Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4571, Achieving Mastery through Comprehensive Study


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As Yang Kai’s thoughts began to drift, he heard Lu Jing say, “The Burning Light and Serene Glimmer were born of opposing attributes and fought incessantly, filling the void with the Elements, Yin and Yang. It was said that Yin and Yang Element materials condense in places where they have passed, and are of a very high quality at that!”


“Is this news reliable?” Yang Kai’s brow furrowed. It was not that he did not trust Lu Jing, but how could Lu Jing know something that even the Proprietress could not find out?


Sure enough, Lu Jing laughed embarrassedly, “I have only heard someone else mention it. Maybe it was just a rumour. After all, nobody has seen it for themselves.”


Yang Kai thought to himself, [if you’re not sure, then why say it?] 


However, Lu Jing was clearly only trying to give Yang Kai a hint. It was up to Yang Kai to decide what he wanted to do with that information.


Within a few moments, Bian Yu Qing brought someone over, and Yang Kai sent Lu Jing out. There was no need for him to worry about anything happening at the Star City since Mo Mei was there to take care of it.


For now, allowing Lu Jing to build up a new Trade Company in the Star City may not be of much use to Void Land, but in the long run, it could help with leveraging the power of those supporting Lu Jing from behind, Gathering Yuan Union. After the fight here was over, the Star City would begin to develop again, and this would be of great benefit to both sides.


After Lu Jing’s side was settled, Yang Kai headed to Water Spirit Land without delay.


A large number of people that were brought over from the Star Boundary were housed in Water Spirit Land, including members of the Dragon Clan. There was a huge lake in Water Spirit Land, and at the very centre of that lake hovered a palace that was just like an island.


Yang Kai moved to the front of the palace and looked up, where he saw the characters ‘Flowing Time Temple’ shining brightly.


A white shadow rushed out of the main entrance and ran circles around Yang Kai like a puppy, saying excitedly, “Adoptive Father, what are you doing here?”


Another beautiful figure appeared subsequently from the Flowing Time Temple, standing gracefully and smiling at Yang Kai, bowing, “Big Brother.”


Two more rushed out of the Flowing Time Temple, one a beautiful girl, and the other, a fierce elderly man with an unkind frown. It was Liu Yan and Qiong Qi.


“Master!” Liu Yan called out to him softly.


“En!” Yang Kai responded. Then, slapping his palm down, he stopped Yang Xiao who was turning circles around him, instantly freezing him in place.


After rubbing Yang Xiao’s head, his white hair became a mess. Yang Kai beckoned, “Let’s talk inside.” Then, grabbing Yang Xiao by the scruff, he carried him inside.


Yang Xiao’s calves trembled, and he looked to Yang Xue for help, but the latter stuck out her tongue at him. As the brightest star of the Dragon Clan’s younger generation, Yang Xiao was afraid of next to nothing beneath the Heavens. Even Great Elder Zhu Yan and Second Elder Fu Zhun, his true parents, could do nothing about him. The Dragon Clan’s two Great Elders had once thought their son could never be born, and had subsequently spent many, many years mourning their loss, so when he finally was born, they doted on him greatly. How could they even think of restraining him?


The only one the boy feared was Yang Kai.


Since arriving in the Outer Universe, Yang Kai had been busy all year-round and had little time to spare, so the two did not see each other often.


Yang Xiao had no idea what his Adoptive Father had come to do this time, but he could not think about what he had done wrong during this recent period either. At most, he pulled a single hair from Old Man Bi Xi’s beard when he was receiving a lesson from him…


[That old man didn’t tell on me, did he?] Yang Xiao’s heart was beating in fear.


“Adoptive Father, have some tea!” Yang Xiao was very attentive after entering the Flowing Time Temple and offered up tea on his own initiative.


Yang Kai glanced at him and took a seat without standing on ceremony while the other three stood in front of him. After accepting the tea and taking a sip, he put on the dignified air as an Adoptive Father and asked straightforwardly, “How has your cultivation been going?”


