Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4555, Interesting News


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Yang Kai was speechless. Based on what Xin Peng said, there are around 200 Open Heaven Realm Masters currently in Black Prison’s confinement. This was no small number as no ordinary great force would generally have such a high concentration of Open Heaven Realm Masters.


However, most of them were merely the ore slaves in Luan Bai Feng’s subordination, so there was no need to pay them much attention. If anyone did enter into a conflict with Luan Bai Feng, there was no way they would help. The only ones who had gained Luan Bai Feng’s trust and could come and go freely in the Black Prison numbered around 30 people. 


“How many are in the Fifth Order? What about Sixth Order?” Yang Kai asked.


Xin Peng answered, “Reporting to Sir, the Warden is the only one in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the Black Prison. As for those in the Fifth Order, there are seven of them. The rest are below the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm.”


Yang Kai was surprised, “Luan Bai Feng is the only Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the Black Prison?”


He thought that the Black Prison would have several Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters at least, so this was a surprising answer; however, this did make the rest easier.


Xin Peng laughed bitterly, “The Warden is a very paranoid person. Even after being in charge of the Black Prison for so long, she never allowed her subordinates to advance into the Sixth Order. Any with the potential and signs of advancing will be thrown into Black Prison’s depths to mine.”


Yang Kai coldly snorted, “What a ruthless woman.”


After a moment of silence, Yang Kai started with another question, “What were you asked to buy on this trip?”


Xin Peng answered what it was.


Yang Kai nodded, “Go to the Star City to finish your mission. I will wait here for you.”


Xin Peng had no idea what Yang Kai was planning to do, but he did not dare to ask too many questions, so he hurriedly responded, “Yes. Then, please wait here for a few days, Sir. This subordinate will go and return quickly.”


A moment later, Xin Peng left.


Yang Kai stood alone in the void, rubbing his chin and pondering. Right now, he had gotten confirmation that Luan Bai Feng was inside the Black Prison. Now, all that was left to do was to lure her out, and he also had to make sure that she would leave from this Territory Gate.


After studying the Universe Chart, Yang Kai felt much more assured. Even though the Black Territory had a total of five different Territory Gates that connected to different Great Territories, if Luan Bai Feng really had intentions to help Zuo Quan Hui to stir up trouble for Void Land, then there was a great possibility that she would leave from this Territory Gate; after all, this was the closest Territory Gate to Void Land. If she were to choose a different route, then it would take her a trip through at least two extra Great Territories to get there, which would delay her a great deal.


Now, the most critical thing left was to lure Luan Bai Feng out! Yang Kai had some certainty that she would come, but he also did not dare to be too sure.


Six days later, Xin Peng returned from the Great Territory’s Star City. Yang Kai, who was hiding, showed himself and gave him detailed instructions. Xin Peng nodded incessantly, putting Yang Kai’s orders to mind, and a short while later, he jumped into the Territory Gate.


A day later, inside a palace, Xin Peng stood submissively inside. Reclined on the long chair before him was Luan Bai Feng. She was sitting in a lazy manner with a pipe in hand. Faint smoke drifted out from the furnace. With eyes half shut out of comfort, Luan Bai Feng’s nose quivered faintly as the smoke entered and left her nose.


“Have you bought what I asked?” Luan Bai Feng asked.


“Yes, I’ve bought it, Warden!” Xin Peng answered respectfully and took out a Space Ring, offering it to her with both hands.


A woman dressed like a maidservant next to Luan Bai Feng came forward to take the Space Ring before returning to her position.


“You’ve worked hard,” Luan Bai Feng responded indifferently, her long phoenix eyes still semi-shut.


“It is this subordinate’s honour to serve!” Xin Peng flattered her with a big smile, but he did not excuse himself immediately because he knew that Luan Bai Feng would always ask for something else whenever he was sent to procure items from the Star City.


“En,” Luan Bai Feng made a lazy hum in response before asking, “Did anything interesting happen outside recently?”


Staring down at his toes, Xin Peng nodded, “Indeed, there are a few things.”


“Speak!” Luan Bai Feng played with the wisps of smoke in front of her with a jade finger, eyes looking distant.


“Firstly, the result of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Dao Theory Assembly is out. The one who took first place was Void Land’s Lord, Yang Kai!”


“Huh?” Luan Bai Feng’s narrowed eyes opened slightly, and a cold light emerged in them, “That Yang Kai actually won first place? How could he, someone in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, achieve something like that? Are the disciples of the Cave Heavens and Paradises all wastes?”


Even though she was not present when Yang Kai advanced into the Open Heaven Realm, she would naturally keep herself apprised of his situation now that she had made enemies of Void Land. So, it was not strange for her to know that Yang Kai was only in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Xin Peng answered, “Warden, this subordinate heard that Yang Kai is not in the Fifth Order, but the Sixth Order.”


“Sixth-Order?” Luan Bai Feng’s eyes widened again. Then, she snorted, “Where did you hear that rumour? He was merely a Fifth Order when he broke through, that much is certain. The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters of several Cave Heavens and Paradises saw it with their own eyes, so how could that be false?”


“This subordinate does not know where the mistake began, but that man is indeed in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, there is no doubt about that. And, during Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Dao Theory Assembly, he even killed a man called Zhao Xing.”


“Zhao Xing?” Luan Bai Feng’s finger paused, a contemplative look appearing on her face, “That name sounds familiar… What Sect is he from?”


“This subordinate heard that he is from Thousand Cranes Paradise, and is even a Core Disciple who broke through directly to the Sixth Order!”


