Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4578, Take the Initiative to Attack


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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The enormous Territory Gate was stretched across the void, slowly rotating in an endless cycle!


Outside the Territory Gate stood a grand palace. This palace was a combination of defensive, offensive, and flight-type artifacts.


Both inside and outside the palace, one could see cultivators walking back and forth.


Yang Kai led the many Void Land Open Heaven Realm Masters to a nearby place and immediately spotted the palace.


“Heavenly Sword Palace!” Old Bai whistled and exclaimed, “They even brought this thing out. They really want to settle down in our Void Territory!”


“Have you seen it before?” Yang Kai tilted his head and asked.


Although there were many Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land, and there were even 16 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, in terms of experience and knowledge, none of them could compare to those from the First Inn.


For many years, they had followed the Proprietress around, collecting all kinds of information about the 3,000 Worlds. There were very few things they didn’t know about in the Outer Universe.


Old Bai replied with a shake of his head, “I haven’t seen it before, but I’ve heard of the famous Heavenly Sword Palace. Back then, in order to forge this artifact, Heavenly Sword Union nearly went bankrupt, yet it still took them nearly 100 years to complete it.”


Yang Kai was slightly surprised.


Heavenly Sword Union could be considered a top Second-Class force, yet they had almost gone bankrupt and spent so long to refine a single artifact. From this, it could be seen just how much Heavenly Sword Palace had cost them. The more they spent on it, the more it could not be underestimated.


Although he had not personally witnessed the power of Heavenly Sword Palace, Yang Kai could still feel that it had an impregnable defence and unstoppable offensive power!


This kind of artifact had already exceeded the scope of an ordinary artifact. It was a weapon of war!


With such a powerful weapon, Heavenly Sword Union’s morale would definitely soar!


In comparison, Void Land seemed somewhat shabby.


Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, noting that Void Land’s forces had taken up position about 1 million kilometres away from the Territory Gate. This distance wasn’t far, but it was definitely not close either. For Open Heaven Realm Masters, it would not take them long to cross such a distance. Moreover, there were no obstructions in the void, so if their eyesight was good enough, they could even see individual cultivators across this kind of gap.


Ships of all sizes were scattered across the void.


[If we get the opportunity, we should forge a palace artifact for ourselves. Otherwise, if we encountered such a situation again, our morale would be greatly reduced before the fighting even begins.]


Unfortunately, Void Land was currently short of resources, so now was not the time to consider such things.


“You didn’t see Zuo Quan Hui?” Yang Kai turned to look at Mao Zhe.


Mao Zhe slowly shook his head, “No.”


Yang Kai focused his attention on the Heavenly Sword Palace. Since Zuo Quan Hui hadn’t shown up, either he hadn’t come here and was still hiding in Flying Smoke Territory, or he was inside the Heavenly Sword Palace!


Yang Kai estimated that the former was more likely to be the case. If he really came, he would not let Mao Zhe and the others leave so easily.


Of course, he could have been hiding in Flying Smoke Territory and had now come along with the Heavenly Sword Palace.


Even though a great killing weapon like the Heavenly Sword Palace had been taken out, it was still standing guard near the Territory Gate. Obviously, they were only trying to probe the situation and weren’t preparing to launch a large-scale attack; otherwise, they would have mobilised the entire Heavenly Sword Palace and directly attacked Void Land!


Of course, directly attacking Void Land was something Zuo Quan Hui definitely didn’t have the courage to do. With Bi Xi and Zhu Jiu Yin standing guard, how could he dare to act presumptuously?


Setting up the Heavenly Sword Palace near the Territory Gate, he could attack or retreat at will. This was exactly what Yang Kai wanted, Zuo Quan Hui acting vigilant and cautious.


After thinking about it for a long time, Yang Kai stated in a low voice, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to contribute much to the battle against Heavenly Sword Union. You can only rely on yourselves. Be careful!”


The group of Open Heaven Realm Masters around him were stunned, most of them not understanding what Yang Kai meant, but a few of them quickly reacted.


Yang Kai’s strength had far exceeded an ordinary Sixth-Order Master’s, so if he were to take action, no one from Heavenly Sword Union would be his opponent. At that time, he would definitely provoke Zuo Quan Hui to take action, and once Zuo Quan Hui appeared, the situation would become difficult to control.


After all, no one on their side could restrain a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master!


Currently, Zuo Quan Hui was hiding, mainly because he was afraid of Zhu Jiu Yin, who hadn’t made an appearance yet. If Yang Kai didn’t show himself, Zuo Quan Hui also wouldn’t show up easily, which would benefit Void Land greatly.


Yue He was the first to understand this point, so when she heard this, she nodded and declared, “Young Master may rest assured. If Zuo Quan Hui doesn’t take action, Heavenly Sword Union is nothing but trash!”


For the current Void Land, they indeed had the qualifications to evaluate Heavenly Sword Union as trash.


“Let’s set up camp first. I don’t know how long Zuo Quan Hui’s probing will last,” Yang Kai ordered, and everyone readily agreed.


Several figures flew out and disappeared into the void.


Half a day later, a shattered Spirit Province from who knows where was brought over and set down before everyone landed on it.


This shattered Spirit Province was a barren rock one could find floating about in Great Territory. Although it couldn’t compare to the grandeur of the Heavenly Sword Palace, it was still a good place to temporarily establish a camp.


After settling the necessary details, Yang Kai immediately summoned all the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters for a war council. Everyone expressed their own opinions, and soon determined the most important task at hand, which was to determine the strength of Heavenly Sword Union!


‘Know thyself, know thine enemy, and you will emerge victorious in 100 battles’. It was a saying true in any circumstance.


