Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4588, Returning to Star Boundary


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Yang Kai took out his Universe Chart, checked it, and quickly found a route.


Although this route to the Star Boundary was two Great Territories farther than the one that passed through Flying Smoke Territory, Yang Kai’s Space Secret Techniques allowed him to travel much faster than the Heavenly Sword Palace. If everything went smoothly, they would be able to return to the Star Boundary’s Great Territory before Zuo Quan Hui arrived.


At that time, he would lead the Open Heaven Realm Masters to block the Territory Gate and wait for Zuo Quan Hui to fall into their trap.


Yang Kai kept travelling without stopping, passing through one Territory Gate after another.


After crossing three Great Territories, Yang Kai’s face had already become pale and his body was on the verge of collapsing; he was almost like a lamp that had run out of oil. Continuously using Space Principles while bringing nearly twenty Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters with him was extremely taxing on him.


Left with no choice, all he could do was let everyone lead him forward while he slowly and silently recovered. Fortunately, the speed of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters wasn’t slow and wouldn’t cause them to fall too far behind.


When Yang had recovered, he used Space Principles once more to lead everyone along.


This cycle thus continued.


It was rare to see so many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters travelling together. So, when they occasionally ran into passing cultivators, others all became terrified and immediately made way for them.


Yang Kai couldn’t remember how long it had taken him to return to the Star Boundary from Void Land last time, but it took him only three months this time.


In the distance, a Territory Gate that stretched across the void appeared before everyone’s eyes. It was the Territory Gate that led to the Great Territory where the Star Boundary was located.


The closer he got, the more nervous Yang Kai became.


Although he hadn’t wasted any time along the way, he couldn’t guarantee that he would be faster than the Heavenly Sword Palace; after all, his group had taken a long detour, so it was possible that the Heavenly Sword Palace had arrived before them.


He was afraid that what he would see after passing through the Territory Gate would be a scene of misery and suffering.


In a flash, the Territory Gate was right in front of him. Yang Kai took a long and deep breath before shouting, “Everyone, be on guard!”


Everyone nodded in unison as they circulated their World Force, ready to attack or defend themselves at any moment.


Yang Kai enveloped the cultivators around him with his energy and plunged into the Territory Gate. After a moment of disorientation, Yang Kai’s group passed through and arrived at their Great Territory destination.


The twenty cultivators promptly spread out, vigilant of their surroundings.


But soon, everyone let out a long sigh of relief.


The ambush and attack they were expecting did not arrive, so it was highly likely that the Heavenly Sword Palace had not arrived yet.


“Is this the Great Territory where Sir’s homeland is located?” Hui Gu asked, whispering to Bustling World Great Emperor.


Bustling World Great Emperor looked in a certain direction but he saw nothing. Nonetheless, he could faintly sense something was calling out to him. Naturally, this was the connection between a Great Emperor and their Universe World, a result of being recognized by the Star Boundary’s Will.


Being in the same Great Territory, Duan Hong Chen immediately sensed the location of the Star Boundary.


“Yes, this is our home,” Bustling World Great Emperor smiled.


“It’s a bit desolate,” Hui Gu honestly voiced his opinion. Along the way here, the closer he got to this Great Territory, the more desolate it became. This Great Territory was lacking all the usual signs of prosperity. As he spoke, Hui Gu took out his Universe Chart and examined it. He found that even the Universe Chart didn’t have a clear description of this Great Territory, only a generic identification.


There were actually a large number of Great Territories in the Universe Chart that were simply marked with designations like A1 or B6, and each of them was a forgotten backwater that Open Heaven Realm Masters never visited because there was nothing of value to be found.


Every Great Territory was vast and boundless, so if one had the time to explore a barren nameless territory in hopes of getting lucky, he or she might as well refine Open Heaven Pills instead to strengthen their foundation.


Bustling World smiled, “If it weren’t for this, we would have long since broken free from our Universe’s shackles. Why would we have been suppressed for so many years?”


Fortunately, this Great Territory was a forgotten corner of the Outer Universe, allowing many Great Emperors to slowly consolidate their foundations over the years, which gave them the capital to directly break through to the Sixth Order.


There were Great Emperors in other Universe Worlds who had been recognized by their World’s Will. In fact, each mature Universe World had their own Great Emperors, but how many of them could directly break through to the Sixth Order? Most Great Emperors quickly broke free from their Universe World’s shackles and didn’t spend a great deal of time consolidating their cultivation, so their Dao Seal’s stability was naturally inferior to that of the Star Boundary’s people and their achievements were slightly worse.


However, even if they knew this, how many Great Emperors would be willing to spend tens of thousands of years to slowly reinforce their Dao Seal? Even if they were Great Emperors, they would not be able to resist the temptation to achieve the Open Heaven Realm as soon as possible, reaching a far greater height of power and status.


The current achievements of the Star Boundary’s Great Emperors were due to chance and coincidences, and had been achieved without much difficulty!


While the two of them were speaking, Yang Kai looked in the direction of the Star Boundary as his eyes glimmered brightly.


He still remembered the last time he had returned to this Great Territory to search for the Star Boundary.


