Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4566, Clash


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“You worked with Kong Feng before. Do you have any idea how many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters there are in Heavenly Sword Union?” Yang Kai asked. The biggest advantage that Void Land had right now was their superior numbers of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. If even that advantage was nullified, the situation would become tricky.


“On the surface, only four appear to show themselves. Right now, two have died, so only two are supposedly left. However, Heavenly Sword Union has a long history, so it is hard to say exactly how many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters they are hiding in the shadows. Those Sixth-Order Masters in hiding are old veterans who spend all their time cultivating in retreat, their goal to spy into the path of the Seventh-Order.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly. Heavenly Sword Union was one of the top Second Class great forces, so the number of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm members they have will definitely not be too small; after all, even Golden Rainbow Province had a hidden Old Ancestor. When Yang Kai attacked Golden Rainbow Province, Li Luo Shui had just broken through to the Seventh Order and almost made him eat a big loss.


Compared to Golden Rainbow Province, Heavenly Sword Union had an even deeper and broader heritage, so it was not strange for them to be hiding some old monsters.


It seemed Zuo Quan Hui’s strength had greatly increased after receiving Heavenly Sword Union’s full support. Even with more Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, it was likely that Void Land would not have that much of an advantage anymore.


Yang Kai pursed his lips, feeling a headache setting in. Sure enough, beating the snake to death to avoid future calamity comes along with endless consequences.


“Also, you must not forget. Zuo Quan Hui has his own connections, too. The people that Void Land has to fight in the future will not only be Heavenly Sword Union. There is most likely going to be more.”


Yang Kai nodded grimly.


“What are you planning to do?” Luan Bai Feng turned to look at him.


“Let me think about it!” Yang Kai fell into deep thought. From the looks of this situation, Void Land and Heavenly Sword Union had yet to break out into an open conflict. When Zuo Quan Hui infiltrated Void Territory to set up an ambush, firstly, he did not expect Void Land to be so strong, and secondly, it was because he had absolute confidence in his own strength.


There was no way a Seventh-Order Master would slip up trying to plot against one in the Sixth-Order.


However, Void Land’s heritage gave him a huge surprise, and Yang Kai’s abilities were also far beyond what he imagined possible. In the end, not only did he fail in his plot, he even lost a Sixth-Order Disciple and was wounded in the process.


Now that he controlled Heavenly Sword Union, the power Zuo Quan Huai could mobilize was far greater than just the subordinates he brought before, yet he did not send any troops to Void Land. That was obviously because he was also concerned about the two Divine Spirits keeping watch over Void Land, but mainly, he was worried about Zhu Jiu Yin!


It seemed that Zhu Jiu Yin still had some use even without having to lift a finger. At the very least, her presence was a deterrent that was enough to keep Zuo Quan Hui from acting rashly.


Otherwise, there was no need for him to block off the Territory Gate. Zuo Quan Hui could have just led his men into Void Territory like last time and started a war.


Combined with what Luan Bai Feng told him before, Yang Kai now vaguely understood what Zuo Quan Hui’s plans were. He was truly prepared to swallow up Void Land. There are so many people in Void Land that even if all they did was sit idly and ate on their mountains, they would one day run out of resources. When that time came, they would be forced to go out by themselves, and that would be the best time for him to make a move.


Considering all this, Yang Kai was actually quite relieved. This was also what he wanted to see. The longer the fight dragged on, the greater the advantage would be for Void Land!


Licking his lips, Yang Kai looked up at Luan Bai Feng, “You were planning to help Zuo Quan Hui, weren’t you?”


Luan Bai Feng fidgeted, “That’s right. If I follow a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, then even if I can’t taste the meat, I will at least get a share of the soup.”


Yang Kai grinned, “Then go. I believe that Zuo Quan Hui would also be happy to see you join him.”


Luan Bai Feng blinked her eyes and answered in a daze, “Are you asking me to be a spy?”


“You don’t dare?” Yang Kai raised a brow.


Luan Bai Feng scoffed, “What’s there for me to worry about? Everyone knows that there are grievances between me and your Void Land. It is only normal for me to hear the news and come to join him. Obviously, Zuo Quan Hui will not be suspicious of anything.”


“Exactly!” Yang Kai nodded lightly.


Luan Bai Feng asked, “If I do find out any important information, how am I supposed to report to you?”


“There is no need to contact me in the near future. Zuo Quan Hui will most likely not be starting anything yet either. Once the real fight starts… there will be opportunities for us to communicate.”


Luan Bai Feng nodded, “Good. What about you?”


Yang Kai turned towards the Territory Gate, “Naturally, I’m returning to Void Territory!”


Luan Bai Feng followed his gaze and asked with some concern, “Are you planning to fight your way through? What if Zuo Quan Hui happens to be here. You are not his opponent. Why don’t you take the long way around and return through another Territory Gate?”


Yang Kai laughed, “Zuo Quan Hui is a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Where would he have time to idle around here? Even if his injuries are healed, he must still be recuperating somewhere. Not to mention, even if he is here… Do you think I can’t run if I can’t beat him?”


Luan Bai Feng stared blankly at him. If any other Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master were to say that, she would definitely scoff at them. Despite there only being a difference of a single Order, the Sixth-Order and the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realms were worlds apart in terms of true strength. It would only require the raise of one’s hand for a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to deal with someone in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but if it was Yang Kai…


“Then be careful lest you let the ship capsize on calm seas!”


Yang Kai nodded, “You should find a place to hide for now. Wait until the dust settles before you go to Zuo Quan Hui so you don’t rouse his suspicions.”


If Luan Bai Feng tried to join up just after Yang Kai got into a fight in Flying Smoke Territory, Zuo Quan Hui would definitely investigate it.


“I know!” Luan Bai Feng nodded.