On the other side, Heavenly Sword Union’s disciples were all holed up in and around the Heavenly Sword Palace, so it wasn’t easy to identify or count them. Yang Kai had arranged for Luan Bai Feng to enter the enemy’s ranks in advance, but in this situation, unless Luan Bai Feng left the Heavenly Sword Palace, it was impossible for her to send out a message.


The Heavenly Sword Palace’s defensive array was active, isolating the outside world and making it impossible to send out any messages.


In other words, to contact her, the battle had to reach a point where Luan Bai Feng would be deployed!


This matter wasn’t actually difficult. As long as Yang Kai put enough pressure on Heavenly Sword Union, Luan Bai Feng would definitely have a chance to move out and make contact. Yang Kai gazed at everyone and asked, “Who wants to lead the attack?”


Iron Blood Great Emperor was the first to step forward and volunteer, “Let me!”


It had only been half a year since he had broken through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm and he had spent most of his time in retreat, consolidating his cultivation. It was an extremely boring process, so he longed for a good fight. Furthermore, fighting with others was far more efficient than cultivating in retreat to consolidate one’s foundation. The dangers of wandering between life and death also often stimulated one’s potential.


Yang Kai denied with a smile, “Senior Iron Blood, please don’t make a move for now. After your breakthroughs, you are all hidden forces of Void Land. I’m preparing to give Heavenly Sword Union a pleasant surprise when the time is right, so unless it’s absolutely necessary, I want you to remain hidden.”


Iron Blood Great Emperor snorted unhappily but still sat back down.


Mao Zhe stood up and proposed, “Let us take the lead; after all, we should retrieve the face we lost ourselves.”


Previously, the Three Mountain Lords had been forced to retreat by Heavenly Sword Union, not because their strength was necessarily inferior, but because they were heavily outnumbered.


Now that all of Void Land’s forces were ready to be deployed, Mao Zhe naturally wanted to avenge his previous humiliation.


Yang Kai agreed with a nod, “Then I’ll leave the first team to the Three Mountain Lords. Take 10 Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and 100 below the Fifth-Order!”


Mao Zhe and the other two stood up and cupped their fists, “Yes!” 


Turning around, they walked out.


After they left, Yang Kai continued, “Hui Gu, Hua Yong, Shu Mu Dan!”


Hui Gu and the couple stood up and responded, “Sir!”


“The three of you will lead another 100 people and prepare to assist at any time!”


The three of them nodded and went out to prepare.


“Yue He, Mo Mei!” Yang Kai called out again.


The two women stepped forward.


“Ready 200 people as reserves, just in case!”




After issuing these orders, Yang Kai raised his head and looked outside. All 8 known Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters of Void Land had been mobilized, so Heavenly Sword Union would have to arrange for Luan Bai Feng to fight. As long as Luan Bai Feng had the opportunity to leave the Heavenly Sword Palace, she could find a chance to send a message.


A moment later, streaks of light flew out from the shattered Spirit Province and headed straight for the Heavenly Sword Palace. Although there weren’t many in this group, all of them were Open Heaven Realm Masters. This was a battlefield for the Open Heaven Realm, and those below it weren’t qualified to participate.


At the same time, in the Main Hall of the Heavenly Sword Palace, Zuo Quan Hui was sitting on his throne with a group of Sixth-Order cultivators standing in front of him. There were old, young, men, and women, but all of them served Zuo Quan Hui.


A disciple dressed in Heavenly Sword Union’s uniform rushed in and cupped his fist, “Reporting to Union Master, a 100-man team from Void Land is heading straight for Heavenly Sword Palace, led by Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya!”


Hearing this, Zuo Quan Hui coldly snorted, “They sure are courageous, daring to take the initiative to attack.”


On his left, an old man stroked his beard and smiled, “A newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger, a young man’s temper is too hot, but this is just what the Union Master wants.”


This old man was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from Heavenly Sword Union, but because of his advanced age, he stopped caring about worldly affairs and dedicated most of his time to secluded cultivation. After Zuo Quan Hui had entered Heavenly Sword Union, Zuo Quan Hui didn’t care if he was willing or not and dragged the old man along to serve him.


Zuo Quan Hui swept his gaze over the crowd majestically, “Who will meet the enemy?”


The group of people below all looked at each other in dismay. Unlike Void Land’s forces, who all volunteered to be the first to attack, no one here answered. Zuo Quan Hui had not hesitated to drag Heavenly Sword Union into this war in order to avenge his fallen Disciples, so the higher-ups of the Heavenly Sword Union were naturally not very motivated.


Eventually, someone suggested, “Union Master, how about we let these weaklings come over and show them the power of the Heavenly Sword Palace.”


The Heavenly Sword Palace was a treasure that excelled at defence, offence, and mobility. If the people of Void Land dared to approach within 10,000 kilometres of it, those inside wouldn’t even need to take action personally. The Heavenly Sword Palace’s various Arrays were enough to deal with them. If the enemy was careless enough, they might even be killed.


However, how could Zuo Quan Hui do such a thing? If he wanted to destroy Void Land and kill Yang Kai, he would first have to cut off their wings. If he really used the power of the Heavenly Sword Palace, it would only cause Void Land to retreat helplessly, which was not in line with his goals.


Moreover, the people of Void Land weren’t fools, so why would they purposely put themselves in danger?


This was to be the first real confrontation between Heavenly Sword Union and Void Land, yet no one had taken the initiative to help him resolve his problems, causing Zuo Quan Hui to be quite annoyed.




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    1. Technically he did not conquer them – he offered them leadership, shade and vengeance and so they submitted willingly’ish. That’s not the sign of their weakness – barging into another’s territory and then turtling up in the mothership is. Either commit to attack or commit to defense, edging like that simply demonstrates one’s uncertainty about their strength. You build call it “strategic acumen”, but “cowardice” and “weakness” describes it just as well.

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