, all going deep into thought.


Hui Gu spoke up, “Perhaps we can ask Yin-Yang Cave Heaven for help?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Zuo Quan Hui and his followers did not hesitate to rebel against Thousand Cranes Paradise in order to exact revenge for Zhao Xing. Though, their attempt to make a cover story will only make it more obvious. Anyone with a discerning eye can see what is going on. If not for Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s efforts in pressuring them, then it would not stop at being just Zuo Quan Hui and his followers stirring up trouble in my Void Territory, but several Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters!”


Zhao Xing and Zhou Ti may both be in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but their status in Thousand Cranes Paradise was very different. Zhao Xing advanced directly into the Sixth Order, so he had hope of one day reaching the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, making his status much higher than Zhou Ti’s.


Any Core Disciple with Zhao Xing’s qualifications was seen as a treasure for any Cave Heaven or Paradise, so they could not afford to lose them; otherwise, the Sect would do everything in its power to avenge them.


The reason why Thousand Cranes Paradise did not make a big fuss about Zhao Xing’s death was completely thanks to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, because there was Xu Ling Gong to mediate the situation.


Not to mention that asking for help from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven would be useless, Yang Kai was personally unwilling to do so as well. It was true that he was currently a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven son-in-law, but Void Land was Void Land and Yin-Yang Heaven was Yin-Yang Heaven. If they were to borrow Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s power in order to resolve this crisis, then it would not be long before Void Land simply became someone else’s subordinate.


This was not something Yang Kai hoped to see.


There was a moment of silence in the Grand Hall. They could not put their hopes on Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, and Void Land itself did not have the equivalent power to deal with the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Zuo Quan Hui. No matter how they looked at it, they could only remain passive in this situation.


“Sect Master, we may be able to settle this matter with an advantage in numbers,” Bian Yu Qing suggested thoughtfully.


Yang Kai looked over at her, “Explain.”


The others also turned their heads to her. Any ordinary Emperor Realm cultivator would probably be shaking if they were stared at by so many Fifth and Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and begin stuttering, but as Void Land’s Second Manager, Bian Yu Qing, had long been in charge of all of Void Land’s matters over the years, so she naturally would not be afraid of this attention.


“This Mistress’ abilities are paltry, and I do not even know what the Orders of the Open Heaven Realm are like, so if there is something wrong with this Mistress’s opinion, then I must ask Sect Master to please not laugh at me.”


Yang Kai raised his hand, “There is no harm in putting forth a suggestion. Since you are in the Emperor Realm, perhaps you can consider things from a different perspective from us, and that may just reveal a path forward we have otherwise overlooked.”


Bian Yu Qing nodded and continued, “Zuo Quan Hui is in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, so indeed, nobody in our Void Land is his equal. However, when it comes to Masters in the Sixth-Order and the Fifth Order, our Void Land holds the advantage. Since we do not have any Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, nor will any appear among us in a short amount of time, then why don’t we try and surround Zuo Quan Hui with Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters? If three won’t do it, then perhaps five will. If five is not enough, what about ten? If ten still won’t do it, then we’ll use twenty Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. That should be enough to defeat Zuo Quan Hui, right?”


Hui Gu laughed, “Twenty would indeed be enough. Even ants can bite an elephant to death, let alone Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Under normal circumstances, a Master in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm can resist against the combined forces of ten Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters without issue; however, if Sir was among the ten, then Zuo Quan Hui would definitely be at a disadvantage. Hm… Maybe we won’t even need ten in that case.”


Yang Kai’s strength was clear to all, and it was something that no ordinary Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could compare with. In a one-on-one fight, he was indeed not Zuo Quan Hui’s opponent, but a few days ago, with just Geng Qing and Mao Zhe’s help, he was still able to put up a good fight. Though he was constantly at a disadvantage, they were not wiped out in a short time. In the end, Yang Kai was even able to injure Zuo Quan Hui using his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.


If ten Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were to team up with Yang Kai against Zuo Quan Hui, it would naturally be no problem for them to suppress the latter.


“But where will we find twenty Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters?” Hui Gu laughed bitterly, “All of our Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters are already gathered here. Excluding Sir, we only have nine at our disposal.”


Yang Kai was thoughtful, “What Second Manager means to say is…”


Bian Yu Qing explained, “We have many Great Emperors, as well as several of Sir’s Madams and the Pseudo-Great Emperors. There is even the newly joined Xiang Ying, Fang Yue, and the others who all have the potential to advance into the Sixth Order. These days, they have all been refining various Sixth-Order materials, and what they lack now are merely the Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element treasures. If we had enough Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element treasures, then Void Land would have no problem increasing its Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters by more than a dozen!”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up at her words, feeling enlightened.


