Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4574, Spring Scenery


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Void Land’s current situation isn’t good,” Zhu Yan suddenly sighed.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow, “It still has not reached the point when life and death are at stake.”


Zhu Yan nodded, “Although that is true, being targeted by a High-Rank Open Heaven Master is still a terrible predicament.”


Yang Kai thought he was worried about Void Land’s future, so he quickly consoled, “Great Elder doesn’t need to worry, I have a way to deal with this.”


“I believe you.” Zhu Yan nodded, “The Star Boundary’s situation was horrendous back then, but you led us out of it, we fought our way out. No matter how bad the current situation is, it’s still less dangerous than the Star Boundary’s situation back then.”


Though, Zhu Yan suddenly changed the subject, “However, having more Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land is not a bad thing, right?”


“Great Elder is right, we’ve already begun to move to increase our numbers, and things are progressing quite smoothly.” In another two months, Iron Blood Great Emperor should be attempting to advance to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. This was exciting news.


“The more Masters there are, the better! Especially my Dragon Clan, if we can grow, each of us will be comparable to a High-Rank Open Heaven Master. At that time, what can a mere Zuo Quan Hui amount to?” Zhu Yan said proudly before turning to look at Yang Kai sincerely, “However, you also know that the growth of a Divine Spirit is extremely slow, the same goes for those from the Dragon Clan. After following you from the Star Boundary to Void Land for so many years, only the Fifth Elder has made some significant progress, while the others have basically been stagnant, so you’ll have to spend more effort to assist them!”


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit uncomfortable as he asked hesitantly, “What does Great Elder want me to do?”


Zhu Yan made a fist and coughed lightly, “You’re also a member of the Dragon Clan after all, so you can’t favour one over the other. You have to treat everyone equally, am I right? Us men and married women won’t count on you, but look over there, there are still a few young women who haven’t married yet.”


The corners of Yang Kai’s eyes couldn’t help twitching slightly, while Fu Xuan, who was standing to the side, blushed to the tips of her ears. Turning her head, she quickly stated, “Xiao Qi is waiting for me, I’ll go take a look at her.”


Saying so, she stomped her foot and soared into the sky.


Zhu Yan’s words were extremely clear, so how could those present not understand what he was saying? Fu Xuan was simply too embarrassed to stay.


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Great Elder, you’re pushing me into a fire pit! The number of pure-blooded female Dragon Clan members is far fewer than the number of men, each of them is akin to a treasure. If the men hear what you said, they will chop me into eighteen pieces!”


Zhu Yan added in a serious and righteous manner, “When compared to the future of my Dragon Clan, what do personal sacrifices count for? If any of them dares to say anything, I’ll rip their heads off. We have talked about this before. Furthermore, I’m sure these little girls will be happy to do this. Have they not already made their stances clear?”


“No no, this is not appropriate!” Yang Kai quickly waved him off. Zhu Yan wanted him to become a Dragon stud, how could he do such a thing? There were only a few unmarried women left in the Dragon Clan, four or five, that’s it.


“There’s nothing inappropriate at all!” Zhu Yan assumed the posture that he was the law and his word would be final, “Everything else can be discussed, but this matter concerns the future of our Dragon Clan, so you’ll have to listen to me. In any case, your Wives are all cultivating in retreat right now, and you rarely get to meet them. You’re also a young man with a strong physique, so don’t you feel lonely?”


Yang Kai broke out in a cold sweat, “You’re the Dragon Clan’s Great Elder, is it alright for you to speak like this? If your clansmen were to hear this, where would your prestige go?”


Fu Zhun, who was standing to the side, interjected with a smile, “If we can really allow the Dragon Clan to have a few Grand Dragons, even if its prestige goes down the drain, so what?”


Yang Kai stared at her in shock, “Second Elder, why are you saying such things?” 


He turned to Zhu Kong, and asked, “Fourth Elder, don’t you have anything to say?”


Zhu Kong muttered to himself for a moment before reaching out to pat Yang Kai’s shoulder and sighing, “Many thanks in advance for your hard work!”


Yang Kai was dumbfounded!


He looked towards Bi Xi for help; however, the old man, who had been observing everything for a long time, just stroked his beard and encouraged, “If you plant the crops and till the fields well, you’ll definitely gain something.”


Yang Kai’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, feeling like someone had just stabbed him in the back.


Seeing Zhu Yan about to speak again, Yang Kai quickly raised his hand and stopped him, “Great Elder, the Dragon Clan’s future cannot depend on me alone, but I can promise you that I will find the Dragon Altar as soon as possible. If I can find it, the Dragon Clan will no longer be trapped here, and its future will be bright.”


Zhu Yan was stunned for a moment before stating, “The Dragon Altar is the Dragon Altar while you are you. We are not certain when we’ll find it, or if we ever will. So let’s talk about you first.”


How could Yang Kai be willing to continue this discussion? Putting on an act, he took out his Communication Bead and looked at it before raising his brow and saying, “Something happened in Star City, I’ll go take a look.”


He turned to Bi Xi and requested, “Senior, please look after Qing’er.”


Nodding, Bi Xi assured, “Rest assured, if there is any change, I will inform you right away.”


Yang Kai thanked him before escaping towards the Star City.


Seeing him flee, Zhu Yan was also helpless, while Fu Zhun heaved a sigh, “We were too impatient. We’ve frightened him off.”


Zhu Yan grinned meaningfully, “A man’s heart always longs for spring sceneries, how could such a good thing scare him? This isn’t the first time this has happened. Perhaps he’s still just too happy to say it out loud.”


Fu Zhun glanced at him casually, “Oh, is that so?”


Zhu Yan quickly coughed and replied, “I’m an old man, so naturally I won’t act like those young ones!”


Fu Zhun coldly snorted, “So, what do we do now?”


