Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4576, Alerting the Enemy


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At the Star City’s Void Dock, a small ship, after receiving a routine inspection, slowly sailed out before quickly disappearing into the void.


After the ship left, Mo Mei slowly walked out from her hiding place and glanced in the ship’s direction, asking, “Who does that ship belong to?”


The disciple, who was responsible for inspecting the ship, reported, “It’s the transport of Gathering Smoke Territory’s Blizzard Sect.”


Mo Mei immediately took out her Universe Chart and examined it for a moment before coldly snorting, “Gathering Smoke Territory and Heavenly Sword Territory are adjacent to each other. They didn’t leave sooner or later, but chose to leave at this time. What a loyal bunch!”


As she spoke, she turned her head in the direction of Void Land and saw that it was currently wrapped in a thick mist. She knew that Iron Blood Great Emperor from the Star Boundary was definitely preparing to break through to the Open Heaven Realm, otherwise, the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array would not have been activated.


It was known that there were spies from Heavenly Sword Union in the Star City. She had discussed this matter with Yang Kai before. Just like how he had arranged for Luan Bai Feng to join Heavenly Sword Union, Heavenly Sword Union would have certainly done the same.


However, there were still many merchants and residents who remained in the Star City, so it was impossible to determine which ones were spies.


Iron Blood Great Emperor breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm had clearly alerted Void Land’s enemies.


When the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was activated, the entire Void Land was covered by it, giving the impression they were trying to hide some kind of big secret. When the spies in the Star City saw this, they would definitely report it to Heavenly Sword Union, giving Void Land an opportunity to track them.


What Mo Mei saw now was completely in line with Yang Kai’s speculations.


Not long after Void Land’s Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was activated, Blizzard Sect’s ship left the Star City. Why did they leave if it wasn’t to send a message? It should be noted that the Star City’s Void Dock had been completely deserted all this while, no one had come or gone. So Jin Yuan Lang and his group of disciples who were responsible for overseeing the Void Dock had grown quite idle and bored.


“Elder Fan!” Mo Mei called out.


Fan Wu Xin quickly stepped forward and cupped his fist, greeting, “Governor!”


“Keep a close eye on this place, there’s definitely more than one rat. If anyone wants to leave, you can detain them first. If they have any objection, tell them to come to the Governor’s mansion and talk to me.”


“Yes!” Fan Wu Xin replied solemnly.


Mo Mei glanced at the deep void again, wondering how much they could gain from tracking these people down.


At the same time, in Void Land, a group of people gathered around Iron Blood Great Emperor and listened to him describe the feeling of breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm.


Although Yang Kai had previously asked many veteran Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters to teach them some things they needed to pay attention to in order to advance to the Open Heaven Realm, having someone who just broke through like Iron Blood Great Emperor teach them was naturally more effective.


Perhaps one of them might encounter a similar situation as Iron Blood Great Emperor when they made their attempt. At that time, if they were well prepared, it would be easier to deal with.


After a full day and night, everyone still hadn’t had enough, so Yang Kai had no choice but to interrupt them, “Senior Iron Blood just broke through and needs to consolidate his foundation. Let him rest for a while.”


Hearing this, everyone finally gave up.


There was a huge leap in strength from the Emperor Realm to the Open Heaven Realm. The sudden increase in strength required some time to gradually adapt to; otherwise, it would be impossible for Iron Blood to display his full might when facing an enemy.


Iron Blood Great Emperor’s ascension to the Open Heaven Realm was a good start, meaning that the cultivators from the Star Boundary had now finally stepped onto the stage of the 3,000 Worlds.


In three to six months, Yang Kai believed that Void Land would have at least three or four more Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Bustling World Great Emperor, Martial Beast Great Emperor, and even Fang Yue and Xiang Ying’s advancement to Open Heaven Realm was only a hair’s breadth behind Iron Blood Great Emperor.


Perhaps it was because they had been stimulated by Iron Blood Great Emperor’s breakthrough, but everyone returned to their respective rooms and immediately entered retreat. As expected, the two Great Emperors, Bustling World and Martial Beast, as well as Fang Yue and Xiang Ying, both requested Bian Yu Qing to provide them with the last Sixth-Order Yang Element material they needed soon after.


Bian Yu Qing naturally agreed.


After everything was settled, Bian Yu Qing came to Yang Kai’s side and whispered a few words to him.


Yang Kai slightly narrowed his eyes and nodded, “Let’s go take a look.”


The two of them quickly arrived at a secret room.


Jin Yuan Lang immediately cupped his fist and greeted, “Sect Master, Second Manager!”


Yang Kai nodded slightly and swept his gaze across the crowd, only to see three people standing side by side in front of him, two men and one woman. They looked a little panicked, but they were trying very hard to appear calm.


Jin Yuan Lang took a few steps forward and gave a simple report.


Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, “Gathering Smoke Territory, Blizzard Sect?”


Jin Yuan Lang continued, “Governor Mo has already checked. Gathering Smoke Territory is adjacent to Heavenly Sword Territory. I’ve been following their flying ship for a long distance, their destination should have been Flying Smoke Territory.”


Yang Kai nodded slightly. He then pulled up a chair before sitting down and lifting his head to look at the three people in front of him.