Yang Xiao hurriedly answered, “I have been to Senior Bi Xi’s home frequently, listening to his lectures about refining one’s bloodline. It feels like I learned a lot.”


Yang Kai nodded and put down his teacup, “Then tell me more about this lesson!”


Yang Xiao was stunned for a moment, but then his mouth became like a tumbling river, blurting everything that he learned.


Yang Kai listened for a while and nodded, “Good. Senior Bi Xi is an extremely old and wise Divine Spirit who carries a potent Dragon Vein. His experiences are extremely beneficial to the cultivation of the Dragon Clan. If you are free, then you should go to his place more often and pay your respects! Until the Dragon Altar is found, Senior Bi Xi will be the only guiding light for the Dragon Clan’s rise.”


“Yes, Adoptive Father is right. Senior Bi Xi is highly respectable. Father and Mother also tell me to see him often.”


“En. Next time I hear you disrespected Senior Bi Xi, I will send you back to the Star Boundary!”


Yang Xiao’s eye twitched, but he still acted like a good boy, “Your Son won’t dare to do it again!”


“Xue’er, how have you doing recently? What stage are you in right now?” Yang Kai looked up at his biological Younger Sister. If possible, Yang Kai would have preferred to guide Yang Xue in her cultivation personally, but he had constantly been on the move recently. With so many matters requiring his attention, he simply had no time to spare.


Yang Xue smiled, “I was just able to condense my Wood Element.”


Yang Kai raised a brow, “Where did you start from?”


“The Water Element Power!”


“Water gives life to Wood… Since coming over from the Star Boundary, you have condensed your own Dao Seal and two Powers, the Water Element and the Wood Element. That is quick progress. Let me see.” Yang Xue had only been cultivating for a short time, after all. Even though her aptitude was outstanding, the progress of her cultivation was still not comparable to many of the Great Emperors and Pseudo-Great Emperors. She could not even match Yang Kai’s Wives in certain aspects.


After all, when Su Yan was still in the Emperor Realm, Yang Xue had not even been born for long.


Saying so, Yang Kai reached a hand out to Yang Xue, who put her own hand onto his palm in a docile manner.


After circulating his energy and doing a quick check, Yang Kai nodded, “A stable Dao Seal is the greatest safeguard one can have when advancing into the Open Heaven Realm. Your foundation is solid, but still lacking when compared to others, so you must not advance recklessly.”


Strictly speaking, for those who came from the Star Boundary, apart from the Great Emperors who had remained at the peak of the Emperor Realm for a long time and whose Dao Seals were stable enough for them to break through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm directly, were still a little lacking, even the Pseudo-Great Emperors.


There was no need to mention Su Yan and the others, unless they were willing to spend a lot of time solidifying their own Dao Seals.


However, this was no trouble with the Divine Dao Water and the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill in Yang Kai’s possession! Of these two items, the first could strengthen one’s Dao Seal, allowing cultivators an even broader future. The second could then protect them during their advancement into the Open Heaven Realm, greatly reducing the risks that could come with breaking through.


Without these two items, there was no way that Void Land’s heritage could be as strong as it was today.


“I will do as Big Brother says,” Yang Xue nodded obediently.


“Also, the Wood and Water Elements that you have condensed are the gentlest of the Five Elements. That is why it took little effort and little risk to condense them. However, Wood stokes Fire, and the Fire Element Power that you will have to condense next will not be this simple. When that time comes, your Dao Seal will have to withstand a much greater impact than ever before, and if it can’t hold up, the consequences will be dire.”


Yang Xue nodded and said, “I will definitely prepare myself well before proceeding.”


Yang Kai then turned to Liu Yan and Qiong Qi, “The cultivation of a Divine Spirit is mainly to develop one’s bloodline, which is different from Human cultivators, so you will have only yourselves to depend on.”