Luan Bai Feng’s eyes, which were narrowed this whole time, widened into circles, and her stern gaze was fixed on Xin Peng standing below, who instantly began sweating from the mountain-like pressure placed on him.


Hearing Xin Peng’s story, she finally remembered who this Zhao Xing was. Indeed, he was a Core Disciple of Thousand Cranes Paradise, and when he successfully advanced directly into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm a few decades ago, many great forces went to congratulate him. Even she had brought a gift over.


“Is that true?” Luan Bai Feng questioned sharply.


Xin Peng stammered, “This news has already spread among the general populace. Whether it is true or not, this subordinate does not know, but everyone is saying the same thing.”


Blinking, Luan Bai Feng muttered to herself, “Waves do not form without wind. This is a matter that concerns Thousand Cranes Paradise’s face. If it were not true, then Thousand Cranes Paradise would definitely step out to curb the rumours. However, the rumours have already spread to the masses, so it is most likely true… Zhao Xing advanced into the Sixth-Order several decades ago, but Yang Kai actually managed to kill him? Is he really in the Sixth-Order, too? But how did that happen?”


She thought about it for a while, but still could not figure out how Yang Kai could suddenly jump from the Fifth-Order to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Suddenly, she laughed like flowers trembling on a branch, her voice crisp and pleasant to the ears.


She laughed for a while before collecting herself, “How would Thousand Cranes Paradise stay still after Yang Kai killed Zhao Xing? Has Void Land been razed to the ground by them yet?”


“Not yet,” Xin Peng shook his head, “because Yin-Yang Cave Heaven intervened as Zhao Xing’s death occurred in the Dao Theory Assembly. There is no way that Thousand Cranes Paradise can openly exact revenge for Zhao Xing. In the end, his Honoured Master, Zuo Quan Hui, deserted Thousand Cranes Paradise while bringing along the disciples under him.”


“Zuo Quan Hui deserted Thousand Cranes Paradise!?” Luan Bai Feng was shocked. However, a person of her stature and experience only had to think for a moment before understanding the sequence of events, “That old fox! Continue.”


“Zuo Quan Hui led his disciples to Void Territory in order to kill Yang Kai; however, not only was he wounded after entering into a big fight with him, another Sixth-Order Disciple under him called Zhou Ti was killed during the battle!”


Luan Bai Feng was even more stunned at this revelation, “Zuo Quan Hui was wounded? Did you hear that wrong?”


Xin Peng shook his head, “That is what they are saying outside, and the rumours are still going strong in the Star City. If Warden does not believe it, she can send someone to inquire about the matter.”


Luan Bai Feng shook her head. It was not that she did not believe Xin Peng’s words, she just wondered whether there were any mistakes with those rumours or not. After all, Zuo Quan Hui was a Seventh-Order Master, so how could he be injured so easily?


Having suddenly thought of something, she began, “It was the doing of Void Land’s two Divine Spirits, wasn’t it?” Only the two Divine Spirits would be able to hurt a man like Zuo Quan Hui.


Xin Peng answered respectfully, “This subordinate does not think so. From beginning to end, the two Divine Spirits were never mentioned in the rumours. Rather, it was the huge number of Sixth-Order and Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land. Just the number of those in the Sixth Order was 9. In order to save his Disciple, Zuo Quan Hui was caught off guard and injured.”


“9 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters?” The more she listened, the more confused Luan Bai Feng became. She had been to Void Land before, and if there were 9 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters there at that time, then how could she have been able to return alive?


And, how many years had it been since the Hundred Sects Alliance besieged them? How could 9 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters suddenly appear?


“Right now, Zuo Quan Hui must still be recovering from his injuries. In this subordinate’s opinion, a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents will soon take place between Zuo Quan Hui and Void Land now that two Sixth-Order disciples of the former have been killed.”


Luan Bai Feng nodded lightly, “Zuo Quan Hui is still in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm after all. Naturally, if he lost face, then he must get it back. Otherwise, how will he still maintain his footing in the future?” She waved him off, “You’re excused.”


“Yes!” Not daring to say anything more, Xin Peng bowed and left.


Wisps of smoke were still fluttering from the pipe, but Luan Bai Feng was not as interested in it as before. There was an inexplicable glint in her narrow phoenix eyes as if she were thinking about something.


The maidservant next to her began softly, “Mistress, should this subordinate go out and verify the rumours?”


Luan Bai Feng shook her head, “Rumours are not to be believed. There’s no finding out the truth unless we find Zuo Quan Hui and ask him about what happened in person.”


The maidservant answered, “But if Zuo Quan Hui is still in recovery, he must be in hiding. Who would be able to find him?”


Luan Bai Feng rubbed her fingers subconsciously, “That’s right… Who will be able to find him? However, it is true that Void Land is troublesome…”


She also kept tabs on Void Land; after all, a grudge had formed between them, so who knew whether or not Void Land would find an opportunity to come to the Black Prison to seek revenge?


Void Land had gradually been growing stronger, and back then, those guys from the Hundred Sect Alliance went rushing over to apologize one by one while bearing gifts.


Meanwhile, Luan Bai Feng remained in the Black Prison. The environment here was treacherous, and there were also the countless Natural Arrays she could take advantage of. She did not care too much at first, but now, it seemed that Void Land had grown to the point where it could threaten her.


She alone would not be able to solve this hidden danger called Void Land, but perhaps… she may be able to seek out Zuo Quan Hui in order to cooperate with him and eradicate this scourge with his help.




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