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Martial Peak – Chapter 4558, Treasure Trove

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The Black Prison was a dangerous place where countless Natural Arrays were hidden, but this was only what things were like in the outermost region. If one went deeper, then the dangers would only increase.


However, under Luan Bai Feng’s guidance, the ship navigated through the void unharmed, passing one Array after another, but not in a straight line. Sometimes, Yang Kai felt as if they had gone in one large circle, and sometimes, felt they were even spinning in place for a long time. There did not seem to be any standard pattern to it.


In the end, they were met with no dangers on their journey. This must have been a well-travelled route for Luan Bai Feng, which was why she knew where all the risks were and was able to avoid them perfectly.


About a day later, a ruined Spirit Province suddenly came into view. Obviously, this Spirit Province was also a fragment of an Ore Star. It was not very large, much smaller than Void Land, but from a distance, traces of man-made structures could be seen. On the Spirit Province stood a series of connected palaces.


The ship landed in front of the palaces, where a maidservant in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm came out to greet them. The woman was surprised and asked, “Why has Madame returned so quickly?”


Luan Bai Feng’s face was dark, but she did not even say a word since she herself was too embarrassed to tell her that she had been ambushed on the trip and even subordinated by someone else using the Loyalty List.


The maidservant could obviously sense that something was not right with the situation. She glanced curiously at the unfamiliar Yang Kai, but she was smart enough not to ask anything else.


“Get out of here, all of you. Go do your work! If anyone dares let a single word slip about what happened today, I’ll make sure they’ll suffer a fate worse than death!” Luan Bai Feng bellowed at her subordinates.


Everyone scattered like birds and beasts, quickly disappearing without a trace.


“You are also excused,” Luan Bai Feng waved off the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm woman, who simply bowed to her and retreated back into the Main Hall.


Soon, Luan Bai Feng and Yang Kai were the only ones left. She glanced at him before turning around and leaving in a certain direction.


While looking around curiously, Yang Kai followed behind her. After walking for a while, he could no longer hold his curiosity back, “The environment in the Black Territory is indeed harsh, but there are also rumours that if one stays here long enough, their World Force will continuously leak out, eventually leading to their Small Universe’s collapse and a complete loss of cultivation. How come I’m not feeling anything?”


Luan Bai Feng responded without even turning back, “Of course you can’t feel it here. This is only the outermost region. If that damned effect were to happen even here, how would I be able to live here? Once you go deeper into the Black Territory, you’ll naturally be able to experience it.”


Stopping her feet, she turned around and said in an inciting manner, “Do you want to go and try it right now? The deeper you go, the more obvious the feeling becomes!”


Yang Kai grinned, “Even if I decide to go, I’ll definitely drag you along with me.”


Luan Bai Feng’s face darkened. After a cold snort, she turned back around and continued leading the way.


A short while later, the two of them arrived before an exceptionally well-built palace that was enveloped in clear traces of layers upon layers of barriers.


Luan Bai Feng took out a jade token and poured her power into it before swaying in front of the entrance of the palace. A light shot out from the token and, following that, the doors of the palace opened with a click.


After leading Yang Kai into the palace, Luan Bai Feng did the same thing and opened three more doors in succession, each one heavier than the last, with traces of Arrays activating each time.


Yang Kai clicked his tongue in awe, “Your skills in the Dao of Spirit Arrays are truly spectacular.”


To this day, the most accomplished Master in the Dao of Spirit Arrays that he had encountered was undoubtedly Grandmaster Wu Liang who had arranged the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, but when comparing the two, Luan Bai Feng was superior. During the siege of the Hundred Sects Alliance on Void Land back then, Luan Bai Feng had attempted to crack the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array after unravelling its mysteries.


Even though the Hundred Sects Alliance suffered heavy losses in the end, resulting in the death of Kong Feng, it was not as a result of Luan Bai Feng’s inability to break the Grand Array, but rather their unpreparedness against their enemy. Void Land’s heritage was simply too strong.


The fact that Luan Bai Feng was able to work out some of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array’s mysteries in such a short amount of time was a testament to her mastery of the Dao of Spirit Arrays.


As the two of them were talking, they arrived at another Grand Hall, inside of which was white jade shelf after white jade shelf with no end in sight. On the shelves were an assortment of oddly-shaped containers of different materials, many of which were made of rare jades and ores themselves.


“What is this place?” Yang Kai asked, raising a brow.


Luan Bai Feng coldly snorted, “Why ask when you already know? Don’t you need a lot of cultivation resources? They’re all here!”


Even though he already had his guesses, Yang Kai still smiled happily when he heard what Luan Bai Feng said, “So, this is your treasury? Very good!”


Divine Sense surging, it enveloped the entire Grand Hall in an instant, taking in everything.


Despite his mental preparations, Yang Kai was still shocked by Luan Bai Feng’s wealth. The cultivation materials placed here numbered at least 10,000.


This was a terrifying number. Even though Void Land could still pull out such a humongous amount of cultivation materials, that was only natural because they had a whole Star City which saw merchants from all corners of the 3,000 Worlds patronizing them every day, bringing huge amounts of resources with them.


For a lone woman like Luan Bai Feng to have amassed such a fortune was simply terrifying.


However, since she occupied a treasure trove like the Black Prison, it was only natural for her to have accumulated such wealth after all the years she spent here.


“What is the Order of the supplies here? And what about the quantity?” Yang Kai asked with glowing eyes.


