Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4567, Just the Beginning


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In a chaotic exchange of blows, the mighty powers of Divine Abilities exploded all around. Yang Kai’s face had turned slightly pale and he retreated 100 kilometres back, suppressing the blood that was roiling up inside of his chest.


Huang Quan and the others were guarding the Sixth-Order woman and confronting Yang Kai from a distance, but all of them were covered in a cold sweat.


If they had not rescued her at that moment, then Zuo Quan Hui’s female Disciple would have been severely injured if not dead. Cursing inside their hearts that sure enough, women were the source of all trouble, they still did not dare to loosen their guard.


It was at that moment that a terrifying aura suddenly erupted from deep inside Flying Smoke Territory. The aura was clearly very far away, yet it could clearly be felt by everyone here.


“The Divine Monarch has come!” Huang Quan and the others were all overjoyed. They knew that Zuo Quan Hui, who was recuperating in retreat all this while, must have sensed the energy fluctuations from their battle and rushed over to support them.


Yang Kai’s face darkened. Looking up towards the source of that aura, he could vaguely see a huge illusory phantom closing in rapidly, and that phantom was a terrifying face that was large enough to cover half the void.


He sighed. He had originally planned to take down another one of Zuo Quan Hui’s generals even if he were to suffer an injury while doing so, but now it seemed like that was impossible. Zuo Quan Hui was coming, and he had to make his escape now.


After glaring at Huang Quan and the others, Yang Kai turned around and left.


“Stop him!” Huang Quan shouted as he already began rushing in Yang Kai’s direction. As long as they could keep Yang Kai here, then when Zuo Quan Hui arrived, he would definitely be killed without a doubt.


“Those who stand in my way must die!” Yang Kai raised his spear and thrust it out. A spear aura blossomed, and screams of agony broke out among the many Open Heaven Realm Masters surrounding him.


Those Open Heaven Realm Masters who were surrounding the fight were all under the Sixth Order, so how could they hope to block Yang Kai’s path?


A hole was opened up before him, leaving a dozen corpses drifting across the void while the rest of the group fled in all directions with frightened faces.


By the time Huang Quan and the others rushed over, Yang Kai had already plunged straight into the Territory Gate and disappeared, leaving Huang Quan and the others with helpless looks on their faces.


They did not have the guts to follow him into Void Territory. Who knew whether Yang Kai would suddenly turn his spear back against them if they travelled to the other side? If they went in under such circumstances, it would be no different than stepping through the gates of Hell.


After standing quietly in place for an incense stick, Zuo Quan Hui finally arrived. Sweeping a glance around the wreckage, he coldly snorted.


Huang Quan and the others all hung their heads, not daring to speak.


“Where did Yang Kai come from?” Zuo Quan Hui asked.


They all looked at each other, but all of them shook their heads, not knowing the answer. They never thought that Yang Kai would show up in Flying Smoke Territory, either. If they had thought of this possibility, then they would have been more vigilant.


“Wastes!” Zuo Quan Hui cursed angrily.


Many of the Open Heaven Realm Masters did not dare to raise their heads after being scolded by Zuo Quan Hui. They had their complaints, but considering that Zuo Quan Hui’s mood had been terrible recently, none of them dared to make a sound.


Zuo Quan Hui had an angry fit by himself before he flicked his sleeve and left.


Seeing that he did not insist on chasing Yang Kai into Void Territory, Huang Quan and the others breathed sighs of relief. Inside, they regretted that they ever joined Zuo Quan Hui in the first place, and now they had to suffer his temper just after being freed from the Prison Star. The gains simply did not make up for the losses.


Inside Void Territory, Yang Kai stopped to observe the Star City from afar.


The dock was as bustling as ever; however, while there were people lining up to enter the Star City in the past, this time, it was people in the Star City who were lining up to leave.


Of course, there were still those who were entering the Star City, but the number was very small, which was extremely inconsistent with the previous situation at the Star City.


Yang Kai had expected this, but he did not expect the situation to develop so quickly. It seemed that no ordinary great force dared to provoke Thousand Cranes Paradise or Zuo Quo Quan Hui.


When Yang Kai appeared at the Void Dock, Jin Yuan Lang, who was responsible for overseeing this area, immediately came over to greet him. With a worried expression, he cupped his fist, “Sect Master!”


Yang Kai nodded lightly in response, “Let’s talk somewhere quiet.”


“Follow me, Sect Master.” Jin Yuan Lang gestured with his hand and led Yang Kai into a quiet room.


Before Yang Kai could speak, Jin Yuan Lang sputtered, “Sect Master, that Zuo Quan Hui has released news that he is now absolutely irreconcilable with our Void Land, and vows to raze our Sect to the ground. When the merchants in the Star City heard the news, many of them began scrambling to leave.”


“I saw.” Yang Kai nodded, “How long has it been since the message was released? How many have left?”


Jin Yuan Lang thought for a moment, “The news came out more than a month ago, and now, 10% of the merchants have left Void Star City. I’m afraid that number will only grow. The Governor has sent word that many businesses in the Star City are packing up to leave.”


“We’re not making it difficult for these merchants who are trying to leave, are we?” Yang Kai asked.


Jin Yuan Land shook his head, “Second Manager said that we cannot force them to stay if they have the intention to leave. So, all of them have been allowed to pass freely. That is why they are only checked routinely at the dock and released without any trouble.”


“Second Manager did well,” Yang Kai praised.


