Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4572, Beneath a Big Tree There is Cool Shade


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Three years had passed since the Territory Gate between Void Land and Flying Smoke Territory had been blockaded.


Void Land had spent most of those three years in closed-door cultivation and consuming countless materials. Now, the results were clear for all to see.


The most obvious result was that there were more than 500 new Open Heaven Realm Masters!


On average, several, or even up to a dozen people, advanced into the Open Heaven Realm every month.


The cultivators from the Star Boundary were naturally not as fast. Most of them were still building up their foundations to prepare for advancing into the Open Heaven Realm while most had not even managed to break through to the Emperor Realm yet.


The newly advanced Open Heaven Realm Masters all came from Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s Abundance City.


Back then, when Yang Kai brought a few thousand people back from Abundance City, their cultivations had been perpetually limited to the peak of the Emperor Realm due to the special environment and Blood Principle Restriction of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, making it impossible for them to explore the mysteries of the Open Heaven Realm.


Yang Kai brought them out and lifted the Blood Principle Restriction, giving them the freedom to surpass that limit and providing them with a favourable cultivation environment so that they no longer had to worry about anything.


For those cultivators who had long gained the qualifications to advance into the Open Heaven Realm yet were unable to break through due to their circumstances, it was only natural that group after group of them suddenly shot through to the Open Heaven Realm.


Mo Mei and the others were able to advance into the Open Heaven Realm very quickly, which added more than 300 new Open Heaven Realm Masters to Void Land in one go.


However, the potential of Abundance City’s cultivators had not been exhausted yet. Over the years, the cultivators who came from Abundance City advanced into the Open Heaven Realm one after another, constantly strengthening Void Land’s heritage.


The majority of those who broke through later did not reach high Orders. Even those in the Fifth Order were few and far between. Most of them were either in the Third Order or the Fourth Order, but there were many of them, and there was still the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill to guarantee their safety.


For other great forces, even the Cave Heavens and Paradises, it was impossible for them to guarantee that any of their disciples would succeed in breaking through into the Open Heaven Realm.


But Void Land could!


Even those who advanced into the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm were able to obtain a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill. Advancing into the Third or Fourth Order was not difficult to begin with, so where would there be any chance of failure with the help of the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill?


So far, the total number of Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land had already broken through to the four-digit mark! It was foreseeable that more cultivators from Abundance City would be joining the ranks of the Open Heaven Realm Masters in the coming days.


Yang Kai had long expected this result, but when Bian Yu Qing reported the figures to him, he was still unable to stop himself from beaming with joy.


He remembered that when he first stepped into the 3,000 Worlds and landed in Seven Wonders Land as a Worker, he had to do so much meticulous planning and careful accounting for just a few to several dozen Open Heaven Pills. How could he have imagined that he would one day have over 1,000 Open Heaven Realm Masters under his command?


To bring a force of this calibre out in the world, which great force in the 3,000, save for the major Cave Heavens and Paradises, would be able to compete with them?


Void Land was filled with great talents, and now had a mighty army equipped with the finest arms!


No matter how much Void Land tried to hide this, with so many people advancing into the Open Heaven Realm, traces would surely leak out.


Heavenly Sword Union, under Zuo Quan Hui’s command, had obviously planted some spies outside of Void Land, and they even had some henchmen planted in the Star City right now.


Yang Kai and Bian Yu Qing knew this, but they had no way to pluck them all out and naturally had no way of getting rid of them.


Perhaps stimulated by the constant appearance of newly advanced Open Heaven Realm Masters, though Heavenly Sword Union had been idle in the first year, they had begun making tentative moves starting from the second year.


Every so often, ships bearing Heavenly Sword Union’s banner would wander within Void Territory. Even though they did not dare come too close to Void Land nor attack the Universe Worlds, they still scared the smaller forces under Void Land so much that they were all constantly trembling in fear.


In addition to Void Land, Void Territory housed 7 other Third Class great forces, all of which could be described as subordinates of Void Land that survived by relying on their protection. Third Class great forces did not even have Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in their ranks, so when they saw Heavenly Sword Union’s ships loitering around their doorstep, they were naturally all distraught and rushed to Void Land for help!


Void Land dispatched troops many times to support their subordinate forces, but by the time they arrived, Heavenly Sword Union’s ships had already disappeared from sight.


After several repetitions of this behaviour, Bian Yu Qing was determined to set up a patrol of Open Heaven Realm Masters to monitor the situation in Void Territory.


With this, small skirmishes would break out eventually as both sides were bound to meet.


Void Land had the home advantage in these fights, and the number of Open Heaven Realm Masters under them was also massive, so they naturally had the advantage that basically allowed them to win every fight.


The tentacles that Heavenly Sword Union plunged into Void Territory to probe the situation inside had all been cut off without bringing back any gains, but they still continued blocking the Territory Gate leading from Flying Smoke Territory to Void Territory, showing no intention of starting an all-out war. It was clear that they were still hoping to snuff Void Land out by dragging things out.


In actuality, Heavenly Sword Union’s decision couldn’t be called a mistake. Three years had passed and the resources accumulated by Void Land had been greatly reduced due to this chokehold. Now, there was also little income flowing in from the Star City, and with so many more Open Heaven Realm Masters to support, the rate at which their supplies depleted also increased.


Void Land’s resources wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Even though a large shipment of supplies was sent over from the Black Prison every six months, it was still hard to make ends meet.


