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Martial Peak – Chapter 4579, Pressure

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Inside the Heavenly Sword Palace’s Main Hall, Zuo Quan Hui had a cold and gloomy look on his face. The oppressive pressure of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was filling the air, making it difficult for everyone to breathe. The one who spoke realized that he had said something wrong and couldn’t help but feel a bit terrified.


“Union Master, this Mistress requests permission to lead our counterattack, I hope Union Master can grant my request!” Just as Zuo Quan Hui was about to lose all face, Luan Bai Feng stepped up and elegantly bowed.


Zuo Quan Hui glanced at her warmly and nodded, “Warden Luan is quite considerate, but with three Sixth-Order Masters attacking together, you alone will be outnumbered.” Although his cultivation was an Order higher than Luan Bai Feng’s, she had chosen to join him on her own, and now that she had taken the initiative to offer herself to save him some face, Zuo Quan Hui was naturally quite polite to her.


Turning his head to the other side, he shouted, “Huang Quan, Jin Gang, Cang Yan!”


Being called out, no matter how unwilling Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch’s trio was, they could only brace themselves and step forward. They cupped their fists and responded, “This subordinate is here!”


“I’ll leave those three to you!” Zuo Quan Hui looked at them indifferently.


How could Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch and the others dare to refute? Since they had submitted to someone else, they had to act like lackeys. The trio respectfully agreed, “Rest assured, Sir, we will make sure they never return!”


Turning around, they gathered their forces and left the Heavenly Sword Palace.


A moment later, a great battle broke out in the void.


This was not the first time the three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Prison Star had fought with the Three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain. When Heavenly Sword Union had emerged from Flying Smoke Territory, these six had been the first to fight. The Three Mountain Lords, who were standing guard in Void Territory, were outnumbered and had no choice but to retreat until Yang Kai arrived with reinforcements, only then did they show their faces again.


It could be said that both sides knew each other and were evenly matched.


For a while, all kinds of large and small fights broke out in the void as the cultivators released various Divine Abilities and artifact attacks. It was an extremely spectacular sight.


However, whether it was Heavenly Sword Union or Void Land, everyone knew that this was not the time for a decisive battle, so both sides acted with a certain degree of restraint. The scene might look exceptionally spectacular, but its participants were all acting cautiously. After fighting for half an hour, with the exception of a few who were injured, not a single fatality had occurred. It had to be said that this was not a small miracle, but a tacit understanding between both parties.


Yang Kai, sitting in the shattered Spirit Province, gazed at the distant battlefield.


Inside the Heavenly Sword Palace, Zuo Quan Hui’s face turned livid. If he couldn’t gain an advantage in this battle, how could he force Yang Kai to take action? If Yang Kai didn’t take action, how could he have the chance to kill him?


Just as Yang Kai had planned to give Luan Bai Feng a chance to participate in the battle so she could send him a message, Zuo Quan Hui’s planned something similar. As long as he could force Yang Kai to show his face, his plan would be halfway there. Even if the Divine Spirit Heavenly Moon Demon Spider was protecting Yang Kai, it was not impossible for Zuo Quan Hui to kill him!


The last time he had been injured by Yang Kai was because he had been careless. This time, he would not lower his guard.


As long as he could kill Yang Kai, his revenge would be complete! As for the other residents of Void Land, he didn’t care whether they lived or died.


Seeing the state of the battle, Zuo Quan Hui was unhappy and called out once more, “Huang Mao, Liang Ce, Qi Xuan, Dan Yang!”


The four people below all stood up and accepted their orders.


These four were all Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters from Heavenly Sword Union. Yang Kai had once asked Luan Bai Feng about the strength of Heavenly Sword Union, and she responded that there were four Sixth-Order Masters that she and the public were aware of. Two of them had been killed by Yang Kai, leaving only two behind. However, she had no idea about those who were hiding in the dark.


Huang Mao and Liang Ce were the two who were known to the public while Qi Xuan and Dan Yang were the hidden Masters of Heavenly Sword Union. Both of them were older-generation Masters, and basically spent all their time in secluded retreat. If Zuo Quan Hui hadn’t taken over Heavenly Sword Union, how could they have appeared here?


Then again, Heavenly Sword Union and Yang Kai did have a kind of irreconcilable enmity between them. They wanted to use Zuo Quan Hui’s power to avenge the death of two of their Union Masters, so they didn’t have any objections to his orders.


“The four of you will lead more people to support Huang Quan and the other two. You must gain the upper hand.”


“Yes!” The four quickly responded.


Zuo Quan Hui then turned to the remaining Sixth-Order Disciple from his lineage and ordered, “Zi Yan, you go too and act according to the situation!”


“Master, don’t worry, this Disciple understands what she must do!” Zi Yan clenched her teeth and turned around; the hatred in her eyes threatened to burn the world!


Zuo Quan Hui currently had many Sixth-Order subordinates, but he only had one true confidant, and that was Zi Yan; after all, she was his Direct Disciple, so her loyalty was unquestionable. Furthermore, only Zi Yan knew what Zuo Quan Hui was planning.


“Does Martial Uncle Zuo want to end this battle quickly?” A voice suddenly rang out in the hall. As soon as the battle began, Zuo Quan Hui had sent out almost all of his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm subordinates, so his intentions were obvious. A smart person would naturally be able to guess what he wanted.


Zuo Quan Hui replied in a low voice, “Martial Nephew is right, this Monarch does have such intentions.” Zuo Quan Hui didn’t show any trace of politeness towards others. He ordered them around as he liked, but towards this person, Zuo Quan Hui was extremely amiable. He had no choice in the matter, as this person’s background could not be underestimated, and just like Luan Bai Feng, he had taken the initiative to join him. So, naturally, Zuo Quan Hui had to treat him with respect.


