Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4568, Comprehending the Space-Time Strength


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Void Land was surrounded in a grim atmosphere. Everyone was desperately cultivating so that they could play their part in the approaching great war.


For the disciples with lower cultivation, this was a battle that would determine Void Land’s fate, and the fighting could break out at any moment. Their cultivation was not high, but they were willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of Void Land.


Yang Kai worked hard to bring them out of the Star Boundary and gave them the chance to see the vast and colourful world of the Outer Universe, giving them a place to reside and a peaceful environment to cultivate.


Now, someone wanted to destroy that; nobody was willing to let it happen. Anyone who wished to do so would have to do it over their dead bodies!


Surprisingly, a month went past, but everything remained peaceful. Two months, then three months passed, but it was still the same!


However, that was just what Void Land’s disciples wanted, more time to cultivate, though the supplies that were being handed to them each time grew smaller and smaller.


The Star City’s population had taken a serious hit, and each day, large droves of merchants left. Now, Void Star City was no longer the bustling city it once was. Walking through the Star City, the traffic was sparse, and most businesses were shut down.


In a matter of months, Void Star City had lost more than 70% of its initial tenants, which was higher than Mo Mei’s initial estimate.


Its popularity plummeted and the merchants left, which meant that the Star City’s income was significantly reduced, and the rate at which it could gather cultivation resources also slowed greatly.


Even though the Star City had accumulated a good amount of wealth for Void Land, it would not last them for more than a few years at this rate. In order to plan for the future, Bian Yu Qing, the Second Manager of Void Land, had no choice but to ration cultivational resources.


A large amount of supplies were given to those who were expected to advance into the Open Heaven Realm within a short time, such as the Great Emperors and Pseudo-Great Emperors, so it was only natural that disciples with lower cultivation were being allocated less now.


The more than 10,000 materials that Yang Kai brought back from the Black Prison entered Void Land’s treasury, relieving their resource woes for the near future. Bian Yu Qing was especially pleased and surprised at the Sixth-Order Yin and Yang Element materials he brought that were enough for ten peoples’ use.


Including the three sets that Void Land had originally, they now had enough resources to help 13 cultivators advance directly into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and it was foreseeable that more than a dozen Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters would appear in Void Land soon.


Not to mention the fact that the mining operation was still going on back at the Black Prison. The Ore Star that Yang Kai spent a lot of effort bringing back from the Black Territory’s depths would grant them plenty of resources in the coming two to three years. Void Land’s material situation would be greatly improved once the ore slaves in the Black Prison had finished mining that half of the Ore Star.


The fact that Zuo Quan Hui has remained quiet for months without any intention of attacking Void Land all but confirmed Yang Kai’s theory that the former intended to wage a protracted war against Void Land.


This was exactly what Yang Kai hoped to see. Void Land had only been around for a short time, and what it needed most was time. The disciples needed time to grow, and the Great Emperors also needed time to break through.


For any other great force, they would definitely be forced into a very passive situation under such circumstances. Once their Star City’s population fell into a slump and without enough resources to support them, any great force would sooner or later run out of supplies even if they did nothing but wait idly. Then, they would have to find ways to go out and find resources to continue cultivating.


This time could be as long as 5, 10, 20, or even 50 years…


Zuo Quan Hui could afford to wait! Open Heaven Realm Masters had extremely long lifespans, so even 100 years was just a snap of one’s fingers, let alone to plot against a rising great force like Void Land. In Zuo Quan Hui’s estimation, it would take at most 5 years to cripple Void Land financially. Then, without resources to cultivate, Void Land’s members would fall into disarray and be at his mercy.


So, he need not block all the Territory Gates into Void Territory. He only needed to put in an appearance and release the news to be able to cut off Void Land’s resources and put them on pins and needles!


Such a plan would work on any ordinary Second Class great force. If Zuo Quan Hui were to use this method against Heavenly Sword Union, it would not be able to hold up for long. Such was the influence wielded by a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. One man alone could stand against 10,000.


However, Void Land was no ordinary Second Class great force, and this was something that Zuo Quan Hui did not anticipate.


Inside his bed chamber, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, refining Open Heaven Pills while studying the mysteries of Space-Time Strength. Behind him, a Great Sun and round Moon rising and setting could be vaguely seen.


Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was a Divine Ability that he had discovered only after advancing into the Open Heaven Realm. In terms of raw power, it wasn’t much stronger than his Golden Crow Casts the Sun, but the new Space-Time Strength it exuded was extremely profound, and even he himself had barely scratched the surface of its mysteries.


If the Divine Ability was compared to the Divine Armaments of the Divine Armament World, that Golden Crow Casts the Sun was undoubtedly a top-class Divine Armament, easily able to pierce a hole through one’s body when stabbed.


Sun and Moon Divine Wheel could similarly be compared to a Divine Armament, but unlike Golden Crow Casts the Sun, Sun and Moon Divine Wheel was laced with poison! Not only could it pierce a hole through someone, it would also corrode their vitality on contact, which made it that much more powerful.


It had not been long since Yang Kai advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, and he had done so by using a World Fruit. So, even though he gained great benefits from the Wind Spirits in the Astral Wind Divine Ability and from Yin-Yang Heaven’s Small Source World, increasing his heritage and making him much more powerful than ordinary Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he was still a long way from advancing into the Seventh-Order.