Zhu Yan thought about it for a moment, then waved his hand to remove the barrier and swept his eyes over the clan members in front of him, “Boys, leave, girls, stay. We have some things to tell you.”


The male members of the Dragon Clan looked at each other in dismay. Although they were all somewhat curious, since the Great Elder had spoken, they didn’t dare to remain any longer and quickly left, leaving five female Dragon Clan members behind.


Zhu Yan gave Fu Zhun a look, and the latter immediately stepped forward and whispered to the five female Dragons, occasionally pointing towards Zhu Qing. Some of the female Dragons had their eyes shine brightly, seemingly eager to give it a try, while some had their faces flushed shyly…


Meanwhile, the nearby Zhu Kong let out a long sigh!


The Star City’s popularity was low as nearly 80% of the merchants had left long ago, causing the situation to deteriorate. Even the Void Dock, which used to be extremely lively, was now deserted.


Yang Kai drank a few pots of tea in the Governor’s Mansion until his stomach was full.


Mo Mei had no idea why Yang Kai had suddenly come to her place, but she just quietly accompanied him and didn’t ask any questions, diligently reporting to him about the Star City’s recent situation, whereas Yang Kai perfunctorily listened.


Half a day later, Yang Kai thought that it was about time, so he finally stood up and stated, “Please take care of the Star City, I’ll go back first.”


“Sect Master, rest assured, I will definitely take good care of the Star City, goodbye!”


After returning from the Star City, Yang Kai went to find Bian Yu Qing to discuss the matter of Iron Blood Great Emperor breaking through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm in two months. Although they couldn’t help much, this was not a small event, so they had to make some preparations.


At the very least, he had to isolate the energy fluctuations during the breakthrough so that others would not be able to spy on him; otherwise, if Zuo Quan Hui found out about this, he might not be able to hold himself back and attack.


Void Land’s top priority now was time, and second was supplies.


After settling some details with Bian Yu Qing, Yang Kai returned to his palace.


Just as he pushed open the door to his room though, Yang Kai frowned and looked towards the bed, only to see that there was something hidden inside it. He could clearly feel someone’s aura and breathing.


Frowning, Yang Kai walked over to the bed and looked down. Before he could see who was hiding here, two snow-white arms reached out from under the blanket and wrapped around his neck, pulling him down.


Yang Kai quickly held onto the edge of the bed to steady himself.


A pair of bright eyes stared straight at him, as if wanting to eat him alive.


“Fu Ling? What are you doing here?” Yang Kai asked, staring at her. Yang Kai had a deep impression of this loose Purple Dragon. When he first entered Dragon Island in the Star Boundary, he had seen many things she was involved in that nearly blinded his eyes. Before then, he had only heard that those of the Dragon Race lived in an impure and obscene manner, but he thought that only applied to the males. It could be said that Fu Ling had opened a new window for him.


“Brother-in-law!” Fu Ling called out sweetly with eyes filled with affection, “The Great Elder sent me here to serve you.”


After she had raised her hands, Yang Kai found that the thin blanket couldn’t cover her naked body at all. She wasn’t wearing anything!


“Great Elder asked you to come?” Yang Kai was both amused and annoyed. Zhu Yan really wanted to treat him like a Dragon stud and had sent Fu Ling over without any warning.


“Of course.” Fu Ling blew her orchid breath at Yang Kai’s face as she gently pursed her red lips, assuming a seductive look, “Brother-in-law, I also want to be like Big Sister Qing and grow into a Grand Dragon as soon as possible. Brother-in-law, can you help me?”


Yang Kai quickly nodded, “Let go of me first, I’ll help you.”


Fu Ling’s beautiful eyes lit up as she cheered in joy, “Brother-in-law is the best!”


A moment later, with an exasperated shout, Fu Ling, who was wrapped up in sheets like a dumpling, was tossed out of the palace.


Before she could land on the ground, the enraged Fu Ling transformed into her true form, a giant Purple Dragon. Shaking her head and flicking her tail, she breathed out a Purple Dragon Breath which caused the defensive Array around the palace to flicker.


After venting her anger, Fu Ling left in a huff.


From that day on, whenever Yang Kai showed up in Void Land, there would always be a female Dragon who would appear and follow him. Not every one of them was as unrestrained as Fu Ling. Some of them were bold and hot while others were shy and tender. Nonetheless, being entangled by so many female Dragons made Yang Kai feel helpless.


However, Yang Kai could never agree to be a Dragon Stud. Not in the past and not now. Zhu Qing’s achievements today were not done in a day or two, but rather because he had been nourishing her for a long time. If he really went along with Zhu Yan’s plans, Yang Kai would probably have no time for anything else and would be stuck pleasing those female Dragon Clans members with his heart and body indefinitely.


If Yu Ru Meng and the others found out about this later, Yang Kai was certain that he would never have any good days ahead of him. So, although his heart wavered, he refused to give in. Thus, regarding this matter, even Zhu Yan and the others were rendered helpless. After all, one could not force an ox to bend its head to drink.


Silavin: In short, he wants to. But can’t because of the consequence. I like how the author notes Yu Ru Meng’s name.

Likewise, change a bit of the context to not make this the first time this has occurred.




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  1. It makes sense, since Yu Ru Meng is the oldest & most outspoken of Yang Kai’s wives, with the highest
    cultivation of their group. Even if Su Yan is the first wife / matron and can put her foot down, YRM
    could be considered their leader after Yang Kai.

    1. Don’t forget the spider girl, or to be more precise – her second adoptive mother. With an in-law like that… Well, Yu Ru Meng might as well be a gushy submissive teenager in maid outfit for all the difference it would make >_<

  2. YK could just tell the dragons that they need to get permission from each of his wives before he will do anything then they’ll be pestering them instead of him.

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