Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4573, Zhu Qing’s Rapid Development


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

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The other Bearers that were recruited from the Grand Ancient Ruins Shop had all been forced to refine Sixth-Order or even higher materials by the Divine Spirits supporting them, but most of their aptitudes were not good enough to directly advance into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. For the long term, it was best for them to take one step down and advance into the Fifth Order instead.


The Divine Spirits of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary would not think about the long-term development and future of their Bearers. They were merely helping their bearers to refine higher Order Elements just to strengthen them up and give them an advantage in the Spirit Seizing War. As for whether or not there would be hidden dangers to these actions, why would the Divine Spirits care?


However, in general, Fang Yue and Xiang Ying would both face more risk than the Great Emperors in their ascension to the Sixth Order.


They did not possess the deep heritages of the Great Emperors, nor the Divine Dao Water to reinforce their Dao Seals. Even if they were able to refine Sixth-Order materials now, the dangers they would have to face in the future would only become greater.


Otherwise, why would they join Void Land? There were so many great forces in the 3,000 Worlds, and with their aptitude, it would not be difficult for any of them to enter any of those great forces, but they were attracted here by the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills.


It was foreseeable that the barrier that they must break through in order to ascend into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm would be a barrier of life or death. Success would mean life, and failure would result in death. They had no other choice.


“Apart from these two, the rest understood their limits and did not apply for any Sixth-Order materials, but rather opted for materials of the Fifth-Order!” Bian Yu Qing replied.


“En. We might not have much else in Void Land, but we do have plenty of Fifth-Order materials.” Yang Kai nodded. With the Divine Medicine, Gourd Vine, it would only take them a month to collect a complete set of Fifth-Order materials. As long as they were given enough time, Void Land would definitely see no shortage of Fifth-Order materials.


However, in the short term, Void Land’s resources would be scarce until the crisis forced upon them by Heavenly Sword Union was lifted.


As the two were talking, Yang Kai suddenly saw two tiny figures rushing in from the outside. It was Xiao Hong and Xiao Hei.


Just like in their original forms, Xiao Hong had a fine appearance in human form like molded porcelain or well-cut jade, but Xiao Hei looked as crooked and appalling as ever, drooling from time to time.


Yang Kai smiled, “What brings the two of you here? Has Senior sent you?”


Xiao Hong said urgently, “Young Master, quickly go and take a look, something is not right with the Young Madam. Grandpa sent me to call you over.”


Yang Kai’s face turned serious and he got up, “Which Young Madam?”


Bian Yu Qing’s face also became serious.


“That is… The one with the red hair!” Xiao Hei added from the side while sucking up the drool that was dripping down his face.


[Red hair… it’s Zhu Qing!]


Yang Kai had no idea what happened, but since Bi Xi called for him, then it must be serious. Not daring to delay, he manipulated Space Principles and disappeared from where he stood.


By the time he reappeared, he had already arrived at a platform on Dragon Son’s Peak.


There were a large group of people gathered here, all of whom were from the Dragon Clan, forming a circle. It was not known what they were looking at, but when they heard the noise, Great Elder Zhu Yan, Second Elder Fu Zhun, Third Elder Fu Xuan, and Fourth Elder Zhu Kong all turned their heads to look at him.


“Adoptive Father!” Yang Xiao quickly shouted.


“Yang Kai, you’re here.” Zhu Yan nodded lightly at him.


“What happened?” Heart hanging from his throat, Yang Kai moved through the crowd.


Bi Xi, who was standing inside, did not turn around. He stood there, hunched over, reassuring him, “No need to be nervous. It’s nothing bad. In fact, it’s good news.”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai was confused.


“See for yourself,” Bi Xi pointed.


Yang Kai looked over and saw Zhu Qing sitting down cross-legged, surrounded by a blood mist. The blood mist was just like a living being that lingered around her. Inside, Zhu Qing had a peaceful expression on her face as if she had fallen into a deep sleep.


[En?] Yang Kai carefully observed the blood mist surrounding Zhu Qing’s body and could feel the might of her Dragon Vein coming from it.


“You sense it, don’t you?” Bi Xi asked.