Luan Bai Feng did not like the look on his face; after all, it was hard to feel good about seeing one’s treasures being snatched away by someone else all of a sudden. Still, she turned away and muttered, “Those below the Fourth Order are unqualified to be stored here. The materials placed here are all either in the Fourth Order or above. On the left are the Fourth-Order materials, roughly 8,000 pieces in total. The centre shelves are for Fifth-Order materials, about 2,000 of them. On the right are the Sixth-Order materials. There are almost 200 pieces, but I haven’t counted them recently.”


Yang Kai clicked his tongue in awe, “You’re probably the richest woman in all the 3,000 Worlds!”


Firstly, without even mentioning materials in the Fourth and Fifth-Order, she actually had around 200 pieces of Sixth-Order materials. It had to be known that each piece would cost at least 15 million Open Heaven Pills each. Two hundred pieces would be worth at least 3 billion!


That much money, belonging to a single person!


How could anyone in the 3,000 Worlds compare with that?


While speaking, Yang Kai’s body had instantly moved towards the area where the Sixth-Order materials were placed and he began looking through them with interest. Suddenly, he turned his head towards the last White Jade shelf and asked, “Is this a Sixth-Order material, too?”


Only a single container was placed on the final White Jade shelf, which made it seem conspicuous.


Luan Bai Feng’s face twitched. She was practically gnashing her teeth as she forced each word out, “That’s a Seventh-Order treasure!”


Yang Kai raised a brow and said with glowing eyes, “Before coming here, I heard that the Black Prison’s Black Stones could even produce materials in the Seventh and Eighth Order. So it is true?”


Luan Bai Feng affirmed, “Of course it’s true; however, the number is extremely low! After all these years of occupying the Black Prison, I’ve only ever encountered a single piece!”


Yang Kai nodded, “Since there is one, that means there will be more. Sure enough, the Black Prison is really a treasure trove!”


With that said, he picked up the container that was holding the Seventh-Order material and opened it up to take a look, discovering that it was a Seventh-Order Metal Element material. Nodding lightly, he casually tossed it into his Small Universe.


Even though Seventh-Order materials were extremely precious and rare, it was not as if he had never seen them before. In fact, most of the materials that he condensed belonged to the Seventh Order or even above that, to begin with.


His biggest goal on this trip was to find the Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials, which was what Void Land needed the most right now.


Turning his gaze to the more than 200 pieces of Sixth-Order materials, Yang Kai rolled up his sleeves and began examining them one by one. There were so many here, so surely some of them would be what he was looking for.


When she saw what Yang Kai was doing, Luan Bai Feng turned her face away in anger and scorn.


Once he began going through the Sixth-Order materials though, the expectation and joy on Yang Kai’s face began to die away. By the time he searched through all of the Sixth-Order materials, Yang Kai’s brow was deeply furrowed.


There were no problems with the Sixth-Order materials themselves as each piece was so pure that it was completely befitting the cultivating needs of any Open Heaven Realm Master. Only, there were hardly any which were of the Yin and Yang Element, the ones he truly needed.


He was able to find one Sixth-Order Yin Element material, but that was it. Besides that, there were also only two Yang Element materials!


Out of the 200 pieces of Sixth-Order materials, only three of them fit his needs. Even though he knew that the Yin and Yang Element materials were scarcer than those of the Five Elements, this ratio was still extremely unsatisfactory.


Turning his head to look at Luan Bai Feng, Yang Kai saw that she was currently gnashing her teeth at him. If not for the restrictions placed on her by the Loyalty List, then she would likely have pounced on him to drink his blood and eat his flesh.


Nobody would be in a good mood after seeing the wealth that they had been accumulating for so many years taken away by someone else in the blink of an eye.


“What are you looking at?” Luan Bai Feng grumbled.


Yang Kai blinked his eyes before he suddenly grinned, “That’s not right…!”


“What’s not right?” Luan Bai Feng frowned.


“You’ve been occupying the Black Prison for so many years, so surely this can’t be everything you’ve gathered so far?”


Luan Bai Feng coldly snorted, “Is this still not enough? How much do you think I have?”


“No, it doesn’t add up!” Yang Kai shook his head, “Yes, Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials have always been difficult to find, but there’s no way that there are only three meagre pieces. You must have hidden the rest elsewhere.”


With his eyes fixed on Luan Bai Feng’s Space Ring, he reached his hand out, “Show me your Space Ring.”


Luan Bai Feng was furious, “Yang Kai, don’t go too far!”


“Hand it over!” Yang Kai looked sternly at her.


Luan Bai Feng gritted her teeth and her chest heaved for a while before she removed her Space Ring and threw it at Yang Kai, as if to take her anger out on him this way.


Yang Kai grabbed it and searched it using his Divine Sense. After a while, he tossed the Space Ring back to her.


There were quite a lot of good things stored in Luan Bai Feng’s ring, and their value could even be described as shocking, but he did not find what he needed.


“Satisfied now?” Luan Bai Feng coldly snorted.


Yang Kai looked at her in disbelief, wondering whether he had made a mistake. After a moment of silence, he began, “The Loyalty List can ensure one’s loyalty. Those who have written their names down on the list cannot resist the holder’s demands, but I have never used this ability on anyone. That is because I believe that since they have come under me, they should at least have a basic level of trustworthiness. Luan Bai Feng, let me ask you one last time. Other than in your treasury here, are you hiding any materials elsewhere? Think about your answer before you speak. Don’t force me to use the Loyalty List.”



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