Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4559, Luan Bai Feng’s Secret Stash


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Four eyes met, and Luan Bai Feng was furious as she snarled, “The greedy will not meet a good end!”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “As expected, you’re hiding more!” He nodded lightly, “Even cunning rabbits have three nests. It’s normal for you to have hidden some elsewhere!”


This woman left most of the resources here to act as a treasury on the surface, but she had secretly hidden the truly valuable things elsewhere so that even if someone did catch sight of this treasury, they may not think more of it.


However, now that Yang Kai was even bringing out the Loyalty List, Luan Bai Feng would not be able to hide it even if she tried.


World Force surging, the illusory phantom of a Small Universe expanded, instantly enveloping the treasury. By the time the illusory phantom disappeared, everything in the treasury had been absorbed into Yang Kai’s Small Universe.


Luan Bai Feng looked at this scene with astonishment before furrowing her brows. For an instant, she could feel a profound aura coming from inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe just now.


What was more… The Small Universe of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master should still be ethereal and intangible, so how could it contain so many items?


But before she even had the time to think about it, she saw Yang Kai grinning at her, “What are you being so upset about? Our fates are tied now. If anything happens to me, then you won’t be safe either. Would it not be good for you too if you handed these things over to me so that I can grow stronger as fast as possible?”


Luan Bai Feng was livid, but she kept silent.


“Come on, lead the way,” Yang Kai patted her shoulder excitedly.


Whether Luan Bai Feng was willing or not, she was unable to refuse Yang Kai’s request now that things had already come to this. So, she had no choice but to lead him to the place where she hid her treasures.


To Yang Kai’s surprise, her private treasury was not located in this shattered Spirit Province, but somewhere else.


Two figures flew out together, heading deeper into the Black Prison.


After flying for four whole hours and passing dozens of Natural Arrays, the two of them finally appeared at a certain place. Luan Bai Feng stood still, and Yang Kai followed suit. Looking up, there seemed to be nothing before them. He could not even find anything suspicious nearby.


“This is the place?” Yang Kai asked.


Luan Bai Feng was still angry and did not feel like responding to him, but she raised her hand and tossed out Array Flags one by one in all directions. Following her actions, Yang Kai could clearly feel some energy ebbing and flowing around them, echoing Luan Bai Feng’s movements.


A few moments later, Yang Kai looked in amazement at a tiny Spirit Province fragment just a dozen kilometres ahead gradually materializing and revealing itself.


This Spirit Province fragment was only a couple of kilometres across, which was pitifully small. It also seemed completely empty without the slightest hint of any vitality.


However, this was the best place for one to hide one’s treasures. If not for Luan Bai Feng’s actions, then Yang Kai would never have been able to sense that a shattered Spirit Province was actually hidden here.


“The Dao of Spirit Arrays is truly a profound thing. Did you hide this place using an Illusion Array?” Yang Kai asked in awe.


Luan Bai Feng continued her movements and grumbled, “This Illusion Array existed here all along. I have merely deciphered it and used it for myself.”


“Even that is amazing.”


After a short while, the Spirit Province fragment was fully revealed. Without even calling out to him, Luan Bai Feng directly closed in on it in a flash. Seeing this, Yang Kai followed her.


Looking around, there seemed to be nothing special in this Spirit Province, but Luan Bai Feng walked in front of a stone wall and began working on opening another array. Soon, the stone wall slid open, revealing a dark cave.


“Everything is inside. Go and get it yourself if you want it,” Luan Bai Feng cut through Yang Kai with a sharp gaze.


Yang Kai laughed, “Many thanks!”


He had no worry that Luan Bai Feng would trick him here. It was simply impossible for her to do anything that may harm him under the influence of the Loyalty List, so he walked into the cave with ease.


An incense stick’s time later, Yang Kai reappeared with a satisfied look on his face, “Let’s return!”


After a pause, he looked at Luan Bai Feng, “You don’t have any other private treasuries left, do you?”


Luan Bai Feng had to take a deep breath to suppress the blood welling up in her chest. Shutting her eyes, she responded in exasperation, “None!”


“I was just asking,” Yang Kai chuckled.


Then, they went back to where they came from. Another four hours went by, and they were back at the original shattered Spirit Province.


After asking Luan Bai Feng for a room and telling her not to disturb him without good cause, Yang Kai went inside and checked his harvest for this trip.


He had not inspected what Luan Bai Feng had stowed away in her private treasury yet, but since she had hidden it elsewhere, it must be things of great value. Obviously, Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials had to be part of it.


Yang Kai sat down cross-legged in the room with the goods hauled back from the cave placed around him.


There were only several dozen items, which was not many compared to the main treasury, and just like the ones he saw before, all the materials had been stored in separate containers.


Yang Kai casually picked up a jade box that was the size of a palm and opened it. A pure searing power came rushing out. As he felt the rich power fluctuating, he rejoiced.


