Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4593, Star Boundary’s Change


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A gaping wound so deep that even his bones could be seen appeared on Yang Kai’s shoulder as a rain of Golden Dragon Blood spluttered across the void. Zuo Quan Hui’s attack was clearly extraordinary despite its simplicity. It would have been disastrous for Yang Kai had he not tilted his head at the last moment.


Nonetheless, he did not retreat!


He thrust the Azure Dragon Spear forward as if he was unable to feel any pain.


*Hong hong hong…*


One after another, the Heavenly Sword Palace’s defences were broken through, even its walls were pierced through. Over a dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters who couldn’t dodge in time were swept up by the spear’s power and exploded into a blood mist before they could even make a sound. When their Small Universes collapsed, World Force dissipated and flowed out into the void.


Before Yang Kai could even pull out his spear, he saw the Heavenly Sword Palace suddenly light up, shooting a beam straight at his face.


This beam of light came out of nowhere, but its power was extremely terrifying, comparable to an attack from a High-Rank Open Heaven Master.


Yang Kai couldn’t even figure out whether this beam of light had been shot by Zuo Quan Hui or if it had been launched using the Heavenly Sword Palace’s Arrays.


Yang Kai instinctively raised his spear to block and the next moment, he let out a suppressed grunt as he was sent flying out.


At the same time, countless beams of light shot out from the interior of the Heavenly Sword Palace. Although they were not as terrifying as the one that attacked Yang Kai, each one was still comparable to an attack from a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


There were more than 1,000 such beams of light!


Such an attack was obviously not something mere Heavenly Sword Union disciples could release, so it was definitely the power of the palace’s Grand Array.


At the sight of this, Void Land’s disciples, who had been attacking from the periphery of the Heavenly Sword Palace, didn’t dare hesitate and quickly used their defensive Divine Abilities and artifacts to protect themselves.


However, there would always be some flaws.


Blood splashed as dozens of Void Land disciples were pierced through. Most of them instantly lost their lives while a few with tenacious will managed to hang on. Their fellow disciples quickly responded and hurriedly retreated from the battlefield with them to find a place for them to recover.


Even Zhu Qing, who had revealed her Dragon Form, had suffered a blow. Fortunately, Flower Shadow Great Emperor had protected her at the last moment, so she was only slightly injured.


For a moment, Void Land’s Open Heaven Realm Masters no longer dared to approach the Heavenly Sword Palace and retreated one after another.


This was the terrifying aspect of a large-scale palace artifact. This kind of artifact was like a moving fortress, with both offensive and defensive capabilities, making it extremely difficult to deal with.


This was the first time the people from Void Land had come into contact with such a weapon, so they were not experienced enough to deal with it, resulting in some unnecessary damage.


The next moment, a Dragon Roar reverberated across the void as Yang Kai, who had been sent flying, returned in a flash. When he saw the casualties among his forces, he immediately shouted, “Everyone below the Fifth Order, retreat and coordinate from afar; the rest of you, follow me!”


As soon as he finished speaking, he took the lead and raised his massive Azure Dragon Spear before smashing it down.


Immediately, a transparent barrier appeared above the Heavenly Sword Palace, but it was unable to block the fearsome might of the blow. The barrier shattered as the fearsome force slammed into the Heavenly Sword Palace like a meteor, causing it to sink slightly.


Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he appeared directly below the Heavenly Sword Palace and swept out with his spear again.


A blinding flash of light surged as the Heavenly Sword Palace was knocked back again.


After a few rounds, several Small Universes collapsed and the aura of World Force dissipating came from inside the Heavenly Sword Palace. Obviously, some people had been killed.


Meanwhile, Void Land’s Open Heaven Realm Masters never stopped attacking.


However, those below the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm could only support them from a distance, and their usefulness was limited. The only ones who could pose a real threat to the Heavenly Sword Palace were the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters other than Yang Kai, and the dozens of Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Even after the original advantage in numbers had been levelled, Heavenly Sword Union’s cultivators were able to resist the oncoming attacks and defended themselves. With the exception of a few unlucky fools who had died due to carelessness, the number of casualties for the time being remained mostly unchanged.


Previously, Void Land was able to pose a certain degree of threat to the Heavenly Sword Palace’s occupants by relying on their numerical advantage, but now that most had to attack from a distance, very few of them were able to achieve anything. Basically, all of them were intercepted halfway.


Furthermore, Zuo Quan Hui attacked from time to time as well, forcing Yang Kai to be cautious in making moves lest innocents get hurt. Although Yang Kai could pose some level of threat to the Heavenly Sword Palace, it was still difficult for him to stop it from advancing towards the Star Boundary.


If this situation continued, if they were unable to destroy the Heavenly Sword Palace, the Star Boundary would certainly face a great catastrophe.


Yang Kai flew into a rage and shouted, “Old dog, if you have the guts, come out and fight! What kind of coward hides away inside his palace when the enemy is before him?”


Zuo Quan Hui’s response was an even fiercer attack, forcing Yang Kai to dodge.


As they clashed and cursed, both sides fought in the void for half a month, but neither side was able to do anything to the other. On the contrary, they were getting closer to the Star Boundary.


Yang Kai’s heart was gripped with anxiety, but there was nothing he could do. He was now a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but he still felt powerless.


All of the Great Emperors were feeling the same! They communicated with each other via their Divine Senses, discussing how to deal with the enemy, but in this situation, none of their plans could be used.


The Star Boundary was in danger!


After a few more days, Yang Kai could already see the Star Boundary and Demon Realm, the two Universe Worlds in the distance. In the periphery of the Heavenly Sword Palace, Yang Kai was no longer able to maintain his Dragon Form and had reverted back to his Human Form.


