Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4553, Secrets of the Black Prison


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The Dragon Clan couldn’t be counted on in such a short amount of time, but those with the potential of advancing into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm were worth looking forward to.


Yang Kai looked down towards Bian Yu Qing, “Second Manager, how is our Void Land doing on resources? Are the Great Emperors making progress on their cultivation?”


Bian Yu Qing nodded, “In general, they are doing well. With the Star City prospering, Void Land has no shortage of materials. At least 80% of our earnings are used to barter for cultivation materials in each Order, and it is enough to supply the cultivation needs of the Sect. We have also stockpiled many Sixth-Order Five Elements materials; the only tricky ones are Yin and Yang Element treasures, which are truly too rare. Counting the Sixth-Order Yang Element treasure that Lu Jing of Gathering Yuan Union brought the other day, the Yin and Yang Element materials we have now are only enough to provide for the advancement of three people!”


“Three people…” Yang Kai nodded lightly. Compared to the demand of twenty-three people, this number was truly too small. He pondered for a moment before asking, “If resources weren’t an issue, how long would it take for the Great Emperors to advance to the Sixth Order?”


“The Great Emperors all have deep foundations and their Dao Seals are firm and stable, so they are also able to refine materials quickly. If we had abundant resources, then all the Great Emperors would be able to advance into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm within a decade. The faster ones may only take three to five years.”


Yue He frowned at that, “Even three to five years is still a bit long.”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “Indeed, it is a long time, but the victor in this fight cannot be decided in a short amount of time either. We have to look at things from a long-term perspective. What’s more, whether it is for the sake of dealing with a fight like this or not, it does not change the fact that Void Land is lacking in Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials, and something has to be done about that.”


Yue He nodded, “Young Master is right.”


Yang Kai sat up straight and raised his voice, “Good, the problem before us is clear. Where are we going to find so many Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials? If you have any good ideas, let’s hear it.”


Bian Yu Qing suggested, “We can continue to offer a premium in exchange for the materials in the Star City, but I don’t think it will do much good; after all, we have been doing the same thing for a long time now and have only been able to acquire a few Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials.”


Yang Kai said, “We must continue it even if the results are not good; after all, any piece is better than none.”


Bian Yu Qing nodded in response.


Mo Mei added next, “Perhaps we can look for the Cave Heavens and Paradises? Why don’t we go directly to them and ask to purchase the materials we need? Those Cave Heavens and Paradises have ruled over the 3,000 Worlds for many years, so they are bound to have accumulated some reserves.”


Yue He shook her head, “It’s useless. In the entirety of the 3,000 Worlds, materials in the Sixth Order and above have always been scarce. Even if those Cave Heavens and Paradises were able to accumulate some of these resources, they would rather stockpile them as strategic reserves. It would be impossible for them to sell them off to others so simply, much less now that we are in a confrontation with Zuo Quan Hui, who has Thousand Cranes Paradise behind him.”


Hui Gu narrowed his eyes, “Then, does that mean that there’s really no other way?”


Bian Yu Qing asked, “Sect Master, didn’t you meet with the Young Union Master of Gathering Yuan Union the other day? Since they are a Trade Company, they should have a way to get such materials, right?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Of course, Gathering Yuan Union definitely has their own methods. Even though Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials are scarce, they will surely be able to get their hands on some; however, the possibility of us working with Gathering Yuan Union is low. They may not be willing to take the risk of offending Zuo Quan Hui and Thousand Cranes Paradise to do business with us.”


If it were a few days ago, then there would still be some possibility of the two of them cooperating with each other; however, after the big fight with Zuo Quan Hui, and the killing of the Sixth-Order Zhou Ti, Gathering Yuan Union will surely hear the news soon. And Gathering Yuan Union had already revealed some fear of Thousand Cranes Paradise, so it made it even more unlikely for them to cooperate with Void Land after what happened.


Mo Mei muttered, “It would be great if there was another Universe Cave Heaven or Universe Paradise like Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Those High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters would surely leave behind a rich inheritance after their death!”


Yang Kai laughed, “Even the Universe Paradises and Cave Heavens left behind after the deaths of those High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters may not contain what we need.”


Blood Monster Cave Heaven was the greatest example. Indeed, Yang Kai obtained many great things in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, but he really did not find that many Yin or Yang Element treasures, which showed just how rare these things were.


“I do know of a place that may have what we need, and in a good volume, too,” Old Bai, who was sitting at the side the whole time, suddenly spoke.


“Where?” Yang Kai quickly turned over to look at him in high spirits, at the same time cursing himself for being so muddle-headed. Old Bai, Chef, and Accountant were originally the Proprietress’ subordinates, and First Inn itself was in the intelligence gathering business, so they were the best people to ask if there was anything they needed answers for in the 3,000 Worlds.


The others also looked towards Old Bai.


After some hesitation, Old Bai began, “Do you still remember Luan Bai Feng?”


Yang Kai raised a brow, “Luan Bai Feng from the Black Prison?”


“Yes, her!” Old Bai nodded.


“Naturally!” Thinking back, Yang Kai had met with this woman twice. The first time was when she followed Heavenly Sword Union’s Union Master Kong Feng when he led the Hundred Sect Alliance to attack Void Land. It was during those events that Yang Kai learned that this woman had extremely high attainments in the Dao of Spirit Arrays, so she was invited by Kong Feng to crack Void Land’s Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array! She also proved herself to be extremely strong and competent as she was almost able to dispel the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array completely.


