Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4563, Power of the Killing Array


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“This is a Killing Array, and… I can’t decipher it, we’d better stay away from it. If we get caught up in it, then it would be disastrous for both of us.” A purple light flowed in Luan Bai Feng’s eyes as she observed the area in the distance.


However, Yang Kai seemed cheerful to hear her answer, “This is it!”


Saying so, he dragged Luan Bai Feng along and flew off into the distance.


“What are you trying to do?” Luan Bai Feng could not resist the urge to ask. Previously, Yang Kai had the whimsical idea of bringing back an Ore Star with him, and now, he was looking for a specific Spirit Array for some reason. The way his thoughts jumped around was truly unpredictable.


Yang Kai replied casually, “Most of the Ore Stars here are too large for the two of us to bring back alone, so we have to think of another way.”


As they were talking, the two of them arrived before an Ore Star. Luan Bai Feng looked at the Ore Star and sneered, “So your idea is to bring such a small one back? Fine. This one is small, but it will take about a month to mine. Maybe we can get something good out of it.”


Yang Kai did not speak and just took a deep breath. Even though air did not exist in this void, Yang Kai’s chest still swelled up from his actions.


A Dragon Roar suddenly reverberated in Luan Bai Feng’s mind, and Dragon Pressure spread out, which shocked her greatly. After that, a crackle could be heard and Luan Bai Feng could not help but feel her vision lifting constantly.


There, in plain view, she saw Yang Kai covered in a golden light, and in a very short amount of time, he transformed into a literal giant. He had Dragon Scales from head to toe, sharp Dragon Claws, and a swaying Dragon Tail. A Dragon Beard fluttered under his jaw, and there were even two Dragon Horns growing atop his forehead. A terrifying pressure pressed down on her chest like a giant mountain, making her tremble with unease.


Luan Bai Feng’s vision could not help but freeze. Before this giant that stood several thousand metres tall, Luan Bai Feng simply felt as little as an ant.


Yang Kai looked down at her and leaned down slightly, extending a giant Dragon Claw to her and shouted majestically, “Climb up!”


Looking at the claw, which was countless times larger than her own body caused Luan Bai Feng to gulp regardless of her tough mental fortitude. Stiffly, she raised her feet and stepped onto Yang Kai’s palm.


Yang Kai straightened up again and gently placed Luan Bai Feng on her shoulder before urging, “Stay close to me. Don’t stray too far!”


Luan Bai Feng immediately grabbed onto one of the raised Dragon Scales on Yang Kai’s shoulder and nodded repeatedly, just like a naive but docile little girl.


Without the shelter of Yang Kai’s Wood Element Divine Manifestation in these depths, it would not take long for the World Force to be drained from her body entirely, so there was no need for Yang Kai to command her as she would stick close to him regardless.


However, Yang Kai’s actions gave her a vague awareness that he was going to be doing something big soon.


And that was exactly what happened. Hot Dragon Breath blowing in and out of Yang Kai’s nostrils, he shook his head faintly and stretched out his hand, summoning a spear into it.


The Azure Dragon Spear had also become incomparably large at this moment.


With a light shake of the Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai circulated his energy and thrust the spear out towards the small Ore Star.


The void shook as dazzling spear light erupted out.


Luan Bai Feng even wondered whether the Ore Star would immediately shatter into pieces under this thrust.


However, Yang Kai clearly did not mean to blow up the Ore Star before him. So, he thrust his spear with just enough force that when it was applied to the Ore Star, the latter shook violently and began moving forward!


All the Ore Stars in the Black Territory were stationary relative to each other, yet Yang Kai’s power had been so violent in that moment that it was enough to push forward an Ore Star of such a scale.


However, the speed was not very fast!


Yang Kai followed the Ore Star and thrust his spear forward again.


Again and again he prodded the Ore Star with his spear, and the repeated blows made the small Ore Star go faster and faster! Luan Bai Feng could clearly see that Yang Kai was not only pushing the Ore Star forward with his own strength, but also adjusting the direction of its advancement.


Surprised, she looked up to see a massive Ore Star up ahead! It was obstructing Yang Kai’s path, so if this went on, then the two Ore Stars would collide sooner or later.


Luan Bai Feng suddenly came to her senses, “Are you trying to break apart that big Ore Star using this smaller one?”


After gaining an understanding of what he was trying to do, Luan Bai Feng could not help but feel shocked by Yang Kai’s crazy ideas. This was a method she had never thought of before; of course, she did not have the means to even execute it either.


It was not worthwhile to bring a small Ore Star back with them, and they could not move the large Ore Stars. However, if the big Ore Star can be broken into smaller pieces, then it might be just right for him.


Under Yang Kai’s successive pushes, the small Ore Star was able to reach a certain speed. Suddenly, he collected his spear and stopped in place, looking ahead and shaking his head, “The size difference between them is too great. The larger Ore Star won’t be broken by it.”