Although he had come to this Great Territory back then, he had to spend a lot of time and effort searching for the location of the Star Boundary because he had been unable to determine if it was even in this Great Territory or not. In fact, he had already searched several Great Territories before arriving here.


But now, he could actually feel the connection between the Star Boundary and himself the moment he crossed the Territory Gate!


He was also a Great Emperor recognized by the Star Boundary’s Will and had the title ‘Void’. So, it wasn’t strange for him to have such a connection.


[But why? If I had this kind of connection the last time, why would I waste so much time searching for the Star Boundary? I could feel it the moment I entered this Great Territory.]


After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai faintly felt that this matter was related to the changes in the Star Boundary.


The last time he had returned, the Star Boundary was unstable and on the verge of collapsing. Its Will was about to disappear and the connection between them was extremely faint. So naturally, he was unable to sense it from afar.


However, after he had planted the World Tree’s root in the Star Boundary, the Star Boundary had undergone a tremendous change. Even the living beings in the Star Boundary had benefited greatly from this change. The average rate of cultivation had increased, and the World’s Will had been restored, which immediately strengthened this connection.


Yang Kai even had a feeling that though he was trillions of kilometres away from the Star Boundary, as long as he was in this Great Territory, he could instantly return to it!


When he turned his head to look at the other Great Emperors, Zhan Wu Hen also looked over and asked in surprise, “You felt it?”


Yang Kai nodded repeatedly.


Ice Feather Great Emperor sighed, “It seems that the Star Boundary has indeed undergone a tremendous change.”


“I don’t care about the changes in the Star Boundary, what I need to confirm now is whether Zuo Quan Hui has arrived here or not!” Yang Kai’s expression became serious.


Serene Soul slowly voiced his opinion, “Probably not, no matter how fast they are, they couldn’t have been faster than us.”


He had deeply experienced the advantages of the Dao of Space on their journey here.


“It’s always better to be safe than sorry.” Yang Kai pondered for a moment before continuing, “How about this, everyone will stand guard here for now while I’ll return to the Star Boundary to take a look. It would be best if Zuo Quan Hui hasn’t arrived as we can take this opportunity to ambush him at the Territory Gate, but if he has, I’ll send you a message.”


Iron Blood Great Emperor, Zhan Wu Hen nodded and agreed, “Good, it’s always best to take precautions.”


Yang Kai immediately took out a Space Beacon and handed it over to Yue He for safekeeping before spending some time to release the 1,000 plus Open Heaven Realm Masters he had stored in his Small Universe.


Carrying so many people in his Small Universe along the way, Yang Kai felt like he was carrying a huge mountain on his back, so he was quite refreshed after he had gotten rid of this burden.


“Zuo Quan Hui is a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, everyone must not be careless!” Yang Kai warned again. Although there were twice as many Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters on their side compared to their enemy, and the number of people below the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm far exceeded their opponent’s, a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm was enough to fill that gap.


“Don’t worry!” Zhan Wu Hen nodded, “You also need to be careful.”


“I know,” Yang Kai nodded before mobilising his Space Principles, following the connection between his body and the Star Boundary.


The next moment, his figure disappeared all of a sudden.


Everyone was used to this already. After Yang Kai left, the 1,300 Open Heaven Realm Masters spread out in all directions under the leadership of the many Sixth-Order Masters.


Meanwhile, a look of surprise appeared on Yang Kai’s face. This time, when he used his Space Principles, he had a completely different feeling from before.


Generally, when he mobilised his Space Principles, he was able to ignore the barriers of space and instantly teleport from one place to another within a certain range. Although it seemed mysterious to outsiders, everything was under his control.


But this time, he felt that things were somewhat out of his control.


When he followed the connection between himself and the Star Boundary and mobilised his Space Principles, he clearly felt a powerful pull from the Star Boundary, causing his body to involuntarily break through the Void.


This was a completely bizarre sensation for him. Furthermore, he was unable to recover for a long time. He felt as if he was crossing through the Void and falling into an endless abyss, even his Soul and Small Universe began to shake.


After an unknown period of time, the strange sight before him disappeared into thin air and a half-moon-shaped Universe World appeared in his vision.


A familiar aura blew towards him!


[The Star Boundary!]


As expected, Yang Kai was able to return to the Star Boundary directly. Although he had already guessed it would be possible, he still couldn’t help but feel excited.


This time, the distance he teleported was far too great, far exceeding his own limits. This was definitely not his doing alone. The Star Boundary also had a great part in it; otherwise, he would not have been able to accomplish this.


After calming himself, Yang Kai noticed that nearby the half-moon-shaped Universe World, there was another Universe World with a thick Demonic Qi.


[The Demon Realm!]


Yang Kai could clearly feel the familiar aura of the Star Boundary’s Will, as well as the aura of Gun-Gun and his Embodiment from the Demon Realm.


The Demon Realm had originally shattered, but Yang Kai had used his Embodiment to activate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, guiding the Sealed World Bead to swallow and merge the broken pieces before separating the new whole.


Gun-Gun was the Demon Realm, and the Demon Realm was Gun-Gun, but because the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was mobilized by the Embodiment, he became inseparable from the Demon Realm.


Silavin: Changed Heavenly Way to Will since that was what we used in the past.




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