The Blizzard Sect members were led by the elderly man in the middle. This man had good insight as when he saw a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Jin Yuan Lang acting so respectfully towards Yang Kai, he immediately guessed Yang Kai’s identity and cupped his fist, “This must be Void Land’s Lord, Sir Yang.”


Yang Kai agreed with a nod, “It is this Yang!”


The elderly man furrowed his brow and asked, “May I ask Sir Yang whether my Blizzard Sect has offended Void Land in any way that would cause you to detain us?”


Yang Kai asked lightly, “You really don’t know?”


The elderly man maintained a calm and composed manner, “Please enlighten me!”


Yang Kai stared at him for a moment before replying, “Since you don’t know, you don’t need to know.”


With a flick of his finger, World Force suddenly converged.




The elderly man’s head exploded as red and white matter sprayed out in all directions while blood spurted out from the neck like a fountain.


Bian Yu Qing, who was standing behind Yang Kai, suddenly trembled, obviously frightened. It wasn’t that she had never seen a dead person before, but she hadn’t expected Yang Kai to act so decisively and take the old man’s life without any warning.


Jin Yuan Lang was also stunned for a moment, but soon a smile appeared on his lips, giving him a menacing look.


Since Blizzard Sect was willing to act as Heavenly Sword Union’s spy, they were enemies, so there was no need for them to show any mercy. Yang Kai’s actions were to his liking.


As the old man’s Small Universe collapsed, the power of the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm suddenly dissipated as the headless corpse staggered and fell to the ground.


Yang Kai looked up at the remaining two and asked, “What do you know?”


The remaining man and woman were only in the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm. Seeing their leader being killed so ruthlessly, their faces immediately went pale and their courage shattered. The man’s legs started trembling as he begged for mercy, “Sir, please spare my life! If there’s anything you need, please ask. I will tell you everything I know!”


As if he was afraid he would die if he spoke too late, he quickly replied.


Yang Kai turned to look at the woman again.


The woman’s face turned pale as she quickly expressed her stance, “This Mistress is the same, if Sir has any questions, feel free to ask.”


Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction, “That’s better.”


After pondering for a moment, he stated, “The one who tells me the most will live, the other will die. Elder Jin, take one of them away!”


“Yes!” Jin Yuan Lang accepted the order and reached out to grab the man, ignoring his pleas for mercy and resistance as he took him away.


Yang Kai turned to the woman and calmly continued, “You should understand what I want to know!”


The woman nervously gulped as her breathing became erratic. Her chest heaved up and down and she put on the best flattering smile she could as she gently nodded, “This Mistress knows.”


Without waiting for Yang Kai to ask any more questions, she began speaking.


She was frightened out of her wits, which caused her words to be extremely disorganized. Moreover, she was afraid that she would reveal less than her companion, so she said whatever came to her mind.


Yang Kai listened with an indifferent expression, making it impossible to guess what he was thinking. The more he acted like this, the more panicked the woman became.


After a long time, the woman finally stopped and looked at him with a timid expression.


As expected, these people from the Blizzard Sect were spies planted by Heavenly Sword Union in Void Star City. Blizzard Sect originally had a shop in the Star City, so before Heavenly Sword Union sealed the Territory Gate, they contacted them and asked them to monitor the movements of Void Land. They had ordered them to report every piece of news they found.


Previously, when they saw Void Land’s Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array activate, they too were unable to see what was happening inside, so they thought that something big had occurred. As such, they prepared to go to Flying Smoke Territory to report the situation, but they didn’t expect to fall into Yang Kai’s trap.


“Is that all?” Yang Kai looked up at her.


The woman quickly shook her head, “Yes Sir! This Mistress and the others also didn’t want to do this, we were forced to do so. Gathering Smoke Territory and Heavenly Sword Territory are neighbours, if we didn’t comply, Heavenly Sword Union would definitely not spare us. My Blizzard Sect really has no intention of becoming enemies with Void Land.”


Yang Kai ignored her pleas and continued, “The people that Heavenly Sword Union planted in the Star City are definitely not just your Blizzard Sect. Who else is there?”


The woman thought about it carefully before shaking her head, “This Mistress has no idea!”


“Think carefully before you answer; otherwise, if your Fellow Brother says more than you, you won’t have a chance to see tomorrow’s sun.”


The woman’s eyes immediately turned red, “Sir, this Mistress really doesn’t know. Please spare my life, this Mistress is willing to do anything to repay Sir’s kindness. Please take pity on me.”


Saying so, she actually knelt down, crawled up to Yang Kai, and craned her snow-white neck to look at him. This immediately caused her deep ravine to be visible through her collar.


Bian Yu Qing couldn’t stand her pathetic look and coldly snapped, “You may not know, but don’t you have any suspects?”


After hearing her reminder, the woman thought about it seriously for a moment before reporting the names of the two other forces, “This Mistress doesn’t know if they are or not, but I’ve heard that they have many connections with Heavenly Sword Union.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I see.”


Giving Bian Yu Qing a look, she immediately turned around and called out.


A short while later, Jin Yuan Lang walked in with the man in his arms before carrying the woman away, ignoring her pleas.




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