Maintaining his Dragon Transformation for a long time was quite taxing on him.


After more than half a month of fierce fighting, Yang Kai’s entire body was covered in blood and his murderous intent was seemingly tangible as it lingered around his body, turning his surroundings as cold as ice.


“Is that the Star Boundary?”


Inside the Heavenly Sword Palace’s main hall, Zuo Quan Hui raised his brow slightly as he gazed ahead. When the Star Boundary entered his eyes, he couldn’t spot anything special about it and couldn’t understand why a World Tree would appear here.


Although Yin Xin Zhao had managed to obtain some information from Lan Xun, Soul-Searching Techniques had drawbacks. Even if his strength greatly surpassed hers, Lin Xin Zhao had no way of knowing what kind of information he could obtain from Lan Xun as the process was quite violent and destructive. In other words, what he could obtain from Lan Xun with a Soul-Searching Technique was entirely up to luck.


Just like how he did not know if the World Tree had blossomed and borne fruit or not, he also did not know that this World Tree was planted by Yang Kai, causing Zuo Quan Hui to think that it was naturally bred.


The World Tree was undoubtedly extremely eye-catching, so when Zuo Quan Hui laid eyes on the giant tree standing in the middle of the Star Boundary, his eyes gleamed with joy, “It really is a World Tree!”


He had never seen a real World Tree before and had only read about it in a few ancient books, but when he laid eyes on it, he saw that the entire Star Boundary was filled with thick vitality. Looking at the Star Boundary from the distance, it actually looked completely green.


If this Divine Tree was not a World Tree, then what could it be?


After taking a closer look, Zuo Quan Hui furrowed his brow a little. He actually didn’t see any World Fruits. [Perhaps it’s because I’m too far away that I can’t spot them, or maybe they have been harvested by someone. In any case, as long as I can get my hands on this Star Boundary, the World Tree and its World Fruits will all be mine.]


At the same time, Pei Wen Xuan, who was fending off an enemy at some place in the Heavenly Sword Palace, stared at a different spot.


Unlike Zuo Quan Hui who was looking at the Star Boundary, he was looking at the Demon Realm!


For some reason, he felt an extremely familiar aura from the Demon Realm, as if there was something there that was connected to him.


On top of that, the Demonic Qi of this Universe World was obviously extremely compatible with his Small Universe. In other words, he could directly devour the Demon Realm’s World Force to strengthen his foundation.


If he could do so, it would definitely advance his cultivation, saving him a great amount of time!


He had come to help Zuo Quan Hui this time mainly because he had some personal grievances with Yang Kai and wanted to use Zuo Quan Hui’s strength to deal with Yang Kai to vent his anger.


But much to his surprise, he actually encountered this kind of opportunity.


The energy of an entire Universe World was enough to save him several hundred, or even 1,000 years of hard cultivation. He believed that after Zuo Quan Hui had destroyed Void Land and captured the Star Boundary, he would not be stingy about giving this Demon Realm to him.


[I managed to get a hold of a treasure this time!] While Pei Wen Xuan was secretly excited, a streak of light suddenly shot over from the side. It was the Diving Ability cast by a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master from Void Land called Hua Yong. He waved his hand as his Demon Qi surged, cancelling the oncoming attack.


“How did the Star Boundary become like this? And what’s going on with the World Tree!”


While he was trying his best to block the Heavenly Sword Palace’s advance, when Yang Kai glanced towards the Star Boundary, his heart was filled with shock.


He had returned to the Star Boundary a month ago, but it had undergone a massive change since then!


While things were different the previous time he returned, it was certainly not to this extent!


The Star Boundary was currently covered in extremely rich vitality, causing the entire Universe World to appear warm and inviting. Everyone gasped in amazement at the sight of this.


Even from hundreds of millions of kilometres away, Yang Kai could still feel the vitality of the Star Boundary.


And the World Tree!


Although it was already tens of thousands of metres tall back then, it was obviously taller than before, almost twice the size it was compared to just a month ago. It was now nearly 100,000 meters tall, truly making it an existence that held up the Heavens themselves.


[The changes in the Star Boundary are definitely related to the World Tree’s growth and nourishment. But why has the World Tree’s feedback become so much stronger in this one month, even allowing it to grow to such a height?]


Yang Kai couldn’t understand!


At that moment, fluctuations of a Small Universe collapsing came from the Heavenly Sword Palace, indicating the death of another Open Heaven Realm Master.


Although the Heavenly Sword Palace’s defences were strong, the joint attack of 20 Sixth-Order and dozens of Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters was no joke. Along the way, at least 100 Open Heaven Realm Masters of Heavenly Sword Union had lost their lives. On the other hand, because the Void Land Open Heaven Realm Masters below the Fifth Order were all helping from a distance, their side hadn’t suffered many losses, with the exception of the couple dozen people who had died in the initial clash.


However, the Sixth-Order and Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were all injured and exhausted at this point.


The next moment, Yang Kai suddenly looked towards the Heavenly Sword Palace in shock before his gaze shifted back to the Star Boundary.


When the unknown Open Heaven Realm Master from Heavenly Sword Union died, his Small Universe collapsed and his World Force dispersed. Almost immediately after, Yang Kai could clearly feel this free World Force being drawn straight towards the Star Boundary, pouring into the World Tree where it was cleanly absorbed.


In a flash, realization dawned upon Yang Kai.


When Heavenly Sword Union’s Open Heaven Realm Masters died previously, Yang Kai had vaguely sensed the dispersion of their World Force, but he hadn’t paid much attention to it at the time. Now, when he observed more closely, he realized that this free World Force was clearly flowing towards the Star Boundary.


He was able to feel it so easily this time because they were now much closer to the Star Boundary.




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