He had been thinking of ways for Void Land to acquire a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in order to deal with Zuo Quan Hui, but Bian Yu Qing’s idea was to have Void Land increase its Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. If they had enough Masters in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, then that would naturally allow them to fight against Zuo Quan Hui, who was in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm!


Sure enough, those who sit in different positions have different perspectives on the same issue!


Currently, there were many from the Star Boundary who were committed in Void Land to advancing directly into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


The Great Emperors, Iron Blood, Hong Chen, Marital Beast, Serene Soul, Flower Shadow, Ice Feather, Heavens Revelations, and Wondrous Pill; his wives, Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Xue Yue, Shan Qing Luo, Yu Ru Meng, and Ji Yao; the Pseudo-Great Emperors, Yang Yan, Jiu Feng, Li Wu Yi, and Bing Yun; Martial Beast Great Emperor’s daughter, Mo Xiao Qi, Iron Blood Great Emperor’s Disciple, Lin Yun’er, and Yang Kai’s younger sister, Yang Xue… There were a total of twenty-one people at least!


The eight Great Emperors need not be mentioned as they had already been in the Emperor Realm for countless years. Their foundations were strong and they had long developed their own Dao Seals back in the Star Boundary. Due to the isolation of the Star Boundary, the Great Emperors could only further polish their Dao Seals to increase their strength.


Once they leapt out of the Star Boundary, all of their Dao Seals could withstand the impact of Sixth-Order Powers, which gave them the qualification to advance directly to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, placing them on par with Core Disciples of any Cave Heaven or Paradise.


In comparison, Yang Kai’s wives, and even Li Wu Yi and the other Pseudo-Great Emperors had much shallower foundations, so it would normally be risky for them to advance into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. However, Yang Kai had a treasure like the Divine Dao Water, which could strengthen one’s Dao Seal, which naturally made up for their shortcomings and allowed them to stand at the same high starting point as the Great Emperors.


Once it truly came time for them to advance, Void Land also had the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill to help them in minimizing any risks.


Then, there were Xiang Ying and Fang Yue, both of whom Yang Kai had brought to his side from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Both of them were owners of Divine Medicines. Yang Kai had obtained three Divine Medicines from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, namely Pu Bai Xiong, Little Mushroom, and the Gourd Vine. Xiang Ying had obtained the Purple Bamboo that was able to break all Principles, and Fang Yue had obtained the Thousand Leaves Stone Lotus, which improved his defenses several times over.


These two used to be Bearers chosen by Divine Spirits, and had received their greatest support in nurturing them. Both of them have refined Sixth-Order Powers; however, due to their lacking aptitude, it was a huge risk for them to advance into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm directly. When they learned that Void Land possessed Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills, Fang Yue was the first to seek out Yang Kai and take refuge with him.


With Yang Kai’s support, Fang Yue opened the Grand Ancient Ruins Shop in Void Star City that specifically recruited the Bearers who were able to come out of the Grand Ancient Runs Boundary alive.


This happened before Yang Kai left for the Shadowless Cave Heaven. After the Grand Ancient Ruins Shop became famous, it did manage to recruit some Bearers, among which was Xiang Ying.


Including these two, Void Land had twenty-three prospects!


Twenty-three people were expected to advance into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the near future. If all of them could succeed, then adding the current nine that they had, then the number of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters that Void Land possessed would become terrifying!


And that was not counting those from the Dragon Clan, who also came with Yang Kai from the Star Boundary!


The cultivation of the Dragon Clan was different from ordinary cultivators. Even though they also needed a lot of cultivation resources, they refined their own bloodlines and Source rather than splitting Heaven and Earth apart in their bodies to enter the Open Heaven Realm.


Once a Dragon Clan member’s bloodline reached a certain purity and concentration, the power that they could wield was no less than that of those in the Open Heaven Realm.


Any mature Divine Spirit would also have power on par with a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


However, it took a lot of time for a Dragon Clan member to refine their bloodline and Source, much longer when compared to the advancement of Human cultivators into the Open Heaven Realm. After all, the Dragon Clan members themselves lived much longer lives.


Even Yang Kai himself had no idea how the Dragon Clan purified their bloodlines further. Other than taking Dragon Blood Pills, he was not sure of any other way. So, in recent days, the Dragon Clan members had all been running over to Dragon Sons’ Peak to seek Old Man Bi Xi’s tutelage.


Tracing back his roots, Bi Xi also had a Dragon Vein, so he was able to give some guidance to the younger Dragons to help them in their cultivation.




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