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Martial Peak – Chapter 4569, Enlightened

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Bian Yu Qing shook her head, “I’ve only just arrived and I don’t know what’s going on either. Didn’t Sect Master say anything to you before going into retreat?”


“Nothing.” Yue He frowned anxiously, “It must just be an unusual cultivation session.”


“Left Protector can’t see anything either?” Bian Yu Qing was slightly shocked. Right now, she was only in the Emperor Realm, so it was normal for her to not be able to see what was going on inside; after all, she was lacking in insight and strength. However, if even the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Yue He could not see through the chaos, then the situation must be quite unusual.


[Could it be a cultivation dissonance?]


When that thought came up, Bian Yu Qing’s face went pale.


Yue He seemed to have realized her concern and comforted, “Don’t worry too much, it’s not what you think. Young Master is probably just comprehending something. En, hurry off to Dragon Son’ Peak and invite Senior Bi Xi to come. With his eyes, he should be able to see something.”


Bian Yu Qing nodded, “I’ll go at once.”


Two mature Divine Spirits resided in Void Land, Zhu Jiu Yin and Bi Xi. The former always secluded herself, having little to no interactions even with Yang Kai. Second Manager Bian Yu Qing could only meet Zhu Jiu Yin if the latter was in the mood. However, Bi Xi was different. Despite being a venerable Divine Spirit, he was very amiable. Bian Yu Qing would also visit Bi Xi occasionally. Knowing his temperament, it should not be difficult to invite him over.


After rushing to Dragon Sons’ Peak, she found Bi Xi, who was currently occupied with teaching Xiao Hei and Xiao Hong. After informing him about the situation, Bi Xi did not dare to dally either and rushed over to the site with her.


In just a few moments, Bi Xi arrived, dragged over by Xiao Hei and Xiao Hong.


“Senior!” Yue He bowed elegantly. Everyone in Void Land was very reverent and appreciative of this kind-hearted Divine Spirit.


“En,” Bi Xi answered and looked up ahead.


“Please take a look, Senior. What is going on over there with our Young Master?”


“No need to worry,” Bi Xi waved his hand and looked on solemnly. After a while, he made an exclamation of surprise. Staring straight at a certain spot in the void, he revealed a look of astonishment and surprise.


Yue He and Bian Yu Qing stood by, not knowing what he had seen, but not daring to speak up and interrupt him either.


Another while passed and Bi Xi suddenly raised his hand, probing the area in front.


In front of everyone’s eyes, when Bi Xi reached out into the chaotic space, his hand actually disappeared from everyone’s view out of nowhere.


A moment later, Bi Xi pulled his hand back. Neither Yue He nor Bian Yu Qing could hold themselves back from gasping in amazement because when Bi Xi’s hand reappeared, the old man’s wrinkly hand was wrapped in a crystal clear material similar to a layer of porcelain with a strange power surrounding it.


Bi Xi observed his hand for a moment and suddenly laughed, “Interesting.”


With a shake of his hand, the porcelain-like shine quickly faded, disappearing in the blink of an eye.


“Senior, is Young Master in any danger?” Yue He asked nervously.


Bi Xi mused, “It’s nothing you need to worry about. He is quite clearly comprehending some sort of Divine Ability or Secret Technique. En, it is most likely related to the Dao of Space and the Dao of Time, which is why such a bizarre spectacle has appeared.”


Yue He and Bian Yu Qing exchanged glances, then breathed sighs of relief.


“Keep an eye out on the situation and let me know if anything else unusual happens.” After saying that, Bi Xi led the two children back.


“Let me see you off, Senior!” Bian Yu Qing quickly offered.


After sending Bi Xi back, Bian Yu Qing hurriedly returned, dispersing the disciples who had gathered to watch the sights and ordering them to clear the area within several dozen kilometres of Yang Kai’s palace while she and Yue He kept a close eye on the situation here.


In the coming month or so, the space around Yang Kai’s home remained in a chaotic state of flux, but subtle changes did appear over time.


Yue He and Bian Yu Qing caught sight of very peculiar things in the chaotic space more than once. From time to time, visions of human figures would appear, and occasionally, it seemed like someone was fighting inside.


However, since time and space were in such chaos, nobody could see anything clearly. The two were not even sure whether what they saw was real or an illusion.


This situation continued for several more months.


One day, the strange occurrences suddenly disappeared, as if they had never even existed, restoring the local space to its original state.


Bian Yu Qing and Yue He, who had been keeping watch nearby all this time, exchanged glances before both of them made their way towards Yang Kai’s chambers.


Inside his room, Yang Kai opened his eyes, still deep in thought.


He had managed to gain a lot during this retreat. Since creating the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel, he had not had the time to properly look into the mysteries contained within it; however, now that he had some free time, it was just right for him to perfect this Divine Ability.


However, Yang Kai discovered a problem when he reached this point. His understanding of the Dao of Time lagged behind his understanding of the Dao of Space.


After all, the Dao of Space was his foundation, and though he dared not say that his grasp of it was perfect, it was as good as it could be for his current realm.


His Dao Seal had been condensed with the Dao of Space as its foundation, which later became the foundation for his Small Universe.


However, it was different for the Dao of Time. Yang Kai had cultivated the Time Flies Seal Divine Ability many years ago, but only superficially understood the Dao of Time. Later, when he arrived at the ruins of the ancient battlefield between Flowing Time Great Emperor and Great Demon God, he witnessed the reverberations left behind from their great battle, gaining much inspiration from it.