This was clearly a Seventh-Order Fire Element material which looked like a Fire Spirit Crystal. Obviously, however, it was much more valuable than an ordinary Fire Spirit Crystal.


The very first material had given Yang Kai a small surprise, which made him even more eager to check out the others.


After picking up another item, he was a little disappointed. It was merely a Sixth-Order Water Element material, so he just casually tossed it into his Small Universe.


He picked up another one, and this time, it was exactly what Yang Kai was looking for, a Sixth-Order Yin Element material.


There were only several dozen items, so it did not take much time to go through all of them. In the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, Yang Kai had already gone through everything.


Everything here was clearly what Luan Bai Feng had prepared for her own personal use. There were a total of nine complete sets of Sixth-Order materials, which were valuable enough to buy a small city!


Any Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would be able to refine these directly after picking them up to enhance the heritage of their Small Universe.


Besides that, there were also as many as five Seventh-Order materials. Even though there were no Yin and Yang Element materials among them, they were worth an astronomical amount by themselves.


As he expected, it was right of him to have chosen to come to the Black Prison.


After offering a high bounty for the materials at the Star City for such a long time, he was only able to gather enough materials for three people to advance into the Sixth Order directly. However, just Luan Bai Feng’s two treasuries contained enough to supply ten cultivators.


With this, the resources they needed to advance thirteen people from Void Land into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm had been settled, which was enough to solve their most urgent problem.


However, since he came to the Black Prison, Yang Kai naturally would not be satisfied to just go back. There was little he had to worry about in Void Land right now. Zuo Quan Hui’s injury would take a long time to recover, so there was no way that he would come back to cause more trouble for a while. As such, Yang Kai still had some time to spend doing other things.


If he could get more Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials, then that would naturally be for the best. Even if he were not able to get them, he had to find a way to get them. For that reason, he was very interested in the Black Stones.


After putting all his loot away, Yang Kai walked out of the room to find the physically and mentally exhausted Luan Bai Feng.


“Black Stone?” Luan Bai Feng was lying lazily on a chair while the Fifth-Order maid was crouching in front of her, gently massaging her calves.


Yang Kai sat uninhibitedly by the side and nodded, “Yes. I heard that all of these materials have been mined from those Black Stones. I want to see what those Black Stones are like.”


Luan Bai Feng knew that there was no use arguing with him, so she could only ask the girl in front of him, “Has the latest batch of Black Stones arrived?”


The woman responded softly, “They were brought back three days ago, and they are breaking the stones now. If Madam needs them, I can have some of them brought over now.”


Luan Bai Feng was about to nod when Yang Kai raised his hand, “No need, I’ll go and take a look by myself.”


Luan Bai Feng frowned when she heard this, but she still stood up and nodded, “Come, I’ll take you there.”


After following her for a short while, the two of them arrived at an open square where a dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters were busy, World Force fluctuating from their bodies.


Yang Kai looked over and saw that each of them had dark stones of different sizes in front of them. The small ones were only about the size of a palm, but the large ones were as large as a water vat.


Not far away from them was a pile of similar-looking stones.


“So, these are the Black Stones?” Yang Kai asked.


Luan Bai Feng nodded, “En.”


While the two of them were speaking, the Open Heaven Realm Masters who were hard at work had clearly noticed Luan Bai Feng’s arrival, so they all stopped what they were doing and greeted respectfully, “Madam Warden!”


Luan Bai Feng waved her hand, signalling for them to continue, and they did.


Yang Kai watched for a while and said in astonishment, “The Black Stones are dissolving?”


The Open Heaven Realm Masters were all controlling the World Force inside of their bodies to wrap around the Black Stones in front of them. As time passed, the Black Stones gradually became smaller, but nothing seemed to break off or flow away from them. It was as if the dissolved parts of the Black Stone had just disappeared into thin air.


“Black Stones are bizarre things. Only the World Force of those in the Open Heaven Realm is able to dissolve them. As for why that is, I have never been able to figure out,” Luan Bai Feng explained, “What’s more, these Black Stones may contain cultivational resources inside of them, or they may contain nothing at all.”


While speaking, she pointed to one of the Open Heaven Realm Masters who were working at the side, and Yang Kai looked over at him. He saw that despite the fact that the Black Stone disappeared without a trace in his hands, nothing seemed to be left behind. The man shook his head in disappointment before picking up another piece of Black Stone and continuing the process.


“These ore slaves will mine Black Stones from the Ore Stars before bringing them back here to extract resources contained inside of them. That is what the process is, basically. Every last piece of material found in the Black Prison has not been easy to come by…” While saying this, she glared at Yang Kai, “And now it’s been given to you for nothing!”


Acting as if he did not hear her, Yang Kai frowned, “Is there no way to determine which pieces of Black Stone contain materials, and which don’t?”


He watched them for a moment and found that it took a lot of effort for the Open Heaven Realm Masters to dissolve the Black Stones. If it could be ascertained beforehand which pieces of Black Stone contained resources, then it would save a lot of time and effort.




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