Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4562, Sudden Thought


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“You can see inside the Black Stone?” Luan Bai Feng looked in shock at Yang Kai.


The two of them had mined over 100 pieces of Black Stone after working for three days, most of which Yang Kai tossed after just a glance. In the end, only 27 pieces were left behind, and all of them contained cultivational materials without exception.


That only proved one thing.


“This is impossible!” Still refusing to believe her eyes, Luan Bai Feng grabbed a piece of Black Stone that Yang Kai had thrown aside. This piece of Black Stone was only the size of a palm, not very large. Circulating her World Force around it, it took only a few moments to dissolve the Black Stone, but there was nothing inside.


“Are you truly able to see into the Black Stones?” With the facts now placed before her eyes, Luan Bai Feng had no other choice but to believe it, “What exactly is that Eye Technique that you’re using?”


Yang Kai did not answer. He only frowned.


Even though he had obtained 27 pieces of cultivation materials, Luan Bai Feng was right. The Order of the materials produced on the deeper Ore Stars were slightly higher than on the outside as three pieces were in the Fifth-Order.


It was unfortunate that they were unable to find any Sixth-Order materials, much less any Sixth-Order Yin or Yang Element materials!


Luan Bai Feng, on the other hand, cheered up unexpectedly, “If you truly can see into the Black Stones, then it will save a lot of time, and the rate of our output will be increased.”


However, Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s too slow!”


Luan Bai Feng was surprised, “You still think it’s too slow? How fast do you want it to be?”


Yang Kai told her, “You and I have been working here for three days, and this is all we got. It is simply not worth the effort.”


Luan Bai Feng frowned, “If you want to get materials of the Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Elements, then it will naturally depend on your luck. You don’t expect this Ore Star to be full of the materials you need, do you?”


“Naturally I never thought so,” Yang Kai shook his head with a frown, “This is just different from what I expected.”


Luan Bai Feng pondered for a moment. Then, she pointed into a certain distance, “Perhaps you can bring your search to an even deeper Ore Star. The one we are standing on now is the farthest my subordinated ore slaves have ever reached. We never went deeper, but there is no saying that the materials found in the Black Stones that are found in the Ore Stars even deeper won’t be of higher Order.”


Yang Kai looked in the direction where she pointed, only to see the void littered with countless Ore Stars of all different sizes. After some thought, he shook his head, “No need. The mining speed with only the two of us is too slow. Who knows when we will be able to find the things I need.”


“This won’t do, that won’t do…” Luan Bai Feng was inexplicably angry, “Then why don’t you go back and bring my ore slaves here to mine? With your Divine Manifestation protecting them, they won’t die in a short amount of time no matter how low their cultivation is. It should be enough to do something, at the very least.”


Yang Kai shook his head. Luan Bai Feng’s suggestion was even less feasible.


He could probably shelter a couple dozen more without any trouble; however, it would be impossible for him to shelter all of her ore slaves. It would consume too much energy if he had to maintain his Divine Manifestation for a long time. What was more, it was impossible for him to stay here forever, sheltering the ore slaves using Towering Evergreen.


He had no idea what the situation in Void Land was right now, so he had to return as soon as possible.


Right now, he had already obtained enough materials for ten people. Including the three sets he had back at Void Land, they had enough resources to meet the needs for thirteen people to advance into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Perhaps he could return for now before waiting slowly for the Black Prison to mine more resources. If he was lucky, then he might be able to find more of the materials that he needed.


However, that thought only entered his mind for a moment before he dismissed it.


Luan Bai Feng had already told him that her personal collection of resources were basically mined from this Ore Star that they were standing on long ago. The rate of any Sixth-Order materials appearing in the outer Ore Stars was simply too low.


Yang Kai sighed, feeling that his way of thinking was too naive.


As he was about to leave, Yang Kai suddenly stopped and turned to look into the void.


Luan Bai Feng looked over in confusion and saw Yang Kai frowning at first. Then, his expression changed. Seemingly having thought of something, his spirit was lifted.


“You…” Luan Bai Feng eyed him warily.


Yang Kai grinned, “Of course! Bringing the ore slaves over is too troublesome, and there’s no way I can shelter them forever; however… we can bring an Ore Star back instead!”


Luan Bai Feng was dumbfounded by his whimsical idea and she narrowed her eyes at him and asked for confirmation, “Bring an Ore Star back?”


Yang Kai was inspired though and explained excitedly, “This strange aura does not exist in the outer region of the Black Prison. At least, not the place where you usually live. If we can bring out an Ore Star from the depths, then it can be mined without fear, and we would not have to worry about our World Force leaking out.”


“You must be crazy…” Luan Bai Feng stared at Yang Kai as if she were looking at a fool, “Why don’t you take one back and show me, then?”


“How would we know that it’s impossible if we don’t try?” Yang Kai rolled up his sleeves and observed the situation ahead, “I noticed it when we arrived here, but there are both big and small Ore Stars in the Black Territory. Naturally, there’s no need for us to even consider bringing back the larger ones, especially since we might not even be able to move them; however, if we could find one at just the right size, we could bring it back.”


“Wait, you’re not joking?” Luan Bai Feng was convinced that Yang Kai was serious now, and she was dumbfounded by that.


“Who’s joking with you?” While saying that, Yang Kai circulated his World Force and wrapped it around Luan Bai Feng, heading deeper into the void.