Yang Kai answered tentatively, “Qing’er’s Dragon Vein is growing stronger?


“Exactly.” Bi Xi nodded.


“Why is this happening?” Yang Kai did not understand.


Zhu Yan explained, “Just now, we were listening to Senior’s lesson on refining our bloodline. Fifth Elder must have had an epiphany.”


“That’s a good thing, right?” Yang Kai asked tentatively.


“Of course it is!” Bi Xi nodded, “The growth of a Divine Spirit is a constant metamorphosis, and each transformation brings about great improvements. The same is true for the Dragon Clan. Qing Girl is now in the process of that metamorphosis.”


Yang Kai finally put his worries aside and grinned, “Many thanks for your tireless guidance, Senior.”


Bi Xi waved his hand, “I merely offered them directions. The reason this little girl was able to see a result so quickly is because of her pure bloodline. En, out of all of you Young Dragons, this girl has the purest bloodline.”


[Young Dragons…]


The Dragon Clan Elders all had awkward looks on their faces, but since it was Bi Xi who said it, none of them dared to refute him and accepted it in silence.


“So, what makes one a Mature Dragon?” Yang Kai asked.


Bi Xi shook his head and laughed, “There is no such thing as a Mature Dragon, only a Grand Dragon!” After a pause, he added, “To be able to evoke their original forms and take on a body over 10,000 metres long, that is the limit one must exceed to be called a Grand Dragon, and only a Grand Dragon can be as powerful as a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master!”


“10,000 metres long!” Zhu Yan was astonished. He was the Great Elder of the Dragon Clan, so it was reasonable to say that he was the strongest one. Not even Zhu Qing could compare; however, his body was currently only 1,000 metres or so in length. He was still far away from reaching 10,000 metres.


Yang Kai was also secretly speechless. When he executed his Dragon Transformation Secret Art, he could reach a few thousand metres in length, which he thought was amazing enough. However, he never thought that he would still be thousands of metres away from becoming a Grand Dragon. But of course, his situation was not the same as a True Dragon, so his size alone was not enough to tell how strong he was.


“Reaching 10,000 metres is just a basic requirement for one to become a Grand Dragon. As one’s bloodline continues to evolve, even 100,000 metres is not impossible,” Bi Xi’s words were astounding.


The Young Dragons were all stunned by what they heard… In terms of age, which Dragon Clan member here had not lived for thousands or even tens of thousands of years? But for the growth of a Dragon, the depth of their bloodline had always been the greatest standard. This was true for not only the Dragon Clan, but for all Divine Spirits.


While they were talking, the blood mist around the surface of Zhu Qing’s body became denser and denser. Previously, they could still see Zhu Qing through the blood mist, but now, the red mist was so thick that they could no longer see the inside.


“…This is quicker than expected!” Bi Xi exclaimed.


“Is there something wrong with that?” Yang Kai became nervous again.


“Not for now.” Bi Xi shook his head, “However, this Old Master has noticed a problem even before this. Among you Young Dragons, this girl has the densest bloodline. Reasonably speaking, since you all came from the same place, there should not be such a great difference. Has she taken some sort of precious treasure that can purify one’s bloodline?”


The Dragon Clan Elders all turned their heads to look at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai was puzzled by their stares, “What’s wrong?”


Bi Xi was also confused.


Zhu Yan lightly coughed. When he raised his hand, his Dragon Aura surged, isolating the inside from the outside and keeping the rest of the Dragon Clan members out, leaving only a few Elders behind.


There were not many members of the Dragon Clan to begin with, only around 20 or so in total. Apart from the Elders, all the rest of the Dragon Clan members were looking over curiously, but they could not hear any sound, so they had no idea what the Elders were talking about.


“Do you really have no idea, or are you just feigning ignorance?” Zhu Yan glanced at Yang Kai.


“What am I supposed to know?” Yang Kai was baffled.


Fu Xuan stood aside with a slight blush on her cheek, staring down at her toes. Zhu Kong, on the other hand, had raised his eyes to the sky as if there were a pretty little female Dragon flirting with him.


Fu Zhun, on the other hand, was as blunt as usual. Amused, she looked at Yang Kai and asked, “Think about it, how did Zhu Qing become the Fifth Elder of the Dragon Clan?”


