Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4589, Returning Nurturing To One’s Roots


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The last time he returned to the Star Boundary, Yang Kai had taken 600,000 people with him and left Embodiment in the Demon Realm. Embodiment possessed the body of a Stone Spirit Clansman and had the ability to refine all kinds of impurities, making him the perfect candidate to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.


It could be said that Wu Kuang’s Heaven Devouring Battle Law was made just for the Stone Spirit Clan, so Yang Kai had long since imparted this heaven-defying Evil Art to him.


Yang Kai had no idea how Wu Kuang had managed to resolve the various drawbacks brought about by cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. He had tried cultivating it in the Divine Armament World, and although his cultivation had improved at a rapid pace, the higher his cultivation, the harder it became for him to control his temperament. Fortunately, his powerful Dragon Vein was able to somewhat suppress the side effects, otherwise, Yang Kai would have long since suffered from cultivation dissonance.


After leaving the Divine Armament World, Yang Kai no longer dared to touch the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, lest his mind and temperament become warped.


The two Universe Worlds, the Star Boundary and Demon Realm, were neighbours and quite harmonious.


Looking around, the Demon Realm didn’t seem to have changed much, but Yang Kai could feel a vigorous vitality from the Star Boundary. He even saw a huge tree canopy that covered a vast swath of sky on the top of a tall mountain.


Naturally, this was the location where he had planted the World Tree Root. Over the years, the World Tree’s root had grown to an astonishing height.


Yang Kai was completely speechless. The World Tree he had seen in the Great Ancient Ruins Boundary’s Primordial Land wasn’t nearly this big, so he didn’t know how it grew this large.


Just as he was lost in thought, a familiar aura rapidly approached him. Yang Kai turned to look and saw a black light shooting through the void and appearing in front of him the next instant. When the light dissipated, the figure revealed was that of Embodiment.


When their eyes met. Yang Kai grinned and greeted, “Long time no see!”


“You’re back?” Embodiment also smiled and greeted in an echoing voice.


“I’m back!” Yang Kai took a deep breath. The feeling of chatting with his Soul Clone was quite strange.


Embodiment checked him out from top to bottom before raising his brow slightly, “The things you’ve experienced over the years are truly fascinating.”


Embodiment was formed from a wisp of Yang Kai’s Soul that had entered the body of the dead Stone Spirit, so he could be considered his Soul Clone. As long as the distance between them wasn’t too far, they could naturally communicate with each other. Thus, as long as Yang Kai opened his mind, Embodiment could see everything he had experienced over the years.


“There are many dangers in the Outer Universe. Without any foundation, I could only put my life on the line and compete,” Yang Kai replied with a smile.


“Is someone pursuing you?” Embodiment looked deep into the void.


Yang Kai nodded, “I don’t know if they have already entered this Great Territory, but you must be careful.” His expression became solemn as he asked, “When did the Star Boundary begin to change?”


Embodiment replied, “See for yourself.”


Yang Kai nodded and probed his Soul Clone’s memories without a trace of politeness, quickly understanding everything. As the main body, Yang Kai was naturally able to spy on the experiences Embodiment had gone through.


Although Embodiment had always been stationed in the Demon Realm, the Demon Realm and the Star Boundary were neighbours now, so the changes in the Star Boundary naturally came under his attention.


The changes in the Star Boundary could be described as silent and invisible. After Yang Kai planted the World Tree’s root, confirmed that the World Principles had stabilised and that the Star Boundary was no longer in danger of being destroyed, he left with several hundreds of thousands of people.


The survival and growth of the World Tree had consumed a great deal of the Star Boundary’s World Energy, so in the years after Yang Kai’s departure, the ambient World Energy in the Star Boundary was extremely thin and the rate at which cultivators cultivated was extremely slow. In fact, in those years, no cultivator had been able to break through and advance to a higher realm.


However, after several years, the World Tree began nurturing the Star Boundary which had fed it, causing the World Energy to gradually become denser. The damaged Universe World became firmer and more stable. As a result, not only did the cultivation become faster, even making breakthroughs became easier.


As time passed, this situation became more obvious, and when people discovered this change, the entire Star Boundary celebrated.


The World Tree had already become the Divine Tree of the Star Boundary. Countless people travelled across the mountains and rivers just to pay their respects to the World Tree, even giving it offerings as thanks.


Recently in particular, many cultivators who had poor aptitude had broken through to the Emperor Realm, and those who had formerly been in the First-Order Emperor Realm had all broken through to the Third-Order, many even comprehending their own Grand Dao and condensing their Dao Seals.


The situation of the newly born babies was especially noteworthy. In the past, when the various great Sects took in disciples, it was normal for one in every hundred, or even thousand to be considered. After all, there weren’t many children suitable for cultivation. Even if those with poor aptitudes were taken in, it would not yield any results after spending a great deal of resources on them.


But now, half of the newly born babies were suitable for cultivation, one in a hundred was a talent, and one in a thousand was a prodigy!


When Hei He had previously said that the various great Sects had taken in many good seedlings, this was what he was referring to.


All of this was thanks to the nurturing of the World Tree!


Hearing this, Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly as he directed his eyes towards the World Tree.


The World Tree’s nurturing couldn’t possibly be water without roots. It had consumed a large amount of World Energy when it was growing, so where did the energy it produced come from?


He hadn’t looked carefully just now, but now that he was scrutinizing the World Tree pointedly, he did see some traces, though they weren’t very clear.


