Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4596, Huang Quan


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


A giant black hole had appeared where the Heavenly Sword Palace had exploded. It was surrounded by thousands of cracks that extended to the depths of the void.


Space had shattered, making it look like the end of the world!


Zuo Quan Hui stood somewhere in the void, surrounded by a group of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. His face was twitching, as if he had yet to recover from the series of events just now.


The Heavenly Sword Palace occupied an absolute advantage. Just a few million more kilometers and it would have reached the Star Boundary. At that time, Void Land would have been at his mercy. 


But much to his dismay, Yang Kai had borrowed the power of Heaven and Earth to instantly break through from the Sixth Order to the Seventh Order, destroying the Heavenly Sword Palace, shattering his greatest reliance, and dragging him down into the dirt.


Yang Kai raised his spear and sneered, “Old dog, you’re finally willing to come out?”


Zuo Quan Hui narrowed his eyes as he looked at Yang Kai. When their gazes met, it seemed as if sparks were flickering.


“Kill!” Yang Kai shouted as his enormous Dragon Form wrapped in a supreme Dragon Pressure appeared before the Heavenly Sword Union Masters in a single move. The next moment, Yang Kai swept his massive Azure Dragon Spear that seemed to hold up the sky as a rich World Force burst out, wantonly releasing the power of the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm!


Even Zuo Quan Hui did not dare to casually take such an attack.


Although Yang Kai had acquired the strength of the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, he did not obtain it by cultivating himself, but because he had borrowed the World Force from the Star Boundary, an external aid.


Even so, when Yang Kai attacked with the Azure Dragon Spear using his several thousand metres tall Half Dragon Form, Zuo Quan Hui had no choice but to cherish his own life. Facing this attack, he used a Divine Ability to block as a feint before pulling back.


Seeing this, the ten Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters around him quickly dispersed.


Heavenly Sword Union’s formation collapsed in the wake of this attack.


Behind Yang Kai, a tide of Open Heaven Realm Masters swarmed towards him. Having been under extreme pressure for so long, it was now their turn to vent, which they did without holding back in the slightest. Everyone used their respective Divine Abilities and artifacts to their heart’s content to attack the enemy.


The few hundred Open Heaven Realm Masters on Heavenly Sword Union’s side were nearly frightened to death!


Heavenly Sword Union’s cultivators had suffered heavy casualties thanks to the Heavenly Sword Palace’s explosion. Now, there were less than 400 of them left. On the other hand, Void Land still had over 1,000 Open Heaven Realm Masters on their side.


With almost three times the difference in number, there was no need for any kind of battle formation, just charging forward was enough to crush the enemy.


Not to mention, Void Land had a huge advantage when it came to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Including Yang Kai, Void Land had a total of 22 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. With the eight Great Emperors having returned to the Star Boundary, 14 still remained! Even if Yang Kai wasn’t included, there were still 13 on their side.


On the other hand, Heavenly Sword Union only had 10. So, Void Land had a three-person advantage!


Back then, during a meeting with Zuo Quan Hui in the Heavenly Sword Palace, Pei Wen Xuan had proposed to send a message to Yin Xin Zhao, inviting him to come and help. He had said that as long as they had one more Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master on their side, they could completely turn around the situation. With one more, they would be able to gain an advantage of two against one in a battle, which would become the key to victory.


If just one more Sixth-Order Master could be the difference between victory and stalemate, what more need be said if one side had three more?


Twenty Sixth-Order Masters from both sides were engaged in a fierce battle, and for the moment, they were evenly matched. Meanwhile, the three Mountain Lords of Profound Yang Mountain, Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya quietly blended into the 1,000-plus Open Heaven Realm Masters from Void Land’s side and rushed into Heavenly Sword Union’s army, leaving bloody carnage in their wake.


With three Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters joining forces, how could Heavenly Sword Union’s army, who were at most Fifth-Order Masters, be a match for them?


In less than the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the number of Heavenly Sword Union cultivators had been reduced by half, and the remaining people were now surrounded by Void Land’s forces. There was no way for them to escape and it was only a matter of time before they were defeated and killed.


After settling the overall situation, Mao Zhe and the others rushed back to the battlefield of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Huang Quan suddenly had his hair stand on end, as if he had fallen into an icehouse. A chill ran up from the tip of his toes to the crown of his head.


At that moment, Huang Quan was fighting none other than his old nemesis, Hui Gu! Both were from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Prison Star and had developed a loose friendship during their hundreds of years of imprisonment.


However, Hui Gu had infiltrated the Prison League under Yang Kai’s orders after being subdued by the latter, only to be exposed in the end. As a result, Huang Quan killed Hui Gu’s only loyal servant, Bai Mo right in front of him.


That day, Hui Gu swore that one day he would kill Huang Quan and avenge Bai Mo.


By some coincidence, when Hui Gu returned to Void Land with Yang Kai, Huang Quan had fallen in with Zuo Quan Hui. Both sides had fought several times in Void Territory, but neither of them had been able to gain the upper hand. In fact, Hui Gu’s strength was actually slightly inferior.


After all, Huang Quan was the League Master while Hui Gu was just one of its Protectors in the Prison League. There was a difference between their status and strength as well.


After exchanging several blows several times over the past year, both of them knew each other’s techniques like the back of their hands. Huang Quan naturally wouldn’t be afraid if he was only facing Hui Gu; however, the three Mountain Lords of the Profound Yang Mountain were now rushing over!


Huang Quan was extremely unlucky. Mao Zhe and the others didn’t intentionally target him, rather they were just providing support to the closest battlefield.


Huang Quan and Hui Gu just happened to be on that battlefield!