Yang Kai stroked his chin, “Is it because of me?”


Fu Zhun sighed, “Of course, it’s because of you!”


Zhu Yan interrupted them, “Of course, it’s not all because of you. To become an Elder of our Dragon Clan, an exceptional bloodline is necessary. Strictly speaking, Zhu Qing was not the most outstanding Dragon on my Dragon Island at the time, and the purity of her bloodline was nothing exceptional. However, since meeting you, the purity of her bloodline has been increasing at a rapid rate. That is the biggest reason why she had become the Fifth Elder of our Dragon Clan, even surpassing the old ones like us. I’m more than certain she told you why we sent so many of our female clan members to you at that time.”


“After meeting me…” Yang Kai pursed his lips, reminiscing about their past encounters and those female clan member attempts at him, he said a little embarrassedly, “Great Elder means to say…”


Zhu Yan coughed lightly, “You have the ability to purify the bloodline of the Dragon Clan. Otherwise, how would the Fifth Elder able to achieve so much so quickly?”


Yang Kai glanced at the other Dragon Clan Elders and blushed a little.


Zhu Yan said, “We have discussed this issue before.”


Bi Xi was looking left and right. After listening for a while, he finally reacted and made a sound of realization.


Yang Kai hurriedly said, “Don’t listen to them, Senior Brother. It’s just baseless nonsense. Qing’er was surely able to reach an epiphany because of your great guidance.”


Bi Xi waved his hand and laughed, “That would only be possible if she had exceptional potential to begin with. Regardless, this is not something that is taboo for us to talk about. As far as I know, such practices are common in the Dragon Clan. The union between a Dragon of a stronger bloodline and a Dragon of a weaker bloodline will indeed be able to help the one with the weaker bloodline to purify theirs.”


Zhu Yan’s eyes lit up, “Senior, that also occurs in the Outer Universe?”


Bi Xi nodded, “Of course! Not only is this true for the Dragon Clan, but also for the rest of the Divine Spirits. So, the purer one’s bloodline, the higher their status. Only, no matter what Divine Spirit Clan it may be, their numbers are extremely low, and there were even fewer of them to be found in one same group. The Dragon Clan’s numbers are still quite numerous in comparison, and that is why it is more obvious.”


Zhu Yan’s eyes were already glowing as he was staring at Yang Kai with a burning gaze.


Yang Kai could not help but feel goosebumps rising all over his skin as he asked nervously, “What advice does Great Elder have for me?”


Silavin: Screw this. Why did the author forget about this? He literally wrote chapters about all of them already knowing. I’m just going to change the context to fit what we already know and tweak it. 

Just wanted to state this in case some wonder why this is a little different from the raws.




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  1. YK have already been through this “Who? Me?!” dumbass stage – why go through it again?
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  2. At least this isn’t as bad as some of the other stuff the Author forgets/abandons.

    I still haven’t forgiven him for abandoning Yang Yan and her friendship with YK.
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    so fun seeing him have a true partner in crime for so long. I got so hyped up when
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    1. Actually I can sorta understand the Yang Yan moment – that was essentially a fragment of her soul that befriended an ant like existence Kai at the time, so it was at most a fever dream for her, and his help while useful in speeding up her recovery was already repaid ten-fold when she got back to lucidity. Like Kai himself collecting a retinue in that last world, and then leaving them for good after making sure they’ll probably be alright.

  3. Thank you Silavin, it’s already a fact that the author is VERY forgetful and only cherrypick what he/she wants to remember. Like everyone that’s in the immortal ascension still have a chance to have a new body either by seizing or taken a pill to stay alive before their soul disintegrate. Author completely forgot about this and now suddenly there’s Insect Emperor, Mad Crocodile, Wu Kuang and Black Crow just so there can be a story to fill in.

  4. Oh shiet, Author finally remembered YK has a dragon wife named Zhu Qing? I felt really bad for her for not having her name listed everytime author mentions YK’s wives.

  5. Yk is actually irresponsible for not mating with the other dragon women. If one wants to strengthen their forces sacrifices has to be made

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