“You should watch out, too. If things take a turn for the worse, leave immediately.” Yang Kai left her with a few more instructions before disappearing in a flash.


Luan Bai Feng tried to follow his traces, and at first, was able to detect which direction Yang Kai had gone, but it did not take long for her to lose track of him. She quietly withdrew 10,000 kilometres before all of a sudden, she felt a strong energy fluctuation burst out from behind her. When she turned around to look, a great battle had broken out near the Territory Gate. The ships floating in the void had all gone up in flames, illuminating the area as if it were daytime. Obviously, Yang Kai’s fight with those people had begun.


Several figures were engaged in battle near the Territory Gate. One by one, Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques were unleashed, shaking the Void and flipping the world.


There were five people surrounding Yang Kai, four of whom were old acquaintances. One of them was the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm female Disciple under Zuo Quan Hui, as well as Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch, Firm Gold Heavenly Monarch, and Blue Flame Heavenly Monarch. However, the last one was an elderly man Yang Kai was unfamiliar with.


Yang Kai guessed that he must be one of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters of Heavenly Sword Union!


To fight one against five was a little strenuous, even for Yang Kai. Other than the woman, whose heritage was a little shallower, the rest of his enemies were all veteran Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, and the World Force that they were exuding from their bodies was extremely rich and imposing. Each one of their Divine Abilities also contained great power.


If it were not for mastery of the Dao of Space and his Azure Dragon Spear’s might, Yang Kai would have long been defeated.


There was still a group of Open Heaven Realm Masters under the Sixth Order surrounding him in all directions, forming an impenetrable wall. Everyone was moving quickly, tightly surrounding the chaotic battlefield.


It was hard for these weaker cultivators to keep their positions under the fallout from the battle, so it wasn’t long before their vitality began roiling, shocking them greatly. If this was the aftershock of the battle, then how could they still survive if they were caught up in the real battle?


 Huang Quan and the others were similarly shocked.


Last time, when they followed Zuo Quan Hui to ambush Yang Kai, they had not fought the latter head-on. Even though they knew that he was highly skilled, they did not know the true extent of Yang Kai’s strength.


However, they were finally able to fully realize how powerful he was at this moment.


His Azure Dragon Spear stabbed forward and retreated as quickly and unpredictably as a ghost, and it was simply impossible for them to catch its traces. Even while uniting their strength, they were unable to gain a decisive advantage. What’s more, they dripped with cold sweat each time they were faced with one of Yang Kai’s counterattacks.


Though on the surface, Yang Kai seemed like he was being suppressed and could do little to fight back, his every counterattack was wrapped in the aura of death, leaving the five people on their toes the whole fight.


Huang Quan and the other two from the Prison Star, as well as the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from Heavenly Sword Union, struggled to keep Yang Kai in check as they tried to extend their advantage and simply hold him in place.


However, the Sixth-Order woman seemed to have gone crazy as she bombarded Yang Kai with attacks indiscriminately. Even her eyes were dyed crimson.


The scene of her Senior Brother Zhou Ti’s death had been haunting her for the past few months. With the killer in front of her, it was only natural that she would fly into a murderous rage, wanting nothing more than to rip Yang Kai’s corpse into 10,000 pieces and avenge her Senior Brother’s death.


Her reckless behaviour forced Huang Quan and the others to have to divert a large part of their energy in order to make up for the openings she left. They tried to give a few words of advice during the battle, but she simply was not listening to any of it.


Huang Quan and the others were almost going mad at this situation! They all felt miserable, as if someone was dragging them down despite all their best efforts in working together.


However, Huang Quan and the others did not dare allow her to get into any trouble; otherwise, they would have no way of explaining themselves to Zuo Quan Hui.


“Yang Kai, you killed my Senior Brother, and now I must take your life to avenge him!” The woman gnashed her teeth and screamed at him after a failed strike, but her hands did not stop moving as she continued, releasing her World Force recklessly.


Yang Kai raised his spear to block her assault before replying with a barrage of thrusts, pushing against his five opponents all at once. Gaining some breathing room, he snickered and taunted, “Is your Senior Brother the one called Zhou Ti? Hm, let me think about how he died… That’s right, I burned him to death with Golden Crow’s True Fire, and your Honoured Master, Zuo Quan Hui did nothing but watch! He should have been able to save him, but he didn’t, do you know why?”


The woman’s eyes became even redder, and there seemed to be tears welling up in them. She could not help but recall the scene of Zhou Ti’s demise, and his pitiful screams and pleas for help were still echoing in her ears. Tears quickly blurred her vision, but her moves continued to grow in ferocity.


“Don’t listen to his nonsense, he’s just trying to distract you!” Huang Quan yelled.


“It’s because your pathetic Honoured Master was trying to protect himself from further injury!” Yang Kai was fighting one moment and retreating the next, laughing wantonly, “If he saved Zhou Ti, then his injuries would become more serious; however, he could have done it if he wanted to. I’m not a match for him after all!”


“I’ll kill you!” The woman’s World Force was fluctuating violently, clearly showing her disturbed mood. She also separated from the rhythm of the other four and lunged straight at Yang Kai.


A cold light flashed past Yang Kai’s eyes, and the Azure Dragon Spear was thrust out at an unpredictable angle. A black dot the size of a bean suddenly appeared at the tip of the spear. Space Principles flared as he thrust out towards the woman. 




“Watch out!” Huang Quan had been vigilantly guarding the woman the whole time, so he immediately unleashed a Divine Ability towards Yang Kai as soon as the woman made her move.


Jin Gang and Cang Yan both hastened to remedy the situation as well while the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from Heavenly Sword Union blasted out a Divine Ability towards Yang Kai, attempting to save the woman by forcing the enemy back!




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