Seeing these three rushing towards him, Huang Quan didn’t hesitate to escape as he knew that he couldn’t remain. Not to mention a Sixth-Order Master like him, even someone in the Seventh-Order like Zuo Quan Hui might not be able to escape this debacle. After Yang Kai had borrowed the Star Boundary’s World Force, strengthening himself to the point where he reached the Seventh Order, he had destroyed the Heavenly Sword Palace and stopped Heavenly Sword Union’s momentum. If Huang Quan did not flee now, when would he?


As for whether Zuo Quan Hui would settle the score with him later or not… he could worry about it after he had escaped.


However, Hui Gu kept desperately hounding him, which was very annoying.


A fierce gleam flashed across Huang Quan’s eyes as he ignored Hui Gu’s incoming palm strike and ruthlessly launched a Divine Ability towards him, seemingly wanting to trade a life for a life.


In truth, Huang Quan had no intention to fight to the death with Hui Gu. It wasn’t easy for him to escape from the Prison Star and regain his freedom, so he valued his life more than anything. With his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm cultivation and a long life ahead of him, he still had many good days to look forward to.


He was simply doing this to force Hui Gu to stop and back off so he could escape.


But much to his dismay, when faced with this Divine Ability, Hui Gu didn’t even try to dodge or block. His eyes burned with unquenchable hatred as he appeared completely ready to sacrifice his life if it meant killing his enemy.


Huang Quan turned pale in shock as he cursed, “Madman!”


In a panic, he hastily withdrew some of his strength to defend himself.


The next instant, both of them shook and threw up a mouthful of blood each, their auras weakening as their World Force unstably fluctuated.


Mao Zhe, Geng Qing, and Zhou Ya arrived just in the nick of time!


The three of them formed a triangle and rushed towards Huang Quan. Their World Force surged as they fired their Divine Abilities before even reaching him.


[My destined time has come!] Huang Quan’s face turned ashen.


Even if he was at his peak, he would most likely die if he was facing these three, not to mention the fact that he had been forced into a dead end by Hui Gu.


A blinding flash of light appeared before Huang Quan’s body flew out like a rag sack as it was struck by three Divine Abilities. In the blink of an eye, he was left in a sorry state; his hair was a mess and he was covered in blood.


Suddenly, an angry and gnashing face appeared right in front of him like a ghost, almost touching his nose. Its eyes were burning with flames of hatred and blood was flowing from its seven orifices, making it look like a real devil.


Huang Quan’s heart almost burst in fright as he felt a sharp pain in his neck!


Hui Gu transformed into a streak of light as he brushed past Huang Quan.


About 1,000 metres behind Huang Quan, Hui Gu looked up into the void and smiled, “Rest in peace, Bai Mo, I’ve avenged you!”


He raised his hand, holding a bloody head in it as 1,000 metres behind him stood the headless corpse of Yellow Spring Heavenly Monarch.


Huang Quan hadn’t died yet, as the vitality of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was extremely tenacious. He would not immediately die even if his head was twisted off, but he obviously knew what kind of situation he was in right now. Blinking his eyes, he also looked up into the sky and heaved a sigh, “Haa, why…”


Back when he left the Prison Star, if he hadn’t sought refuge with Zuo Quan Hui, he would have been living a happy life right now!


He didn’t hold a grudge against Hui Gu for killing him. From the day he started cultivating, he knew that when one walked the Martial Dao, even if he did not kill others, he would be killed by them one day! The Martial Dao was long, and there was no one whose hands weren’t dyed in blood. How many people were there who did not take life and death lightly?


Such a day was bound to come, sooner or later! Be that as it may, he named himself Huang Quan, meaning Yellow Spring, he might receive some kind of preferential treatment in the underworld but King Yama was not someone to be trifled with.


He slowly closed his eyes as his vitality rapidly dissipated.


1,000 metres away, the Small Universe of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master collapsed, releasing a massive amount of World Force that transformed into a violent wave of energy which was visible to the naked eye. The violent energy was immediately pulled in by the World Tree that was still a few million kilometres away.


Hui Gu’s hand trembled and he shattered the head in his hand before keeling over and coughing, spitting out pieces of his internal organs.


Zhou Ya flashed over, “Are you alright?”


Hui Gu shook his head, “I’ll survive!”


Although he had taken Huang Quan’s Divine Ability head-on and was seriously injured, he would live. Furthermore, a weight had been lifted off his heart after he had killed Huang Quan, allowing his mind to become much clearer.


“Retreat and heal yourself first!” Zhou Ya urged before following Mao Zhe and Geng Qing to the next battlefield.


Although many of the Sixth-Order Masters were fighting their own life-or-death battles, Huang Quan’s fall could not escape their senses. The commotion caused by the collapse of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master’s Small Universe and subsequent dissipation of his World Force was not small; even the dullest of people could sense it.


A Sixth-Order Master on their side had died in such a short period of time, naturally causing great fear among the remaining Heavenly Sword Union Masters.


Some of the smart ones immediately began to flee, but how could Void Land allow them to escape? Naturally, they tried their best to stop and suppress them, so the enemy’s efforts yielded little result.


Under normal circumstances, when two Masters with the same cultivation fought, if one of them insisted on escaping, the other would have no way to stop him. Let alone one, even if two of the same cultivation tried to stop someone together, they still might not be able to.


This was why the higher one’s cultivation was, the easier it was to determine victory or defeat, but the harder it was to determine life or death.


If they couldn’t beat the enemy, they still could run, unless one cultivated the Dao of Space like Yang Kai and had unmatched speed, or they had arranged a Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Array in advance, making escape impossible!


Yang Kai was currently locked in a fierce battle with Zuo Quan Hui. Even though he had obtained the strength of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master by borrowing World Force from the Star Boundary, he was unable to divert his attention.


Fortunately, there happened to be an Array Master on Void Land’s side!


Silavin: official title – Huang Quan’s Death




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