Qiong Qi nodded before commenting, “Even though Senior Bi Xi is a Dragonkin, he said that the cultivation of a Divine Spirit’s bloodline is similar in almost all circumstances, so we also often go to his home to listen to his lectures.”


Yang Kai nodded, “That’s for the best.”


Liu Yan asked, “Has Master come for something this time?”


“Yes, just a small matter.” Yang Kai looked at Qiong Qi, “I need to study the Dao of Time, so I may need to use Senior Flowing Time’s Legacy Inheritance. There’s no problem with that, is there?”


Qiong Qi followed Flowing Time Great Emperor as his mount, and with the latter’s passing, he was tasked with passing down Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Legacy Inheritance, and was fortunate enough to find Yang Xiao and Yang Xue.


However, the Legacy Inheritance was not something that could be borrowed lightly, so Qiong Qi had to be informed beforehand.


Qiong Qi pondered for a moment before responding, “Naturally, others may not ask for it, but it is no problem for Sir. You can ask the two Young Masters about the inheritance.”


Yang Kai nodded, “In that case, I will not hold back.”


Yang Kai spent the next few months in the Flowing Time Temple, discussing the Dao of Time with Yang Xiao and Yang Xue. The two of them had accepted the full Legacy Inheritance of Flowing Time Great Emperor, so their proficiency in the Dao of Time was not low, almost at the Traversing a Familiar Path level, which was exactly where Yang Kai was as well.


However, they had not been cultivating for as long as Yang Kai had, and Yang Kai had also taken a giant leap forward in his understanding thanks to the evolution of his Small Universe.


The fact that they were now on equal footing with him was a testament to the two young ones’ efforts.


The Dao of Time was as esoteric as the Dao of Space, perhaps even more so, so it took a while for Yang Xiao and Yang Xue to explain all of the mysteries they inherited from Flowing Time Great Emperor. Combined with the insight that he had gained from his own cultivation over the years, Yang Kai was naturally able to gain a lot of benefit.


Yang Xiao and Yang Xue also benefited a lot from this discussion. Much of Yang Kai’s insights and ideas were things he had discovered on his own through his personal experiences. He was now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so his insight was generally more profound compared to Yang Xiao and Yang Xue. Standing at a higher realm allowed him to see a broader picture.


Often, his thought-provoking words would cause Yang Xiao and Yang Xue to fall deep into thought.


Time passed quickly as they cultivated and discussed with each other, and all three of them were able to make significant improvements in the Dao of Time.


Half a year passed in the blink of an eye. If Yang Kai was said to merely be at the fourth level of Master regarding the Dao of Time when he arrived, then after his discussions with Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, he had now reached the fifth level, Mastery Through Comprehensive Study!


The same went for the two younger ones!


Yang Kai had no idea what level of mastery Flowing Time Great Emperor had reached; after all, he made the Dao of Time the foundation of his cultivation. However, at the very most, he did not surpass the sixth level.


Flowing Time Great Emperor was certainly a great genius, but he was only a Great Emperor back then who did not even reach the Open Heaven Realm; thus, his cultivation could not be compared to Yang Kai’s.


Yang Kai was pleased with this harvest while both Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were also pleasantly surprised by their gains.


Gaining a deeper mastery over the Dao of Time also solidified Yang Xue’s Dao Seal considerably, and naturally, the Divine Abilities that she performed through the use of Time Principles also became more powerful. Just the Time Flies Seal had become twice as strong as it had ever been.


Half a year later, Yang Kai returned to his chambers in order to improve his Sun and Moon Divine Wheel and Space-Time Strength. He had already thoroughly absorbed the Legacy Inheritance left behind by Flowing Time Great Emperor, and the rest was now up to him to study. It would be difficult to gain anything more now through external means.


Even though he did not have the chance to use the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel again to see the results of his labour, Yang Kai felt that there would definitely be a significant improvement compared to the past.




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