The person took a short pause before continuing, “According to the information we’ve gathered, there are a total of eight Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land besides Yang Kai. On our side, there are three from the Prison Star, which are Huang Quan and his men, four from Heavenly Sword Union, making it a total of eight if we include your Disciple. This time, we’ve met a worthy opponent. It’s going to be a good show.”


The man smiled slightly as he spoke, his eyes filled with anticipation.


Zuo Quan Hui added in an earnest manner, “That’s why we may need Martial Nephew and Warden Luan to put pressure on them later. Only then will Yang Kai show himself.”


The man assured with a nod, “Of course, that’s not a problem.” Turning his head to look at Luan Bai Feng, his eyes brazenly lingered on her towering chest for a moment before he smiled and added, “Warden Luan, I hope we can cooperate well!”


Luan Bai Feng covered her mouth and giggled, “This Mistress is a woman with a weak physique. I’ve never seen such a big scene before, so I’m quite anxious. I’ll have to trouble Junior Brother to take care of me later.”


The man chuckled and stated, “Of course, of course!”


Luan Bai Feng also smiled, but a trace of anxiety flashed across her beautiful eyes. She hadn’t expected that she would be used by Zuo Quan Hui as a last resort. In this situation, she wouldn’t be able to inform Yang Kai in advance about the situation, and once Zuo Quan Hui’s plan succeeded, Yang Kai would really fall into great danger.


Now that she and Yang Kai were riding the same boat, if anything happened to him, she would not be able to survive either.


She turned her head to look outside, and when Luan Bai Feng saw that the battlefield was becoming more and more chaotic, the anxiety in her eyes became even more intense!


Heavenly Sword Union had sent out eight Sixth-Order Open Heaven Masters, so Void Land could only respond accordingly. Fortunately, Yang Kai had made arrangements long ago. After the three Mountain Lords of the Profound Yang Mountain, Hui Gu, Hua Yong, Yue He and Mo Mei also took action in an orderly manner.


The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm battlefield was evenly matched; after all, everyone had the same number of people, so neither side could gain any advantage. Although they fought fiercely, whether it was the enemy or their allies, none of them were in any danger of dying.


On the other hand, the battlefields below the Sixth Order soon had distinct differences in strength.


Although Heavenly Sword Union was also a peak Second Class Force with many Open Heaven Realm Masters, it was still slightly inferior to the current Void Land.


The countless years of accumulation of the Abundance City cultivators from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven had finally borne fruit in Void Land. Furthermore, Yang Kai had brought a large number of Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Shadowless Cave Heaven as well. Now, the total number of Open Heaven Realm Masters below the Sixth-Order in Void Land had reached about a shocking 1,500!


This was an extremely large number, and under the Cave Heavens and Paradises, there were very few forces who possessed so many Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Naturally, Heavenly Sword Union was inferior.


Void Land didn’t even need to mobilize all its forces, sending just half was enough to crush the enemy. In a situation where the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters couldn’t interfere, the cultivators below that Order became the key to victory. What’s more, Void Land had many Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Yang Kai’s eyes swept over the battlefield and clearly saw Heavenly Sword Union’s Open Heaven Realm Masters being suppressed to the point where they couldn’t even breathe. From time to time, a Small Universe would collapse and the World Force would erupt, the phenomenon following the death of an Open Heaven Realm Master.


As he was looking around, Yang Kai was suddenly shocked and his eyes fixed on a fiery red figure as his brow twitched violently.


The fiery red figure was none other than Zhu Qing, who had just undergone a bloodline transformation!


Although the power of her Dragon Vein had greatly increased, overall, she only possessed the strength of a Third or Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm. In such a battlefield, she was at great risk of being hurt or even dying.


[Who brought her out?] The veins on Yang Kai’s forehead bulged.


However, on second thought, he realized that no one would do such a thing and the most likely scenario was that she had run off on her own.


Lu Xue, who had been standing next to Yang Kai, also saw this scene and leaned over to ask in a low voice, “Sir, do we need to bring the Madam back? On the battlefield, swords have no eyes.”


Lu Xue had consumed a Mid-Rank World Fruit in the past, allowing her to advance from the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm directly. Moreover, she was one of the earliest Open Heaven Realm Masters to follow Yang Kai, so she could be considered a trusted aide. Now, she was staying by Yang Kai’s side as a messenger.


Yang Kai hesitated for a moment before slowly shaking his head, “No need!”


Since Zhu Qing was willing to fight, Yang Kai let her do as she pleased. Of course, what really reassured Yang Kai was that he could clearly see Old Bai, Chef, and Accountant sticking close to Zhu Qing’s position, neither interfering with her battle with her enemies nor allowing powerful opponents to approach.


With the three of them taking care of her, Zhu Qing’s life shouldn’t be in danger, and such a battle would be good for her growth.


Moving his eyes away, Yang Kai continued to observe the battlefield with a frown.


He didn’t see Luan Bai Feng on the battlefield, which meant that there were still more Sixth-Order Masters on the Heavenly Sword Union’s side!


It was just that he didn’t know how much strength Zuo Quan Hui was concealing. No matter what, he had to take extra precautions.


Turning his head, Yang Kai stated, “Everyone, prepare yourselves, we may need your help later!”


Originally, he had wanted to hide Iron Blood and the others so that he could give Zuo Quan Hui a big surprise, but now it seemed that he wouldn’t be able to hide them for long. Once Luan Bai Feng was sent out, he would need someone to deal with her.



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