With a thought, his left eye flashed and a golden vertical pupil appeared.


Demon Eye of Annihilation!


Under this Demon Eye of Annihilation, Yang Kai’s vision suddenly became clear. He saw countless inexplicable energies being absorbed by the World Tree, becoming nutrients for its growth. Furthermore, there were specks of light above the huge World Tree’s canopy, transforming into pure World Energy and spreading into the Star Boundary below.


[So that’s how it is!]


Yang Kai suddenly understood.


The energy fed back by the World Tree was actually coming from the Outer Universe itself. The void of the Outer Universe wasn’t completely empty and desolate; however, even a powerful Open Heaven Realm Master would find it difficult to refine and use this ambient energy. This wasn’t a problem for the World Tree though.


Another example of this was the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array in Void Land which was constantly absorbing the power of the Stars and transforming it into the energy for its regular operation and later use.


However, the efficiency of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, when it came to absorbing the energy of the Universe, was pitiful compared to the World Tree.


Yang Kai could clearly see that under the World Tree’s influence, the Power of the Stars was actively being drawn towards its canopy from all directions, regardless of distance.


In other words, the energy of this entire Great Territory was being influenced by the World Tree.


Embodiment, who was nearby, also gasped in shock. Yang Kai had not blocked his senses, so Embodiment could see what his Demon Eye of Annihilation was seeing. He couldn’t help but mutter, “So that’s how it is. If this continues, I wonder what would become of the Star Boundary?”


Yang Kai dismissed the Demon Eye of Annihilation and shook his head, “I don’t know, but it shouldn’t be anything bad.”


Not only would it not be bad, in the future, every corner of the Star Boundary would be a true cultivation paradise. Cultivating here would be countless times faster than in any other Universe World or Spirit Province.


Calming himself down, Yang Kai added, “We’ll discuss the matter of the World Tree later. Right now, we don’t have much time, so I’ll go back to High Heaven Palace first to see my parents. I’m afraid there will be a great battle soon. Although the Territory Gate is quite far from here, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Go find Hua Qing Si and explain the situation to her so that she can make preparations.”


“En!” Embodiment nodded.


Yang Kai utilised Space Principles again as his figure flickered as he disappeared from the spot.


The next moment, the pair had already arrived at the depths of High Heaven Palace.


Without any further communication, Embodiment immediately flew out and sent a message to Hua Qing Si to discuss important matters.


Yang Kai went straight to the Spirit Peak where his parents lived.


There was a forest of bamboo at the peak of a Spirit Peak, and a dense spiritual mist filled the air. Some intermittent sounds were coming from the forest.


When Yang Kai arrived here, he happened to see a group of young children sitting cross-legged in a clearing in the middle of the sea of bamboo, all of them wearing High Heaven Palace uniforms. These little children had their eyes open wide as they stared at a middle-aged man in front of them, listening attentively. From time to time, one of the little kids seemed to hear something incredible and shook his or her head, as if they had received some kind of inspiration.


Yang Ying Feng was currently preaching the Dao.


Seeing this scene, Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter. Since when did his Father become so interested in such things? In the past, Yang Kai had never seen him preach the Dao to High Heaven Palace’s disciples. But then again, his Father used to only be a First-Order Emperor Realm Master while many in High Heaven Palace had higher attainments in cultivation than him, so there was no need for him to spend his time on such endeavours.


Now that he had formed his Dao Seal and his cultivation had reached the limit of the Universe World’s capacity, Yang Yin Feng was more than qualified to pass on his Dao to these young disciples.


Yang Kai didn’t disturb him and chose to watch quietly. The anxiety he had felt from facing a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master for so long was now completely swept away and his mind became calm.


With a sudden bang, the loft behind Yang Ying Feng had its door shoved open as a figure rushed out, looking around with wide open eyes, “Is our Son back?”


After being interrupted, Yang Ying Feng frowned unhappily, but understanding the power dynamics in his relationship with his wife, he wisely decided to swallow his anger and grumpily rebuked, “That smelly brat is roaming around the Outer Universe doing who knows what with who knows who! How could he be back?”


Dong Su Zhu frowned and looked around, “Strange, I clearly felt…”


Before she could finish speaking, she suddenly stared in a certain direction.


Yang Kai was utterly speechless. He was currently a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and he had come here while concealing his presence. Not to mention Dong Su Zhu, a mere Emperor Realm cultivator, even a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master might not be able to discover him here.


However, Dong Su Zhu had sensed him!


Was this the bond between a Mother and Son? The kind of connection that had nothing to do with one’s cultivation, nor with their strength, but one that was innately formed after spending 10 months in the most intimate contact possible between one life and another?


With a thought, Yang Kai appeared and stared at Dong Su Zhu, smiling even more brilliantly than a flower in morning glory.


Dong Su Zhu was stunned and her beautiful eyes quickly became wet. She let out a cry of joy and rushed towards Yang Kai as swiftly as a gale wind, hugging him tightly.


She was a petite woman, shorter than Yang Kai by a full head, but at this moment, Yang Kai felt an unprecedented sense of care and safety, as if he had returned to the time when he was still in his Mother’s womb. Whether it was the wind or the rain, she would always be there to shelter and protect him from the storm.


Yang Ying Feng also slowly stood up and looked over, rubbing his eyes as if he was afraid he was seeing things.




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