After the defeat of the Hundred Sects Alliance, Kong Feng was killed, and Luan Bai Feng disappeared without a trace.


Later, when Yang Kai went to Shadowless Cave Heaven, this woman appeared again and blocked his way together with Heavenly Sword Union’s new Union Master, Shen Liang. Shen Liang was killed in that conflict, but Luan Bai Feng escaped again.


Yang Kai had a deep impression of her; firstly, Luan Bai Feng’s attainments in the Dao of Spirit Arrays were truly high, and the other was that she was also very good at keeping herself alive. Once she saw that the situation was not right, she immediately retreated.


Two successive generations of Heavenly Sword Union’s Union Masters died in battle, but she escaped both conflicts.


However, Yang Kai did not know very much about her. He knew only that she was the leader of a great force called Black Prison.


Now that Old Bai brought her up, Yang Kai could not help but feel a little puzzled, “Is there something special about this woman?”


Old Bai shook his head, “No, there’s nothing particularly special about her. What’s special is the Black Prison!”


Everyone looked towards him, but only Yue He had a thoughtful look on her face.


Among the many Open Heaven Realm Masters present, more than half of them came from Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s Abundance City. Before meeting Yang Kai, generations of them had been living in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, unable to escape due to the Blood Principle Restriction placed on their ancestors. There were also those who were brought out by Yang Kai from the Shadowless Cave Heaven who did not know much information about the current state of the 3,000 Worlds.


Yue He knew a few things, but not as much as Old Bai did.


“The Black Prison is called the Black Prison because it was a naturally formed prison with all sorts of Natural Arrays within. Its environment is also extremely harsh, so one could say that unless one were very familiar with the place, it is all but impossible to leave alive after entering.”


Yang Kai nodded, “No wonder Luan Bai Feng has such high attainments in the Dao of Spirit Arrays!”


To live most of one’s life in a place that was filled with countless naturally formed Arrays, one would only be killed if their attainments in the Dao of Spirit Arrays were not high.


“The Black Prison is such a dangerous place that even if a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master were to step foot into it, they may still not be able to escape safely. Rumour has it that even High-Rank Open Heaven Masters may not be Luan Bai Feng’s opponent inside the Black Prison as she can borrow the strength of all sorts of Grand Arrays there to display a strength far greater than her own.” Old Bai went on, “So, in all the 3,000 Worlds, Luan Bai Feng, and even Black Prison itself have become well-known; after all, not every Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master has the heritage and ability to kill Masters in the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “To be able to manipulate and control such impressive Grand Arrays… She’s a remarkable woman indeed. But… what sort of place is this Black Prison?”


Old Bai shook his head, “I do not know either; after all, I have never been there myself. I only know that the place is very strange, and its dangers are no less than the Shattered Heaven.”


“Why would she choose to stay in such a dangerous place?” Yang Kai was confused.


Old Bai laughed, “Men, or in this case, Women die for wealth just as birds die for food. If the Black Prison did not have something attractive enough, why would Luan Bai Feng stay there and not move? Black Prison is rich in a very special cultivation resource, and because it is fully black, it is called Black Stone.”


Mao Zhe was curious, “What’s so special about this Black Stone?”


Old Bai shook his head, “There’s nothing special about the Black Stones themselves, but it is a different story when it comes to what is contained within them. A piece of Black Stone may contain nothing, or it may be hiding Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, or even Seventh or Eighth-Order cultivation materials of various Elements!”


Everyone drew a sharp breath upon hearing this.


Hua Yong could not help but look wide-eyed at Old Bai, “Even Seventh and Eighth-Order materials can be found in these Black Stones?”


Old Bai nodded seriously, “That is what the rumours say. Nobody has seen it for themselves, but it has been confirmed that a good amount of Fifth-Order and Sixth-Order materials have come out of these Black Stones.”


Yang Kai was shaken, “There is no shortage of wonders in the 3,000 Worlds!”


Zhou Ya frowned, “If that is true, then as a cultivator who is merely in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, how did Luan Bai Feng gain control over the Black Prison? For a place as rich in resources as that, wouldn’t even the Cave Heavens and Paradises covet it?”


This question raised doubts in many of their minds.


Old Bai smiled, “Senior Sister Zhou is right. If Black Prison were just an ordinary place, then Luan Bai Feng would not be qualified to control it. It would have long been taken over by the Cave Heavens or Paradises; however, the Black Prison has its peculiarities. Not to mention, the major Cave Heavens and Paradises themselves have abundant wealth already. Who among them do not have their own resource production areas? The Black Prison may not even be worthy of their attention. Secondly, even if the Black Prison is rich in materials, they are extremely difficult to mine. Black Stone is something that only those in the Open Heaven Realm are strong enough to mine, and supposedly, the deeper you go into the Black Prison, the higher the Order required to mine the resources. The harsh environment in the Black Prison should also be taken into account. There are dangers everywhere, and a cultivator’s life may be lost at any moment. Even if they were fortunate enough to escape, their cultivation would still constantly be nibbled away by the Natural Arrays if they lived in such a place for long, which would eventually cause their Small Universe to shrink and collapse, a fate even worse than death!”


After a pause, Old Bai went on, “The price to mine Black Stone in Black Prison is the cultivation and vitality of an Open Heaven Realm Master. This was not something that those Cave Heavens and Paradises could afford to do; otherwise, they would be universally condemned.”




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