Moreover, after three years had passed, the half of the Ore Star that Yang Kai brought out from the Black Prison’s depths back then would be depleted, and it would be impossible for them to obtain such a large quantity of supplies from the Black Territory again unless Yang Kai made another trip to drag out another Ore Star.


However, how could Yang Kai leave without worry now that the situation was so unpredictable?


Bian Yu Qing had no choice but to try her best to make adjustments to try and make Void Land’s supplies last for as long as possible.


Inside his chambers, Yang Kai looked at Bian Yu Qing with astonishment while holding his teacup, “Is what you say true?”


Bian Yu Qing nodded solemnly, “Sect Master, how could I joke about such a thing? Iron Blood Great Emperor has already sent someone over to contact us and says that he will need a Sixth-Order Yang Element material in two months.”


Yang Kai could not stop his brows from rising in excitement, “That means that Senior Iron Blood is about to advance into the Open Heaven Realm!”


Bian Yu Qing nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice, “I’ve checked the records of the taken supplies. Since coming to Void Land, Senior Iron Blood has taken one piece each of the materials of the Five Elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, all in the Sixth Order. Less than half a year ago, another Sixth-Order Yin Element material was taken, so this Sixth-Order Yang Element material is the last one.”


“Good!” Yang Kai put down his tea and stood up, looking even more excited than if he himself were advancing. He then began pacing about the room, “This is the first person from the Star Boundary to advance into the Open Heaven Realm, and to advance straight into the Sixth Order at that! We must help Senior Iron Blood forge a clean path. En, did he say what we needed to prepare?”


Bian Yu Qing shook her head, “Senior Iron Blood has only sent someone to tell us that he needs a Sixth-Order Yang Element material in two months. He did not say anything besides that.”


Yang Kai pondered, “We definitely have to prepare a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill. Go and look for one, and find one of the best quality. Make sure nothing goes wrong in Senior Iron Blood’s advancement into the Open Heaven Realm. And also…”


After blurting out a bunch of instructions, he looked up to see Bian Yu Qing staring at him with an astonished expression.


Yang Kai blinked his eyes, “Did you get all that? And what are you staring at me for?”


Bian Yu Qing smiled, “I have noted everything down, but if anyone unaware were to see Sect Master’s reaction, then they would think that one of the Madams was about to have a child.”


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at that, “Advancing into the Open Heaven Realm is much tougher than giving birth to a baby, and for the first one at that!”


After some thought, he could not help but lament, “How fast!”


It had not been very many years since he brought everyone from the Star Boundary to the Outer Universe, so he never expected Iron Blood Great Emperor to actually be able to advance into the Open Heaven Realm so soon.


That was even quicker than he himself!


However, it did not seem strange after Yang Kai thought about it. He had to seek out every material by himself when he was trying to advance into the Open Heaven Realm, which consumed a lot of time and effort. However, it was different for Iron Blood Great Emperor and the others. They only needed to worry about cultivating since Void Land had everything in store for them already. All they had to do was keep refining, refining, and refining again. As long as their bodies were able to bear it, and as long as they could ensure that their foundation was firmly laid, there were simply no worries to be had for them.


This was what it meant when one said, ‘beneath a big tree, there is cool shade’.


In fact, Yang Kai’s situation was far more commonly seen in the Outer Universe, and that was true even for the disciples of those Cave Heavens and Paradises. They may not have to find materials for themselves, but if they wished to use the Sect’s resources, then they had to exchange for them with the appropriate contributions, which would still inevitably take time.


And, of all the Great Emperors, Iron Blood was the first to advance into the Open Heaven Realm, which was both unexpected and expected.


Back then, Iron Blood Great Emperor was the strongest in terms of abilities, so it was not strange for him to have progressed so quickly.


“Besides Senior Iron Blood, what about the others? How are they doing?” Yang Kai asked.


Bian Yu Qing answered, “Other than Senior Iron Blood, the ones improving the quickest right now is Senior Hong Chen and Senior Martial Beast. Both of them have already begun refining their sixth material. Senior Serene Soul is also almost there. I believe he is about to complete the refinement of his fifth material. Then, there is Senior Flower Shadow and Senior Ice Feather. Lastly, there is Senior Wondrous Pill and Senior Heavens Revelations!”


Yang Kai nodded, “That makes sense. Wondrous Pill and Heavens Revelations are both not proficient in combat, so it is inevitable that they are slower than the rest.”


Though they were all Great Emperors, there were still differences between them. Despite all of them coming from the Star Boundary to Void Land, the speed at which they could advance into the Open Heaven Realm was indicative of the differences between them.


Yang Kai then asked about the Pseudo-Great Emperors, to which Bian Yu Qing responded one by one. These results were satisfactory to Yang Kai.


There was no need to ask about Su Yan and the others as he would personally visit his Wives from time to time to investigate and give them pointers himself, so he naturally knew more about them than Bian Yu Qing did.


“If I had to point out anything, it would be that Fang Yue and Xiang Ying are also about to advance into the Open Heaven Realm. The same goes for a few of those who were recruited from the Grand Ancient Ruins Shop. They are not lacking when compared to the Great Emperors.”


“That is normal.” Yang Kai nodded, “They had already condensed various Elements while they were in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and they also received the personal guidance of Divine Spirits, so it is only natural that their rate of refinement would not be slow. En, other than Fang Yue and Xiang Ying, who else has requested Sixth-Order materials?”


Fang Xue and Xiang Yin were both Divine Medicine owners with excellent potential and were keen on advancing into the Sixth Order. Yang Kai had also allowed them to do as they wished, and they had the full support of Void Land.




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