After a successful advancement into the Open Heaven Realm, the Sun rose and the Moon set in an endless cycle within his Small Universe. The passing of time became far more vivid and enabled him to take a great leap forward in his comprehension of the Dao of Time.


However, when all was said and done, his proficiency in it still could not compare with his mastery of the Dao of Space.


If he were to divide comprehension of the Daos he held into different categories, then from lowest to highest, it would be arranged something like Superficial Contact, Peering Through the Doors, Taking Initial Steps, Traversing a Familiar Path, Attaining Mastery Through Comprehensive Understanding, Exceeding the Ordinary to Reach the Extraordinary, Standing Above All Others Within Sight, Summiting the Peak, Transcending the Mundane, and eventually Shocking History and Amazing the Present!


In comparison, Yang Kai had barely reached the seventh level of mastery in his Dao of Space, possibly touching upon the eighth.


However, he was only barely at the fourth level of mastery when it came to the Dao of Time, and that was only thanks to the special good fortune of his Small Universe; otherwise, he would likely be stuck in the second level.


Space-Time Strength was a mix of two different Principal Strengths, so the difference in Yang Kai’s grasp on the Dao of Space and Dao of Time limited the power he could display. He could only exert Space-Time Strength equal to his level of mastery over the Dao of Time when he executed the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel.


This was similar to advancing into the Open Heaven Realm. A barrel could only hold as much water as the shortest plank of wood it was made from.


If Yang Kai was able to raise his grasp of the Dao of Time, then the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel would definitely become even stronger.


After months of study, Yang Kai finally saw the path extending towards the Grand Dao, and his eyes glowed!


He had not been prepared to spend so much time on the Dao of Time as comprehending a Grand Dao relied on both quality and quantity. The Dao of Space alone was enough for him to study for a lifetime, so if he wasted his time on studying and cultivating the Dao of Time, it may not necessarily give him any benefits. However, now it seemed that he truly had to spend some effort studying it.


This was the only way he could increase his strength within a short amount of time.


And, it was not too difficult to cultivate the Dao of Time. Flowing Time Great Emperor also made his name as a Great Emperor through his mastery over the Dao of Time and currently, his two Legacy Disciples lived in Void Land, as did the Flowing Time Temple which contained his inheritance!


What was more, Yang Kai could loosely be described as an in-name Disciple of Flowing Time Great Emperor.


In fact, Flowing Time Great Emperor had split his mastery over the Dao of Time that he passed on in his inheritance. Doing this would result in less immediate benefits to his Disciples, but it would also allow them to better understand their own abilities and shortcomings, which would allow them to set their own course.


Yang Kai had never encountered another Master who had split their mastery over a Grand Dao with such detail before.


Now enlightened, Yang Kai got up and slowly walked out.


As soon as the door was open, he was greeted by the worried gazes of Yue He and Bian Yu Qing.


Yang Kai had long felt their presence, so he was not surprised to see them waiting outside and gently nodded, “I managed to discover some things, but it seems I’ve made you worry.”


“Young Master seems to have made good progress,” Yue He smiled. She could feel subtle changes in Yang Kai’s aura after not seeing him for the past few months, but she could not say what those changes were.


“It was decent!” Yang Kai nodded lightly and asked, “How has Void Land been doing?”


Bian Yu Qing hurried forward to report to him. When he heard that everything was fine and that Zuo Quan Hui had not made any unusual moves, Yang Kai put his heart at ease.


More than 10 months had passed since Zuo Quan Hui blocked off the Territory Gate, but he never mobilized his troops during this time, only making his presence known in Flying Smoke Territory and putting pressure on Void Land.


Yang Kai knew that this guy was wary of Zhu Jiu Yin’s presence, but Yang Kai was also happy that the other side remained idle.


“There are two things that I must tell Sect Master.”


“En, go ahead.” Yang Kai nodded as he walked outside.


Bian Yu Qing hurried over to follow him and reported, “Firstly, someone called Xin Peng has come from the Black Territory, saying that it was under Sect Master’s instructions to deliver supplies here every six months.”


Yang Kai raised his brow, “How did he get here? Where is he now?”


When he was returning from the Black Territory, Yang Kai himself had been stopped on his way back through Flying Smoke Territory. If Xin Peng managed to reach Void Territory, then it was likely he came from a different route.


Bian Yu Qing said, “He has already returned. It seems like he came over from a different Great Territory, but he brought a lot of good things with him.”


Yang Kai glanced at her and smiled, “If even Second Manager says they are good, then it must really be good.”


“There were two Sixth-Order Yin Element materials and one Yang Element material. Besides that, there were 34 Sixth-Order materials of other Elements, 262 Fifth-Order materials, and over a thousand below the Fifth-Order.”


“So much!” Yang Kai was visibly moved.


Despite knowing that the Ore Star that he brought back from the Black Territory’s depths was sure to hold great riches, he never thought that it would be so bountiful. It had only been half a year, so how much would they be able to obtain if the entire half of the Ore Star was mined out?


And that was merely half of an Ore Star. What would happen if he could mine all of the Ore Stars in the Black Territory?


“There were even two Seventh-Order materials!” Bian Yu Qing added.


Yang Kai’s brow jumped upon hearing that, but then he felt a twang of regret.


The half-an Ore Star he had brought back from the Black Territory’s depths had been ground down by a great amount when it was pushed into the Killing Array, and he had no idea how many of its resources were lost during that ordeal, especially the Sixth-Order and Seventh-Order ones.


However, this was the only way things could be done if Yang Kai wanted to mine those Black Stones. Those ore slaves were simply unable to hold up for long in the depths of the Black Territory.



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