Since he was determined to bring back an Ore Star, then naturally, the deeper it came from, the better. That was because the boon was richer and the Order of the materials was higher the deeper the Ore Star was.


All along their journey, Luan Bai Feng maintained a dumbfounded expression.


She could hardly keep up with Yang Kai’s whimsical way of thought. After countless years of living in the Black Prison, she had never once considered bringing an Ore Star from the depths of the Black Prison back to the outer periphery, not because she had never thought of this idea, but because it was impossible.


Even with her strength in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, it was difficult to stay in these depths for long, not to mention the fact that the Ore Stars were generally humongous. Who could carry them away?


But not only did Yang Kai have that idea, he was even prepared to give it a try!


On the way, Yang Kai was constantly muttering, “This one’s too big, we probably won’t be able to take it back, but this one’s too small. It will not last long even if we bring it back. It’s simply not worth it. Why isn’t there one that’s neither too big nor too small?”


Annoyed by his constant babbling, Luan Bai Feng rolled her eyes.


It was not known how long they flew through the Black Territory’s depths, but Yang Kai was unable to find a suitable target. Then, at a certain point, a strange aura suddenly penetrated Towering Evergreen’s defensive barrier, instantly enveloping the two of them. Both Yang Kai and Luan Bai Feng grunted in unison. They could feel the World Force inside of their Small Universe flow out of them like a broken floodgate!


Luan Bai Feng’s face changed dramatically!


Yang Kai was also shocked at the sudden change and quickly stopped in his tracks before retreating backwards for 1,000 kilometres!


Still horrified at their encounter, both of them exchanged glances. Luan Bai Feng was first to break the silence as she asked hesitantly, “What just happened?”


Yang Kai shook his head, indicating that he did not know. However, when he checked, 10% of the heritage of his Small Universe had been drained away in that brief moment.


Even though he had no idea how Luan Bai Feng was faring, she must have suffered much more than he did, because even her face had gone slightly pale at this moment. Her aura was unstable, and it was obvious that she had just lost a lot of strength.


“Is it that your Divine Manifestation is unable to stop the encroachment of that aura anymore?” Luan Bai Feng asked tentatively.


Yang Kai quickly shook his head, “If that were the case, then the World Force in our Small Universes would still be flowing out right now.”


“But just now…” Just recalling what happened made Luan Bai Feng shudder. The experience was simply too frightening. Under the envelopment of that aura, she could not help but get the illusion that she was powerless to resist and would be drained of all her strength within a few breaths.


Yang Kai looked into the distance, “There must be a critical point that if we pass, even my Divine Manifestation won’t be able to defend against the Black Territory’s power!” He shook his head, “We can’t go any deeper than this. This is my limit. If we go any deeper, then both of us will die!”


He felt shocked inside. What exactly was the strange aura that was present in the Black Territory that even the Divine Manifestation he cultivated from the Immortal Tree’s essence was unable to resist against it? It had to be known that his Towering Evergreen could even pass through the formless Astral Wind without issue, but could this aura actually be even more dangerous than the innate Divine Ability of the formless Astral Wind?


“You’ve been in charge of this place for so many years, how could you not know what is inside the Black Territory’s depths?” Yang Kai frowned.


Luan Bai Feng shook her head, “Without you, it would be impossible even for me to reach this deep.”


“It seems like there’s a big secret hidden inside of this Black Territory!” Yang Kai sighed.


However, no matter what might be hidden up ahead, Yang Kai would naturally not step over the line again now that he knew where it was. It would not be too long to wait until his cultivation was higher to explore the secrets hidden deep inside of the Black Territory.


“You should recover your energy for now. I’ll see if I can find a suitable Ore Star. I might need your help when that time comes,” Yang Kai ordered.


Luan Bai Feng did not stand on ceremony and took out handfuls of Open Heaven Pills, swallowing them as she began refining them in order to make up for what she lost just now.


Even though Yang Kai also lost some energy, his heritage was much greater than Luan Bai Feng’s, so losing that much energy did not impede him from continuing his search.


He travelled in all directions, constantly searching.


However, he searched and searched, but still could not find a suitable Ore Star. All of them were either too large, making it too troublesome to take them away, or too small, making it not worth the effort to begin with.


Two days later, when Luan Bai Feng opened her eyes again, her complexion was rosier. Obviously, she was able to recover some of her strength.


“Did you find anything?” She looked at Yang Kai and asked.


Even though she had been meditating in order to restore her energy this whole time, she was not completely oblivious to what was happening around her. She could sense all of Yang Kai’s movements the past two days, and she could vaguely feel that Yang Kai had come to some sort of decision.


“Here, come and take a look with your Eye Secret Technique. What sort of Spirit Array is that?” Yang Kai pointed to a certain direction in the void. He could see that there were traces of an Array using his Demon Eye of Annihilation, but his proficiency in the Dao of Spirit Arrays was not high enough to determine what type of Array it was.


Luan Bai Feng immediately activated her Eye Technique, and after studying it for a short moment, she said, “It should be an Illusion Array!”


“An Illusion Array!” Yang Kai frowned. Then, he brought her to another place and pointed to the void in the front, “What about this one?”


Luan Bai Feng observed it for a moment before responding “This is a Trapping Array!”


Yang Kai shook his head and brought her to another place.




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