Luan Bai Feng frowned, “If you knew that, then why are you still wasting your effort?”


Yang Kai grinned, but he did not explain.


As if to verify Yang Kai’s words, the small Ore Star soon collided with the surface of the large Ore Star. There was no sound, but they could see a huge circle of dust rise up from where they collided as the small Ore Star was shattered by the impact. A huge crater had also appeared on the surface of the large Ore Star that was surrounded by cracks.


Under the transmission of such a terrifying force, the large Ore Star, which had been sitting still in the void, began moving forward at a considerable speed.


“It worked!” Yang Kai’s brows were raised in joy.


[What worked?] Luan Bai Feng did not understand; however, when she looked up again, her pupils suddenly shrank.


The direction that it was going was exactly the large Killing Array that she identified before!


“So that’s what you’re trying to do!” Luan Bai Feng finally understood. Yang Kai’s series of actions confused her, and it wasn’t until now that she finally realized what he was trying to accomplish. She could not help but frown, “Are you so sure that the Killing Array will work?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s no way to be sure, but we have to try regardless. Naturally, it would be for the best if it worked, but otherwise… We can just bring back a small Ore Star. It’s better than nothing!”


Since he had already said so, Luan Bai Feng had no choice but to listen.


The large Ore Star did not move nearly as fast as the small one. Despite the force transferred onto it from the collision earlier, it was still a very large Ore Star, so it was naturally impossible for it to gain much speed from that. In the vastness of the void, it did not seem that far away from the Killing Array, but it still flew for several hours before slowly arriving at its destination.


Luan Bai Feng activated her Eye Secret Technique with interest and began observing the situation.


Regardless of Yang Kai’s ultimate goal, she was very interested in the Spirit Arrays located deep within the Black Territory, and she wanted to know what sort of magnificent sight would erupt from it when something triggered it. Perhaps, she could take this as an opportunity to explore the profound mysteries of the Spirit Arrays located in these depths.


Yang Kai was also paying close attention. His goal was to bring back one of the Ore Stars here, but since he could not take back one that was too large, he had to find a way to make it smaller. In the end, whether his goal could be achieved or not, he was not very sure.


He only hoped that the might of the Killing Array was not too much, but also not too weak either.


Under the careful observation of the two, the large Ore Star finally rushed straight into the Killing Array’s range.


Lights of all colours suddenly emerged in the clearly empty void. At the same time, both Yang Kai and Luan Bai Feng could clearly feel a destructive aura releasing from inside the Killing Array. It was as if a sleeping Dragon was disturbed by an unexpected guest and awakened from its slumber in a rage.


Silently, the large Ore Star seemed to suffer an indescribable blast. Dust rose up from the surface as large swaths of the surface were shredded off. One after another, long cracks spanning millions of kilometres appeared out of thin air.


The entire Ore Star shrank at a rate visible to the naked eye as every inch of its surface was attacked indiscriminately.


As the Ore Star travelled deeper, the power of the Killing Array was stimulated further. The energy fluctuations coming from that place grew stronger and more terrifying by the moment. The Ore Star was becoming smaller and smaller, and in just a dozen breaths of time, it had shrunk by a large amount. Inside of the Killing Array, the barren mountains and land separated from the Ore Star drifted about and were ground into dust under the destructive force.


Luan Bai Feng’s face was slightly pale, and the purple light flowing in her eyes had also reached its brightest point. She muttered to herself, “Incredible. This power… It’s simply unfathomable!”


Yang Kai also had a very solemn expression at this moment. Even though Luan Bai Feng always stressed that the Arrays present deep within the Black Territory were very strong, it wasn’t until now that he understood just how much he underestimated them after seeing it with his own eyes.


Such a terrifying Killing Array would kill even him in less than ten breaths.


Suddenly, a bright light blossomed. Just like a stunning sword wave, it cut through the Ore Star and disappeared in a flash, but what shocked Yang Kai and Luan Bai Feng was the fact that the entire Ore Star had been split into two after the light passed through it!


The Ore Star… was actually split apart!


One side was clearly bigger than the other, but the cut was still almost clean!


The larger part was about 70% of the Ore Star, while the smaller part made up the rest. The cut was so neat and smooth that it seemed as if it had been sliced with a knife!


The Killing Array was still in full bloom, so the two halves of the Ore Star continued to shrink in size.


It took a while before the explosive force of the Grand Array slowly subsided.


“The Killing Array has been exhausted!” Luan Bai Feng breathed a sigh of relief.


Yang Kai could sense it, too. Even though his Demon Eye of Annihilation had no way of discerning what type a Spirit Array was, he could still detect some of its traces.


The traces of the Killing Array that previously existed there had been extinguished, which undoubtedly meant that it had been destroyed. However, the price it paid was that the huge Ore Star was worn down and cut into two pieces.


However, this was exactly what Yang Kai hoped to see, so everything was still going according to plan.




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