Without advancing into the Seventh Order, there was no way for him to compete head-on with Zuo Quan Hui. The only weapon that Yang Kai had against Zuo Quan Hui right now was his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel. This was something that Golden Crow Casts the Sun had no way of comparing to.


When the war broke out in full with Zuo Quan Hui, Yang Kai would be the only one capable of dealing with him, which showed how crucial the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel’s existence was.


While stuffing Open Heaven Pills into his mouth, Yang Kai immersed himself in that Space-Time Strength, unable to extricate himself.


Right now, Void Land’s resources and supplies were under strict rationing with the full allocation rights handed over to Bian Yu Qing, who heavily skewed the flow of resources towards the cultivators who were nearing their advancement into the Open Heaven Realm so that they could ensure that they would have more Open Heaven Realm Masters on their side when the great war came.


In the coming battle, only Open Heaven Realm Masters would be qualified to participate. If the Emperor Realm cultivators went out, none of them would survive!


That meant that the Open Heaven Realm Masters could only use Open Heaven Realm Pills to cultivate. Even Void Land’s Lord, Yang Kai, was no exception.


Refining Open Heaven Pills was the least efficient method for an Open Heaven Realm Master to cultivate, but it was also the simplest and most common. Basically, no Open Heaven Realm Master could avoid refining large amounts of Open Heaven Pills during their lives.


Inside the Second Manager’s office, Bian Yu Qing, who had already been working hard for more than half a month, was rushing back and forth. As the steward of the entire Void Land, Bian Yu Qing was usually busy enough, but the situation now had become even more serious due to the addition of both external and internal problems.


Previously, in High Heaven Sect, there was Hua Qing Si to take charge of the overall situation, and all she had to do was pick up the slack here and there. Now that they had come to Void Land and with Hua Qing Si still back in the Star Boundary, the burden was on her shoulders alone.


She had given a lot for the sake of Void Land, more than any other person. She could not even get any time for her own cultivation, which resulted in her seeing little growth despite all the time that had passed. She had not even been able to condense her Dao Seal yet.


However, she was happy to take on this responsibility.


If it was not for the support that Yang Kai gave her back then, she may have died long ago before even reaching the Emperor Realm. How could she even have the opportunity to see the sights of the Emperor Realm, much less gain such great power in her current status as Second Manager?


After consulting with Yang Kai, she selected a few apprentices from among the lower disciples and nurtured them to the greatest extent of her abilities so that they could share the managerial pressure with her.


Only, time was still short, and those few apprentices were not ready to take on real responsibilities yet.


Whenever this happened, she would inevitably think of Kou Wu. She could barely remember his face after all these years, but she would never forget the way that disciple who had sacrificed himself to protect her when she was in mortal danger.


If only Kou Wu were still alive, he would have become her greatest assistant!


She had barely sat down to rest for a half cup of tea’s time when a disciple rushed in, one of those that she had been training to become her right hand recently.


“What is it?” Despite her exhaustion, Bian Yu Qing still availed herself mentally. The situation in Void Land was very tense right now, and she could not afford to loosen up for even a moment.


The disciple blurted in a panic, “Something unusual has happened within Sect Master’s chambers!”


Bian Yu Qing’s exhaustion was tossed to the back of her mind and she rose with a start, “What happened?”


This was a matter concerning Yang Kai, so her heart jumped to her throat in an instant. If anything were to happen to Yang Kai, the pillar that held Void Land up, then Void Land’s foundation would truly be lost.


The disciple shook his head, “I’m not sure. I just saw it from afar when I was passing by. Second Manager should head over as soon as possible.”


Bian Yu Qing moved out without dallying for a moment, transforming into a bolt of light that shot towards Yang Kai’s chambers as quickly as possible.


Before she could even get close though, Bian Yu Qing saw the unusual situation witnessed by that disciple.


With Yang Kai’s room at the centre, the space in the surrounding area spanning a couple of dozen kilometres was in chaos. As if a mirror had been shattered and put back together by a child, light folded and interlaced, and everything inside of this warped region became distorted beyond recognition.


She could vaguely feel a profound aura coming from inside this altered space.


[What is going on!?] Bian Yu Qing was shocked. She could feel that the power fluctuations were extremely chaotic, but also extremely profound and mysterious.


When she extended her Divine Sense to investigate, she simply could not probe into what was going on inside. Instead, she only felt dazed and confused.


A number of disciples had already noticed the unusual scene and stopped to watch from afar, all of them with worried looks on their faces.


Bian Yu Qing did not dare to intrude, so she landed just outside the strange phenomenon. The chaotic Void entered her vision clearly as pieces of space folded in on themselves, twisting and reassembling themselves. Her vision was so blurred that she could not even see what was happening inside this anomaly.




A figure suddenly landed beside her.


Bian Yu Qing turned her head to see Yue He and quickly called out, “Left Protector!”


Yue He’s face was grave. Obviously, she had heard what was going on and had rushed over to investigate.


Yue He nodded lightly and asked urgently, “Second Manager, what is going on?”




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