The people in the Star City were all from different great forces, both big and small, so it was only natural that they would fear a High-Rank Open Heaven Master like Zuo Quan Hui. If Void Land tried to force them to stay, then it would only draw criticism and ire, so they might as well just let everyone leave on good terms.


“But Sect Master, if this goes on, then the foundation of the Star City will be shaken. The popularity that we have built up with so much effort will all go up into smoke.”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “It’s not that serious! There will be businesses that won’t leave.” After a pause, he added, “How many merchants do you think will stay?”


Jin Yuan Lang shook his head, “That is hard for me to say. I am only in charge of watching over the Void Dock. Sect Master should seek Governor Mo for such questions!”


Void Star City had a Governor’s Office, where Mo Mei was assuming command.


As they were talking, they heard Mo Mei’s voice emerge, “We should be able to keep about 30% of them, possibly less.”


Yang Kai looked over and saw Mo Mei walking in, then bowing elegantly, “Welcome back, Sect Master.”


Yang Kai nodded and gestured towards a seat, “Sit.”


Mo Mei took her seat and explained, “My subordinates informed me that Sect Master appeared at the dock, so I came over to take a look. Has Sect Master’s trip been fruitful?”


Yang Kai left half a year ago without raising any noise, but the higher-ups of Void Land were still made aware of his movements, so they all knew that he had gone to the Black Prison to seek out Luan Bai Feng.


“It was a decent harvest.” Yang Kai nodded and smiled, “I brought back many good things from this trip.”


Mo Mei’s eyes lit up and she giggled, “Sure enough, nothing is impossible for Sect Master.”


“It was just luck,” Yang Kai waved his hand casually, “Let’s talk about the Star City. How can you tell that 30% will stay?”


Speaking of business, Mo Mei’s expression also turned serious, “Of course, there are merchants in the Star City who are afraid of Zuo Quan Hui and Thousand Cranes Paradise’s resounding presence, and do not think highly of our Void Land; however, as merchants, there are still those with the instinct to pursue profit. That is why there will still be brave ones who will remain. We will have to see what happens. Besides, not all are afraid of Zuo Quan Hui. There are a few who do not put him in their eyes, such as Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Dao Temple and Asura Cave Heaven’s Asura Arena.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly. The ones behind these two businesses were both Cave Heavens, so there was indeed no need for them to fear a measly Zuo Quan Hui.


“The rise of our Void Star City is due to the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill, a Spirit Pill that only we can sell. There will always be people who will stay, so 30% is my estimate, though I can’t be sure.” Mo Mei smiled, “Still, the Star City’s popularity will take a plunge with so many merchants leaving, and before the conflict with Zuo Quan Hui is resolved, it will be impossible for us to restore our previous prosperity.”


“No matter. Even though this Star City is my Void Land’s foundation, we have still accumulated a lot of supplies over the years. It should be enough for us to use for a short period of time. As long as we win this war, the Star City’s popularity will be restored sooner or later.”


“Sect Master is right!” Mo Mei nodded, “Second Manager had also gathered us to discuss this matter. With the resources that Void Land has accumulated up until now, there is no need for us to worry for the next few years.”


“The next few years?” Yang Kai nodded lightly. He had brought enough materials for 10 people to break through to the Sixth Order during this trip. If the Great Emperors continued to do their best, then there was no reason for them not to be able to advance in the next few years. When that time came, Void Land would naturally gain the qualification to compete with Zuo Quan Hui.


“Sect Master, I have an idea,” Mo Mei looked at him.




“The merchants in the Star City have signed contracts valid for differing numbers of years to rent the shops in the Star City. Now that they have left of their own accord, the contracts are naturally null and void. This will suddenly create an influx of unoccupied shops and stalls.”


Yang Kai nodded, “That is inevitable. What is your suggestion?”


Mo Mei smiled, “Naturally, I cannot solve the problem with the unoccupied shops, but for those who are willing to stay, can’t we provide them with some concessions and benefits, such as reducing their rent and taxes? At least, we should let them know that our Void Land is not ungrateful.”


Yang Kai pondered for a moment and agreed, “That’s a good idea. Also, if those who left ever want to return to the Star City, they will have to pay a higher rent and tax compared to the others.”


Mo Mei was surprised, “Would… Would that not backfire?”


Yang Kai laughed, “The Star City belongs to our Void Land. They can come if they want to, but if they don’t then no one will force them. There’s nothing wrong with this arrangement.”


Every step in a First Class Star City was paved with gold, and it was very difficult for a great force to rent shops in good locations. Void Star City had the qualifications to be called First Class and it had taken them several expansions to get to their current size. In the past, those merchants would fight desperately for the best locations. Now that Void Land was suffering external problems, those merchants were free to leave, but if they wished to return, then they would have to accommodate Void Land’s mood.


Mo Mei smiled, “You are the Sect Master, so your word is law. I will arrange for someone to take care of it.”


Yang Kai nodded, “En, go.”


Once Mo Mei left, Yang Kai turned back to Jin Yuan Lang, “For those who wish to leave, there is no need to denounce them. Just let them all go. Sooner or later, they will come crawling back.”


Jin Yuan Lang cupped his fist, “This subordinate will obey!”


The situation in the Star City was not stable right now, but there was also no need for Yang Kai to pay too much attention to it. When an external threat makes its presence known, everyone has the innate instinct to protect themselves.


Getting up and walking out, Yang Kai looked up into the void. This fight had just begun!




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